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Archive for 2009

My yearbook…

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

I discovered I could reinvent myself in the past.  I’m totally diggin’ the ‘54 look for me right now. How cool am I in 1954.  SERIOUSLY.   I can’t stop looking at my ‘54 nerd-self but cool in ‘09 look.  Of course I’d never be able to pull that off now-a-days… one has to be a member in the League of Super Cool People for that look.  But I can pretend.
Me through the years:
1962 - Off to college to get my M.R.S.
1964 - M.R.S. on hold.  I discover fast cars and faster boys.
1984 - I discover that my parents are Sigfried & Roy and a lion.
1996 - Farm reporter on a local Iowa NBC affiliate.
1998 - The year of my gender identity crisis.
2000 - I go on a break with my boyfriend and hang out all day with my friends a the local coffee house.
Thanks to the Triplets for turning me on to YearbookYourself.com!

iPhoto Casserole

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Going through my iPhoto’s 12,320 photos, I spot many photos I’ve never done anything with. They just sit there - waiting to be seen, waiting to be shared, waiting to be used. Like food that keeps getting shoved further and further to the back of the fridge.

When life gives you ingredients… make casserole.

Rainier Cherries.  Not just delicious… but oh so pretty.  Speaking of cherries… how ’bout that Mary Engleblog!
Rainier Cherries

And one with a little junk in the trunk.
Rainier Cherries

Chaos at dusk (my flash went off).

Less chaos at dusk (and holding my flash pop-up down).
My ironing center

Le Mona de Dollypop on my shelf-o-joy - darling-gasp-cute-gasp-adorable Lemon Dollypop made by Jenny.
Le Mona de Dollypop

PerezHilton-ishy fun with my iPhone app called MyPaint.  A secret known to only a few… Pam is my beverage buddy.  Yup.  We’ve shared hundreds of beverage phone pics between us.  Because this is how we roll.
iPhone app fun

My lunch at the Daily Cafe at OHSU’s South Waterfront campus in Portland.   A grilled panini with brie, pears, watercress and caramelized onions with a navy bean soup chaser.  And milk.  I always have milk.  This is NOT your grandmother’s hospital food.
Food porn

Boy’s Day (May 5th) at Uwajimaya in Beaverton.
Boys Day at Uwajimaya

Girl’s Day (March 3rd) at Kinokuniya Books - every day is Girls Days when I get to shop in the craft section at Kinokuniya.
Girls Day at Uwajimaya

Goofing around at HomeGoods in Goodyear, Arizona.
Karen... think fast!

Good catch, Karen. Good catch.
Good catch, Karen!

My paraphernalia. And I mean that exactly as it sounds.

And now I must nap.

My platter of Deviled Eggs

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

When Kari of ArtsyMama said she was hosting a Blogging For Bliss party to celebrate the official release of Tara Frey’s new book, I honestly had no idea how an online party worked. I still don’t. So I RSVP’d and said I’m makin’ and bringin’ my deviled eggs. I don’t know who else is bringing snacky snacks, but you can visit all the RSVP’d guests on Kari’s sidebar under “BOOK RELEASE PARTY BLOGROLL”. Got to all of their blogs and DEMAND some party food.  I was hoping to have the B4B book from Lark to prize-off by the time I made this post - but it hasn’t arrived yet.  I guess that means another post, and another couple dozen deviled eggs to make.  I may even make Rice Krispy treats for that post.  Stay tuned.

There are 50 bloggers who contributed in Blogging for Bliss, so you KNOW it’s chalk full of great info. A must have book for all bloggers, especially a new blogger or someone jumping into blogland.  I’ve already recommended it to people who’ve asked me about blogging.  I LOVE THAT!  Blogging for Bliss to my rescue!  And thank you Queen of Cuteness Jenny for the adorable allsortsified B4B button!

I’m privileged and honored to be featured in Tara’s book.  The best part - is being featured along with some of my greatest friends…. like my flat mate page mate Happy. I love how Happy Loves Rosie and Happy Zombie were featured on adjoining pages. How happilicious! Now to convince my page mate to ship me her amazing Happy Shabby Vintage Caravan!  The way I look at it,  Happy and I are practically family now - I see no reason for her not to share her caravan with me (other then the Atlantic Ocean being a wee bit of an obstacle).

Mmmm… do I smell beans n weenies???

Trunk Monkey

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Something’s going on. There’s been a rash of Trunky-business in NorCal lately.  A trunkidemic. PKM
You know you’ve arrived, when you see this person on a roadway snapping your photo - and this person providing the production support.
PKM's trunk monkey
High-jinx and video tape… a bit of quilting, a bit of comedy… and a heaping spoonful of Al Roker. ALex ROKER.
Something’s going on over at The Quilt Show… a sneakie peakie on The Daily Blog.

I’ve fallen in a trunk and I can’t get up.

Oh summer. Oh summer. Oh eight posts in one.

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I feel like my summer so far has me sitting on a bus-stop bench, while my friends whiz by me on to their super cool destinations. Damn bus… where are you - I want to catch up with everyone!   Ok, maybe it’s best I don’t get on that bus… we just sped through 5 GLORIOUS seasons of *Six Feet Under - maybe I should keep a safe distance from buses.  But sadly, now after all that 6′U watching… I’m saying “shit” excessively - all in the hopes that I’ll hear Ruth Fisher trumpet, “LANGUAGE!”.

More summer fun to come, but this is what I’ve been up to so far:

Five Guys.  LOVE THEM.  Seeing Prez-O’s OTR lunch on Inside the Obama White House had me drooling.  We discovered a Five Guys in Beaverton, Oregon and fell in love.   As did my Al Roker head. Instantaneously… fell. In. Love. It’s not In-n-Out… but it’s a fantastic stand-in.  I have no idea what the peanut thing is all about.  I’m guessing there was a sixth guy, had a falling out, now disgruntled, super allergic to peanuts - peanuts are positioned at the entrance to keep Guy6 out.  Just guessing.

Five Guys Five Guys

Early one Thursday…
Sunrise over Youngs River/Lewis & Clark
From up the coast comes dear sweet Sarah and her delightful girls “Priscilla” and “Lil Sis” - who arrive in HappyZombie Heights on the most beautiful Oregon Coast kinda day.  It wasn’t raining.

Redwork Club.
Wet Dog.

It was a magical day and I hated for it to end. The charming Lt. AnyoneCanQuilt and weinerific Miss Cowgirl Rosie came up too. It was a fun filled day with the AnyoneCanQuilt’s, and they are THE most wonderful family ever. EVER. Sarah has gorgeous photos and words here and here. Only one thing was missing from our great day - and that was having our third member of our Team LeFleur there too.

Tea time = blogging time.
Blogging the blogger...
Sarah blogging my Shelf-o-Joy (me pretending to be a newspaper reporter/photog… reporting the Royal Visitors).
Sarah and The Shelf-o-Joy
Sarah sewed here. Ok, pretended.
Sarah Sewed Here

The Midsummer Scandinavian Festival in Astoria. I can never get enough pickled herring.  Or the Dane’s and their use of Lego people. Midsummer Scandinavian Festival - Astoria, Oregon
Or Krumkake.
Midsummer Scandinavian Festival - Astoria, Oregon
Or the national costumes and the music.
Midsummer Scandinavian Festival - Astoria, Oregon
Even though we are “Southern Scandinavian’s” during ScanFest weekend… DS representin’ the DE in the Scandia Haus.
Midsummer Scandinavian Festival - Astoria, Oregon

Let’s all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat. Mmmm. Flower Sugar. Soooooooooo tasty.
Flower Sugar

Señorita Melvita de la Frita, aka Mel. Two new little feet pattering around (and freaking out my dog Madison - just hearing the click of her eyes makes her shake). I did it. I finally bought a full size Blythe. I kinda blame that silly lil’ Doe, I kinda blame Sarah.
Señorita Melvita de la Frita
But I’m so happy I took the Blythe (full size) plunge. Triskit not so much. Someone’s jealous.
Hot Water
I’m having a blast making clothes.
Melvita's mini
The real reason I bought Mel.
Melvita's mini
Sew fun.
Melvita's mini

=iPhone FUN=
I killed my old iPhone. Not on purpose. But ironically, it biffed on the day the 3G’s were released. So now I’m doing the whole 365 flickr thing, via my new iPhone.  I’m only on day six.  Shit. [Ruth: “Language”]. Crap. Three hundred and fifty-nine more days to go.
6♥i365 2♥i365
1♥i365 4♥i365

I’ve been sewing - as usual, top secret stuff that won’t be seen until much, much later. This was a project I was asked to make. Something WAAAAAY out of my realm of reality. Itching to say what it is, but once it’s seen… people who know me will say, “You designed that… why?”   But I’m super happy with the way it turned out, and especially love my fabric choices. 

Jennifer Paganelli’s “Dance with Me” by Free Spirit.
Project sneaky peaky
Lila Tueller’s “Santorini” by Moda.
Project sneaky peaky

I see In-n-Out’s in my future plans. And now I must nap.

*The house and property used for Ruth’s sister’s character in 6′U.. that’s my dream home/dream property/dream landscaping. Just putting that out there in case the universe is reading my blog.

Don’t run with scissors

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

While visiting George and Mary and their new goldie puppy Sasha… me in a panic (a panic that I wouldn’t get the iPhone out in time)…

Sasha! Naughty, naughty girl. Drop the scissors…
Don't run with scissors
but wait until I take your photo!
Don't run with scissors
Sasha - my cosmic dog twin?
— Runs with scissors
— Potty’s a lot
— Doesn’t follow directions
— Likes to play
— Gets into stuff
— Likes to sleep late
— Constantly thinking about food
— Makes a mess
— Runs to door when UPS, FedEx and DHL is knocking
I have a hunch I’m not the only one who’s a Sasha cosmic dog twin.  What quiltie craftie sewie artie peep isn’t?!

Elizabeth Taylor who?

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

A mention of Mike Rowe on a blog post I did last year, lumped me in with Debbie Rowe on Bing.
Pomeroy Quilt Show
I’m getting a lot of visits on my blog because of this. Must be weird to be looking up stuff on Michael Jackson - and then to land on this.
Pomeroy Quilt Show
Of course now I’ve dropped even more names. I’ll be sitting at the best table at Mr. Chow  The Pig in no time.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

… or to be more precise - a picture is worth the one thousand and fifty six other photos that are on my flickr.
Nikon D40 ~vs~ Canon SD1000
Untouched photos taken of my Bunny Hill BOM block on my design wall.  My new Nikon D40 shot on the left - my Canon SD1000 shot on the right.  As soon as I saw the comparison, I KNEW my money was well spent on the Nikon.  Visions of the D90 had danced in my head, but now it’s the D40 accessories that dance in my head (with Bruno Tonioli providing the color commentary). 

And all these years I’ve been putting much of the blame on Oregon’s weather for my lousy shots.  Oh Oregon, will you ever forgive me?

HOLY COW - I got some crafting done this month!

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Bunny Hill Designs/Anne Sutton’s uber darling “A Tisket, A Tasket” blocks of the month for May and June.  MAY and JUNE!  I’m late AGAIN to the party.  I’m somewhat prepared for the delights Anne gift’s us each month, but I don’t really know what Swell/Sweet fabrics I’m going to use until I see the block. A part of me imagines myself in a beret and looking at the block pattern through my thumbs and index fingers, glass of wine near-by. But that would be way too pretentious. So I opt for just the wine.

My lighting is sucky and makes the Moda Dotty butter yellow look like some funky seafood chowder yellow. You’ll just have to trust me, IRL the colors are FANTASTIC.
Dude, Where's My Cocoon?
Dude, Where's My Daisy (Dukes)?

Each of my months with more info… January, February, March, April and May & June.
Dude, Where's My BOM?Dude, Where's My Valentine?Dude, Where's My O'Bunny
Dude, Where's My Ranch Dressing?Dude, Where's My Cocoon?Dude, Where's My Daisy (Dukes)?

Getting my blog-groove back on

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

We’ve been having a jam packed summer so far - so jammed that my desktop holds over half a dozen folders of “blog food” ready to be blogged. Waiting to be uploaded and chatted up.
So many words.
So many photos.
So many friend adventures.
So much to say.
So much to document before my fleeting memory *fleets up*.

The beginning of June ushered in DS2’s graduation from Astoria High School. First came Awards Night at the Liberty Theater in Astoria. A whopping 1.67 million dollars was awarded in scholarships. About 120 graduates ÷ by 1.67 mil = an S-load of scholarship money per student!
Astoria High School - Class of 2009
DS2 receives his generous scholarship check from Astoria High School Scholarships Inc. Thank you AHSS, Inc.!
Astoria High School - Class of 2009
Graduation took place in The Brick House - the Astoria High School gym… and only a few hours after the AHS boys baseball team took the 4A state championship title. Great speeches and presentations, and not a dry eye in the house.
Astoria High School - Class of 2009
After much waiting, it must have seemed like 4 years for the balloons to finally drop.
Astoria High School - Class of 2009
La Familia. Left to right> Me, DS2, T-man and DS1 (who came all the way from Australia). Just YESTERDAY (10 years ago) we were standing in this same position as DS1 graduated from Moanalua High School. T-man and I appeared to be much taller back then - I’m having a hard time accepting that my 6′+ babies are grown up now.
Astoria High School - Class of 2009
And this is Stomp (the Fighting Fishermen)… the Astoria High School mascot. I think he looks like a Scooby-Doo villain, myself.  And he’s saying… Astoria High School - Class of 2009
“You damn meddling kids… who said you could grow up so fast… and make your mommas cry with pride.”

Yes. I think that’s exactly what he’s saying.

Farting around with needle & thread and then blogging about it.

Monica Solorio-Snow
Happy Zombie

Pacific Wonderland
Astoria, Oregon

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