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How do you say “Trick or Treat” in Russian?

October 30th, 2009

My inspiration stares me in the face each and every day.   As does my mysteriously constant desire for 2/99¢ Jack in the Box tacos.
H'ween '09

Inspiration on the design wall… so close it could bite me.
H'ween '09

A quick trip to Joann’s… some budget “felt”, some floss, a coupon and a twenty… I smell a Halloween costume.
H'ween '09

No plan, no pattern.  I just held my breath, cut, and then prayed.  I used SIX strands of floss. That called for a really big needle, and some very sore fingers.
Top Secret: working on my H'ween costume for trick-treat in blogland tomorrow.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Москва.
H'ween '09

And now I crave 2/99¢ Jack in the Box tacos with beets and cabbage. Tah dah… I’m Matryoshka in the Box!
H'ween '09
Dang I’m hungry.  No candy for me… tacos please!

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99 Responses

  1. The fabulous Marsha allegedly said:

    That is a GREAT costume!


    P.S. - Please come over to enter our 2nd Annual Halloween Contest/Giveaway - better hurry!

  2. The fabulous LauraJ allegedly said:

    omg! thank you for the wonderful smile today! Your costume is so fab!

  3. The fabulous Lisa K. allegedly said:

    That is way too cute!! I much prefer ‘non-scary’ costumes like yours. Very clever!

  4. The fabulous Jona allegedly said:

    Shoot! You’re such a genius!!! If there’s a blog costume contest (and there should be!), you are the winner!

  5. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    Oh. my. heck! You are so danged adorable. And now I want those tacos, too. I’m hooked on them.

  6. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    Very funny!! That is a keeper! I’ll have a taco or two in your honor…when I find the J/B!!

  7. The fabulous bari allegedly said:

    omg. Tooooooo adorable! Love it!

  8. The fabulous jenny b harris allegedly said:

    It’s a Moni-tryosh-ca!

    …so are there smaller and smaller ones inside there?

  9. The fabulous Anita allegedly said:

    I love it, so original! I’m with you on the tacos! Darn, how many weight watchers points are they? Probably too many!

  10. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    That is awesome!! So funny!

  11. The fabulous Priscilla allegedly said:

    oh, that is wonderful and I would never have guessed that was what your costume would be!

  12. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Babushka Monica! That costume is beyond adorable. I love the scallops and the design, and I can’t believe you just whipped that up without a pattern. It might be challenging to wear to a party, unless you can just face plant into the platters of food.

  13. The fabulous Sherri allegedly said:

    Okay…you win…hands down! I LOVE it!!!

  14. The fabulous Michele allegedly said:

    How adorable! You are so creative! Not to mentioned talented! Tacos all around!

  15. The fabulous DianeY allegedly said:

    Too absolutely cute!!! Definitely worth the sore fingers!

  16. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    OH. MY. GOSH. Seriously, best costume ever.

  17. The fabulous Chris@catsonmyquilts allegedly said:

    Fabulous but you have way too much time on your hands!

  18. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    Loooooovee it!! Best costume I have seen yet!! You are too cute.

  19. The fabulous Piecefully, Pam allegedly said:

    Such a perfect costume!!! It’s adorable!

  20. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    oooo, mmmyyyy, gggooossshhhh! Monica, you are so stinkin’ adorable. I LOVE YOU! That costume ROCKS!!!!! I wish I could go trick or taco’ing with you!

  21. The fabulous Autum allegedly said:

    Oh my! You are just too flippin cute!!! Not to mention that you are crazy creative and talented beyond belief! Happy Halloween Matryoshka Monica. I hope you get lots and lots of tacos. Beets and cabbage?

  22. The fabulous Carolyn Parker allegedly said:

    причудливый! That’s Russian for fantastic! It’s fun to see your computer Monica, and the little Russian doll on your wall–I think that’s where you really got your inspiration from.

  23. The fabulous Jodi allegedly said:

    You totally crack me up! ADORABLE !!!

  24. The fabulous Candace allegedly said:

    Who needs a huge virtual Hershey Bar when you have Monica - Taki Wadni!!!
    Dos vedaynya!

  25. The fabulous Bren allegedly said:

    1. Adorable.
    2. Really, REALLY ADORABLE!!
    3. Oh my. . . I love Jack in the Box tacos too!!! I would never touch the hambergers when I was a kid. . . just give me the tacos!
    4. Now I’m wondering how close the nearest Jack’s is. . . !

    xo, Bren

  26. The fabulous Bren allegedly said:

    5 . . . or the hamburgers . . either. . . (sigh)

  27. The fabulous kersten allegedly said:

    hahaha! It’s awesome! I love it.

  28. The fabulous Amber allegedly said:

    That is an adorable costume :) I love it :) Oh and thanks for making me crave Jack’s tacos and sour dough Jack’s when I’m across the continent and not a Jack in the Box in sight :( LOL

    Happy Halloween!!

  29. The fabulous christine allegedly said:

    What a cute and imaginative costume. I love it!

  30. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    holy guacamole that is hilarious and so creative!

  31. The fabulous Jamie allegedly said:

    OMG, that is fantastic!

  32. The fabulous Sivje Parish allegedly said:

    Ok, Monica, you are ADORABLE!!!

    But….and maybe you have this worked out already, but where are your hands? How are you going to eat the tacos, let alone drive to get them? Does the costume just fit over your head, or are you totally enveloped in the doll?

    But either way, you are so cute!!! Have a great Halloween. I did not make a costume for myself, just two “Alice” costumes for my girls.

  33. The fabulous Karen Notley allegedly said:

    Fantastic costume!!!!!I made two poochie bags on Thursday for presents (birthday this Saturday & one for a Christmas present) and the fabrics were all from my stash. So happy about that. I strongly resisted the urge to go shopping. Will add them to the Flickr when I master the downloading on the new camera.

  34. The fabulous Kristin L allegedly said:

    Our guesses were off by about a thousand kilometers! I never knew matryoskas wore slippahs though. ;-)

  35. The fabulous Marium allegedly said:

    This is great! I love the nesting dolls, and I also love Halloween!!

    I made a similar Pea Pod costume (only similar in that I cut out a hole for my head from a piece of cardboard covered in fabric ;D) this year!

  36. The fabulous Kathi D allegedly said:

    YOU ARE A GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And now I’m craving Jack tacos. They are curiously awesome, aren’t they?

  37. The fabulous Jen in NY allegedly said:

    Look at you! I love it! And you even embroidered the pieces on…such detail! We don’t have Jack-in-the-Box…is that better than Taco Bell?

  38. The fabulous Mary Ann/Ca allegedly said:

    I’m speechless, its so cute but so funny! You rock Monica….and I still have studio envy big time!

  39. The fabulous Kathleen G. allegedly said:

    I had a feeling this is where you were going, but I never imagined it would be soooo cute! Happy Halloween.

  40. The fabulous mo allegedly said:

    You rock!!! That is the best costume! Plus you can bundle up underneath it and still be warm for trick or treating. If you came to my house looking like that I would give you all our candy!!

  41. The fabulous kern allegedly said:

    You are absolutely brilliant.

  42. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    I can see based on everyone’s comments that I need to rethink my dislike of JITB tacos. Not like I need to start liking something that clearly is not my friend. I would get stuck in my costume and not be able to get out. Especially with no arms. xo

  43. The fabulous Mary Anne Drury allegedly said:

    Monica in a Babushka !!! my Baba would be proud !!! It’s PERFECT !!! Happy Halloween!!

  44. The fabulous Ricki allegedly said:

    How awesome are you?! AHHHH SOHMMMM!

    I’ve never had Jack in the Box tacos. Will be putting that on my list of “things to try when I get out more” :)

  45. The fabulous Amy - parkcitygirl allegedly said:

    You are adorable!! Have fun - well not too much :)

  46. The fabulous Stasia allegedly said:

    That is FANTASTIC! Amazing! LOVE IT!

  47. The fabulous Leah allegedly said:

    Hah! I love it. You go girl!!

  48. The fabulous Betty @ She's Sew Pretty allegedly said:

    You are my hero Monica!!

  49. The fabulous Richele Drummond allegedly said:

    Monica, Monica, Monica you my dear, are so creative. Thank you for the inspiration! Your costume is just so adorable!! Your biggest fan. Peace and Love, Richele

  50. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    OMG This is so adorable! Only you could think of this clever idea!!! lol

    Now I’m hungry for tacos!

  51. The fabulous Karen Snyder allegedly said:


    Okay, this is to be read with a Billy Crystal as Ricardo Montalban accent….

    You look maaaarvelous. Absolutely maaarvelous!

  52. The fabulous Simone allegedly said:

    Jack in the box Taco’s - no idea what you are talking about. Guess we don’t have them here *LOL*
    Your costume is perfect. I can’t believe you just did this out of your ‘free mind’. You are soooooo talented! Happy Halloween (we don’t celebrate that here in Holland).

  53. The fabulous Kasi allegedly said:

    TOO STINKIN’ CUTE! But how are you going to eat those tacos now?

  54. The fabulous CitricSugar allegedly said:

    выходка или обслуживание : vykhodka ili obsluzhivaniye : Trick or Treat! ;-)

    Love the costume - I lived in St. Petersburg for six months and loved it. I feel a little “homesick” now…

  55. The fabulous steph allegedly said:

    I love it ! You did a great job !

  56. The fabulous Pati allegedly said:

    I woke up, got coffee, checked mail and blogs, found you and there went the coffee…Girl, you’re killing me with your humor not to mention the cost to repair keyboard. You win the contest…and the prize is 3 tacos! Thank you for a glorious start to my day!!

  57. The fabulous Penne allegedly said:

    Your costume is the best!

    Trick or Treat

  58. The fabulous Jan allegedly said:

    How funny…and clever!! Have two tacos..heck, have three! You deserve it!

  59. The fabulous amylouwho allegedly said:

    I would dress up like that! I never feel very creative in the costume department. I love this! It would be really fun to dress up the whole family like this and line everyone up tallest to smallest!

  60. The fabulous shirlene allegedly said:

    Adorable. You are waay too clever for your own good!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  61. The fabulous Sabine allegedly said:

    Oh Monica, you look absolutely adorable!! And you made me laugh out sooooo loud! :o)
    Du bist schon eine verrückte Nudel!!
    Liebe Grüsse und dir ein schönes Halloween-Fest!

  62. The fabulous Leona allegedly said:

    OK, so I’ve been reading your blog for a LONG time but never left a comment. Too shy or too lazy, I’m not sure. But when an adorable matryoshka costume is coupled with my shared love of 2/99 jack in the box tacos I just knew I had to step out of my comfort zone and comment. GREAT JOB!

  63. The fabulous Bonnie allegedly said:

    Her Royal Zombiness:
    The one, the only, the original. Accept NO substitutes!!! Because. There. Aren’t!!!
    a loyal subject,

  64. The fabulous Bridgette allegedly said:

    You are too much!
    Please pass the talent, I’m dying to try some;)

  65. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    I love your sense of humor. You are constantly cracking me up!

  66. The fabulous Angie allegedly said:

    Beautiful! I just love it! You look adorable, and if I had an office party and you were there, I just know you would have won 1st prize! (I love the full size candy bar, thanks!)

  67. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    OhMyGosh! You’re hysterical! That’s FANTASTIC! You’re definitely number 1. I’m thinking thing2 and thing3 need matching costumes, don’t you think???

  68. The fabulous v and co allegedly said:

    i’m going to put this on my computer screen saver!!!!

  69. The fabulous Camille allegedly said:

    Seriously, honestly, MADE MY DAY. (Please don’t tell my children I said that.) I LOVE THIS post! I’m not sure which part was my favorite, the actual costume or the talk of your mysterious desire for Jack in the box.

    You. Are. Awesome. And clever. Way to be!

  70. The fabulous Laura allegedly said:

    What an original costume idea! It looks great! Hope you got lots of candy. :)

  71. The fabulous mARY lOU wEIDMAN allegedly said:

    That is the best costume I have ever ever seen….love your creativity!

  72. The fabulous MarieSews allegedly said:

    Wonderfully creative costume. You can trick or treat at our house anytime. Delightful!

  73. The fabulous Kim Walus allegedly said:

    This has got to be my very FAVORITE costume of all time!!! It’s a real winner in my book. REALLY AWESOME MONICA!!!

  74. The fabulous Erica K allegedly said:

    I love it! And I love your inspiration wall…woo-hoo!

  75. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    Dearest Monica, the fact that you thought of this, and then actually MADE IT makes you my hero. I think you should wear it all next weekend. I’m so exited!! xo

  76. The fabulous Donna allegedly said:

    The costume is fabulous! Are there any more of you stacked inside? jk

  77. The fabulous Carmen allegedly said:

    This tickles me muchly :D Brilliant, brilliant costume!

    I’m so envious of your inspiration wall and shelf, so pretty!

  78. The fabulous patty allegedly said:

    OH MY GOSH! This is so cool!!! You outdid yourself!

  79. The fabulous Shawn allegedly said:

    You are too funny and fast woman, your costume turned out great!

  80. The fabulous jaybird allegedly said:

    O.M.G… please tell me you walked around town dressed like that!

  81. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    OMG!!!!!! You are the absolute cutest!

  82. The fabulous Eugenia allegedly said:

    Thank you. Thank you for making me laugh. You look beautiful. I love Halloween and 2/99 tacos.

  83. The fabulous Leslie allegedly said:

    Awesome! Great idea and so well executed.

  84. The fabulous Robin allegedly said:

    How adorable but did you make armholes so you can eat those 2/99 tacos? I like what you have done with the shelves behind you. Nice and fresh.

  85. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    Other than I’m not sure how you’d eat them in your costume. This is a certain winner. I love it. Fun and quirky - so Monica.

  86. The fabulous Elvis Fanatic allegedly said:

    Hi Monica!!!!!

    It’s Pricilla!!! Ha ha ha ha lol i love your costume!!!!!! You should make mini blythe sized ones!!:-D I was a hippie zombie! Ha Ha get it?? Hippie zombie, happy zombie? Oh nevermind.

    Lots of love,

  87. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    Wow. Just WOW. But even more impressive is the fact that I’m pretty sure you’ve inadvertently solved one of the world’s greatest mysteries…I’m thinking beets and cabbage may well make up the “meat” in JITB tacos.

  88. The fabulous Kimara allegedly said:

    This has got to be the cutest dang costume I’ve ever seen! How totally clever.

  89. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    That is some serious cute!!

  90. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    You beyond rock! Truly.

  91. The fabulous Sharrieboberry allegedly said:

    Wow! You can’t even see your sore and bandaged fingers under that costume! Very clever and cute! And the costume ain’t bad either!

  92. The fabulous Kimara allegedly said:

    I know that it is post Halloween and all that jazz BUT this was too much a giggle not to share it with those unfortunate enough not to have seen it before Halloween… SO, as a post Halloween share OR a really, really PRE Halloween 2010 share… I linked to you on FaceBook :) Enjoy your day!

  93. The fabulous nonlineargirl allegedly said:

    That is fantastic!

  94. The fabulous Quinta da Quilter allegedly said:

    Your costume rocks!!! What a great idea!!

  95. The fabulous emilie allegedly said:

    friggin AWESOME costume !

  96. The fabulous mary allegedly said:

    The BEST costume ever!!! : )

  97. The fabulous annieofbluegables allegedly said:

    Just found your blog and laughed my head off. You are such a CUTE lady. I’m in love.
    love the costume too.
    cheers and happy late Halloween. Thanks for the giggle

  98. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Well well well…isn’t that a HOOT!! I have been MIA for so long I looked up and it was Friday the 13th..holy cow. I am stunned by all that has gone on here since I last put my head up! Love that look and I think Jack has a new ad campaign :) xo Pam in Chico

  99. The fabulous Danielle allegedly said:

    I’m stealing your idea for my costume this year. LOVE IT!!!

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