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It’s official… my inner harvest has been tingled.

September 13th, 2009

Yesterday in the Pacific Northwest - the weather was hot, sunny and A/C worthy. Herr Zombie and I took a little trip inland to Battle Ground, WA for Barn House’s 2009 Fall Harvest and for Beyond the Garden Gate’s Vintage Gathering (also in Battle Ground). My mini sequel to last year’s adventure (Part I & Part II).

A sweet day with just hubby and me - a nice drive, seeing my friend Karen from TheCityWho’sNameICanNeverSpell and buying some of her incredibly awesome Cardamom Bread, hoping to see my friend Laurie and finally getting to meet her IRL (please notice that I typed that in a non-stalker font)… and for seeing all the harvest goodness and getting my harvest groove back on.

This vendor (The Olive Kat) at Vintage Gathering had THE most beautiful Pyrex display I’ve ever seen - and I wanted it all to come home with me (and I brought my husband with me why?).   I sucked at taking good shots, but I found some photos of their booth here (along with gobs of photos of the entire event).
Seen at the Vintage Gathering in Battleground, WA

Next stop… Barn House.   The weather was sunny and beautiful, but I was jonesing me some rainshine.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

Sudden craving for some baguettes, balsamic vinegar, basil…
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

I wish this was my barn.  And I’d live in it.  And I’d hang my hat here.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

Of course I’d have to have my TV hidden behind it. I may be able to live in a barn - but I do need my TV. My fantasy barn comes fully wired.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

Continuing on with my living in a barn fantasy… this would be my spa slash bathroom. My fantasy barn comes fully plumed. And with a housekeeping and kitchen staff.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

This would be my craft slash sewing room.
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

Oh beehive.  Shout-out to Nanette and Lori!
Barn House - 2009 Fall Harvest

I know the actual arrival of Fall is still weeks to come - but I could really give an ess what the calendar says. Why?
1) My friend The Queen of Cuteness, aka Jenny - has released my long awaited dream blog, where I can live in AutumnLand year round at Owlsorts. Three words - Ooooh. Emmm. Geeee!

2) Fall at Casa de Zombie starts when I take a certain someone out of the closet and recycle him.

Jack’s coming out of the closet (again)- from 2006’s Halloween.   I know… it’s kind of like handing out stale left-over candy from last year.

No dust, no rot, no seeds, no funny smell.   Just Jack.  For your own recycled Crayon Jack, click here.

Tingle on Wayne… tingle on Garth.

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17 Responses

  1. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    How on track are we….I just pulled Jack out too!!! The weather this morning was my prompt!
    Sounds like a barnapalooza for you…how did Herr like it??
    We will have to do it again, next time, it was fun!

  2. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Hey, where is the guest room in your fantasy barn? I wanna come visit you in your fabulous farmy fairyland! :) I LOVE Jack. He’s so cute. I’m sure he’s glad to be out in the fresh fall air. :)

  3. The fabulous jenny b harris allegedly said:

    Yay Fall… bring it on!

  4. The fabulous Laura allegedly said:

    OMG. “Tingle on, Wayne. Tingle on, Garth.”

    You are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs.

  5. The fabulous Kathi D allegedly said:

    To put the last first, don’t you mean Just Jack!! instead of Just Jack?

    Also, I believe we could be barnmates, because your standards are perfectly reasonable.

  6. The fabulous mARY lOU wEIDMAN allegedly said:

    Your blog today proves why Fall is my most favorite time of the year-inspiration and color and vintage- thanks for everything all in one- I wish you were my neighbor

  7. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    Oh my, it looks so pretty. I want fun places to go shopping, and then some yummy food and coffee. Its raining here. DID YOU HEAR ME ITS RAINING!!!

  8. The fabulous the Olive Kat allegedly said:

    Hello! It was great to meet you, and thank you for the kind words, I love your blog! Hope to see you again soon-matt and veronica

  9. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    It was so good to see you, and I even got to meet your husband, pretty cool! You’re so sweet with compliments on the bread, and I do LOVE to get people addicted to it. I put a little chemical in it, like cigarettes have you know, that make people want it again lol. Actually it’s called….BUTTER! Anyway, it was great to see you, and I’m so glad you stopped to visit. I do love to visit, the most fun thing at shows! I will probably be down in Astoria a little more often once that Costco get’s finished, which I think is very smart of Costco to build so close. Guess I better finish so there is still room on your blog for someone else to get a word in lol. Karen

  10. The fabulous Amber allegedly said:

    I love reading your blog. I always end up smiling by the end of my read. *sigh* I wish fall weather would start here. We’re still in 85+ weather :( Where are all my pretty fall colors??!! LOL Love the barn picts, really beautiful. Can i go next time? lol

  11. The fabulous jaybird allegedly said:

    i love those pumpkins in you first pic.. and your “spa slash bathroom” ..i’d come over to visit! {and i so thought i’d never be a barn person.. but oh how things change!}

  12. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    No. Jack is an old friend. Not a rerun. It is fun to get out holiday things that bring good memories. Love that. Loved that beehive too! That barn is so darn amazing. Makes a fun tradition to visit it every year. I love owls. Have to visit that one.

  13. The fabulous jen duncan allegedly said:

    What a fun day! What a gorgeous place!
    “Oh beeHIVE”. I loves me my Nanny McPhee. ;-)

  14. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    You’re hysterical! Just give hubby a ringy-dingy — I’m sure he’ll buy that barn for us. Pee-lenty of room for everyone!!!

  15. The fabulous Candace allegedly said:

    OMG - my last trip to BG was about 1975 - we all went to a wonderful outdoor restaurant - how we ever got home to Seattle after (much) food and drink I’ll never know - those were the days! Now I want, I want, I want, I MUST go back - oh, Monica, you’ve tweaked my barn-loving, fall yearnings girl! What a fabulous place!

  16. The fabulous robin-bird allegedly said:

    i’ll be dag nabbed! i didn’t even know you were there. we must of passed each other in the haystack or something!

  17. The fabulous Gwyn allegedly said:

    What beautiful photographs! Your eye for lovely things is exquisite! Thank you for sharing! I warmly invite you to visit me at my blog anytime. Hugs, Gwyn :)

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