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My chariot

April 1st, 2010

Mad dash for my camera… he’s here, he’s here! UPS is here… the wait is over!  My Holiday Happy is here!  Oh Topeka… my camera battery was dead.  Luckily my iPad Mini (my iPhone) was charged.  Even luckier for the UPS guy since I couldn’t ask to take his photo while he handed me my box-o-Lecien-happiness.Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

I was about to do a mad sweep of my dining room table with my arm (ala 1970’s tv sitcom - including mental laugh track).  And then I realized I was too lazy to pick up all those pencils off of the floor.  Dramatic box opening thwarted.
Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

Hyperventilating, peeing my pants, my head exploding and my hands shaking like a quaking Aspen - I manage to fold each piece of half yard cuts. Stacking and re-stacking. Rotating the colors. More stacking. Re-folding into different configurations. Folding back to the way I first folded it.  And then I tossed it all in the bathtub - and took a bubble-bath in it.
Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

We went out to dinner with friends, and I packed it all up to take it with me to show them. My son says to me, “You’re taking it to the restaurant?”… I then mortified him when I said, “… and I’m taking it to Costco, and then the bank, and then on to the post office, and then to the grocery store. I may even go to the water district, the electric company, the newspaper office… an then to my doctor, my dentist and my veterinarian. I may even buy an infant car seat and buckle it in. And when I’m all done showing everyone I know - I’m going to get one of these and walk downtown and approach all the people I don’t know and show them.“  Yes.  This is what I’m going to do. Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

A brand new swatch card of Color Basic’s.  Tons and tons of color me happy matches.  Part of me can’t wait to start making samples… and a bigger part of me can’t bear to cut into it.  Maybe it’ll be easier when the bolts arrive?
Holiday Happy comes home to momma!

Thank you everyone who cheered me, gave me lovin’s, made me laugh, made me blush and warmed my heart. There are no words I can find to express the joy of being a recipient of such kindness. There is no better community then the quilting, sewing, needleworking and crafting community. From the bottom, top, sides and middle of my heart… THANK YOU - xoxo!

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188 Responses

  1. The fabulous Sylvie allegedly said:

    Wow! You must be sooo happy with these fabrics! They are really cute! Congratulations!

  2. The fabulous Busty LaRue allegedly said:

    OMFG! That fabric is so cute!! Congratulations!!!

  3. The fabulous jodie allegedly said:

    I imagine you, right now all tucked up in bed- snuggled in your fabrics…

  4. The fabulous Samelia's Mum allegedly said:

    Your fabrics are truly gorgeous and I can’t wait to see them on shelves here in Australia. Sending a HUGE Congratulations to you xo

  5. The fabulous Michal allegedly said:

    these are so pretty! what a great range of colors! great patterns! you must be so happy and proud!

  6. The fabulous Lisa allegedly said:

    they are really special! I can’t wait to see the bolts for sale! I’ll be in the line to buy some for sure.

  7. The fabulous Connie W allegedly said:

    These are just too fabulously scrumptiously delicious and I will want to get me some when they are *out* so be sure to announce!!! Congrats!

  8. The fabulous Jen in NY allegedly said:

    They’re even better as fabric! Monica your fabric is simply heavenly. I love every single design! That bottom right blue one? I need yards and yards of that!

  9. The fabulous Jenny allegedly said:

    that is just a site for sore eyes! I can’t wait to get some for a Christmas project, its awesome!

  10. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    I am so with you on the pet stroller thing! Flaunt it girl! They are just absolutely beautiful. You should be proud and embarrassing your family is just part of being a mother, right?

  11. The fabulous Abbe allegedly said:

    Well worth waiting for is an understatement!!!! Congratulations :o)

  12. The fabulous Vickie E allegedly said:

    they look evn been in print…can’t wait to get some myself!!

  13. The fabulous Piecefully, Pam allegedly said:

    Holy crap, they’re awesome!!!

  14. The fabulous Dianne allegedly said:


  15. The fabulous laurie allegedly said:

    Even better in person! Enjoy

  16. The fabulous Margot allegedly said:

    I’m guessing from your post that you will never be able to cut into these … lol So sweet and fun! Congratulations on your fabric line. BEAUTIFUL!!

  17. The fabulous Alice S allegedly said:

    Wow! congratulations!!!! The fabric looks awesome.

  18. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    WOOHOO!!! Ok, Ok, so it’s not HIM, but WOW — how exciting!!! You’re going to be one BUSY, busy girlie. Congratulations!!!

  19. The fabulous Mare allegedly said:

    they are fabulous!!!! so yummy looking! I’m in total fabric envy!

  20. The fabulous Renee allegedly said:

    OH MY WORD!!! It is absolutely fabulous!!! The colors, the patterns, it just screams happy and fun. I know it won’t be out for us common folk for ions, but it is definitely worth the wait. What a blessing!

  21. The fabulous Cara allegedly said:

    Oh wow. They’re gorgeous!! Really Monica those are soooo beautiful.

  22. The fabulous Diane allegedly said:

    Oh Monica - they’re so pretty! Combined in stacks and rows and restacked and rerowed - they are just beautiful!!

    I do understand the “first cut fear” and will probably do the same when I can get your lovely fabrics.

    How exciting for you!!

  23. The fabulous Pauline allegedly said:

    Gasp! I love, love, love them, Monica! Congratulations! You are just too funny, but I would probably would want to do all of those things, too! P.S. An iPad mini–Ha! Ha! I have one of those, too.

  24. The fabulous Aimee allegedly said:

    Good for you!!! You deserve to be giddy– that’s like a new baby in the house…only, not as stinky and it sleeps better!! ;o)

  25. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    I’ve got an idea. You should buckle them into their car seat, then catch a flight to DC and introduce them to everyone you know out here! And everyone I know, too! :) heehee Congrats to you my precious friend. This has been a long time coming and I’m so TOTALLY proud of you. I can’t wait to see them in all the quilt shops and tell everyone I see, I KNOW THE ARTIST! :)

  26. The fabulous randi allegedly said:

    so fantastic!

    time to contact my rep again. i want these in my shop! :)

  27. The fabulous nanaofnc allegedly said:

    Your fabrics are wonderful and so YOU! Thanks for making US laugh, my dear. Enjoy rolling in your fabrics like a cat in catnip! xo,

  28. The fabulous Sally Keathley allegedly said:

    Congratulations! It’s like having a baby without the sleepless nights and diapers. It all looks amazing. Congrats again.

  29. The fabulous Sew Create It - Jane Weston allegedly said:

    How wonderful! Congratulations!

    And quick thinking grabbing the camera in time! LOL

  30. The fabulous Jana allegedly said:

    So exciting! No one would blame you for carrying it around in a baby sling…

  31. The fabulous Norma allegedly said:

    That is so awesome! I’m so excited for you. I would have a hard time deciding what to make with it though.

    The fabrics are great!

  32. The fabulous Barb allegedly said:

    Oh, when will these be available??? I’m so excited because I want to re-do my dining room Christmas stuff in red and aqua. These will be PERFECT!!!!!

  33. The fabulous wishes, true and kind allegedly said:

    FAB-U-LOUS! And such a happy day for you!

  34. The fabulous Cherri House allegedly said:

    Hyperventilating, peeing my pants, my head exploding…girl, you are gonna mess up that fabric fast with that kind of action going on :-)

    I couldn’t be happier to you…not possible!!!

    happy sample making,


  35. The fabulous Busy Little Quilter allegedly said:

    I love this post! I have tears in my eyes! I can imagine the joy and excitement you feel. I’m so happy for you!

    Now I can’t wait to get it in my hands! What an exciting day that will be.

  36. The fabulous rachel allegedly said:

    an infant car seat.

    maybe we can make you a quilt cover for your car with it.
    OMG. i would die.
    for reals.

    can’t wait to fondle your fabric at market. i promise i’ll be gentle.

  37. The fabulous Pookie allegedly said:

    Eek! I’m so excited for you! The fabrics look awesome! In fact, they’re so awesome, that if some stranger approached me on the street with a dog stroller full of them, instead of calling the cops I’d be all, “OMG, can I have a 1/2 yard of each, please?!”

  38. The fabulous jenny b harris allegedly said:


  39. The fabulous Stefanie allegedly said:

    Ohhh Monica…you really know how to put a smile on a quilter’s face! LOL loved the post!

    BTW-I would be happy to accompany you on your errands.

    (Jennifer(sweetliberty’s) friend
    also previously known as quilt buddy

  40. The fabulous Kaye Prince allegedly said:

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you! I want to take a bath in it too. You’re awesome Monica and you deserve this!

  41. The fabulous tia allegedly said:

    Yippee! What a thrilling day! And what a lovely collection of fabric. Well done.

  42. The fabulous Nancy Lindblom allegedly said:

    Oh Monica, I am so happy for you. What a wonderful moment, you know it’s there, you have the box and then that first peek. There is nothing quite like it, kinda like the peek of your first baby (well that is what it is)! I am so excited for you . . . Miss Monica is absolutely amazing . . . as always.

  43. The fabulous Suzanne allegedly said:

    Oh, the colors, the prints, the tiny little cherries! This is so exciting! Can’t wait to fondle in person and not just droll all over my monitor. Congratulations!!

  44. The fabulous Annette allegedly said:

    Such beautiful gorgeous fabrics!! Now the wait begins for the rest of us till we can find it in our local quilt shops. I am so anxious to own some of my own.

  45. The fabulous Ricki allegedly said:

    Oooh, those might be my favorite fabrics ever!! Congratulations!

  46. The fabulous Anna F. allegedly said:

    congrats congrats congrats!! it is lovely fabric:)

  47. The fabulous Denise allegedly said:

    Congratulations!!! Enjoy every moment!

  48. The fabulous Kathy allegedly said:

    WOO HOO!! YIPPEE!! HOORAY!! Congrats! How freaking awesome for you!

  49. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    Congrats on your new arrival!
    Have you named them all yet?!
    When will it be available for us to buy? I need all the reds!

  50. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    OoOohH! So adorable. Cute, cute, cute! Can’t wait to see this in my local fabric shop so I can get me some and start sewin’.

  51. The fabulous Robyn - Coffee and Cotton allegedly said:

    I am soooo happy for you! The fabric is yummy. You should be proud…and thankful you don’t have to burp it or change its poopy pants. :-)

  52. The fabulous Lemon Tree Tami allegedly said:

    Oh they’re simply gorgeous!!! Congrats again. :-)

  53. The fabulous Melanie allegedly said:

    Congratulations! You should be proud!! I can’t wait to get my hands on some and make something pretty with it for Christmas!

  54. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    Yea I would have been carrying it all around with me too…that is just so exciting, so amazing!! Hope you did not freak out your man in brown too much but they don’t scare easily…

  55. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Oh my gosh, how can you stand it! can I be a stunt sewer? I’ll send you chocolate. Its all so beautiful Monica and its just makes me happy to look.

  56. The fabulous Anna allegedly said:

    Love the pics, thank you for sharing - they are GORGEOUS!

  57. The fabulous Mearaid allegedly said:


  58. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHX20 I am so thrilled about this. xop

  59. The fabulous Carolyn Parker allegedly said:

    Roses sending you love and joy too– what a fabulous treat that you so deserve Monica!

  60. The fabulous Charmaine McL. allegedly said:

    YOU GO GIRL!!! Love your comment to your son about where all you were carting your fabric. My fam doesn’t get it either, I mean this creative stuff and how excited we get. I NEED those new fabrics BAD!!! Charm packs, jelly rolls, yardage, more yardage…yardage…

  61. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    O.M.G. I’m not sure what else to say! It’s all so wonderful - and those tiny little gnomies? O.M.G.!

  62. The fabulous Bren allegedly said:

    I now make cookies for my UPS man - when I know the bolts are coming. . . He now knows how happy I am to see him with the big heavy boxes! (. . . & secretly - I’m hoping it will entice him to come first thing in the morning from now on with the bolt deliveries - so that he can have his plate-o-cookies on the truck all day!. . . & I won’t have to camp out at the front door all day!) ;o)
    I’m so happy for you. . . !!!(& I love the idea of a bubble bath with them!)
    xo, Bren

  63. The fabulous Cara allegedly said:

    OMG! Sooooo stinkin awesome!!! Can’t wait till i can get me some of that gorgeous fabric to do my Christmas quilt in! Wooo Hooo and Congrats Monica!!!

  64. The fabulous Sivje Parish allegedly said:

    Oh Monica!!! I would do the same thing! I am so excited for you! The fabrics are just so very yummy. I told my local fabric store about it and told them they HAD to order the line because I HAD to have them. Every print and pattern in every colorway is just wonderful! Congratulations on your “New Baby”. You see, I imagine the feeling must be just like when we got our referral picture of Ahnalin from China. Yes, I showed the postman and the grocer and the doctor and the school principal and even people who were in cars next to me at stoplights. You have a right to be proud of your baby! Enjoy your new pretties!!

  65. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    Sheesh, this is EVEN better than the first born…no poopy diapers, but many sleepless nites, eh??
    So deserving are you, my friend…love your happiness!!
    Now anxious to see what you can create from these lovlies!!

  66. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    O.M.G. Speechless. I can only imagine how wonderful it must of felt to see your dreams come to fruition. Rock on, M. Rock on.

  67. The fabulous Tara allegedly said:

    Gnomes - gah! Love it! This line is just wonderful, can’t wait to see it at quilt market. The red colorway has me itching to stitch redwork gnomies surrounded by your perfect fabric. Totally squee-worthy! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  68. The fabulous Jona allegedly said:

    Eeeeek! It comes with accessory fabrics!! Everything is so pretty and I can’t wait to get my grubby little fingers on it all. I’d love to see a video of you strolling it all through town though (that would be awesome)!

  69. The fabulous anina allegedly said:

    I need these for my store. Hopping over to the Lecien site to see how I can make that happen…

  70. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    So glad I fought my way into my former office so I could see the big pics!!! It’s absolutely delightful! How does it taste? It SO looks like candy.

  71. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    Oh oh oh!!! I’m a day late! Now I am REALLY sad that we aren’t neighbors. It’s so beautiful and represents you perfectly! You should not only get a car seat for it, but a bouncy seat and a bassinet so it can sleep by your bed. Oh and a baby bjorn so you can hold it hands free throughout the day! I can’t wait until I can place an order so I can wait for the ups man too!! x

  72. The fabulous Meg allegedly said:

    This is so exciting! So happy for you–they look amazing! I would want to show everyone I knew, and everyone I didn’t, too! Many many congrats!

  73. The fabulous Karen Snyder allegedly said:

    That’s why the wind is blowing so hard here today–it’s the joy radiating from Casa de Zombie! I love that it’s blowing joy my way. Your fabrics are eye candy–stand alone beauties–perfect as they are. That said, I can’t wait to see what you do with them! Big congratulations.

  74. The fabulous Dominique Lacey allegedly said:

    Wow!!! So beautiful. Congrats! I’ve already started lobbying my local shop to order. She doesn’t even have a Lecien account yet but is getting one JUST because I’ve raved about your prints! :)

  75. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    Love the fabrics - Congratulations! Hope you have a great time cutting into them!

  76. The fabulous patty allegedly said:

    OH MY! So, so pretty and happy! I’m so happy for you, my friend!! Your excitement is palpable. :)

  77. The fabulous Jill allegedly said:

    HOORAY!!! What a wonderful day!

  78. The fabulous Bradie Sparrow allegedly said:

    EEEEEEk! Absolutely gorgeous! I don’t blame you one bit! I’d be dragging them all over town too!

  79. The fabulous Robin allegedly said:

    Woo hoo!!!! Look at that gorgeous fabric! I can’t even imagine how proud and excited you must be. Have FUN with it!!!!

  80. The fabulous Pixie's Belle allegedly said:

    So great that it’s all finally arrived! Me, I’d have buried my head in the box for at least half an hour and breathed in contentment to start with.
    Those pet stroller things are plain wrong. I helped a woman get what I thought was her buggy and child off the train a few months ago, only to realise she simply had an overweight poodle in it.

  81. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    Yay! It must be a great feeling! Well done keeping it a secret, the fabric looks really inviting to make something with!

  82. The fabulous Camille allegedly said:

    That feeling is a tough one to beat, huh? Nothing quite like it.

    So, so, sooooooo very happy for you friend! I LOVE it!

    Happy Monica day!

  83. The fabulous Betty @ She's Sew Pretty allegedly said:


  84. The fabulous jen duncan allegedly said:

    I just couldn’t be any happier for you Monica. It is SO freakin’ awesome. I’m at a loss for words. Guess now we have to wait and wonder WHO will sell it to us and WHEN!? Oh well. I like having good things to wait for. :-)

  85. The fabulous Andi allegedly said:

    So very very pretty.

  86. The fabulous Kate allegedly said:

    I Want, I want! When will these be in quilt shops? I don’t think I can wait for it. I absolutely love your fabrics.

  87. The fabulous Karen a/k/a TheLazyQuilter allegedly said:

    Yes, take it everywhere you go! Make bags, scarves, your pet carrier. I swear, people are gonna notice and love it too. Can’t wait to get my hands on some as soon as it hits the shelves. That is, if it doesn’t sell out right away. :)

  88. The fabulous Erica allegedly said:

    YYYYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!! They look absolutely divine! I’m so happy for you!!!

  89. The fabulous Stephanie allegedly said:

    I think I _love_ those fabrics!!! I also think I really NEED them! Oh, I hope I can find a shop that stocks them when they come out (when will that be again? I know you said…better go try to find it again)! They’re great!!! Congrats!

  90. The fabulous Robin allegedly said:

    Your wait while long and tedious was definately worth it. They are beautiful! Will you showing them off at Redwork next week? Can;t wait to she your projects and I can understand not wanting to cut into your first fabrics…like the first dollar…just frame them!

  91. The fabulous Sarah Fielke allegedly said:

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Can you hear me screaming from Sydney??? I think you should make a patchwork suit and wear it everywhere you go. Then everyone could see it :) YAY!!!!

  92. The fabulous sharon allegedly said:

    WOW!!!! You are one lucky gal. That is some beautiful fabric my friend. I can’t wait to get me some. It is wonderful and you did an awesome job.
    I’d take it everywhere with me too.

  93. The fabulous Sherri allegedly said:

    SOOOO happy for you…it’s amazing…it’s wonderful….can’t wait to see it in person! Have fun…and I’d take it everywhere too!

  94. The fabulous Mary Anne Drury allegedly said:

    I’m picturing you spinning in circles wearing a pleasant peasant outfit (made from your DAHHHHHling new fabric), on top of the alps covered in your DAHHHLING new fabrics singing “The hills are alive with Happy Zombie fabricccccccccc…….”

    YAY YOU !!!! (I just did a back handspring in your honor ……and it was FABULOUS !!!)

  95. The fabulous Jen allegedly said:

    Congratulations. What an amazing accomplishment. The colors are wicked. I can’t wait to find them in stores and use them as this year’s Christmas fabric. If you find yourself hyperventilating again try the breathing to the bag approach.

  96. The fabulous nadine woodraksa allegedly said:

    Oh I am so excited!! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of that!! I would be the same, I would take it everywhere!! Please drive it by Rainier and say hi

  97. The fabulous Kelly Ann allegedly said:

    YIPEE YIPEE YIPEE..can’t wait to see it live at Market

  98. The fabulous Jean Etheridge allegedly said:

    I love the fabric, but I also love your excitement and your perfect description of how excited you are. Wonderful!

  99. The fabulous Wrennette A. allegedly said:

    Oh my, what a happy day. That’s what we say in my family. ‘OH HAPPY DAY’..you are having YOURS BIG TIME. I have to say that I have laughed out loud each time I’ve re-read your post. When I get to the putting the fabric in an infant seat…I can’t go further because I’m laughing so hard. I know that you must be getting lots of compliments from others and that is as it should be………but I want to tell you from my heart………I absolutely LOVE your colors and prints…I love it all. I am in a bad place now….How in the world can I get to have SOME…ALL OF IT. I even LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow…….WHO LOVES ALL OF THE YELLOW? HA HA I cannot wait to see what you do with it……out of your own imagination and skills. SO, GO OUT THERE AND……..CREATE……ENJOY…..AND CELEBRATE..

  100. The fabulous louise allegedly said:

    i. am. beathless. i am without breath!



  101. The fabulous Debbie allegedly said:

    WOW! It’s gorgeous. Just plain gorgeous. No other words — or many other words but still Wow and gorgeous!

  102. The fabulous Jeannie allegedly said:

    Beautiful! You are amazing. Christmas is going to be extra jolly with your fabrics around!

  103. The fabulous Leslie Schmidt allegedly said:

    It looks even better “in the flesh”! I know I would have a hard time cutting into it, especially those delicate half-yard pieces! But, enjoy!

  104. The fabulous Sandi allegedly said:

    Absolutely lovely!

  105. The fabulous Tammy allegedly said:

    I know how excited I get when fabric arrives at my door… I can’t imagine the feeling when that fabric is your own! Congrats!!!

  106. The fabulous Sandy McClay allegedly said:

    I MUST have this!!!!! Just looking at it gave me a thrill! I am so happy for you Monica!!!! This has to be a dream come true for you! Please make sure we all get to buy some, OK????? No running out! LOL

  107. The fabulous auntiepami allegedly said:

    Amazing! You had sun? We had rain, sleet & snow. I’m sooo excited for you! You should have called the local news and gotten a human interest story out of this. Can’t wait to see what you make.

  108. The fabulous Kim Walus allegedly said:

    I can see that I’m late to the party but what a great party and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Here’s great big huge HUG and many Congratulations! I am so very excited for you and can feel you’re happiness and excitement. I’m literally shaking with giddiness for you!!! I look forward to seeing the fun things you’ll make with your new fabric and I can’t wait to see it and buy it here locally.

  109. The fabulous SarahB allegedly said:

    Absolutely beautiful! Can’t even pick a favorite!

  110. The fabulous Mary on Lake Pulaski allegedly said:

    I NEED some of each of those as soon as you tell me where I can get it Monica! It is…………..well, it just IS you know.

  111. The fabulous Debbie allegedly said:

    Hi Monica,
    Love your fabric range. We ar coming to US in June are there any good patchwork shops in San Francisco. Trouble is we don’t have transport but I will find a way. Love to buy some of your fabric.

  112. The fabulous Lissa allegedly said:

    I am a little disappointed Monica *very tongue in cheek* wheres the finished quilt with these fabs????

    *running ducking for cover**

  113. The fabulous Chase allegedly said:

    Congrats! I am been following your blog for 2 years. Your design is wonderful~ I can’t wait they to show up in the stores..I must have some…

  114. The fabulous suesue allegedly said:

    Can’t wait for the bolts either! I’ll have to order some of the Santa gnomes-they’re just adorable!!!

  115. The fabulous cakemix allegedly said:

    lol - i call my iphone my ipad nano..x
    so glad to have discovered your blog!

  116. The fabulous Monica allegedly said:

    LOOK AT ALL THE POLKA DOTS! I AM IN LOVE WITH POLKA DOTS!!! Can’t wait to see it in the stores!
    Congratulations! From one Monica to another!

  117. The fabulous Deanne allegedly said:

    Ooohhhh, Yummy!!!!

  118. The fabulous Jean allegedly said:

    Don’t forget the Avon lady, the dog groomer and take it all to church! Congratulations. You should be so proud!!!

  119. The fabulous Wrennette A. allegedly said:


    May I ask again for you to go over WHEN (???) the fabric will become available to the public? Can we purchase it online? Can we purchase the Lecien polka dots online?….or HOW do we go about getting WHAT WE WANT…if our local FABRIC SHOP doesn’t carry it????
    I had a terrible time buying all of the fabric I needed last year that Barbara Jones designed…until I smartened up to finding QUILT SOUP. TA….DA !!!
    I was going to buy her new line Simply Sweet…….but I’m going to save my money for your line……IF I CAN GET IT. Please advice us on how to purchase your line ! ! ! Thankyou OH WONDERFUL ONE! smile

  120. The fabulous AnnieO allegedly said:

    “I love the smell of new fabric in the morning”…

    A Truly Momentous Occasion.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on some. I just want to SQUEEZE the Santa gnomes!

  121. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    OMG this fabric just keeps getting better & better. I think you should get one of those wallets with the never ending credit card holders. You know, the one when you pull it out it just keeps unfolding until it hits the ground(maybe even continues around the block). Can’t wait to see what you make all of this loveliness into. Way to go!!!!!

  122. The fabulous Laura allegedly said:

    YAY! They look awesome! I bet you rubbed your face all over them. :)

    Where/when can we get some? I’m thinking of a Christmas tree skirt with the snowflakes and holiday gnomes. :)

  123. The fabulous Jil allegedly said:

    Oooooh Monica!!! This is so stinking COOL!!! They are gorgeous. What to go Sista!!

  124. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    What can Brown do for you?! I bet the UPS man hasn’t made anybody this happy for years. And I am soooooooo happy for you. The fabrics are bee-you-tea-full, and they deserve only the finest tables at every restaurant in town. And yes, it will be easier to cut into them after the bolts arrive. Congratulations.

  125. The fabulous Kristin L allegedly said:

    Woo hoo! awesome! Totally cool! If I had my own line of fabrics I’d take them everywhere with me too! Congratulations to you!

  126. The fabulous Elizabeth allegedly said:

    They are gorgeous, Congratulations!

  127. The fabulous Kirstie allegedly said:

    Hold on. I have to wipe the drool off my chin, it’s getting the key board all wet. BEAUTIFUL! When will they be available? Before Christmas, I hope. Congratulations!! I know you’ve waited a long time and by the looks of these, it was definitely worth the wait.

  128. The fabulous Evelyn allegedly said:

    Congrats, Monica! Get sewing - I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  129. The fabulous pat sloan allegedly said:

    man… where is the bubble bath photo?

  130. The fabulous Polly allegedly said:

    Absolutely glorious, girl! You DONE good….no, GREAT! Congrats!! Polly

  131. The fabulous Angie allegedly said:

    Monica it is just adorable! I thought of you as we drove through Astoria this last week (on Spring Break)! How very exciting…I am not sure I could cut into it either. And bolts are coming too? Oh my. Take lots of pictures please and post them! I can’t wait to buy some!

  132. The fabulous simone allegedly said:

    GEFELICITEERD!!!!! I really had a laugh, reading your post about your son and what you will get yourself (((o:
    What a wonderful wonderful line, Monica! It makes you smile, happy, relaxed, wanting you to have it all etc etc. ENJOY this wonderful wonderful moment in your life and show anyone who wants to (or not).
    Vrolijk Pasen!

  133. The fabulous Rebecca Woods allegedly said:

    Gorgeous gorgeous fabric. I will so be keeping my eyes open for that.

  134. The fabulous Renee allegedly said:

    Here I was expecting Christmas fabric - and it’s all cute enough to use for everything! They are truly beautiful! Put me on the list waiting to see what you make and waiting to buy them.

  135. The fabulous kersten allegedly said:

    WOOHOO!!! What else can I say? I am just so excited for you.

  136. The fabulous Mom Wald allegedly said:

    Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance!!!

  137. The fabulous Brenda allegedly said:

    Love all the fabrics but especially the babushka Santa’s. If you get tired of showing them the sites in your area send them over here to Sydney and I’ll take them on a sight seeing tour they will never forget!

  138. The fabulous Sheri allegedly said:

    You are too funny! Love the fabric! What talent!!! Your next talent should be sharing it all with me!

  139. The fabulous Janice allegedly said:

    What a lot of lovely fabric i would be over the moon with them as well
    Hugs Janice

  140. The fabulous Tania allegedly said:

    Oh, there are no words for how cute this fabric is! I cannot wait to get some and play!

  141. The fabulous kern allegedly said:

    SQUEEEEE! I love the cuteness-I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  142. The fabulous Anne Heidi allegedly said:

    Oh my gosh, your fabric line is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wow, I am so happy for you, and now I know this line is definately finding it’s way into my shop!!! You did such an amazing job on these fabrics- I am just speechless- Congratulations again Monica!

  143. The fabulous SuzK allegedly said:

    I love this fabric. The colors and designs are absolutely wonderful. I hope you did take it around to show it off!

  144. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    I’m peeing MY pants. Seeing it in the photos is so wonderful. It is so much cuter than the drawings, and THAT was lovely. Think of how I will feel when I can get some of this and sew with it!!! I’m overwhelmed. I keep looking at it. The colors and prints are amazing. You’ve done such a good job. Just seeing the logo on the box makes me scream a little. I’m so incredibly happy for you. Lovely lovely LOVELY fabric. I also loved how you called your ipod the ipad mini! haha

  145. The fabulous tammyCA allegedly said:

    Lol! Congrats on your newborn bundle(s)! :)

  146. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    I CAN’T WAIT to buy your fabric line!!! Congratulations!

  147. The fabulous Diane allegedly said:

    congratulations! I can’t wait to get my hands on it too!

  148. The fabulous Chrys allegedly said:

    Oh Boy!!!!!! Lots of eye candy there! Can’t wait to see it in stores, and get me some! :)

  149. The fabulous V and Co. allegedly said:

    whoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  150. The fabulous Sabine allegedly said:

    Liebe Monica,
    these are the sweetest fabrics ever!!! If I were you, I couldn´t cut them into little pieces. Oh my god, those sweet, amazing little darlings!!! Love,love all the colors and patterns….!
    THUMBS UP, you´ve done a great job and you can be so proud of it. And yes, show them to everybody, not asking if they were interested to see them. Everyone will fall in love at once with the first sight!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  151. The fabulous KathiD allegedly said:

    Holy bejeezus! I would also make clothes for the whole family out of it and make them wear them every single day!! Try THAT one on your son! Son! Here’s your suit of clothes! Put it on! Model it!

    I am nearly peeing my OWN pants here! OK, I do that sometimes even when I am not hyperventilating and excited over my friend’s new fabric, but still.

    That is MONUMENTAL!!! But what will be even more exciting (if that is possible) will be to see it AT THE FABRIC STORE!!!!!!!!!! Get ready to sign autographs, Missy! I am sending you all my pieces for signatures as soon as I can get my hands on some!

  152. The fabulous KathiD allegedly said:

    P.S. I love that you have an iPad mini!! You need to patent that name or copyright it or whatever, because it is going to go VIRAL and you said it FIRST.

  153. The fabulous KathiD allegedly said:

    OK, one more thing and then I’ll shut up. Maybe. (Hey, I’ve been out of circulation, I have lots to say!)

    How perfect is it that your fabric is going to be produced by one of my top two or three favorite fabric companies EVER? Lecien is just, so, TOP OF THE LINE!! Just where YOU belong!

  154. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    Heck, I would take one of your photos and send it to the local paper! This is something to cheer about. It’s all luscious. I cannot wait for it to hit the shelves. I’ll be first in line. :)

  155. The fabulous Shawn allegedly said:

    Hope you keep them tucked under your pillow when you so to sleep at night,I know I would. Your fabric is wonderful Monica, I’m so happy for you!!!

  156. The fabulous Shawn allegedly said:

    so/Sew to sleep ~ go to sleep *** see I am excited for you!

  157. The fabulous Gigi allegedly said:

    Yum yum! Gotta put on a bib so my drool doesn’t get all over my shirt. :)

  158. The fabulous Linzee allegedly said:

    They are gorgeous and you are right to be the proud mother, showing them off to everyone! Congratulations…what a wonderful day!

  159. The fabulous Sandy Bovee allegedly said:

    your fabrics are wonderful - they are “you”
    congratulations again…looking forward to seeing what we can do with them - more over, what you will do……
    hope the community appreciated them like we do…did the costco hotdogs approve?

  160. The fabulous Lori Holt allegedly said:

    oh the colors!…oh the patterns…
    oh i can’t believe that i can only look and not touch…you know a true fabric lover always has to touch….and i truly love this fabric.
    congratulations monica.
    wonderful job.

  161. The fabulous Natalie VV allegedly said:

    I am #161…
    I don’t need to tell you that this adorable line of fabric is going to get snapped up but quick! Obviously, the word is out.
    Remember me, when you are in Paris, Milan… when Martha is booking you, and Ellen wants your number.

    I am loving your joy. It’s delightful, like your prints.

  162. The fabulous Jeanne B. allegedly said:

    Love the colors and prints, they’re very fresh. Congratulations on being an official textile designer!

  163. The fabulous aztel2000 allegedly said:

    Oooohh….I want to bathe in them too! SO cute. And thanks for making me feel a little less deprived…I realize that I have a mini iPad too.

  164. The fabulous Gail allegedly said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on some. Oh the projects I am dreaming of!

  165. The fabulous Cheryl allegedly said:

    YIPEEEEEEE…..I am doing a big old happy dance over here and bursting with quilty pride for you Monica! We are all so very happy and proud of you…ok when can we start buying??? just askin’!

  166. The fabulous Julie Isa allegedly said:

    so awesome! love love love it! can’t wait to see what you make with all of it. you are such an inspiration.

  167. The fabulous Caroline allegedly said:

    Ha! I don’t blame you - i love it too!!! You should be completely stoked. Ok here’s a tip, buy a stroller, tuck the fabric in and walk it everywhere w/ you. I’m kidding of course, but you know….

  168. The fabulous Debbie allegedly said:

    “….buy an infant car seat and buckle it in.” That is EXACTLY what you should do. Best line ever! Congratulations to you girlie, way to go!

  169. The fabulous Elizabeth allegedly said:

    You are the most special person I have ever met, and all the success heading your way is cause for celebration by us all. Congratulations on your fabric line. Success is Sweet! Elizabeth

  170. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:

    Your collection is so adorable. I wish you much success..

  171. The fabulous Carmen allegedly said:

    OMG, OMG, OMG it’s GORGEOUSNESS in fabric form. Have you booted hubby into another room so you can take it to bed too? You so should, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

    Do you know, there are two people in my area that walk their dogs in baby strollers? I kid you not, everyday, you see them, say good morning and they tell you they are walking the dogs. I ask myself what exercise the dogs are getting exactly…

  172. The fabulous Susan allegedly said:

    Fabulous! Can’t wait to see what you stitch up.

  173. The fabulous femke allegedly said:

    Congratulations!!!! The fabrics are gorgeous!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  174. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    How and where do I place my pre-order of a bolt of each? I don’t think my husband will mind do you??? AND did I tell you that outside the secret back gate of Bangor is where I grew up??? Look up Lester Road in Silverdale and that was my street!!! My dad worked at Bangor and I loved going on Base!!

  175. The fabulous amy allegedly said:

    I know I’m late, but: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  176. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Monica, I’m so proud of you! That is so exciting and what a cool thing to celebrate. When you told your son you were getting one of “these”, I thought for sure I was going to find what I always told my son I was going to get- a 3 wheel bicycle lol. He kept telling me they were for “special” people, I kept telling him I AM special, and FINALLY, I found one at a yard sale lol. Now I plant flowers and put them on the back! Can’t wait to see how you decorate your “special” conveyance! Karen

  177. The fabulous Sweet Cottage Dreams allegedly said:


    Cute, cute, cute!

    I know what I will be spending some of my money on!!! Cannot wait! Monica, you brag alllllllllllllllllll u want, girl! You so done good!


  178. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awesome news!!! I LOVE your fabric range and hope to see it hit the shops here in Australia! What a huge secret to keep…I would have been bursting at the seams!

  179. The fabulous amylouwho allegedly said:

    awesome!!! It’s so YOU. I already know which prints I want to get to make our Christmas stockings! Congrats!!!

  180. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    HEART - HEART - HEART!!!!!
    Congrats to you my most talented friend!!!
    (You forgot to stop by Englund Marine with your bolts…Sheesh!)

  181. The fabulous MARGO allegedly said:

    How absolutely beautiful this fabric is. Love the colors and the tones–the figure…well the whole darn deal!!

  182. The fabulous Jeannie allegedly said:

    Super, super fun!! Can not wait for them to hit the market!

  183. The fabulous Sharon Feigl allegedly said:

    Hi Monica,

    Those fabrics are divine…Hey I would be showing them off too if they were mine. Good for you.

    Hugs, Sharon

  184. The fabulous Laura Fadden allegedly said:

    So when and where do we get the super beautiful fabrics???????

  185. The fabulous ellen Crimi-Trent allegedly said:

    sooooo insanely cute words can not express!! LOve love love it!! your gonna knock it out of the park w/ this one!!

  186. The fabulous joan allegedly said:

    just gorgeous! so gorgeous i ordered the entire collection this afternoon!

    a gazillion kudos to you!

  187. The fabulous Janellybelly allegedly said:

    I just saw this fabric range featured on Rosalie’s Blog, I am SO getting some - said in a very 80’s way :)

  188. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    oooohhh my gawshhhh!!! Monica that range is divine! Congrats on designing such a stunning range of fabric. I love the colours and hope it hits Aussie shores before xmas arrives!

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