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Decisions & Bribery

January 5th, 2010

Last July I decided to make a new logo/avatar for myself.  While I love my little aqua washer… to me it says, “hey, I heart laundry”.  Which of course is not true (though I’m not gonna kick my aqua washer to the curb just because I hate laundry).   So I started fiddling around and came up with what I thought said me.   And then I got stumped with some of the design elements.  One color or two.  Or three.  Flower petals or no petals.  Bow or no bow.  Last summer I subjected some family and friends for input and have been able to whittle it down to two.  I still need help, and I have no problem with restoring to bribery to get it.


Without a bow?

Decision time on the new Happy Zomibe logo

With a bow?  I think it says “girlie” - like I’ll be gentle whilst eating your brains - and then I’ll stitch your head up in a nice blanket stitch when I’m done.

Decision time on the new Happy Zomibe logo

My sweet sistah-friend Sarah and her amazing stitchin’ kick asteroid ways… made me a coffee cozy using my logo as her design.
New Happy Zomibe logo on Sarah's coffee cozy

I died when she gave me this. Not quite zombie died, but a “OMG I P.F. Chang’d my pants” died.  And it was just the kick in the shorts I needed to get going with the new logo.

New Happy Zomibe logo on Sarah's coffee cozy

Please tell me what you like best! Bow or no bow.  As a bribe a thank you, I’ll give two prizes from my personal stash - I’ll give one Moda Chez Moi “Swanky” Turnover to one winner, and one Moda 3 Sisters “Aviary” charm pack to another winner.   Some ideas on what to do with them here.
HZ prize patrol
Please tell me your answer by midnight (PST) Sunday, January 2010 and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Jan. 11th after random.org picks the winners.

If you just wanna do me a solid and tell me your fave - but don’t want to enter the contest… please type an “x” somewhere on your comment.

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355 Responses

  1. The fabulous Casey allegedly said:

    love the bow!!

  2. The fabulous rachel allegedly said:

    i vote bow.

  3. The fabulous Mama Spark allegedly said:

    I love the one without the bow best. Both are good though and you should do whatever you like best.

  4. The fabulous ~Michelle~ allegedly said:

    I vote bow, and that coffee sleeve is Adorable…that’s right, with a capital A!

  5. The fabulous Vickie E allegedly said:

    I say the bow style…
    and how am I suppose to put an X here?? am I html challenged because I can’t do that? LOL

  6. The fabulous Jeri Bonser allegedly said:


  7. The fabulous Bev allegedly said:

    With the bow without a doubt! It’s ironic. I love it and love the colors especially! Pretty cool! Stop by and enter my giveaway for FREE fabric.

    Cheery wave from

  8. The fabulous Deanne allegedly said:

    Bow, bow, OMG bow-in-love with it!

  9. The fabulous badlandsquilts allegedly said:

    With a bow!

  10. The fabulous Joanna allegedly said:

    Absolutely NO bow! Do it just like the coffee cup holder - it is adorable like that. I think the bow is all you see on the one with a bow. Way too cutesy and little girly. The flower is feminine enough without it!

  11. The fabulous Yolanta allegedly said:


  12. The fabulous Jona allegedly said:

    BOW WOW WOW!!!

  13. The fabulous Diane allegedly said:

    Please use the bow! It makes the flower more cheerful and not so I’m-a-dead-smiley-flower look with the x instead of the eye.

    Besides, Hello Kitty shouldn’t be the only one with a bow!!

  14. The fabulous Jen allegedly said:

    I think the one WITHOUT the bow is WAY wicked. I wish my coffee cozy was as cool.

  15. The fabulous Danielle allegedly said:

    i vote for bow!

  16. The fabulous Laurie - Old School Acres allegedly said:

    Go with the bow. HOWEVER, you could use the bow for some things and no bow for others. Although that might get confusing. Go with the bow. :)

    *smooch* ;)

  17. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    Everything’s better with a bow!
    But PLEASE for the love of GOD, I don’t want to win any fabric.
    Just throwin’ out the bow-love.

  18. The fabulous Carrie allegedly said:

    No bow. I love the coffee cozy!

  19. The fabulous Kristy allegedly said:

    I will follow you know matter what you decide…you know UNCONDITIONAL follower. However, my favorite would be the no bow. Absolutely put me in for the prize……..I need, I mean want (I must be honest) them both!! Kristy in Ohio

  20. The fabulous Joyce allegedly said:

    Love the bow and the fabrics:)

  21. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    I vote no bow… I like androgynous…

  22. The fabulous Carol allegedly said:

    I prefer the logo with the bow! Would be so happy to win either giveaway!!!!!

  23. The fabulous jenny allegedly said:

    I love love love the bow! (although it’s adorable on the coffee sleeve without it too.) Win, win, either way.

  24. The fabulous nanaofnc allegedly said:

    No bow please. And I’m afraid I’ll miss the aqua washer. :(

  25. The fabulous Camille allegedly said:

    Bow! Definitely. (x) Also, I love it. Oh SO Monica!
    Heart, C

  26. The fabulous Kaye Prince allegedly said:

    I love the bow in the graphic version, but I love no-bow (I think bow would be over the top) in the stitched up version. I know, I’m really no help at all am I?

  27. The fabulous Joyce allegedly said:

    I think without the bow. Looks too much like “Hello Kitty” with the bow.
    Love the coffee sleeve.

  28. The fabulous Pookie allegedly said:

    They’re both perfect, but the one without the bow is perfecter. I agree with the fabulous Joanna who allegedly said that the flower is feminine enough without the bow. Also, I think the button gets a little lost with the bow. And it seems more balanced without it. And… just kidding, I think I’m out of reasons to go bow-less.

  29. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    no bow it’s just perfect as it is.

  30. The fabulous Mearaid allegedly said:

    I vote no bow.

  31. The fabulous Emily allegedly said:

    I vote no-bow!

  32. The fabulous sarah allegedly said:


  33. The fabulous Jenny allegedly said:

    No bow. It just doesnt do it for me. I don’t think the logo needs it!

  34. The fabulous Jamie allegedly said:

    Bow! Definitely the bow! Such a cute coffee cozy!

  35. The fabulous Tiffany allegedly said:

    Oh, bow for sure. Gives it that extra sassy touch!

  36. The fabulous laurie allegedly said:

    Either - Or. I’ve been looking at it for 10 minutes and I like BOTH.

  37. The fabulous Penny g allegedly said:

    The one without the bow please. The concept is a happy zombie and that bow seems cutsie as opposed to happy. The big jagged smile is happy enough.

  38. The fabulous georgia allegedly said:

    I like the one with the bow, but when I see the coffee thingy without the bow I like it too. I am no help whatsoever.

  39. The fabulous Teri allegedly said:

    The one with the bow is fabulous. I think she takes on your personality…perky and fun.

  40. The fabulous Anna allegedly said:

    definitely the bow :)

  41. The fabulous Bari allegedly said:

    I have to agree the bow definitely wins! Adds a little bit of class and sass if you know what I mean…LOL!

  42. The fabulous Paula Carroll allegedly said:

    I vote no bow. It’s fantastic..
    Loce the coffee cozy.

  43. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    Yep. The Bow.


  44. The fabulous Janet allegedly said:

    Bow–absolutely! It’s you!

  45. The fabulous Betsy Lynn allegedly said:

    No bow!

  46. The fabulous Viv allegedly said:

    I think it is very cute the way it is…Love it!

  47. The fabulous karin marie allegedly said:

    Deff with a bow!! LOVE IT!! :) The coffee cozy is wicked cute! I Love the colors my fave color combo! what if you did it like the coffee cozy with it all pink in the face, red in the flower and button eye with an aqua bow!? :) but in the end it’s whatever you like/love!

  48. The fabulous Becca allegedly said:

    Both are cute, but I like it best without the bow.

  49. The fabulous BrinaRohloff allegedly said:

    MUch better without the bow!

  50. The fabulous DianeY allegedly said:

    I like the no bow better, though they are both cute! The coffee cozy is precious!

  51. The fabulous Lynn Osborne allegedly said:

    No bow!

  52. The fabulous Meg allegedly said:

    Oh, defiantly the bow! Too cute!

  53. The fabulous Sarah N allegedly said:

    I vote for the bow! Too funny!

  54. The fabulous SheilaC allegedly said:

    I think the bow is the PERFECT counterpoint to the “zombie-ness”

    Very adorable!!


  55. The fabulous Robbin allegedly said:

    Bow not included!

  56. The fabulous Tracey J allegedly said:

    I say you have to go with the bow.

    (Have you seen the movie Coraline? This reminds me of it)

  57. The fabulous Corky allegedly said:

    I vote No bow! Soooooo cute!1

  58. The fabulous Alice S allegedly said:

    No bow. I love the coffee holder and would keep it just like that one.

  59. The fabulous Linda Ruthie allegedly said:

    After much consideration, my vote is NO bow. Seeing it made up on the coffee cozy (you lucky girl!) helped me decide the bow would be too much.

  60. The fabulous Shannon allegedly said:

    Cute logo! I vote for no bow. For me, the bow just pushes it over the edge into “too much going on” territory.

  61. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:

    I vote for the bow…..although I love it simple on the coffee holder.

  62. The fabulous Anna F. allegedly said:

    while i do love the coffee cozy without the bow, i really love the logo with a bow. go figure! good luck:)

  63. The fabulous lois grebowski allegedly said:

    I like the bow… kinda repeats the smile…

  64. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    Oh geez!!! i love them both!!!! but i think i love the bow just a smidgen bit more….and that coffee cup cozy is to die for! love it!!!

  65. The fabulous CraftyMummy allegedly said:

    I vote the bow, but they’re both darn cute!

  66. The fabulous Leslie Schmidt allegedly said:

    I’ll admit the bow adds to the absurdity index, but I like it better without. Truth be told, I like the washer better, but then I have a hard time adjusting to change!

  67. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    I love the coffee cozy. The face is sweet. I’m on the fence about the others. Is it wrong I still love the aqua washer better?

    Please don’t eat my brain.
    Or send me fabric.

  68. The fabulous Cara allegedly said:

    I love the bow. Very girly, more contradictions, which of course is the definition of girly.

  69. The fabulous Natalia allegedly said:

    Go with the bow! I think it makes it a little more girly! :)

  70. The fabulous Robin allegedly said:

    Hmm… I think I like the no bow version. It just looks so cute on the coffee cozy that way. :)

  71. The fabulous MarilynAnn allegedly said:

    Definitely the bow. It is cute and hilarious. Love the cup cozy.

  72. The fabulous nancyann allegedly said:

    oh my gawd! so totally cute! Congratulations =)
    I vote with bow - with or without the contest lol. BOW FTW! :D

  73. The fabulous Bridgette allegedly said:

    OK Zombie, For the logo I like the bow, but for the cozy I like it without. What about changing up the logo colors to match the cozy?
    PS- I heart fabric…that’s a hint.

  74. The fabulous jenny b harris allegedly said:

    Definitely WITH bow!

  75. The fabulous Skooks allegedly said:

    I was going to vote BOW until I saw the cozy. That is ADORABLE even without the bow. Then again, if it had a bow it would be too. :)

  76. The fabulous Melody allegedly said:

    You gotta have the Bow! It’s totally you!

  77. The fabulous Annette allegedly said:

    Definitely the bow. I love the bow…it’s the perfect special touch.

  78. The fabulous lkaehall allegedly said:


  79. The fabulous Abbe allegedly said:

    It has to be bow. Love it!
    The cup cosy is great too, what a lovely friend.

  80. The fabulous Mary W allegedly said:

    I vote no bow. The coffee cozy is too cute. We all should have them. Where can I sign up?

  81. The fabulous Lemon Tree Tami allegedly said:

    I don’t think it needs the bow. It’s already girlie zombified. The coffee sleeve is to-die-for - soooo very cute!

  82. The fabulous gina allegedly said:

    It’s gotta be the bow!! Love it!

    Oh, and who wouldn’t want to win the giveaway! You’d have to be, well, Put me in the pot!


  83. The fabulous Cathy allegedly said:

    The one with the bow. It is the more curious of the two choices.

  84. The fabulous Anita allegedly said:

    I’m usually not too girly but the bow really works for me. Happy New Year!

  85. The fabulous Rosewitch allegedly said:

    I vote bow.
    Because this year I will make
    quilts with vow pattern.
    Anyway so~ cute
    though I liked the both,
    from Japan

  86. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    Just doin’ ya a solid:
    No bow. I think its too busy with a bow. But I just LOVE it!! You are RAD!
    make that an XOXO!

  87. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    I say the bow stays!

  88. The fabulous Heidi U. allegedly said:

    I vote for no bow. But I think I am out numbered :) Either way it’s so great!

  89. The fabulous Coralene allegedly said:

    There’s no way you’d find some dude-daisy with a cute little button eye, so no bow. It’s super girlie without. Is “girlie” a word? I thought “girly”, but there is a red line under that, whereas there is not beneath the former, but I am still suspicious.

  90. The fabulous Nichole allegedly said:

    With the bow all the way!!!!

  91. The fabulous Miriam allegedly said:

    Definitely with the bow!

    I think the logo looks “undressed” (unfinished?) without the bow.:)

  92. The fabulous kay allegedly said:

    i so heart the bow!!

  93. The fabulous Jan allegedly said:

    I would have said ‘bow’, but I love the felty one without. So, I think either is good, but without is fav!

  94. The fabulous Andrea allegedly said:

    Bow!! But living in a house of boys, I need all the feminity I can get. LOL, that’s why I choose bow.

  95. The fabulous Roseanna allegedly said:

    Oh my, it HAS to have the bow to be
    The Happy Zombie logo!!!

  96. The fabulous Michal allegedly said:

    Love them both - so cute! But I think the bow adds a great touch, so I vot for the bow!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. The fabulous camelama allegedly said:

    Bow! It balances the heavier-looking button side of the logo.

    And it’s CUTE.

  98. The fabulous Claire allegedly said:

    Bow baby! And I love how “Guaranteed to Satisfy” shows perfectly underneath your coffee cozy. Methinks you should swipe the tagline for yourself.

  99. The fabulous Ricki allegedly said:

    Holy canoli, you have a lot of comments! :) So here is my 2 cents. On the graphic, I liked it better with the bow, on the coffee cozy, I like it without the bow. Not entirely sure why. I *think* it’s because the details are daintier and more fine on the cozy, so it’s easier to see what it is.

    I was trying to figure out what P.F. stood for and why you were changing your pants…got it now LOL

  100. The fabulous Caryn allegedly said:

    With the bow. Love the Coffee Cozy.

  101. The fabulous nonlineargirl allegedly said:

    No bow. The flower petals say girly, even without it. I don’t think it adds much.

  102. The fabulous Rachel allegedly said:

    Bow - all the way! Love it with the bow!

  103. The fabulous Neyda allegedly said:

    Go w/ the bow. Its super cute!!

  104. The fabulous mo allegedly said:

    THANK YOU! I was all kinds of crabby when I sat down here to cruise a few blogs before I got back to work and then I read this and, as usual, you have me giggling and smiling! You are funny and charming and I love to read your blog and see what sort of thing you are making hilarious today. I am going to vote for bow, though I had to think long and hard. I like the vibe of the zombie flower being softened with a little accessory. It’s all about good accessories.

  105. The fabulous Priscilla allegedly said:

    Mmmm, I think I prefer it without the bow - still girly with the pink and scallops so no chance of being confused for a boy!

  106. The fabulous Rebecca allegedly said:

    I’m thinking no bow..not sure why, just a gut feeling!

  107. The fabulous Betty @ She's Sew Pretty allegedly said:

    No bow. I like it eggsactly like your sister made it!! Notice I have not used the letter between w and z anywhere in my comment!!

  108. The fabulous Alicia allegedly said:

    Go for the bow!!!!! I love it either way but I like the cockeyed bow!! Too cute.

  109. The fabulous Sue~Bee allegedly said:

    I vote for NO bow. The one on the coffee cup is so cute.

  110. The fabulous Sheri Zaugg allegedly said:

    Definitely the bow. It throws people off. They think “How sweet” and then we can give them a surprise! I will follow you no matter what. Love your blog!

  111. The fabulous Marit allegedly said:

    Both sweet, but the bow one has a more complex character - like a pirate!
    ; )

  112. The fabulous Sabine allegedly said:

    Oh Monica!!
    Although sweet Sarah has done a wonderful job, I would vote FOR bow.
    Schleifen sehen immer schön aus!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße aus dem immer noch verschneiten Bochum!!
    Sabine xx

  113. The fabulous Maria allegedly said:

    Love, love, love the bow!

  114. The fabulous Lissa allegedly said:

    Oh I love the bow Monica.. its cute, just like myself…

    (who’d better not go outside in the wind, with all these tickets on myself *W*)

  115. The fabulous Jeannie allegedly said:

    Yep, keep the bow. It reminds me of Coraline. Love the cup cosy. Cheers.

  116. The fabulous Carmen allegedly said:

    No bow for me. It’s distracting. I love the coffee holder version. SO cute in a I’m dead and coming to get you kinda way :D ;)

  117. The fabulous frauke allegedly said:

    No bow.

  118. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    For me its got to be no bow. The coffee cup holder is so cute - i love it. I shall miss the washer just a little.

  119. The fabulous Penny allegedly said:

    Oh please, let’s be “girls” just a bit longer….I want bows!

  120. The fabulous amandah allegedly said:

    Oh, I say go with the bow. I mean if you’re gonna be eatin’ brains, you might as well look cute while doing it. Besides while the prospective victim is checking out the sassy bow, you get a chance to move a bit closer before you pounce. BTW, I heart Aviary.

  121. The fabulous KathiD allegedly said:

    Oh! Mah! Gah! Now, not only can I never let you visit me, but I can never give you a gift, either.


    I say WITH a bow, because it suits how you are so smart and beautiful.

  122. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    I’d say: go with the bow!!

  123. The fabulous gill allegedly said:

    definitely no bow!
    but i’ll still come and visit no matter what you choose

  124. The fabulous Patty allegedly said:

    I like the bow.

  125. The fabulous Marise allegedly said:

    I vote WITHOUT the bow.
    It makes everything so outballanced and the pink petals are girly enough. The eye is drawn too much to the bow.

    However if you’d get rid of the pink petals, the bow would look absolutely awesome :-)

  126. The fabulous Karen N allegedly said:

    I like the bow version.

  127. The fabulous Sivje Parish allegedly said:

    Bow..definitely with the bow!

  128. The fabulous Katrin allegedly said:

    I vote no bow, it looks too childish with it.

  129. The fabulous ratty allegedly said:

    DEFinitely B-O-W :)

  130. The fabulous Synnoeve allegedly said:

    Love love love the bow!!!

  131. The fabulous Barb allegedly said:

    Go bow! I think it shows true zombie charm!

  132. The fabulous Sylvie allegedly said:

    I like the bow but I prefer the logo without (but don’t ask me why). It will also be easier for you to make! ;)

  133. The fabulous Candace allegedly said:

    I love the coffee cozy, but I also like bows.

  134. The fabulous Martha B allegedly said:

    I vote bow. That’s the cutest zombie I have ever seen!

  135. The fabulous kern allegedly said:

    I’d have to say yes on the bow-too cute!

  136. The fabulous Michele allegedly said:

    Love your new logo! I vote bow. It adds more charm to an already adorable logo.

  137. The fabulous Jana allegedly said:

    I love the bow. It’s just so feminine.

  138. The fabulous Beth allegedly said:

    I like the bow, but I vote no — it;s so cute as is!!!

  139. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    LOVE the bow - very cute!

  140. The fabulous LauraJ allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness look at all the entrants! I don’t stand a chance. Oh well I like the bow. She could be Hello Kitty’s creepy cousin. :)

  141. The fabulous Lindsay allegedly said:

    Love the bow. With the placement, you could even change her up a bit for the holidays or special events by swapping out the bow for other things. A birthday hat, a party hat, a pony tail… fun.

  142. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    The one with the bow kind of freaks me out a little like Jack Nicholson did in The Shining… “Heeeerrreee’s Johnny”. Nope can’t do the bow.

  143. The fabulous Sally Keathley allegedly said:

    I vote bow, it’s just so you!

  144. The fabulous Tania @ Larger Family Life allegedly said:

    Bow definitely because it shows you are all woman!

    I don’t think I can enter as I’m in the UK :-(

  145. The fabulous kimmer allegedly said:

    I prefer the logo WITHOUT the bow. The bow is a little overpowering to my eye, and I think the flower petals “femme” it up enough. LOVE the design! Yay you!

  146. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    Well then, I guess people are crazy for free fabric?

    I vote bow. Much better than the washing machine.

  147. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    P.S. Maybe you should have used one of those fancy voting widgets? Who wants to be the one to tally all these votes? LOL

  148. The fabulous Nancy E allegedly said:

    I vote for a box.

  149. The fabulous Anne allegedly said:

    Did I read “free fabric” - wow - I vote for the bow.

  150. The fabulous Melissa allegedly said:

    I prefer the cleaner look of the no bow. The bow causes a distraction from the design for me.

  151. The fabulous Barb allegedly said:

    Definitely the bow…. and what a great gift. Love the coffee cozy

  152. The fabulous so we added chickens allegedly said:

    I’d go bow, especially in graphic form - but in felt you can get away with either one…you could have a little family of felt coffee cuff avatars

  153. The fabulous Marisa allegedly said:

    love the bow for sure!

  154. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:

    I love the bow but vote NO BOW. You’ve got a winner either way. Cute!

  155. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    That’s too cute woman! (Personally, I think you should give it a little gleam in it’s eye that when you zoom in shows a reflection of our hubby!) Anyhoo…I’m going against the huge majority here — no bow. ;-)

  156. The fabulous Lynn allegedly said:

    With the bow - looks a little fierce without it.

  157. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Hmmmm I think no bow. Its cute enough without and edges to overdown in my mind with the bow…just saying….X (but thanks anyway)

  158. The fabulous Indie House allegedly said:

    I like it best without the bow, although to be honest in digital form they both kind of creep me out. In felt though it’s really cute. Go figure…

  159. The fabulous Elayne allegedly said:

    really like it with the bow, but love Sarah’s rendition on the coffee cozy. Makes me want a logo so I can put it on a coffee cozy.

  160. The fabulous Lisa allegedly said:

    I vote for the bow! Very cute.

  161. The fabulous Melissa C allegedly said:

    I like the bow. The drink wrap is really cool.

  162. The fabulous Betsy allegedly said:


  163. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    Bow! And, yep, I almost peed when I saw that cup holder. It was like, sympathetic pee. :) hahahaha

  164. The fabulous Natalie VV allegedly said:

    I gotta mull this over. I didn’t know I would need my brain this early in the morning. I just read “bribery” and dove right in. No shame.

  165. The fabulous KQuiltyBee allegedly said:

    I’d go for the bow–it’s just the right amount of girlie. This is coming from a very non-girlie girl.

  166. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    i vote for the bow. you’re completely correct in the description - girly with a kick-your-ass sort of feel.

    i do love your aqua washer though. do they make appliance paint in aqua? it would bright up my dreary garage…

  167. The fabulous Janet allegedly said:


  168. The fabulous Brenda Kula allegedly said:

    It’s so hard to decide once she made that cute coffee cozy. Now if she’d made one with the bow and then the one without, it would be easier. Cause that coffee cozy is just too stinkin’ cute for words! That’s one sweet friend you’ve got.

  169. The fabulous Christie Wilhtie allegedly said:

    I’m gonna have to go bow–cute and cuddly until…

    C :)

  170. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    I love no bow on the cozy but you definitely are the bow….not on you, but your logo….sure says Happy to me!!

  171. The fabulous Andy allegedly said:

    I was torn at first, but now I think I really like the bow version better!

  172. The fabulous Marlena allegedly said:

    I vote no bow although you can’t go wrong either way as both are awesome.

  173. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    I vote no bow. It’s too much.

  174. The fabulous Lisa D. allegedly said:

    Adorable logo. I like it without the bow.

  175. The fabulous michelle C. allegedly said:

    I was leaning towards the bow until I saw the coffee cozy. I Love it, so I vote no bow. its so simple yet zombie cool!

  176. The fabulous Nichole allegedly said:

    Bow - I think it really adds to the “I’m cute, but I’ll kick your butt” look.

  177. The fabulous Rose allegedly said:

    like it with the bow. Love the coffee cozy!

  178. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    Bow equals Zombie-cuteness but, of course, you can’t go wrong with either!

  179. The fabulous Mego allegedly said:

    Oh DEFINITELY the bow! It does shout ‘I’m cute but I’ll kick your butt’ as the previous commenter said. LOVE IT!

  180. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Difinitely WITH a bow. And, of course, I want to win!

  181. The fabulous amy ( sew~amy) allegedly said:

    I say no bow. I just love flowers and I think the bow takes away from the cute flower.

  182. The fabulous Jenn allegedly said:

    I vote for “no bow”. The coffee sleeve really brought it to life, and I think a bow on it would have seemed like too much. Anyhoo, love your blog; I just discovered it yesterday.

  183. The fabulous Jennifer Tirres allegedly said:

    NO Bow…. Too busy if you add the bow

  184. The fabulous AnnieO allegedly said:

    Ummm, without! The cozy definitely is death-inducing cuteness, love it just as it is.

  185. The fabulous K. Anne allegedly said:

    I didn’t know which one I preferred more until I saw the coffee cozy your friend made. Definitely no bow. It’s way cute for crafting, etc. The one with the bow seems a little off balance to me because the flower petals are missing behind it. But, yeah, that’s just my personal preference. :)

  186. The fabulous Stacie allegedly said:

    I vote for the bow!

  187. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    I vote no bow!

  188. The fabulous julia allegedly said:

    hi monika,
    OMG! The logo is just tooo cute! Wanna have one, too ;o) - no, really, this is so happy zombie, so you!
    my first thought was, that i liked “with bow” best BUT now, after a second, third and fourth thought i definitely vote for “WITHOUT BOW”! {maybe the bow is just a tadd too much}.
    hugs and a HAPPY NEW zombie YEAR,

  189. The fabulous Mel allegedly said:

    Love the bow!

  190. The fabulous Jenna Z allegedly said:

    Oooh, no bow. I think the bow is too much with all the stitching and scallops. It looks great sans bow!

  191. The fabulous Pamela P allegedly said:

    OMG! Totally needs a bow! No question about it :) Ever. Whenever someone asks me, I answer with a resounding “Duh! Of course it need a bow!!!” Why wouldn’t you want a bow????? How about two bows :)

  192. The fabulous Bonnie allegedly said:

    Love the stitched lips — isn’t that part of the “Zombie” lore. Stitch their mouth shut? (Please don’t stitch your fingers shut — we’d all be doomed!!!)
    Bow — with accompanying stitches — so regally you!!!

  193. The fabulous jenni allegedly said:

    I had the same initial thought that joyce did.
    I think the bow looks a bit too much like Hello Kitty.
    I vote no bow.

  194. The fabulous Lori allegedly said:

    Totally love the bow….too too funny! Your sisters stitchin’ is fab–lucky you!

  195. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    With the bow - definitely! Love your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  196. The fabulous Jacinta allegedly said:

    Definitely the bow! sooo cute, love it!

  197. The fabulous Cherri allegedly said:

    why a bow of course! cuz in real life..it can be a real ribbon or better yet a length of selvage tied in a bow. a bit more ohhhh la la especially with a really cute button……btw i looove the zombie teeth

  198. The fabulous jaybird allegedly said:

    bow all the way!

  199. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    I think no bow. Very cute!

  200. The fabulous carrie allegedly said:

    definitely go with the bow!

  201. The fabulous Stacey D allegedly said:

    Yep, gotta go with the bow - !

  202. The fabulous Sherri allegedly said:

    Holy cow…200 comments already! Bow…definitely bow!!!

  203. The fabulous Ronda C. allegedly said:

    I always wondered about the washing machine. Anyway, when given the choice between bow or no bow I will most always go with bow. Or what about a tierra then you could be zombie queen.

  204. The fabulous Solidia allegedly said:

    I like the bow! Too cute!!!

  205. The fabulous lizzie allegedly said:

    Oh please add a bow, too scary without!!

  206. The fabulous louise allegedly said:

    i bow to the bow sp!!! btw its sooooooooo cute!

  207. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Go with the bow! I love the bow. I will miss the aqua washer, but I love the new design.

    XXX - I don’t need any fabric!

  208. The fabulous Stacys allegedly said:


  209. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    What up B? Oh both of the logos are so awesome. It’s going to be tough to decide. I say go with some sunglasses-glasses… Mmmmhmmmmm. So I’m basically no help, but so happy you love your cozy! There’s love for my sista in every stitch. x


  210. The fabulous Cassie allegedly said:

    I love it with the bow. Love your blog too! Thanks.

  211. The fabulous EvaMarie allegedly said:

    Love the bow!

  212. The fabulous Valerie in CS allegedly said:

    Without the bow — the face gets lost. Super cute, by the way!

  213. The fabulous Maribeth allegedly said:

    skip the bow-you can always accessorize for holidays and special occasions!

  214. The fabulous Mary on Lake Pulaski allegedly said:

    You are always wearing a bow when I see you!!

  215. The fabulous Rene' allegedly said:

    Hmmm…I see your dilemma. Both are cute…plus I love the aqua washing machine…gonna miss it. But since you have to pick one, I vote: with the bow.

  216. The fabulous AnnieOC allegedly said:

    I think I like the one with the bow and would totally pay for a pattern for that coffee sleeve, adorable!

  217. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    First off, I think they both look cute in a Happy Zombie sorta way. I like the one with the bow BUT not as much as the WITHOUT the bow. I love the coffee cozie, it’s cute and maybe that’s why I like the one with out the bow.

    Good luck in deciding!

  218. The fabulous Kersten allegedly said:

    I would typically say no bow, but I love the idea of the dainty nightmarish-monster who looks so sweetly sinister. Keep the bow!

  219. The fabulous Kristen allegedly said:

    Bow! It kinda reminds me of the lost toys in Toy Story. Evil looking but so sweet. Love it!

  220. The fabulous janie allegedly said:

    NO BOW !

  221. The fabulous Evelyn allegedly said:

    I vote for the bow. And I love the cup cozy Sarah made. So cute!!

  222. The fabulous Sue allegedly said:

    I vote : without the bow! That cup cozy is just too cute!

  223. The fabulous Peggy allegedly said:

    The bow is a little scary. The Zombie ate Strawberry Shortcake. No Bow.

  224. The fabulous Nicole Gendy allegedly said:

    I like the one without a bow better.

  225. The fabulous Cyndi allegedly said:

    I vote “no bow” - a much more menacing zombie to be sure! Plus I just love the way it looks on your beautiful coffee cozy. After all, you do have to think about all the kick-backs from merchandising and such - being a blogging celeb and all. :)

  226. The fabulous Chris allegedly said:

    I vote for the bow…..it completes the design which is very creative and cute. Love the coffee cozy.

  227. The fabulous Laura allegedly said:

    NO BOW! The petals/rick rack around the edge give it just enough cute. :)

  228. The fabulous Staci allegedly said:

    My vote is WITH the bow. I think it adds a cute little touch to the sweet yet vicious looking zombie flower. :)

  229. The fabulous Jen in NY allegedly said:

    Oh for the love of pete! Those are so darned cute. First I was gonna say “bow,” but then I saw Sarah’s cute little non-bow cozy, and I like that too. Actually I think I like it without best. But I love it with the bow as well. So just count me out of the contest. x LOL x

  230. The fabulous Liz allegedly said:

    Own your grrrrl power - BOW!!

  231. The fabulous Pattie C allegedly said:

    You have to go with the bow. It says I’m a badass, but I’m still cute, love it.

  232. The fabulous Sandie allegedly said:

    Bow - absotively posilutely use the bow!

  233. The fabulous Lori Faeber allegedly said:

    I love the one without the bow! It is adorable either way, but love the coffee cozy your sis made you. so cute!!!

  234. The fabulous Marsha allegedly said:

    Before seeing the coffee cozy I would’ve said yes to the bow. I think the bow is overkill. Much better without.

  235. The fabulous Reba allegedly said:

    No bow….while both are darling (especially the coffee cozy!) I prefer the one sans bow. ;)

  236. The fabulous Amber allegedly said:

    I say bow! I’m a girlie girl though.

  237. The fabulous Polly allegedly said:

    I vote bow! Bow rocks!

  238. The fabulous Nicole allegedly said:

    NO BOW!!! just like the cozy - which is friggin awesome!

  239. The fabulous Ann allegedly said:

    No bow - I LOVE the coffe sleeve - so fun!!

  240. The fabulous kara allegedly said:

    no bow-it looks like a set of horns. very cute!

  241. The fabulous anina allegedly said:

    Definitely add the bow. It adds a bit of girly-ness and we all need a little of that in our lives.
    Oh, and…
    … x x x x x x x

  242. The fabulous Jolie allegedly said:

    Insanely gorgeous as that coffee cup mockup is (your sister rocks!), I vote bow!

  243. The fabulous Kathy Lehman allegedly said:

    It is special without the bow!!! It is a happy face - brings happiness…

    On so-so days you could always have a so-so mouth… and on Supet Great Days - you can have a smile a mile long…

    I love you blog pages…do you ever get to Algonquin, Illinois???

  244. The fabulous Mona allegedly said:

    Love it! Most def with a bow! And Happy New Year!

  245. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    I love how your friend made you the coffee cup cozie- the petals are larger, giving that girly touch without it being overly so. I think it’s awesome like that, especially since you gave you that “OMG I P.F. Chang’d my pants” died sort of feeling. Go with your gut ;)

  246. The fabulous Joy allegedly said:

    Oh my gosh the cup cozy is so cute.. but I think it would be even cuter with a bow.

  247. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    I vote for the one without the bow. I think it looks feminine enough without it.

  248. The fabulous Esther allegedly said:

    Oh…totally the bow! And that coffee cup cozie is absolutely awesome. I so need to make one of those. Thanks for the giveaway!

  249. The fabulous Leslie allegedly said:

    I’m not a fan of the bow. It’s a bit to cutesy for someone that I imagine is too cool and a fan of the “edgy”. I’ve loved reading your blog and get a real kick out of it…not too old lady quilterish if you get my drift. Thanks for all the inspiration and Happy New Year!

  250. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    At first I thought “I love the the bow”, but then upon looking at the coffee band without a bow, I said, “I love it more!”

  251. The fabulous Emily allegedly said:

    without the bow is better, just like your coffee cozy!

  252. The fabulous Mary Ellen allegedly said:

    the bow really makes it a Happy Zombie! It’s YOU!

  253. The fabulous Gail allegedly said:

    I vote bow! Happy New Year!

  254. The fabulous Diane allegedly said:

    I love the bow and I want some Dutch Broth coffee!!!

  255. The fabulous Julie allegedly said:

    Definitely with the bow!

  256. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    Oh, my gosh- you crack me up! I just love your new logo. Count me amongst the bow lovers.
    The coffee cup cozy is way cute!

  257. The fabulous Rhonda allegedly said:

    I vote for no bow. I couldn’t decide, but the coffee cozy cinched it.

  258. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:


  259. The fabulous Sweet Cottage Dreams allegedly said:

    hrmph…..gadzooks! i just cannot decide. **scratching my chin….**furrowing my brow….
    ,……..ok….no bow. BBBBBUT! You could always make a game up with who can find the bow? anywho….love the fabrics! i’d be a happy gal to win some of your stash!

    have a sweet day!
    becky in california

  260. The fabulous Robin allegedly said:

    while I didn’t think the washer said you heart laundry I do like the new logo. The bow definately says you.

  261. The fabulous kitty allegedly said:

    I personally prefer the no bow look & I am a girly-girl!! The bow just seems to take something away from the cute design.

  262. The fabulous Arabella allegedly said:

    I like the one with the bow!


  263. The fabulous Laurel allegedly said:

    I like the bow. Girlie yes but I want you to be gentle while you eat my brains, blanket stitch me etc… I love the new logo, your friend is awesome BUT I will miss the washer. I loved that washer!

  264. The fabulous Karen a/k/a TheLazyQuilter allegedly said:

    WITH the bow! :)

  265. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    I am an advocate of aqua! The logo needs that extra touch… so I vote for the bow!

  266. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    I’d go for the one with the bow. Cute logo!

  267. The fabulous dee allegedly said:

    No bow. It’s just too Hello Kitty with it!

  268. The fabulous Ninette allegedly said:

    I think both designs are great, but I like the one with the bow best.

  269. The fabulous Mary Durham allegedly said:

    I think the bow sets it off just right. Cute cupholder!

  270. The fabulous Brandy allegedly said:

    Love the bow!! Cute without it too, though. I’m such a help. :)

  271. The fabulous Lynette Anderson allegedly said:

    XXXXXX I LOVE THE BOW XXXX Maybe it needs to be at a more jaunty angle??

  272. The fabulous Lori allegedly said:

    I LOVE the bow :D fantastically funky

  273. The fabulous Rachel allegedly said:

    I liked the bow until I saw the cupholder and now I LOVE no bow. I agree with the commenter who says the bow is like Hello Kitty. NO BOW!

  274. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    Both are superwonderful. I’m partial to the bow!

  275. The fabulous KristyZ allegedly said:

    I say NO bow, sometimes less is more. Plus her cute smile makes her look sweet even though her right eye has been gauged out by your Gingher scissors.

  276. The fabulous Lindsey allegedly said:

    The logo is adorable! I think you’re right about the bow - it adds a little bit of girly-ness. So I vote for the bow to stay.

  277. The fabulous Sandi allegedly said:

    I definitely vote for the BOW! It adds just the right touch. That cup holder from your friend is perfect for you! Very nice of you to bribe us……….so, I’m partial to Turnovers so should I be so lucky as to be a winner you could “turn over” that little pack of them to me. LOL! I can guarantee I would be most thankful to win. :-)

  278. The fabulous kimberlee allegedly said:

    I’m likin’ the bow.
    And who in their right minds wouldn’t want a chance to win fabric?! just sayin’

  279. The fabulous Pins on the floor gal allegedly said:

    I favor the bow. It’s the third friendly design element, along with the flower petals and the smile.

  280. The fabulous Carmen allegedly said:

    I like the bow. It makes her look like one spunky gal!

  281. The fabulous Megan M. allegedly said:

    I like the bow. Makes it look ‘happier’

  282. The fabulous Kathy allegedly said:

    Geez, I don’t want to want to be the only one and cause a riot, and possibly looting, but I prefer No Bow. It’s a cleaner look (a cleaner zombie??), and I like how it came together without the bow on the coffee cozy…

  283. The fabulous Kileen allegedly said:

    Before I saw the cozy I thought you needed the bow, but I think it is perfect the way it is on the cozy! So I vote no bow. : )

  284. The fabulous Lori Holt allegedly said:

    Hi Monica…I’m so glad I came to see you!
    First of all…I heart the bow. I think it’s the perfect touch and also says “girlpower”.
    What a fun way to have a little contest.
    And I adore the photos in this post:) I think the coffee cozy that your friend made you is adorable….and the stove with a little red handled sauce pan…well, you just know I love that!
    Happy everything,

  285. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    I say go with the girlie bow. Jackie

  286. The fabulous tara allegedly said:

    Oooohhh so cute.
    Can I complicate things?

    I like the one with the bow but I think it might look nice with the darker pink that you used for the petals in the non bow design . . . or I’m just full of baloney!

  287. The fabulous Kimara allegedly said:

    You don’t need no stinkin’ bow! Now I ask ya, if you’re having your brains sucked out by a happy zombie, do you really think you’re gonna care if she has a bow in her hair? I think not! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new avatar and thanks for the chance to win!

  288. The fabulous annie allegedly said:

    I was going to say bow, but when I saw the cozy, I changed my mind.

    NO BOW is just darling

  289. The fabulous melissa allegedly said:

    I say no bow. The bow is just a little too something.

  290. The fabulous Shelley MacGregor allegedly said:

    no bow! use the bow for “happy zombie baby” The bow is so cute, it verges on cutesie. So, yes, use it for hz junior!

  291. The fabulous Amber allegedly said:

    They are both fun, I’d choose the one WITH the BOW :)

  292. The fabulous tara allegedly said:

    no bow is my choice

  293. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    I love the bow!

  294. The fabulous Karen Snyder allegedly said:

    Oh, yo, go for the bow. X

  295. The fabulous Jeanne allegedly said:

    I love the one without the bow! Very cute. I think the very straight lines of the bow are a little distracting from the whole design.

  296. The fabulous REBECCA L PRIDGEN allegedly said:

    I vote for the bow! I am a zombie gal too and I like the “girlie enough to stitch you back up” idea!

  297. The fabulous rosemary allegedly said:

    i vote for the BOW :)

  298. The fabulous Janieg allegedly said:

    No bow, please. Cute without something extra.

  299. The fabulous Cheri allegedly said:

    Like the one without the bow.

  300. The fabulous tinka allegedly said:


  301. The fabulous Luba (aka Slowpoke) allegedly said:

    I like the “girlie, I can stitch you up ..” bit too, but without the bow.
    You don’t need a bow to be girlie.IMHO.

  302. The fabulous twelve30 allegedly said:


  303. The fabulous The Library Lady allegedly said:

    I like them both but for some weird-o reason when I first looked at the bowless one I thought it looked a little sinister…I don’t know…like she might just beat you up…SMILING ALL THE WHILE. So, I vote bow.

    The Library Lady (Coast Guard Mom)

  304. The fabulous Charla allegedly said:

    I vote “yes” on the bow!

  305. The fabulous ursula allegedly said:

    I vote for the bow. Nothing wrong with being girlie.

  306. The fabulous Shanley allegedly said:

    With the bow!

  307. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    I love the bow!

  308. The fabulous GeeGee allegedly said:

    I vote no bow…The cup cozy is adorable.

  309. The fabulous Jeanne allegedly said:

    Definitely no bow. It looks perfect without. (but I think I’m in the minority)

  310. The fabulous dorothy allegedly said:

    definitely bow. then it’ll be hello kitty-ish if hello kitty was a zombie :-)

  311. The fabulous Pixie's Belle allegedly said:

    Absolutely without the bow! I think the bow takes something away from the pretty simplicity of the whole design.

  312. The fabulous Kitty allegedly said:

    Bow - yes!!!

  313. The fabulous Court V. allegedly said:

    Well first I thought definitely go with the bow. But then I saw the coffee cozy and thought that is kick ass! So I say NO BOW!

  314. The fabulous Alicia Goldman allegedly said:


  315. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    I love it with and without the bow! However, the adorable “sleeve” would be just too busy with a bow!

    Pick me, pick me! LOL

    Hugs, Karen

  316. The fabulous Becky P allegedly said:

    BOW! It completes the elements of contrast within the design… i love it! i would love to win the swanky turnover pack as i have one and would love another to complete a quilt top. Thanks for sharing your life and fabulous ideas with us blog followers!

  317. The fabulous mandy allegedly said:

    I vote bow. And OMG it’s so cute!

  318. The fabulous Amber allegedly said:

    They’re both adorable!! But after much staring at them both, I’d go with the bow. To me it softens it up just enough without becoming too girlie :)

  319. The fabulous mombomania allegedly said:

    Dump the washer x you gotta’ got with the bow - it’s SCREAMS a happy zombie.

  320. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    I think I like the bow.

  321. The fabulous amandajean allegedly said:

    i LOVE the bow.

  322. The fabulous Jen allegedly said:

    No bow, definitely no bow. It throws off the balance or something…

  323. The fabulous Jean allegedly said:

    Monica: A girl needs her bow!

  324. The fabulous Stacey Lynn allegedly said:

    I really like the bow!

  325. The fabulous tina allegedly said:

    b.b.b.b.b.b.bow baby!

    LOVE the new logo, it rocks!

  326. The fabulous Phyllis R. allegedly said:

    With the bow! Very cute!

  327. The fabulous Lynn Jones allegedly said:

    Go with the bow, I like it!

  328. The fabulous Quiltchick1 allegedly said:

    the bow has it! very cute!

  329. The fabulous Sarah M allegedly said:

    Without the bow, BUT - save that bow for really special occasions.

  330. The fabulous Anna Ryan allegedly said:

    I love the on with the bow. More striking.

  331. The fabulous Monica allegedly said:

    I think the colors make it girly enough….no bow!

  332. The fabulous threeundertwo allegedly said:

    With the bow. And that coffee sleeve is fabulous! What a great friend!

  333. The fabulous Carolyn Parker allegedly said:

    bow baby, bow

  334. The fabulous aztel2000 allegedly said:

    Oh! I love your little washer so I was ready to hate the new logo with or without a bow but seeing it made up into the coffee cozy changes everything. I was leaning toward the bow but I think I prefer it without one as long as it has the blanket stitch edging–that is the icing on the zombie. Karen in Breezy Point

  335. The fabulous Cherry allegedly said:

    I like the bow - maybe even some cherries somewhere!

  336. The fabulous Cathy allegedly said:

    Definitely with the bow.

  337. The fabulous Denise allegedly said:

    Bow! Definitely the bow! X

  338. The fabulous Brenda C allegedly said:

    They are both cute, but I do admit I like it without the bow. It would also give you the option to add a “seasonal” graphic element to it, from time to time, such as a Santa hat or an easter bonnet - just down the road! Nothing too busy, mind you! You’d want to keep it simple! Great blog too, by the way!

  339. The fabulous Deb allegedly said:

    Definitely with the bow! I like gentleness in zombies, it’s adorable.

  340. The fabulous rebecca allegedly said:

    Not so sure I’m that fond of either. To vote to win a prize I say no bow!!

    Very cool blog!!

  341. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    When I see it made up on the coffee cozy I definitely like it without the bow. How Cute!! and I love the colors.

  342. The fabulous susan allegedly said:

    The bow rocks. LOVE the coffee cozzeee.

  343. The fabulous Sharrieboberry allegedly said:

    I like the bow! And the shorter mouth on the coffee cozy.

    I think the bow says “I’m a girl but I can still knock your teeth out–if needed.”

  344. The fabulous jamie allegedly said:

    this may have already been said (i am NOT looking through almost 400 comments to find out), but here’s what i think: use the bow, but center it on your zombie girl’s head WHILE layering it BEHIND the head and scallop things. does that make sense? so you see the bow peeping out from behind without obstructing one’s view of the charming zombie. yep. try it out just to look - i think it would be swell.

  345. The fabulous Tania allegedly said:

    Now see I liked the bow until I saw how great it looked on the coffee cup cover and well, that one doesn’t have the bow. I guess I will have to say no bow!

  346. The fabulous Janis allegedly said:

    Okay, looks like I’m part of the minority but I say NO bow.

    And heck yeah I wanna be in the contest. ~LOL~

  347. The fabulous Dianne allegedly said:

    i vote for the bow.— looks great

  348. The fabulous Vickie allegedly said:

    definitely, the bow.

  349. The fabulous Teri M allegedly said:

    I just found your blog today. Wonderful find! I am new to quilting and need all the help I can find!

    I vote no bow.


  350. The fabulous Robyn @ Coffee and Cotton allegedly said:

    Heh! I vote bow BUT… make it a little more cockeyed…it’ll look more snarky that way…and everyone needs some snark!

  351. The fabulous cathy payne allegedly said:

    at first I thought definately a bow; but after seeing the coffee cozy I think no bow is better…less is more. Nurse payne

  352. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Monica, I like the bow. But I like the other one, too, AND I still like the washer, so be sure to keep it for some kind of button. Personally, I like doing laundry, I just hate putting it away. I like the machine to run so that I feel like I’m doing something lol. I also like that little chef stove your friends cup is on! Karen

  353. The fabulous mARY lOU wEIDMAN allegedly said:

    Sell those coffee sleeves and put me at the top of the list-that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! EVER
    -keep up the great and fun work!

  354. The fabulous karen allegedly said:

    No bow please!!

  355. The fabulous KarrieLyne allegedly said:

    I just recently found your blog and I am loving it and that coffee cozie is just adorable. As far as your design, if you’re still looking for input, I’d say no bow. :)

    And I must ask, what does the P.F. stand for in this “OMG I P.F. Chang’d my pants”? :D

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