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"Quilty n Crafty" Archive

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I’m tickled pink to be in another issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issue. I do so love the 100 Blocks issues - and love being a part of it.   I also love, love, love the mug Quiltmaker gave to all the contributors (we each have our block on it).   My mug + coffee mug = mugshot.  I really shouldn’t be left unsupervised with Photoshop.
Mugshot of a mug shot

My block is called Snow Happy Home (block #115). Crazy cute name, eh - Quiltmaker was the genius behind that.   I got to use my Holiday Happy fabric - and that was a  HUGE THRILL for me.  The yellow dot is from Lecien’s Color Basics collection.  So buttery, so yummy.
Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks vol. 2

Quiltmaker has all sorts of celebratory goodness goin’ on - so be sure to check out their 100 Blocks Blog Tour with all the other blockmakers.

Want a chance to win an issue? Leave me a comment on this post by 5:00 pm PST on Sunday, 14 Nov 2010. I would love to know what everyone’s all time favorite block is (because I’m Mrs. Kravitz-ishy like that).  I’ll random.org TWO winners - one person will receive an issue from Quiltmaker, and one person will receive one from me.

[Contest is now closed]

WINNERS UPDATE - Congrats to the winners! Random.org picked #83mean sarah jean” and #207 “Linda (Petey)”.

Tiny Treats

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Trick-or-Treat… smell my sewing machine feet.
Tiny Totes

Make some Tiny Treats bags from my pattern in the Fall 2010 issue of Quilts & More.   I have two projects in this issue - one is my Tiny Treats bags project, and the other is my Dressed to Impress organizer quilt project (kit available at the Fat Quarter Shop).  But there’s more… MUCH MORE. 
Quilts & More - Fall 2010

I love this Halloween fabric.  LOVE IT.  So bold, graphic and clean.
Tiny Totes

I’m hording my wee little scraps of Boo Boo Bears by RJR Fabrics left-over from the project.
Tiny Totes

No pets allowed in my sewing room… but one rare occasions I allow the villagers in and let then think they’ve snuck in (and can’t be seen).
Tiny Totes

This fabric made my heart skip a beat!  Confections by Caleb Gray for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
Tiny Totes

I had no choice but to lick the fabric.
Tiny Totes

Can’t stop.  More bags in in the works.  Instead of ribbon, I’m using 3″ strips of fabrics (double folded inward/finished at ¾” and edge stitched - same method as my Poochie Bag’s straps).

Tiny Totes

I love mixing and matching Elizabeth’s darling new Red Rose Farm line with P&B Textiles.  I’m making some Tiny Treat bags for Elizabeth’s Market booth - and since I’m not done sewing them… they’ll have to wait to be seen at Market!
Tiny Totes

My Lecien fabric-sister - Rosalie Quinlan and her newest line of Sweet Broderie.  I’m going to send these off to Lecien’s Market booth - IF I have the will power to let them go once I’m done sewing them all up.
Tiny Totes

I am so in love with this fabric! It sings to both my loves of vintage and modern fabrics. Sing-out-loud sing… like Aretha Franklin beltin’ one out.
Tiny Totes

Thinking up what goodies would be good in the Tiny Treats bags is next!

PS… Emma Thomsen is hosting a give-away on her blog - a 12 fat quarter bundle of my Holiday Happy fabric.  HURRY… her give-away ends soon!

Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Amy’s Mr. Linky says I have 10 hours to post - and then he’s gone. Wham bam thank you Mr. Linky man. So squeaking in under the wire and getting this post done before my market and Iowa posts… here’s my Blogger’s Quilt Festival entry.

My Anne Sutton of Bunnyhill BOM. My “Dude, Where’s My BOM” quilt. My favorite quilt I ever made. More info on Anne’s A Tiskit A Tasket BOM here. More info on my process here here and setting here.
Dude, Where's My Quilt

On a side note, THANK YOU to EVERYONE for the kind, sweet, funny and made-my-day-with-a-cherry-on-top comments on my previous posts. I haven’t been able to reply to all the comments - please know that I’m soooooooo very touched and honored by everyones kindness. THANK YOU! xoxoMo

My chariot

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Mad dash for my camera… he’s here, he’s here! UPS is here… the wait is over!  My Holiday Happy is here!  Oh Topeka… my camera battery was dead.  Luckily my iPad Mini (my iPhone) was charged.  Even luckier for the UPS guy since I couldn’t ask to take his photo while he handed me my box-o-Lecien-happiness.Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

I was about to do a mad sweep of my dining room table with my arm (ala 1970’s tv sitcom - including mental laugh track).  And then I realized I was too lazy to pick up all those pencils off of the floor.  Dramatic box opening thwarted.
Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

Hyperventilating, peeing my pants, my head exploding and my hands shaking like a quaking Aspen - I manage to fold each piece of half yard cuts. Stacking and re-stacking. Rotating the colors. More stacking. Re-folding into different configurations. Folding back to the way I first folded it.  And then I tossed it all in the bathtub - and took a bubble-bath in it.
Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

We went out to dinner with friends, and I packed it all up to take it with me to show them. My son says to me, “You’re taking it to the restaurant?”… I then mortified him when I said, “… and I’m taking it to Costco, and then the bank, and then on to the post office, and then to the grocery store. I may even go to the water district, the electric company, the newspaper office… an then to my doctor, my dentist and my veterinarian. I may even buy an infant car seat and buckle it in. And when I’m all done showing everyone I know - I’m going to get one of these and walk downtown and approach all the people I don’t know and show them.“  Yes.  This is what I’m going to do. Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

A brand new swatch card of Color Basic’s.  Tons and tons of color me happy matches.  Part of me can’t wait to start making samples… and a bigger part of me can’t bear to cut into it.  Maybe it’ll be easier when the bolts arrive?
Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

Thank you everyone who cheered me, gave me lovin’s, made me laugh, made me blush and warmed my heart. There are no words I can find to express the joy of being a recipient of such kindness. There is no better community then the quilting, sewing, needleworking and crafting community. From the bottom, top, sides and middle of my heart… THANK YOU - xoxo!

Creative spaces - a high fiber low word diet

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

I catch myself being so dang wordy all the time - so I’m gonna give writing a post twitter style a shot. Plus it makes looking at the pics but not reading the words - a guilt free pleasure.  Like going straight for the wrapped birthday present and bypassing the card.

Saw this quilt at Oh Fransson and had to (sorta) make one RIGHT.   NOW.
High fiber low word diet

Moda “Holly Jolly” jelly roll, Darlene Zimmerman EZ Quilting Easy Dresden (at 5″) and 1½” Kaufman Kona Snow strips.
High fiber low word diet

Breeze.  Sunshine.  Oregon coast.  Thick green grass.
High fiber low word diet

Seams.  Pressing directions.  Piecing.  Sunlight.  Peek-a-boo.
High fiber low word diet

Outside.  Fresh air.  No rain.  No clouds.  No Gray.  Time to mow.
High fiber low word diet

Ice tea.  Comfy garden chair.  Computer.  Off.

More creative fun and creative places visit Kirsty for Creative Spaces Thursday (thanks Jenny!!).

My big fat super secret…

Monday, March 8th, 2010

I have a big fat super secret - that I’ve kept under wraps for ALMOST 2 YEARS…  I finally get to officially reveal it… and it’s takes me a week to do so!!  That car you honk at that sits at a green light?   That would be me.   Part life, part nerves.  I’m wresting with the *what if’s*…  what if no one likes my BFSS… what if my BFSS doesn’t sell… what if no one orders my BFSS.  Yeah… it’s got me nervous!!!

I could not be more excited and more happy… it’s like a holiday at my house.  It’s Holiday Happy.  By me.   BY ME!  I’m so excited my head snapped off.  And then it rolled around the world twice - and then I had to duct tape it back on.

Lecien's Holiday Happy by me, me, me, me!!!

So I was pretty good about keeping the big fat super secret.  I say pretty good.  If Lecien asks, I was 100% good (whispering… I had to let out a few leaks - otherwise I was going to pop like a balloon filled with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes - and that would have been too big of a mess for my family to have to clean up).  Nothing could be better than being a part of the Lecien family and being with my good friend (and mentor) Bren and my new not yet met friends Rosalie and Atsuka, AND drawing in my favorite colors, AND having them put it on fabric!  My artwork usually hangs on the fridge.  I am here to say one’s doodling is MUCH BETTER on 100% premium quilting fabric than it is on white powder coated doors.   Way.   Better.
Lecien's Holiday Happy by me, me, me, me!!!

Here it is .  My baby.  My first fabric line.  Starring my little half Santa - half gnome… Gnoma Claus.  And because I can’t go for a third post in a row without talking about the Olympics… my Gnoma Claus’ beard was inspired by the torch during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.   Ok, end Olympic mentions.  Holiday Happy coordinates beautifully with Lecien’s Color Basics and 1000 Colors Collection (solids), and I’m ITCHING to get sewing with them all.  I’m also fantasizing about seeing Sandra Bullock in an Oscar gown made out of my fabric.  Oh so fun to imagine it.
Lecien's Holiday Happy by me, me, me, me!!!

Holiday Happy in red colorway and a peek at the Gnoma Claus panel: Lecien's Holiday Happy by me, me, me, me!!!

Holiday Happy will debut and be available for order at the 2010 Spring Market in Minneapolis, MN.   I do not know when it’ll be available retail - but I’ll update that info as the time nears.  Oh you BET I WILL!  And what retailers are carrying it, and who’s making something with it… and me goin’ on and on about the Olympics is NOTHIN’!

Fire quilt

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

I was so touched by the wonderful emails, comments and flickr notes I’ve received over my previous post/photos.  I wish I could find the words to express how much everyone’s kind words mean to me.  And a simple thank you just doesn’t seem big enough to cover my heartfelt thanks!  I really suck at mushy stuff and expressing myself from my heart.  Thank you!!

My finished quilt.
My Bunnyhill BOM.
My Dude, Where’s My BOM quilt
My “fire quilt” (the quilt I’d grab if the fire marshal said I could run in and only grab ONE QUILT if my house was on fire).
Dude, Where's My Quilt

I had lots of leftovers from my Sweet and Swell charm packs - so I decided to use them for my setting.  Like little hands applauding and clapping Anne Sutton for her beautiful designs.  Clap, clap, clap… bravo, Anne, bravo… clap, clap, clap…

I’m happy to share my setting “recipe” if anyone wants to use it.   Paying it forward.  From Anne to me.  Me to you.  You to ___?

From my leftover charms (5″ squares), 39 to be exact, and from about a yard of solid I cut:
348) 1½” squares of assorted prints
80) 1½” squares of white solid (I used Moda Bella, it’s dreamy)
62) 8½” x 1½” strips white solid

Make 20 9-patches from 100 print squares/80 solid squares:
9 patch for DWMQ
Make 31 sashing strips from 248 print squares/62 solid strips:
sashing for DWMQ
My quilt finishes at 36″ x 47″.   And now that I’m done with this, I’m going to move on to my next project and get ready for my sista-friend Tammy Gilley and her friend Rebecca Sower - who have joined forces and created a wonderful upcoming project called Quilt Haiti (you can grab your own button here).  I hope to soon have a freebie quilt pattern for Quilt Haiti available.  Soon.
Quilt Haiti
Medical, food, funding… all things Haiti still needs.  At some point the people of Haiti will have homes again - and will need to fill it with something soft, something warm, something made with love… something from the hands of her caring global neighbors.  Everyone has a something to give or do for Haiti.  Medical teams heal, builders build… and quilters quilt.  Our turn is coming soon thanks to Tammy and Rebecca.  I’m starting a lap quilt soon - so I can be ready.

Dude, where’s my BOM

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

D.O.N.E.  Done.
Not that I didn’t enjoy every minute of making Anne Sutton’s adorable A Tisket, A Tasket BOM blocks - I couldn’t wait to finish it and get it set and quilt it.  Setting is still in the audition progress as I’m playing with two setting ideas.  A fun dilemma to have, for sure.
Dude, where's my BOM - WIP
For an entire year I looked forward to the 5th of each month - and was sad when this last January 5th rolled around and there was nothing to download.  And then to my surprise (Gomer: Surprise.  Surprise.  Surprise!),  Anne started a brand new block of the month. Oh happy 5th day of the month! I loved seeing what all the other A Tisket, A Tasket Makers have been doing, too.

Dude, where's my BOM - January Dude, where's my BOM - February

Dude, where's my BOM - March Dude, where's my BOM - April

Dude, where's my BOM - May Dude, where's my BOM - June

Dude, where's my BOM - July Dude, where's my BOM - August

Dude, where's my BOM - September Dude, where's my BOM - October

Dude, where's my BOM - November Dude, where's my BOM - December

I had a big posting/making gap since June - my posts from the past: January, February, March, April and May & June. It feels so great to finally get caught up. Thank you thank you thank you, Anne!

Scenario I hope to never witness: The house is on fire.  All people and pets are out, as well as important documents, photographs, kids artwork, clothes and fabric. The fire marshal says there’s just enough time to run in a grab ONE quilt.  Once finished, this will no doubt be my fire quilt.

UPDATE: Pattern is available at Pattern available at: bunnyhilldesigns.com/patterns.html

I made something. Really.

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I’ve been having so much fun lately - talking my Rock-star friend Tammy into having the best ever lunch with me (and she said YES!), or hanging out on my twitter (how else would I know what Super-woman Camille plans on wearing at Market), or my daily yimmer yammers with Super-star PamKittyMorning…. that I actually MADE SOMETHING.

I did.
I made something.
A little Valentine-ish “Choc-O-Cherry” table runner for the Moda Bake Shop.

One pack of Turnovers is all you need to make the runner. And in the blink of an eye, a bee flew up my butt - and I started thinking about what could be done with more turnovers. So I whipped out my trusty and magical Adobe sewing machine - and I went right to work.

Two packages of Turnovers = 4 x 5 block grid, 32″ x 40″ finished quilt.
Choc-O-Cherry 32x40

Three packages of Turnovers = 5 x 6 block grid, 40″ x 48″ finished quilt.
Choc-O-Cherry 40x48

Seven packages of Turnovers = 7 x 10 block grid, 56″ x 80″ finished quilt.
Choc-O-Cherry 56x80

Ahh… if only it was as fast to make projects on a real sewing machine as it is in Photoshop. Just thinking about ALT + Click + Drag on some fabric… and POOF, I just doubled my inventory. Tripled. Quadrupled! I’d have a Costco sized stash before I knew it.

Eat. Win. Quilt.

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

LITTLE did I know when asked what everyone was having for dinner on the previous post… that I would actually MAKE someone’s dish.  I was all settled in after treating my hubby out to a fine Kosher meal (the Costco hot dog stand), reading all the wonderful comments left for me… and then I read Vanessa’s.  She was taunting me to go see what she made for dinner.  Vanessa’s version of ding-dong-ditch.  Ding-comment-ditch.  SHE GOT ME!

I went.
I saw.
I HAD to make.

I think I said ohhemmgee about 20 times when I first saw it.  If you’re ohhemmgeeing too… hurry.  That little craft-minx Vanessa is dangling the fabric carrot for only a limited time - so order her pattern NOW.
I added a few potatoes to mine. Just a 6” circle stitched yo-yo style and then stuffed.  The carrots and potatoes were a good TV time project.  Though I should have paid better attention to what I was doing… I accidentally took a bite out of the Thanksfabrigiving turkey.  And now I’m stuffed.
Supersizeme’d Thanksfabrigiving photo 1 & photo 2.

random120Thank you all for the sweet comments on the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks giveaway. I wish I could have responded to them all - so group hug and thank you!   It was fun to see what was for dinner and what people’s fave color combos are at the moment.  Ramble, ramble, ramble… the meat and potatoes of it all (or turkey and potatoes) is that random.org picked Dorothy of Doki Quilts.  Congratulations, Dorothy!

Also on the pattern front - my “Two Happy” freebie-4-youbie pattern for Lecien, featuring Lecien’s ADORABLE new “Old New Fabric Collection 30’s” fabric… is now available on Lecien’s website on their FREE PATTERNS page.
Two Happy quilt pattern - freebie from meebie
One pattern. Two Quilts. One for Momma, one for Baby.
Two Happy quilt pattern - freebie from meebie

So… what’s for dessert?

Farting around with needle & thread and then blogging about it.

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