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A picture is worth a thousand words…

July 4th, 2009

… or to be more precise - a picture is worth the one thousand and fifty six other photos that are on my flickr.
Nikon D40 ~vs~ Canon SD1000
Untouched photos taken of my Bunny Hill BOM block on my design wall.  My new Nikon D40 shot on the left - my Canon SD1000 shot on the right.  As soon as I saw the comparison, I KNEW my money was well spent on the Nikon.  Visions of the D90 had danced in my head, but now it’s the D40 accessories that dance in my head (with Bruno Tonioli providing the color commentary). 

And all these years I’ve been putting much of the blame on Oregon’s weather for my lousy shots.  Oh Oregon, will you ever forgive me?

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36 Responses

  1. The fabulous Camille allegedly said:

    GO Nikon! Oh, you are going to love your Nikon. Happy new camera to you!

  2. The fabulous Anne Sutton allegedly said:

    Welcome to the Nikon family. You are going to love that camera! And the good news is that any time you buy a lens for it, you can use it on ANY of the Nikon cameras. Great white balance on that photo! We all have Nikon’s. Don’t you wonder who “we” are? LOL!

  3. The fabulous staci allegedly said:

    The difference is amazing! Beautiful block too, by the way :)

  4. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    Ah, lovely! I guess that means I need to start using my D60. *sigh* The darn just intimidates the heck out of me!

  5. The fabulous anina allegedly said:

    Wonderful! But I think I’m still going to blame the weather for my lousy shots. :o)

  6. The fabulous Vickie E allegedly said:

    I’ve got a D80 and LOVE it…good move on your part.

  7. The fabulous amy allegedly said:

    I hope you enjoy the D40, I have the D60 and love it!! I will be looking forward to seeing more pictures

  8. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    Well I guess that explains a lot for me with my $200 Cannon from Costco!
    What a huge difference!

  9. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    Wow, the difference is amazing. In the shot on the left you can REALLY see all the details. Beautiful work. Your quilt will be lovely!

  10. The fabulous Amy @ parkcitygirl allegedly said:

    We have the D50 and love it!! Your block is cute :)

  11. The fabulous Jane Weston allegedly said:

    I have a D40 and adore it. I have the kit lens and I bought the 55-200 lens with VR and that lives on the camera almost 99% of the time. I’d love to get a prime lens for it…but I’ll have to wait for the bank balance to go up a bit more for that :o)

    If you ever want to talk cameras or lens…let me know :o)

  12. The fabulous nicolette allegedly said:

    Wow, such a difference. I’m a Nikon lover too!

  13. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Wow, what a difference. Good thing Oregon is such a great place. She’s very forgiving. :) I always thought your pictures were good, tho. I suppose now they will be EVEN BETTER! :)

  14. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    The contrast in the two pictures is shocking! I’ve always thought my pictures were bad because I was holding the camera. Maybe I just need a different camera. Your block is adorable!

  15. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    Horray for your new Nikon!!! I love mine so much. Your pictures were already so great, now they’re going to be SUPER great!! x

  16. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    Wow. That is so amazing. Of course I wouldn’t even know which end is up on one of those things, so I’ll just sit here and enjoy YOUR pictures.

  17. The fabulous Jenny allegedly said:

    Thanks so much for this post - I have been wanting a new camera so bad and this has helped me decide on this lovely one!

  18. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    Amazing. I guess I will never be one of the exclusive “we” in the “nikon family” !! I always loved your photography I guess its next level time for you!

  19. The fabulous Dianah allegedly said:

    WOW! What a difference. I am amazed. I am shopping for a new camera, guess I am checking out the Nikon.

  20. The fabulous jaybird allegedly said:

    what a difference…i have two cameras and i think i may go do a test and see what results i get…

  21. The fabulous Dorothy allegedly said:

    It’s amazing the difference a camera can make.
    My old film camera is a Nikon, which takes nice photos, but my digital is an Olympus. Both are way too technical for me, I’m more the point and shoot, and hope for the best kind of photographer. lol

    I like the fabrics you’ve used for your block, really cheery looking.

  22. The fabulous Jen in NY allegedly said:

    Wow, that is amazing. Your pictures were always so great anyway…can’t wait to see them Nikon-ized!

  23. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    Beautiful block there Monica. Money well spent with the camera.

  24. The fabulous Jodi allegedly said:

    Hooray! Love my Nikon D90! You are going to love your camera. ;o) ooxx`jod

  25. The fabulous Rose allegedly said:

    I have the D90 and love love love it! I started with a Canon Eos Rebel (35mm) and then got a Nikon (35mm) and liked it way better. Love my digital SLR now that I have it, I’m also using the lenses from my old Nikon with it and even though they are from the 35mm I still get decent pictures with them too. You’re going to love it!

  26. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    WooHoo! The Nikon LeFleurs. Now our little family is complete. If we could just get hubby to come out of the — where IS he — the bathroom maybe? — we could all snap away!!! I’m now officially scared for your blog — I didn’t think it could get any more beautiful!

  27. The fabulous Debbie allegedly said:

    Wow, I honestly had no idea there would be such a difference. I need to go camera shopping! wow.
    Thanks for the info!

  28. The fabulous beth allegedly said:

    what a difference! Now I know what to put on my christmas list.

  29. The fabulous Susan Ramey Cleveland allegedly said:

    My husband got me a D40 a couple of years ago. I’m crazy about it. Don’t know what I did without it. Love your block.

  30. The fabulous Melody allegedly said:

    I have been wanting that camera SOOOOOO bad. Even started selling dolls to get it. The darn economy has other plans for that $$ though. Your pic comparison makes me know it will be mine soon (eventually). What a difference!

  31. The fabulous Cyndi allegedly said:

    The D40 is on my big wish list at the moment - sounds like I need to get movin and save up for that puppy!

  32. The fabulous Tamara allegedly said:

    Hi there,
    Karen S.’s Daughter in law here…
    You will LOVE LOVE the Nikon. I have both but only one is getting a work out! Wait on the real expensive accessories and learn to use it and then you’ll want to upgrade to a fancier one with the bells and whistles. The light meters in the fancy camera’s are really something! If you really want to try stuff out there is a camera store that rents all the fun stuff and if you rent for the weekend you can pick up on Thursday after 3 and bring back it by Monday 10am for 1 day rental. I’ve had a blast…except for the drive to Portland- haha.
    Happy Shooting!

  33. The fabulous suzie sews allegedly said:

    I am a nikon baby and it took me a long time to get one, two whole years but I have never looked back….Yep is colour all the way now….

  34. The fabulous Happy allegedly said:

    It has always been the Nikon D40 for me hon! I am saving for another lens at the mo!

    Its lovely over here by the way ;)

    Love The other Happy - your page mate ;)

  35. The fabulous Sweet Cottage Dreams allegedly said:

    JOY!!! Your blocks are soooo happy and CA-YUTE!!!
    I will have to check into getting me one of those Nikons!!! The photos are wonderful and really true to color!


  36. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    No comparison! My photography seems to be getting worse rather than better. It is on my list of things to fix. Maybe I should ask for a new camera for Christmas. hmm Santa are you listening? Probably not. I suspect coal coming my way!

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