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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Recently I came upon a new blog on tumblr called Catalog Living - the life and times of fictional Gary & Elaine who live in the pages of our catalogs.  Yeah, like who knew Gary & Elaine were even there!?  Catalog Living is the hysterical brainchild of Molly Erdman (the  actress who plays the “wife” from the Sonic commercials).   It’s genius.  GENIUS.  There’s a great article at the Chicago Tribune about Catalog Living - my favorite part was the quote from Molly, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I put these pictures up and made little captions for them?”.  I love that.  When I think all the way back to mid-1970 and being in the 7th grade - and we would write naughty captions in the photos of our ancient 1950’s school books - and could now be a success at it?  Holy schmokes… it’s like a dream come true!

So now I’m thinking, as Catalog Living skyrockets into internet and twitter superrockstardom… it’s probaly too late to ask Molly Erdman if she could “Catalog My House”.   Kind of like Pimp My Ride, or like asking James Earl Jones to record my outgoing voicemail message… but what would Gary & Elaine say/do if they lived in my house.  WWG&ED.

Hot Water

Hot Water

Hot Water (behind the scenes)

If you make house calls, Molly… my door is open. I may have to resort to trying my hand at it. In the last photo, “Liberty and Madison fear being plucked out of the audience during Bob, Triskit and Mother Clucker’s ‘In Hot Water’ performance“. I think I better leave it to the professionals.

I count 6 winners!

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Thank you to everyone who played in my Holiday Happy give-away.   Like getting 506 love letters!  I’m awed by the such kind responses - almost to the point of embarrassment (I did pee my pants a little).  I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.  I quickly got over the embarrassment - and hopped on the gratitude train - and I’m never getting off it (besides - my gratitude train has a dining car and a sewing car and…).  Not only do I feel like the sixth winner - but I’m by far the super duper mega grand winner!  Thank you everyone for your kindness and excitement.  Hands down.  I win.

Holiday Happy by me

I’m so happy to say…
here are the other 5 Holiday Happy winners!

Grand Prize winner of Holiday Happy Fat Quarter bundle:
#98 - Nikki of The Girl Who Quilts

The wee little Holiday Happy Fat Quarterlettes winners:
#237  Sandy McClay of 521 Lake Street
#215  Nadra of von kleinen dingen
#452 Rebecca Woods (no blog… and it’s her birthday today!)
#38 Natalie VV of Chicken Blog (winner winner chicken blog dinner)

Holiday Happy give-away winners

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love and kindness comments!   If anyone is making anything with Holiday Happy, or spots it some where, or just has a stash of it, or is seen frolicking on the beach with it… I would love to see it!  Like seeing what my little kids are up - it’s like Mother’s Day every time I see a photo in my HH flickr group.  Momma’d be so happy if you’d join the Holiday Happy flickr group - and added any ‘baby pics’ of HH.  I don’t except flowers or candy, to be taken out to brunch… or even a phone call on Mother’s Day.  Just photos.  It’s all I ask.   That’s not too much to ask, right?   xoxo

2010 Spring Quilt Market, Minneapolis

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Previews and peeks of what will be in the Lecien booth at Quilt Market in Minneapolis.  If you’re going to Market, be sure to stop by Lecien booths 3329, 3331 and 3430.

If you want to keep up with all the big Market happenings - you can get your one-stop shopping for market blog posts on Radio PKM at Pam’s blog.  And hey, whaddayaknow… Pam has a side-kick/aspiring weather girl on her station this year!
Radio PKM

My “Glow Happy” lantern quilt.  My free pattern is available here.
Holiday Happy - Lecien booth

Little quilts for the Lecien booth - samples to show mixing and matching my Holiday Happy with Lecien Flower Sugar and Lecien Color Basic’s.
Holiday Happy - Lecien booth

The pink and green little quilt is called Cherry Christmas, and my pattern is free for download here.   A basic 9-patch with the appliqué method I use here.
Holiday Happy - Lecien booth

Last minute samples… little Gnoma Claus bags.  One of the things I’ll show more of after market - plus I’ll have a tutorial or pattern around the time Holiday Happy hits the stores (June/July 2010).
Holiday Happy - Lecien booth

Flat NatLast but not least… this is Flat Nat. My sample does not do her justice.  What started with dreaming out loud wishing that Natalie could make it to the US for market… joking around that I needed to have a “flat Nat” of Natalie so I can take her around Market and the sights… and like magic (aka Natalie’s seriously creative juices)… Natalie created Flat Nat.

There’s much more of her to see - so be watching Natalie’s Cindeberry Stitches blog.    You will want to keep your browser running on Natalie’s blog and keep refreshing.  Be prepared to squeal when you see Natalie’s Flat Nat.

You can follow mine and Flat Nat’s Minnesota/Market/post-market shenanigans travels on my twitter - and I’ll be blogging later next week when I return home.  Did I say something about a give-away in my title?

Sew. Ing.

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

I’ve never done so much sewing and un-sewing - then I have in the last few weeks.  That didn’t come out right.  I’ve never done so much sewing and un-sewing WHILE NOT ONLINE - then I have in the last few weeks.  My in-box, my blog pals visiting, my Twitter, my Words With Friends, my Face-what?… all neglected.  To be fair, I neglect Facebook regardless of sewing.  I feel like a such a sucky friend.  A super duper sucky friend.
Heavy Hitter
I feel so out of it, so disconnected.  Like I’m down in one of those holes on Lost - and everyone else is up top… laughing, having fun, eating Dharma peaches out of a can - and I’m down in the hole glued by the magnetic force that emanates from my sewing machine - the evil clock clicks, clicks, clicks… mocking me.  The Smoke Monster is actually the exhaust coming out the back of my sewing machine.  Ooops, sorry.  Spoiler alert.
bag-o-holiday happy
I’m leaving for Quilt Market in a week.  I’m actually looking forward to the flight - to sitting and doing nothing.  I think I’ll load up my iphone with a couple of Gilmore Girls episodes.  Maybe four episodes should do me between Seattle and Minneapolis?  Maybe I’ll get lucky and catch an episode of Lorelai sewing.  I think I’ll loop the scene and watch over and over and over - watching someone else sewing.  And then I’d be wishing to be sewing too. Because I heart sewing. And these are the inner workings of my absurd universe.

Sewing my way to Market.

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

I’m sure anyone who’s ever had pre-Market stuff to get ready, knows it’s not done until the empty spool sings (even though I burned through a spool of Aurifil on Saturday and I still have more sewing to do).   One more thing for my to-do list - buy more thread.   While I was threadless (or rather out of the color I needed), I did some to-do’s on my computer… new [updated] banner that PamKittyMorning lovingly calls,”it’s HZ on supercrack“, got my Holiday Happy Flickr group running, made a Holiday Happy info page, made a HH “Swatchamacallit” swatch card PDF and made some buttons.

What I have been able to accomplish:
- Neglect my blog.
- Neglect my in-box.  I am bad, bad, BAD.
- Neglect visiting everyone’s blogs. I am bad, bad, SUPERBAD.
- Neglect my yard work, laundry and housework.
- Watched episodes 1-20 of Gilmore Girls while doing handwork.
- Wore my pajamas while working for 5 days (not consecutively… I’m not THAT bad).
- Scored an 111 point word (which I’ve forgotten) on a Words With Friends game with Lynette (sorry, I just can’t stop talking about it).
- Gained a bonus 10 lbs from my DH’s thoughtful cooking.

My accomplishment highlights:
- Spending an amazing laugh filled fun wonderful day with sistah-friend and super rockstar Tammy Gilley at her AMAZING house.  We are seeking a contractor to build an underground tunnel between our houses (who will accept pita chips and beer as payment).  Tammy showing me how the Hoosier-daddy cabinet works - she’s milling me some pretend flour.
The Tammy Gilley World Tour 2010

- Finishing my Market/Lecien project.  Next stop… Lecien booth.
I sew, I sew... off to Market I go

- Working on a special (and Bliss-ful) project unrelated to Market, but needs to be done before I leave for Minneapolis.
I sew, I sew... off to Market I go

I sew, I sew... off to Market I go

My semi-accomplishment highlights:
- I put myself on a 3 day Twitter Exile Island.  I lasted 18 hours.
- Suggesting to the writers/producers of ABC’s sweet deliciousness of a Nancy-Drew-on-crack-goodness new show of Happy Town - to add a quilt shop to the town… Our Daily Thread.  And of course - carry my Holiday Happy fabric line.  (Happy Town Twitter Guy - I’m watching you, too.)
- Hitting “publish” on this post!

Winners. It’s what’s for dinner.

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Yippeeyoodle… Thanks for playing in my Bow/No Bow contest. Thank you for your kind and hilarious comments! So a funny thing happened on my way to random.org… it didn’t want to give me a winner!  I personally don’t comment on many posts with contests because I need to use what I have, and I know there are others like me - so I gave an “X out” option.

[insert 70’s computer sound - do de do de du do de dleep]
First number RO picked was #202 - Sherri from A Quilting Life (and she chose to X out of contest)
[do de do de du do de dleep]
Second came #157 - Mary Ann (long time blog hopper - but has no blog… she also X’d out)
[do de do de du do de dleep]
Then came #241 - Anina of Twiddletales (she also X’d out)

What the what!? If this is how things work… Dear Universe, I do not wish to have a new addition on my house for a giant quilt studio with a small kitchenette and sleeping quarters for friends.  I also don’t want Jamie Durie to come landscape the studio’s garden.  I heart you, Universe - love, Monica.

And then it finally happened [insert slot machine jackpot sound - clang clang clang clang]… and the two winners are:
Comment #33 Jenny from Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat
Comment #214 Mary from Mary on Lake Pulaski!


A ways back when I had a contest for some lovely Lecien COSMO floss… one of my winners was Sarah. We were semi-new blog pals to each other at the time… and then when she won… and when I got her address… well, there was no escaping me and we’ve since became really close friends.  Sista-friends.  With all the lovin’ Sarah got over the lil’ ZombieGirl (ZeeGee) coffee cozy she made me - I begged her to put up her coffee cozy pattern on etsy.  And she did!!  So check out Sarah’s Cottage Coffee Cozy post with all the info on her pattern.  Please don’t hold me responsible if you fall out of your chair after viewing the ultra-cuteness of her cozzies.   Buckle up.

And my lil’ ZeeGee… I picked this one:

Decision time on the new Happy Zomibe logo

Well… the one I’ll use most.   On what, I don’t know.  But it’s at the ready. I also like ZeeGee without petals, so I’ll use that too.  And special occasions and holidays… I’ll don her with a bow and other accessorizes.  Dare I ask for accessories ideas/input?  And in true form of my full name (Monica Inability To Make A Decision Solorio)… I’m keeping my beloved aqua washer.  Who’s feelings I hurt and are in need of repair.  I love you Aqua Washer, xoxom.

Decisions & Bribery

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Last July I decided to make a new logo/avatar for myself.  While I love my little aqua washer… to me it says, “hey, I heart laundry”.  Which of course is not true (though I’m not gonna kick my aqua washer to the curb just because I hate laundry).   So I started fiddling around and came up with what I thought said me.   And then I got stumped with some of the design elements.  One color or two.  Or three.  Flower petals or no petals.  Bow or no bow.  Last summer I subjected some family and friends for input and have been able to whittle it down to two.  I still need help, and I have no problem with restoring to bribery to get it.


Without a bow?

Decision time on the new Happy Zomibe logo

With a bow?  I think it says “girlie” - like I’ll be gentle whilst eating your brains - and then I’ll stitch your head up in a nice blanket stitch when I’m done.

Decision time on the new Happy Zomibe logo

My sweet sistah-friend Sarah and her amazing stitchin’ kick asteroid ways… made me a coffee cozy using my logo as her design.
New Happy Zomibe logo on Sarah's coffee cozy

I died when she gave me this. Not quite zombie died, but a “OMG I P.F. Chang’d my pants” died.  And it was just the kick in the shorts I needed to get going with the new logo.

New Happy Zomibe logo on Sarah's coffee cozy

Please tell me what you like best! Bow or no bow.  As a bribe a thank you, I’ll give two prizes from my personal stash - I’ll give one Moda Chez Moi “Swanky” Turnover to one winner, and one Moda 3 Sisters “Aviary” charm pack to another winner.   Some ideas on what to do with them here.
HZ prize patrol
Please tell me your answer by midnight (PST) Sunday, January 2010 and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Jan. 11th after random.org picks the winners.

If you just wanna do me a solid and tell me your fave - but don’t want to enter the contest… please type an “x” somewhere on your comment.

Bon Jour Winter Tour

Monday, December 21st, 2009

If there’s a sign with holes in it… Pam and I will stick our heads through it.   Priceless.  Curious onlookers watching us… that’s gravy.

hola... bon jour...

hola... bon jour...

Did you know that shopping at a kawaii store called Loyal Army Clothing can make you silly punchy? Add adorable Frankie Pancakie to the mix and encouraging us… and you get more then curious onlookers - you get Nordstrom staff calling the Walnut Creek Police Department. Just kidding. Only security was called.

Floating PKMFloating HZ

And then there were cupcakes. And coffee. And see-you-real-soon hugs. And then tears.

Cosmic shopping powers activated

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Without fail… I always find the coolest toys on the internet when I have too many coals in the fire.

Today’s feature is a reenactment of Pam and me discussing our tweeting while we were Christmas shopping.

If video does not play, click here or here.

Roll credits:
“PamKittyMorning Photo”… twitpic / Pam’s tweet.
“Happy Zombie Photo”… twitpic / My tweet & tweet.

How do you say “Trick or Treat” in Russian?

Friday, October 30th, 2009

My inspiration stares me in the face each and every day.   As does my mysteriously constant desire for 2/99¢ Jack in the Box tacos.
H'ween '09

Inspiration on the design wall… so close it could bite me.
H'ween '09

A quick trip to Joann’s… some budget “felt”, some floss, a coupon and a twenty… I smell a Halloween costume.
H'ween '09

No plan, no pattern.  I just held my breath, cut, and then prayed.  I used SIX strands of floss. That called for a really big needle, and some very sore fingers.
Top Secret: working on my H'ween costume for trick-treat in blogland tomorrow.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Москва.
H'ween '09

And now I crave 2/99¢ Jack in the Box tacos with beets and cabbage. Tah dah… I’m Matryoshka in the Box!
H'ween '09
Dang I’m hungry.  No candy for me… tacos please!

Farting around with needle & thread and then blogging about it.

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