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Kick app toys

September 8th, 2009

I love my iPhone
I love my toys

I love my hamburgers,
I love them animalized
iPhone fun with ColorSplash app
I love my fries,
Dipped in mayo
I hear my arteries cry,
I don’t listen to what they say-o
iPhone fun with ColorSplash app
I suck at poems,
I suck at rhymes…
This here post should be a crime.

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29 Responses

  1. The fabulous Denise allegedly said:


  2. The fabulous jenny b harris allegedly said:

    Hey thanks for making me snort coffee out my nose!

  3. The fabulous Deb Silva allegedly said:

    I love mayo with fries too. YUM

  4. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    Okay, so when I saw this was an app post, I had to tell you that because of you I looked for a restroom app and found Sit or Squat. It was free in the app store and believe me oh so handy. Now I just have to check out the other app, sounds like fun. Those burgers look great! By the way, try fries dipped in a chocolate milkshake, mmmm, mmmm good! Salty and sweet all rolled into one!

  5. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    In ‘n Out
    makes me shout;
    Burgers sizzlin’
    have got me gigglin’,
    but the thought of those pies
    has tears falling from my eyes.

    Your poem was de bomb ~
    DS has such a cool Mom!

  6. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    Mayo with fries - YUM!! You know its a Canadian thing right?

  7. The fabulous Mary on Lake Pulaski allegedly said:

    So funny!!

  8. The fabulous Kim Walus allegedly said:

    I love it anyway! The pictures are gorgeous as always!

  9. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    And you probably did the pics from your iphone, too! I have a blackjack2, I do love it, but it’s not as cool as yours. I like being able to go on the internet and check my email away from home. I had visions of something I love, Roake’s footlong coney dogs, for lunch today, but guess what? I was in your neighborhood at Costco today getting stuff for a baking day on Friday. I’m doing the Vintage Gathering on Saturday, haven’t checked the weather report, but I can visit in ANY weather lol.

  10. The fabulous jaybird allegedly said:

    blogging writers block? …you did succeed in making me want to go get fast food french fries.. which is so never do.

  11. The fabulous Jodi allegedly said:

    shakes with fries baby! Chocolate. mmmm.

  12. The fabulous Kathi D allegedly said:

    Ohhhhhhhhh I am so wanting an In n Out burger and fries now. Hmmmm. I have one about 2 miles away. I’m pretty sure it’s open all night. Should I?

  13. The fabulous Sivje Parish allegedly said:

    OOOOH! I love In-n-Out!! And yes, open all night! WOOHOO!

  14. The fabulous Lisa allegedly said:

    Zombie, I’m going to be humming this little ditty all night long! Just wish I knew what it meant (Animalized hamburgers? Whaaaa?). Ah, the mystery that is you….

  15. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Where is your Five Guys burger and fries? I liked your poem very much. I liked your pictures very much. Now, I’m hungry for a burger and it’s only 5:30 a.m.!

  16. The fabulous Kathy allegedly said:

    I love rhymes, especially funny ones. This one’s a hoot!

  17. The fabulous brandy allegedly said:


  18. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Clearly all that may-o is going to your brain-o. I’m with Jodi-o — you’re missing the boat-o — dip those fries in a shake-o. Sweet and Salty-o — it’s the only way-o.
    Now I’m sick-o.

  19. The fabulous Erin allegedly said:

    You rhyme much better then I do. =) I personally like my fries dipped in a Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty. Yum … sweet and salty.

    THANK YOU for the comment you left on my blog yesterday. I just posted an ushy-gushy post about it if you care to look. LOL

  20. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    You so don’t suck at poems. Very funny, although the fries in mayo sounds terrible. I’m a sweet and sour sauce girl. :)

  21. The fabulous anina allegedly said:

    No, you’re a wonderful poet!

  22. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    Silly girl!!

  23. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    You did know about Barn House having their last sale of the year, right? Just checkin’! Same day, same area. Karen

  24. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Ummmm, if you go on Sunday, you’ll be a day late! It’s on Saturday, hope you feel better and make it.

  25. The fabulous Elizabeth allegedly said:

    I like a girl who says it like it is! Pure poetry! Please let me know when I can post (you know what) I can’t wait for the magazine! E

  26. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    So witty, so clever…and I appreciate you not showing mayo or the animalization of anything.
    What’s wrong with ketchup??

  27. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    NO fair taunting me with your burger and fries when I can’t get either in the Land of Enchantment:( Also - do you like fry sauce? Mayo and ketchup mixed and I tell ya it’s like buttah.

  28. The fabulous Sweet Cottage Dreams allegedly said:

    sca-reeeming goodness to the maxoid is a chocolate shake with salty fries from wendy’s…..as i pinch my side..is there more room for a treat? tee hee..always!


  29. The fabulous DivaMom allegedly said:

    French fries with mayo–YAY!!! That is how I always eat them.

    French fries with choco shakes–also good. Wendy’s is now making a big deal of showing a kid dipping fries into their Frosties–very, very good!

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