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Special Delivery

September 3rd, 2009

I’ve been entrusted to carry out a top secret mission.  I’m like Agent 99.   I’m armed with a shoe phone and craft supplies.  My mission is to make some very special boys and girls know the world is their friend.   Actually, I’m more like Agent 40… if one were to count my secret counterparts.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

Boy goodies.  Irony that I would be sexist. As kid I had dozens of Hot Wheels - and one crappy poser Barbie.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

Girl goodies.  I’m enjoying my girlyside now at 40mumblemumble - I got a dolly for me too.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

A stylist I am not.   Unless Wes Craven or Rob Zombie is hiring. Must learn to edit… like moving the scissors out of an inappropriate position.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

Maybe Courtney Love or Amy Winehouse needs a stylist/photog?  ‘Cause I can do those sidewalk shots.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

All packed up and ready to go…
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

where they end up… nobody knows. For now.
Special Delivery (Super Secret Project)

Idaho? Iowa? Indiana?  Is it worth trying to bribe me of info??? YES, it is. I’ll have instructions to make the bags when I get to spill the beans (when “Max” gives the ok). Happy Labor Day!

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36 Responses

  1. The fabulous rachel allegedly said:


    the suspense is killing me.

  2. The fabulous jaybird allegedly said:

    is there anything you don’t do? really??

  3. The fabulous Kim Walus allegedly said:

    What a great idea and every kids gonna LOVE it!! Big kid or small kid! I can’t wait to hear where the goodie bags are going.

  4. The fabulous badlandsquilts allegedly said:

    oooooo, I know… i bet this is a side mission to your favorite four letter acronym!!!! SOOO CUTE! You ROCK!

  5. The fabulous Natalie allegedly said:

    You are an Angel Agent… secretly spreading goodness and joy!

  6. The fabulous Carrie S. allegedly said:

    You are so lucky. I always wanted to be Agent 99. That’s where this was going, right?

  7. The fabulous Kathi D allegedly said:

    Oh! They are just as precious as can be!!!

  8. The fabulous Sivje Parish allegedly said:

    Neato! They remind me of the Operation Christmas Child boxes we do at Christmas. They are so fun to put together. But I LOVE your little tote bags. Darling! I know that who ever the little children are, they will love their goody bags. You are a sweetheart.

  9. The fabulous Kristin L allegedly said:

    A friend of my sister’s actually dated one of the White Zombies. He was her date at our wedding. Totally fun bags — they’d make great birthday presents too.

  10. The fabulous IBOL Guy allegedly said:

    Great. Now I’m a four-letter word.

  11. The fabulous Michele allegedly said:

    Your bags are so adorable! I was a lucky agent too. My kind of fun!

  12. The fabulous Nanci allegedly said:

    I too was a secret agent and had a ball putting things together. They are going to love all your bundles. It will be a bright day in an otherwise not so bright world for them all.

  13. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    Oooooo, I just love Get Smart!! I can just see you walking through all those doors and descending in the phone booth elevator. Will we get to do that too when you do the reveal?? Huh? I just love the little packets. Tell Max to hurry up and give the order.

  14. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    The bags are adorable! You must have had a great time working on them. Too cute!

  15. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Oooooh a mystery! Lovely, lovely bags Ms. Zombie. Are they goin’ to the compound?

  16. The fabulous Mary Ann/Ca allegedly said:

    I am so jealous! I got back to late and all the spots were full. Looks like you had fun and the kids sure will.

  17. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    Adorable! You do cute so well. Love your new Leave a Comment page. How do you do such cute things to your blog? Are you also a secret IT agent, as well?

  18. The fabulous Carolyn Parker allegedly said:

    Beyond precious. And Monica, you are a stylist!! Your blog gives me the joy the recipients will feel.

  19. The fabulous angelina allegedly said:

    My agent number is so long that some of my colleagues just call me “Agent Numbers”, pretty slick, huh?

  20. The fabulous anina allegedly said:

    So cute!!!!

  21. The fabulous Mom Wald allegedly said:

    Kudos to you for doing so much for the kiddos, BRAVO!

  22. The fabulous Agent 51 :) allegedly said:

    AWESOME! They’re so cute, the kids will love them!

  23. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Oh my gosh, these are sooooooooo adorable. I’d like one with a dolly inside, please.

  24. The fabulous AwtemNymf allegedly said:

    What a sweetheart you are! This reminds me of Operation ShoeBox at Christmas time!
    You go girl!

  25. The fabulous Linzee allegedly said:

    Those bags are wonderful–love the striped handles. I’m going to be interested to see where they go…all those “I” states you suggested…hmm…Make sure to keep the Cone of Silence down til you can tell!

  26. The fabulous Erin allegedly said:

    Those bags make me smile. I can’t wait to see the “how-to” for them. DD has a kindergarten class of 13. I could do those for Christmas gifts.

  27. The fabulous kern allegedly said:

    Great bags-how do you have time to do all this? I took the prosaic route: socks, underwear, tshirts-well, and some matchbox cars and pencil sets etc.

    I *love* that these are going right to the kids. I wish I could bring them home!

  28. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Well, I like the bags, scissors, crayons, and candies, but those dolls freak me out a little. I do love packing stuff like that. We pack Christmas shoeboxes at church and it’s always fun finding stuff to go into them. One year I found little leather tennis shoes for a dollar at Target! I bought like 10 pairs! I love those kinds of bargains!

  29. The fabulous Maribel allegedly said:

    Too cute! What a great idea.

  30. The fabulous beth allegedly said:

    what lucky little boys and girls! these bags are great! good job!

  31. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    Superincredibledarlingishis. What little girl and boy wouldn’t love those. I can imagine those little children will be so happy. You never amaze me with your things you do for others.

  32. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    I didn’t mean never but never cease. Sheesh.

  33. The fabulous Angie/sweetbabies00 allegedly said:

    I love these and my 6 year old daughter thought they were great! What bag pattern did you use? I want to make some to give too. Great Job!

  34. The fabulous Ricki allegedly said:

    Beautiful! As always :)

  35. The fabulous Sweet Cottage Dreams allegedly said:

    …makes me think of edward scissor hands….lol - cute post.

  36. The fabulous Eileen allegedly said:

    you crack me up!!

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