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Poochie Bags - Fat quarter friendly bag

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Wow, that’s a lot of f-words in my title.   I’ve always gotten a kick out of “fat quarter friendly”… very District 9-ish.  Like the fat quarter is either allowed or not allowed to mingle with the other fabrics.

Three fat quarters.  Three different versions for three different “pooches”.
Poochie Bags

I call the bottom corners “milk carton corners” to make the bag “pooch” out. A poochie corner. I know there’s an official sewing term (boxed corners), but this is what I like to call it. Plus I love milk, and milk in a little carton is just plain cute… and I highly doubt the official sewing term is going to be something cute.
- Moda’s Aviary bag has no boxed corners and is poochless
- Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market bag has 1″ boxed corners to yeild a 2″ pooch
- Lecien’s Flower Sugar bag has 2″ boxed corners to yeild a 4″ pooch
Poochie Bags

Milk carton boxed corners not only alter the pooch of the pouch - but the height as well.
Poochie Bags

I like a chubby pooch.
Poochie Bags
“Baby Happy” is the quilt under the poochie bags and my PDF pattern is available here.   A freebie from meebie.  And fat quarter friendly.

Poochie Bag PatternYou can get my PDF pattern here. My little pattern is fast, fun and a good use for one’s ever growing fat quarter stash (they’re like bunnies - seriously… WHAT is going on in my cupboards!?). I’ve started a Poochie Bag flickr group - I think it will be fun to see all the fabric combos and what’s put inside the bags. And where the bags are going. And who are they for. And so on and so forth.  Hope you have fun!

This pattern that is for someone who knows how to sew. If you’re interested in learning how to sew or quilt and don’t have access to a quilt shop or community college that teaches sewing and/or quilting - here are some good online resources and books to help you get started on the sewing quilting crack.
All People Quilt
Sew,Mama,Sew! Forum & Book Shop

The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman
Complete Guide to Quilting by Better Homes & Gardens
Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! by Diana McClun & Laura Nownes
Start Quilting with Alex Anderson by Alex Anderson

It’s official… my inner harvest has been tingled.

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Yesterday in the Pacific Northwest - the weather was hot, sunny and A/C worthy. Herr Zombie and I took a little trip inland to Battle Ground, WA for Barn House’s 2009 Fall Harvest and for Beyond the Garden Gate’s Vintage Gathering (also in Battle Ground). My mini sequel to last year’s adventure (Part I & Part II).

A sweet day with just hubby and me - a nice drive, seeing my friend Karen from TheCityWho’sNameICanNeverSpell and buying some of her incredibly awesome Cardamom Bread, hoping to see my friend Laurie and finally getting to meet her IRL (please notice that I typed that in a non-stalker font)… and for seeing all the harvest goodness and getting my harvest groove back on.

This vendor (The Olive Kat) at Vintage Gathering had THE most beautiful Pyrex display I’ve ever seen - and I wanted it all to come home with me (and I brought my husband with me why?).   I sucked at taking good shots, but I found some photos of their booth here (along with gobs of photos of the entire event).
Seen at the Vintage Gathering in Battleground, WA

Next stop… Barn House.   The weather was sunny and beautiful, but I was jonesing me some rainshine.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

Sudden craving for some baguettes, balsamic vinegar, basil…
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

I wish this was my barn.  And I’d live in it.  And I’d hang my hat here.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

Of course I’d have to have my TV hidden behind it. I may be able to live in a barn - but I do need my TV. My fantasy barn comes fully wired.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

Continuing on with my living in a barn fantasy… this would be my spa slash bathroom. My fantasy barn comes fully plumed. And with a housekeeping and kitchen staff.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

This would be my craft slash sewing room.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

Oh beehive.  Shout-out to Nanette and Lori!
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

I know the actual arrival of Fall is still weeks to come - but I could really give an ess what the calendar says. Why?
1) My friend The Queen of Cuteness, aka Jenny - has released my long awaited dream blog, where I can live in AutumnLand year round at Owlsorts. Three words - Ooooh. Emmm. Geeee!

2) Fall at Casa de Zombie starts when I take a certain someone out of the closet and recycle him.

Jack’s coming out of the closet (again)- from 2006’s Halloween.   I know… it’s kind of like handing out stale left-over candy from last year.

No dust, no rot, no seeds, no funny smell.   Just Jack.  For your own recycled Crayon Jack, click here.

Tingle on Wayne… tingle on Garth.

Kick app toys

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

I love my iPhone
I love my toys

I love my hamburgers,
I love them animalized
iPhone fun with ColorSplash app
I love my fries,
Dipped in mayo
I hear my arteries cry,
I don’t listen to what they say-o
iPhone fun with ColorSplash app
I suck at poems,
I suck at rhymes…
This here post should be a crime.

Special Delivery

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

I’ve been entrusted to carry out a top secret mission.  I’m like Agent 99.   I’m armed with a shoe phone and craft supplies.  My mission is to make some very special boys and girls know the world is their friend.   Actually, I’m more like Agent 40… if one were to count my secret counterparts.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

Boy goodies.  Irony that I would be sexist. As kid I had dozens of Hot Wheels - and one crappy poser Barbie.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

Girl goodies.  I’m enjoying my girlyside now at 40mumblemumble - I got a dolly for me too.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

A stylist I am not.   Unless Wes Craven or Rob Zombie is hiring. Must learn to edit… like moving the scissors out of an inappropriate position.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

Maybe Courtney Love or Amy Winehouse needs a stylist/photog?  ‘Cause I can do those sidewalk shots.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

All packed up and ready to go…
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

where they end up… nobody knows. For now.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

Idaho? Iowa? Indiana?  Is it worth trying to bribe me of info??? YES, it is. I’ll have instructions to make the bags when I get to spill the beans (when “Max” gives the ok). Happy Labor Day!

Dear Dr. Drew, I have an Iraqi Bundles of Love addiction - and I don’t want help.

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I’m so passionate about Iraqi Bundles of Love.   My first bundle is already in Iraq, and all I want to do is send more, more, more. There are no words to express my joy when I saw the photos of my bundle in Iraq. IN IRAQ!   Thanks to Art La Flamme (aka IBOL Guy), and with the help of his wife Kristin La Flamme… there’s a new Oprah in town.
Iraqi Bundles of Love
Because of IBOL - we’ve been given the opportunity to give big.  To be ambassadors in global kindness.  Little grass roots grow into big beautiful bountiful harvests - and continue to grow and grow.   Bundle by bundle.   My deepest thanks and gratitude to the La Flamme’s for giving me the privilege of Doing Something and Making A Difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  And thank you to all the good people who serve our country… and also to those who are servin’ up the Bundles of Love in Iraq.

And because my creek-bed of curiosity never runs dry, I’d love to know via comments what you’ve sent or plan to send or what you think is a good idea to send.  I’m thinking my next bundle I’m going to name.  It seems only fitting that I name it Stephen.  Stephen Colbert.  And the one after that… I’m calling the next bundle Al Roker. It think we should all name our bundles!

I made myself an IBOL button, and please help yourself to one (or both).   SPREAD THE GOOD WORD!  Two options, 1) download the button, or 2) snag the code, or 3) print it out and pin it to your clothing.  Enjoy!

Yellow & Pink, 130 px wide:
Iraqi Bundles of Love

<a href=”http://ibol.wordpress.com”><img src=”http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g105/cheesezom/ibol_yellow_130.jpg” alt=”Iraqi Bundles of Love” width=”130″ height=”172″ border=”0″></a>

Green & Blue, 130 px wide:
Iraqi Bundles of Love

<a href=”http://ibol.wordpress.com”><img src=”http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g105/cheesezom/ibol_green_130.jpg” alt=”Iraqi Bundles of Love” width=”130″ height=”172″ border=”0″></a>


Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Lucky me (super lucky me), Jona is visiting the motherland - and I got to be a part of her visit!   Non stop talking and laughing - and even some tweeting thrown in.

Tweet-n-Eat… it’s what happens when two friends meet up for dinner and their iPhones are just as important as their forks and knives!
Then after the tweets come checking the @replies and txt’s…
Me: Pam wishes she was here too! (and we did too!)
Jona: Bari says hi! (Hi back, Bari!)
Me: Patty says it looks like we’re having a great time (we WERE!)
Me: Joanna says no fair… she wants to be here eating fish and chips instead of writing patterns & prepping ads… (us too!)

Some days I shun technology [insert Laure Ingalls fantasy life here], but had it not been for technology and blogging… I never would have met Jona. Well, I think we would have met eventually… but it sure made it faster with the help of technology. Speed friending. AND… we kinda had our friends join us for dinner… three snaps in Z formation for technology!

Before dinner, I give Jona the not so E-ticket tour of Hacienda Happy Z… like making her walk through the golden retriever mine field to show her my secret forest - and show her were I want to park my fantasy camper.
My secret forest
We had so much fun, and it went all to fast. There was never a moment where we weren’t talking. And never ever have I ever seen such attentive service at The Wet Dog. Our twenty something waiter was at our table I think every 5 minutes. But I can see why, when this person is at your table!

Saying good-bye is hard - luckily it was bone chilling cold or we would have stood by our cars for a couple more hours chatting! Good-bye Miss Jona Arizona… hurry back soon - and thank you for making me a part of your trip home!

Sundays in Astoria

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Come on in.  Right under Pam’s bridge (aka The Astoria-Megler Bridge) is Three Cups Coffee House in the beautifully restored old Finnish Meat Market on W. Marine in Astoria’s Uniontown district.  3CCH shares this space with Columbia River Coffee Roaster, aka the Thundermuck peeps.   Artisan hands and fantastic beans… 3CCH can do great coffee while standing on their heads.  Blindfolded.  Spinning.  While jumping rope. And chewing gum.
Three Cups Coffee - Astoria, Oregon

But something else has brought me to 3CCH - not just the great coffee and panini’s.  A little voodoomoojoo.
Voodoo Doughnuts of Portland.
No way.
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday they can be found at 3CCH.

Naturally I’m drawn to the closest doughnut to resemble a zombie.  I’m not quite clear if that pretzel is his belly button… or something else.  I’ve looked at Voodoo Doughnut’s menu and saw the bachelorette party doughnut… so I’m pretty sure it’s something else.  And I do believe he’s happy to see me.
VooDoo Donuts

I don’t know that I’d be happy with my guts ooozing out if I were a doughnut. But the fact that I’m eating a doughnut that has guts makes me happy.
VooDoo Donuts

So now I have a fantasy… that Voodoo Doughnuts creates a zombie doughnut.  A happy zombie doughnut, with sweet cream cheese and strawberry jam filling (because of course, the zombie just had a full supper of brains).  I dream big. {{Pssst… Cat Daddy and Tres, I have sketches.}} Please tell me that everyone wants a food item/dish named after them. Right? I want to know!
VooDoo Donuts

After dessert, it’s time for lunch. T-man had a roast beef panini, and I a Prosciutto and cheese panini with a balsamic chaser. KILLER panini’s.
Three Cups Coffee - Astoria, Oregon

This just floated my boat. What I also love about 3CCH is that they’re so green.  So here’s the thing. Those aren’t cloth napkins… they’re IKEA dishtowels cut in half and then hemmed on the raw edge. I know this… because I DO THAT TOO! I was destined to be a patron of 3CCH.
Three Cups Coffee - Astoria, Oregon

They walk the walk.  I love this. I love 3CCH.
Three Cups Coffee - Astoria, Oregon

Leah and Carly, who welcomed us into their sanctuary and made us feel loved and nourished.
Three Cups Coffee - Astoria, Oregon

From The Daily Astorian’s Coast Weekend: “The name is based on the book “Three Cups of Tea,” and the new business owners hold strongly to the Middle Eastern proverb: “First cup you’re a visitor, second cup a friend, third cup you’re family.”
Three Cups Coffee House made us feel like family after the first cup.

Behind the scenes (screams) at The Quilt Show

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I teased about it here - that something was up.  A lot of laughing and trunky-business… and now the cat’s out of the bag and our story will be told.  Our day at Alex’s - she interviewing Pam, Elizabeth and me for the Daily Blog at The Quilt Show.   I cringe seeing myself on video.  For certain I thought I looked like Heidi Klum as my parents have told me… only to discover it’s not true… is so very painful.  So, so, so very painful.   Grab some popcorn, Red Vine’s and Milk Duds… and enjoy the six part series of the Blogging Queens Adventure - Part One.

Bonus features…  behind the scenes.  Or more appropriate… behind the screams.

Pam and Alex prepping for production. That’s right.  TV lingo.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

Alex and Pam prepping.  More TV lingo… Monica:  When does the craft services truck come?
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

Pam and Alex get Pam’s quilt hung on the wall.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

Elizabeth (and her quilt) gets hung on the wall.  Don’t worry E, those pins should stop hurting in about 5 minutes.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

Alex posing for her Al Roker shot.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

Elizabeth gets interviewed.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

Pam gets interviewed.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

Dueling interviews. Alex interviewing Pam who’s interviewing Alex, and so and so forth and they told two friends who told two friends…
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

No relevance to the story… just a cute shot of Pam.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

All three of us getting interviewed. This was my favorite part, as Alex had us place our blogging arsenal in front of us. If only we had had ONE MORE camera to take a photo of it all. Good thing Alex was armed with a video camera. My other favorite part was saying my blog was ad free… and poof, I now have an ad! I should have said my blog has no X-5. POOF.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

As it turns out, the entire morning was one big rouse for me to pay up on my TQS membership.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

No, no, no… we don’t take American Express“. Later I was flogged, tarred and feathered.  I’m thinking that entering Pam’s contest might be in order. Or dig out my Visa… because I want full access at TQS.  And besides… these #@$%! feathers hurt. Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show

Behind the screams… Elizabeth & Alex = trunky-business.
Behind the *screams* of The Quilt Show
How nice… Pam even provides a complementary ¼ full bottle of water for her trunk *quests*. You know you’ve arrived when you’ve landed in Pam’s trunk. You know you’re an A-Lister when you’ve been served a ¼ full bottle of PKM water.

Blogging Queens Adventure - Part One
Blogging Queens Adventure:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6 Fin

Iraqi Bundles of Love

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Twitter… not just for getting traffic updates or reading what Stephen Colbert wants for breakfast. Every now and then Twitter shines in this amazing and powerful way.  Like watching a snowflake turn into a snowball.  I saw Kathy had tweet’d “Iraqi Bundles of Love, a project to distribute sewing supplies before Kristin’s husband departs Iraq” along with a link to here.
Iraqi Bundles of Love
I read Kristin’s post, and that led me to her husband’s blog Iraqi Bundles of Love (aka IBOL) with more info.
What to do.
How to do it.
When to do it by.
I’m so in. In. In. IN!
Iraqi Bundles of Love
I lovingly wrapped up tons of fat quarters and yardage, and even added one of my Strawberry Delight needlebooks.  My yellow ribbon was intentional and symbolic.
Iraqi Bundles of Love
Something magical and wonderful happens when you Give… you immediately Get. Big time. The Get is always bigger then the Give. And an empty shelf in which to buy and store new fat quarters and yardage on… that’s gravy.

Bookie Love!

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Not too long ago I became the caregiver to three new darling books.  Not just darling darling… but vavavavoom DARLING DARLING.   Quilting in No Time, The Perfect Apron and Super-Cute Crochet remind me of Japanese craft books, but with one notable difference… I CAN READ THEM! Either they’re written in English - or I’ve gained a super power over-night and am now fluent in Japanese.
Bookie Love!
My crocheting history is that of some granny squares I had to try (remember the Granny Along?). I’ve had my eye on amigurumi ever since I discovered it a few years ago. But I didn’t know how, and crochet instructions/patterns might well have been penned by Tutankhamu. Super-Cute Crochet promised me, “Learn the Japanese art of amigurumi or how to crochet cute small animals”. I’m in.
Bookie Love!
I had the same feeling when I learned to drive a manual transmission - that I had when I learned the mysterious crochet code. The secret handshake known only to crocheters. Euphoria. I learned something I’ve been yearning to learn.  And now I can make eggs.  I feel like the world is my oyster now.  Meh, now I can make oysters if I want to. I’m drunk on empowerment.
Bookie Love!
But for now, I can’t stop making eggs. Where ever I go… I’m making eggs. I have my little tote that Lisa made me a few years ago - my official hatchery 2-go.  Road delays? No problem.
Always prepared for...
Come to think of it, I don’t know why I’d want to make snot in a shell oysters… when I have Pickle the puppy at my finger tips.
Bookie Love!
I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can!

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