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Homemade Dog Food: Chicken Liver & Veggie Stew

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

So I’ve been making homemade dog food, and now my dog thinks I’m practically the Pioneer Woman. At breakfast and dinner time I am a rockstar.

My older dog, Liberty, a 12 year old Golden Retriever has been suffering her entire life from a bucketload of food allergies that affect her skin. While we did find a semi-good-for-her bagged food, it still wasn’t enough. It only took me 12 years to figure out I could make Liberty her own food. I’ve had Liberty tested and do know what she’s allergic to (pretty much everything), so I used that as my starting point. I also googled an s-ton of info of do’s and don’ts. Most important I consulted with our veterinarian, first.

Homemade Dog Food

Disclaimer: This is my recipe and I’m happy to share it. Please know I made this specifically for my dog and I recommend consulting your vetrinarian first if anyones wants to use my recipe.

Homemade Dog Food
2 lbs raw chicken livers (3 containers)
2 C. cooked brown rice, set aside
1 C. chopped carrots
1 C. chopped broccoli,
2 C. water
1 T. olive oil for pan

Homemade Dog Food
I chopped the liver into bite sizes that my size dog would like. Same with the carrots and broccoli. I’ll skip photos of raw, chopped liver. So gross. I browned the liver in a hot skillet with the olive oil, and after it’s browned I added the water to make a simmering “gravy”. I also used the left-over liquids (blood) from the containers. While it’s tempting to add salt and seasonings, I don’t. Dogs don’t need (or want) any additives.

Homemade Dog Food
After adding the liquid, I let the liver simmer on medium heat until all traces of pink are gone. Once the liver if thoroughly cooked I add in the carrots and broccoli and let them cook for a few minutes. I cook them only long enough so they become one with the liver stew - but hard enough so they retain as much raw goodness and nutrition as possible. Add water as needed. My dog could drink this gravy. Let cool. Cute, matching Japanese spatula optional.

Homemade Dog Food
I’m still weaning my dog off the store-bought food, so for now she gets 2 big spoons of kibble, and 2 big spoons of rice…

Homemade Dog Food
… next comes 2 big spoons of the chicken liver stew plus some drizzles of the gravy. My dog gets this once at breakfast time, and once at dinner.

Homemade Dog Food
I store the chicken liver stew in the (washed) containers they came in, and put the rice in a baggie. I keep the stew and the rice refrigerated, and store the other containers of stew into the freezer until about 2 days before needing it (and thawed in the fridge). I serve cold, I feel the love.

Oh, and this:
1. My dog has been on this diet for 2 + months now, and not only does she seem more active and perky, her licking and scratching has dropped by 80%.
2. An unexpected side bonus, Liberty is shedding less and her coat is soft and silky.
3. I’m saving money. Chicken livers are so economical.
4. After making brown rice for my dog, we as a family have switched from white rice to brown rice. Yummier and healthier.
5. I really enjoy making my dog her food. Like, really enjoy. It’s a very nurturing feeling. Really makes me feel good to be doing this for her and I know she’s getting healthy, whole food.
6. Our dog food travels well, we just pop it in a cooler when we drive to my parents house for a visit.
7. My dogs LOVES her Chicken Liver delight. Like crazy, love. When I make Libby her plate she barks at me. Not that crazy UPS or FedEx alert barking - but that PLEASE FEED ME NOW OR I WILL DIE bark.
8. My dog madly loves her breakfast and dinner. And me.

Happy 7th of July

Monday, July 7th, 2008

I can’t even make it on time to my own blog to celebrate the 4th of July. I had big plans to show my 4th of July Friendship Sampler quilt that I always use for watching fireworks under… but I think I’ll save that for October, (thus getting me on time for next July 4th). We had a great 4th… spent it with friends who are family to us. Ate, ate, ate and ate… and mixed in some Wii bowling to help burn it off (so we could make room for more food). And true to Astoria tradition… our day was chilly and overcast with occasional sprinkles.

My contribution for our food fest was dessert. I couldn’t remember my banana pudding recipe, so I made 2 desserts - one as a back-up. As it turns out, and after scouring the internet of it’s 710,000 recipes for banana pudding… I remembered mine. And wrote it down. I call mine Banana Lasagna, because Bananas With A Crap Load Of Layered Delicious Fattening Stuff is just too long for a recipe card. The key secret is whipping cream… not pretend whipped cream like Cool Whip. And funny story about my pudding shot. I had my camera on a lilliputian tripod in front of my dish… and before I knew it - my camera was submerged in the pudding. And yes. I did lick my camera. Who wants to lick the mixer beaters camera?!
Banana Lasagna

I blame Jon & Kate + Eight for the next dessert. Never mind that we’ve gone through our stash of tivo’d episodes, and have succumbed to watching reruns because we are THAT addicted to this show, but we’re taunted with great food as well! In one episode, Jon and Kate discuss the sticky buns she made for Christmas morning. Well that bee flew up my butt and stung me hard! Obsessed, I had to find a recipe. Combing through mountains of sticky bun, monkey bread and cinnamon roll recipes… and because I am extremely lazy (especially when it comes to cooking and baking)… I came up with Munkie Bunnies. An all in one eazy no-cheezie make ya fat and happy recipe. Of course I had to make this LIKE THREE TIMES.
Munkie Bunnies
Really fun to watch the progress of the munkie bunnies getting all jacked up - so in the name of science… you have to make this. Seriously. Just please don’t blame me if you get fat.

Recipe cards
Click on the recipe cards and print at 100% - and you will have 4×6” recipe cards.

Linky Love:  Nilla Wafers, Rhodes Bread DoughCook and Serve Butterscotch Pudding and Instant Banana Cream Pudding.

I made this. Really.

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

I made bagels. Real bagels! Bagels that taste like I remembered from Bagel King in Walnut Creek a lifetime ago. I base every bagel I ever try to the Bagel King bagels, and so far nothing compares (Noah’s comes close). I live where krumkake and lutefisk are as common as bagels in NYC - so finding a good bagel in my area that comes even remotely close to my Bagel King comparison is non existent. Until now - and it’s right out of my own oven.

When I saw this post over at My Paper Crane, I just KNEW I had to try it. And check out that carrot cake she’s got too. Way too advanced for my limited cooking and baking skills… but it’s sure darn pretty to look at!

Not being one to follow directions, I used regular flour instead of bread flour (didn’t even know there was such a thing). You’re also supposed to kneed the dough for 15 minutes. Yeah. I gave it 5. But no matter… it all worked out for me!

Newest member of the staff - Henrietta. Isn’t she cute! She’s an egg cooker thingamabob. Way cool and she makes perfect soft, medium and hard boiled eggs. I really miss my chickens, so Henrietta is doing the egg thing for me now. Henrietta inspects the just rolled bagels. She’s got that I danno… they don’t look like bagels to me look.

Bagel Day

Time to tuck in the bagels for a nap. I let them sleep for almost an hour, and then gave them a boiling quick bath right before they went in the oven.

Bagel Day

Someone wanted to help… and make a flat bagel.

Bagel Day

Golden and happy. Happy bagels. Happy me.

Bagel Day

Omega 3 bliss. I was too eager to eat this that I skipped the tomatoes and the poor-man’s-caviar (capers).

Bagel Day

If I can make these bagels… ANYONE can!  Ga head… lick your monitor. No one’s looking. Guten appétit!

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