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"Make Something" Archive

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I’m tickled pink to be in another issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issue. I do so love the 100 Blocks issues - and love being a part of it.   I also love, love, love the mug Quiltmaker gave to all the contributors (we each have our block on it).   My mug + coffee mug = mugshot.  I really shouldn’t be left unsupervised with Photoshop.
Mugshot of a mug shot

My block is called Snow Happy Home (block #115). Crazy cute name, eh - Quiltmaker was the genius behind that.   I got to use my Holiday Happy fabric - and that was a  HUGE THRILL for me.  The yellow dot is from Lecien’s Color Basics collection.  So buttery, so yummy.
Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks vol. 2

Quiltmaker has all sorts of celebratory goodness goin’ on - so be sure to check out their 100 Blocks Blog Tour with all the other blockmakers.

Want a chance to win an issue? Leave me a comment on this post by 5:00 pm PST on Sunday, 14 Nov 2010. I would love to know what everyone’s all time favorite block is (because I’m Mrs. Kravitz-ishy like that).  I’ll random.org TWO winners - one person will receive an issue from Quiltmaker, and one person will receive one from me.

[Contest is now closed]

WINNERS UPDATE - Congrats to the winners! Random.org picked #83mean sarah jean” and #207 “Linda (Petey)”.

Are you sitting?

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

gnoma claus
Sit down.
Sit down.
I don’t want to be responsible if something happens to you when you look at what I’m going to show you.  And if something does happen to you and you need medical attention… please send the bill to Jenny.  It’s all her fault.

Do not EVEN think about the holidays until you see this: inspired ideas

You are now free to craft about the country.

Tiny Treats

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Trick-or-Treat… smell my sewing machine feet.
Tiny Totes

Make some Tiny Treats bags from my pattern in the Fall 2010 issue of Quilts & More.   I have two projects in this issue - one is my Tiny Treats bags project, and the other is my Dressed to Impress organizer quilt project (kit available at the Fat Quarter Shop).  But there’s more… MUCH MORE. 
Quilts & More - Fall 2010

I love this Halloween fabric.  LOVE IT.  So bold, graphic and clean.
Tiny Totes

I’m hording my wee little scraps of Boo Boo Bears by RJR Fabrics left-over from the project.
Tiny Totes

No pets allowed in my sewing room… but one rare occasions I allow the villagers in and let then think they’ve snuck in (and can’t be seen).
Tiny Totes

This fabric made my heart skip a beat!  Confections by Caleb Gray for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
Tiny Totes

I had no choice but to lick the fabric.
Tiny Totes

Can’t stop.  More bags in in the works.  Instead of ribbon, I’m using 3″ strips of fabrics (double folded inward/finished at ¾” and edge stitched - same method as my Poochie Bag’s straps).

Tiny Totes

I love mixing and matching Elizabeth’s darling new Red Rose Farm line with P&B Textiles.  I’m making some Tiny Treat bags for Elizabeth’s Market booth - and since I’m not done sewing them… they’ll have to wait to be seen at Market!
Tiny Totes

My Lecien fabric-sister - Rosalie Quinlan and her newest line of Sweet Broderie.  I’m going to send these off to Lecien’s Market booth - IF I have the will power to let them go once I’m done sewing them all up.
Tiny Totes

I am so in love with this fabric! It sings to both my loves of vintage and modern fabrics. Sing-out-loud sing… like Aretha Franklin beltin’ one out.
Tiny Totes

Thinking up what goodies would be good in the Tiny Treats bags is next!

PS… Emma Thomsen is hosting a give-away on her blog - a 12 fat quarter bundle of my Holiday Happy fabric.  HURRY… her give-away ends soon!

Lawn chairs, UPS men and quilts. Oh my.

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I love, love, love those plastic webbed lawn chairs. Even that creaking aluminum sound they make, I love. When I was a kid, we belonged to the Orinda Park Pool - every day of our summers were spent here.  My mom and her friends had super cool low-rider lawn chairs, and would sit in the sun and play gin rummy and bridge on the lawn.  This was in the pre-melanoma and pre-mom’s-had-to-go-to-work era.  Priceless childhood memories.   (in the “1960’s Stingers” [color] photo… that’s me, 4th on the left in the front - the one fiddling with her bathing cap - twas the height of the Pixie cut era!)

Oh for the love of lawn chairs, quilts and Moda… I have a Lawn Chair quilt tutorial at the Moda Bakeshop.  One Jelly Roll of MoMo’s It’s a Hoot (I’m so madly in love with this line!!!) and two Jelly Rolls of Moda Bella solids will make TWO 48″ x 75″ lap size quilts (or one 75″ x 96″ quilt).
Lawn Chair/UPS quilts

I started playing around with a Honey Bun (1½” wide strips roll) of Urban Chick’s Sweet (one of my all time fave lines… along with Swell… hoping the Urban Chicks are working on a Savory for me next!!) - and putting the solid in the center.
Lawn Chair/UPS quilts

I’m still in playing mode (which is one of my favorite modes) - and adjustments in the measurements have to be made for the 1½” striping - cutting the 3-piece units into 3½” x 3½”, 3½” x 6½” and 2″ x 3½ units.  I don’t know yet what I’m going to make… or what my finished size will be… I’ll probably figure it all out (and post it) when I finish what I started next week month year.
Lawn Chair/UPS quilts

I secretly refer to the Lawn Chair quilt as the UPS quilt.   Last July, during a freak NW Oregon heat spell - Violet made a tweet the about the heat and her UPS man JUST as I had finished making the Lawn Chair quilts.  I will forever think of Violet (and Melissa too!) and a hunky hot UPS man when I think of this quilt.
Violet's and my Twitter convo

[/barry white music]

To Market, To Market… via Norway

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

One last Olympic/Vancouverage mention. TWO actually. First… I can’t thank everyone enough for all the kind and enthusiastic comments on my Vancouver post!  I wanted to email everyone back and thank them, but I messed up my in-box juggling between my laptop and my desktop (a common occurrence in my little corner of chaos).  A special thank you to my Canadian commenters… THANK YOU and I was so deeply touched!

Second.  Did anyone else drink the Curling Kool-aid?   I went nuts over it.   NUTS I tell you… NUTS!  I even found myself shouting “hard hard hard hard…” as I was Swiffering my kitchen the other day.   There’s just something about curling that appeals to me so much.

1. There’s strategy (though I prefer strategery).
2. There’s skill and teamwork involved.
3. You get to play with friends and chit-chat while playing.
4. You get to yell things like “hard, hard, hard, hard…”.
5. Dazzling team uniforms!!!

I got swept up in the Norwegian Men’s Curling team pants… The Pants. Who knew obnoxious golf pants could be cool!

Photo credit: Associated Press/Yahoo Sports

I decided I wanted a piece of the Loudmouth pie - and made a Norwegian Curling Pants Market Bag. I used my Better Homes & Gardens - Quilts and More Fall 2008 “To Market, To Market” bag pattern (page 50 if you have the issue) with a few minor modifications.
Norwegian Curling Pants Market Bag
The To Market, To Market pattern is available online free at BHG’s All People Quilt. I don’t know if you have to sign up to be a member first… but you’ll want to be a member anyway!

I used Moda’s new Minick & Simpson’s Bar Harbor layer cake “slices” to make my outer bag as well as the liner. I used some yardage from my stash for the casing and strap - which just so happened was some Minick & Simpson Prairie Paisley.  Who knew Laurie and Polly’s Americana could also be so Norwegian-ishy…  Norwegiacana…  Norde-cana.

Grab the pattern/instructions at BH&G’s All People Quilt here.
Modify the 19″ x 15″ x 5″ bag pattern instructions to make a 20″ x 16″x 5″ bag.

+-+-+-+-+-+- Modifications are in bold.-+-+-+-+-+-+
From blue polka dot, cut:
2) 3½ x 39½” strips

From tan print, cut:
2) 3½ x 41½” strips

From brown print, cut:
2) 3 x 26½” strips

From tan print, cut:
1) 3½ x 42″ strip

Outer Bag
From red print, cut:
2) 20½” squares

Follow materials needed, cutting and piecing
directions below to make two 21½” quilted bag units.

From muslin, cut:
2) 20½” squares

Follow materials needed, cutting and piecing
directions below to make two 21½” liner units.


6 RED PRINT layer cakes/10″ squares (for bag)
7 BLUE PRINT layer cakes/10″ squares (for bag)
8 TAN PRINT layer cakes/10″ squares (for bag)
10 ASSORTED PRINT layer cakes/10″ squares (for liner)
½ yard TAN PRINT
25 x 25″ BATTING (I used Warm & White)

From 6 RED PRINT layer cakes/10″ squares, cut:
24) 3½” squares

From 7 BLUE PRINT layer cakes/10″ squares, cut:
26) 3½” squares

From 8 TAN PRINT layer cakes/10″ squares, cut:
16) 3½” squares
8) 3⅞” squares - cut diagonally once
1) 4¼” square - cut diagonally twice

From ⅜ yard WHITE SOLID, cut:
16) 3½” squares
8) 3⅞” squares - cut diagonally once
1) 4¼” square - cut diagonally twice

Assemble pieces as per illustration to make outer bag unit.  Make 2.

I quilted in-the-ditch directly on to my batting (with no backing), and then trimmed off excess batting.
Norwegian Curling Pants Market Bag

8) 10″ squares
8) 10″ x 2½” strips
2) 2½ squares from left over scraps
Make 2 “9-patch” units (as per photo).
Norwegian Curling Pants Market Bag

A modification from the original pattern, I made the strap shorter so it’s “invisible” and tucked in quietly inside the casing. Just enough room from grabbing as you fill your bag.
Norwegian Curling Pants Market Bag
Uff da!

I made something. Really.

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I’ve been having so much fun lately - talking my Rock-star friend Tammy into having the best ever lunch with me (and she said YES!), or hanging out on my twitter (how else would I know what Super-woman Camille plans on wearing at Market), or my daily yimmer yammers with Super-star PamKittyMorning…. that I actually MADE SOMETHING.

I did.
I made something.
A little Valentine-ish “Choc-O-Cherry” table runner for the Moda Bake Shop.

One pack of Turnovers is all you need to make the runner. And in the blink of an eye, a bee flew up my butt - and I started thinking about what could be done with more turnovers. So I whipped out my trusty and magical Adobe sewing machine - and I went right to work.

Two packages of Turnovers = 4 x 5 block grid, 32″ x 40″ finished quilt.
Choc-O-Cherry 32x40

Three packages of Turnovers = 5 x 6 block grid, 40″ x 48″ finished quilt.
Choc-O-Cherry 40x48

Seven packages of Turnovers = 7 x 10 block grid, 56″ x 80″ finished quilt.
Choc-O-Cherry 56x80

Ahh… if only it was as fast to make projects on a real sewing machine as it is in Photoshop. Just thinking about ALT + Click + Drag on some fabric… and POOF, I just doubled my inventory. Tripled. Quadrupled! I’d have a Costco sized stash before I knew it.

Re-use, Re-cycle & Re-project

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

December 8th… how did that happen? So here’s the thing. I was going to do a tutorial for a fun little holiday project. I even got the PDF template made. No, seriously. And then all of a sudden… it’s December 8th.

So as if by design and being organized… I’m totally prepared now for Christmas 2010 (mmm hmm). So in the spirit of re-gifting… I’m re-projecting.  Re-project Runway.  Something fun to put under your Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush or Festivas pole. Or in my case - since Kohl’s shipped me the wrong tree… something for under my old skinny tree (aka MaryKate-mas tree).

Re-project from 2008 - Pennie Pockets:

I’ll do just about anything to create an opportunity for some ding-dong-ditchin’… and that’s how the Pennie Pockets came to be.   A crime craft of opportunity. Two versions/two ways to make the Pennie Pockets - a PDF on my blog, or a tutorial version at the Moda Bake Shop using Layer Cakes. You should see what my pal Thimbleanna made!
Pennie Pockets - Little pennant pockets of happiness

Re-project from 2007 - Jingle Jolly Table Runner:
I’m a charms nut. Love, love, love charms… so I got my jollies making this little table runner.  The little Jingle Jolly finishes at 16” x 40”.  The PDF pattern and the Post of Christmas Past can be found here.
Jingle Jolly Table Runner
I hope you enjoy (or re-enjoy). Happy Re-holidays!

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks - Sew Happy Together

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks - Alt coverThere’s only one thing more fun then being in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issue… and that’s being featured with lots of friends and rock-star quilters - and I’m so honored to be amongst them!   I kind of fudged a little… I’m using the alternate cover image that features Camille, Laurie, Elizabeth, Pat, Pam and me AND ME!

You can follow along on the 100 Blocks Blog Tour, and even have a chance to win prizes and an issue. Tomorrow (9/13) is my day on the tour, so leave me a comment - and for jollies tell me your favorite 2-color combo. Or tell me whatcha makin’ for dinner.  I’ll draw a name from all the entries posted by 12:01am PST Nov. 14th, 2009 (that’s right, mmmm-hmmmm… I’m not messin’ around with Friday the 13th), and the winner will be sent a copy from the nice folks at Quiltmaker.  It’ll be so fresh off the press you’ll be able to sniff it like a ditto.

Is it a coincidence that Pam’s block (#90) and my block (#89) use the same fabrics (Sweet, by our pals the Urban Chicks)? Is it a coincidence that Pam’s block and my block are great companion blocks and look Sew Happy Together?
Around the Rosie aka Ring Around the Zombie

Only time will tell.  It’s very possible we’ve been cookin’ somethin’ up.
It’s possible.
Sew Happy Together
Howard Marcus’ Collection for a Cause Collections for a Cause - Legacy by Moda

Itty bitty fun

Friday, October 16th, 2009

I had so much fun with making my Poochie Bag pattern… I decided I’d make some Itty Bitty Poochie Bags too.  Pee wee fun size bags.
Itty Bitty Poochie Bags

Itty bitty Trick-or-Treat bags filled with treats.  H’ween fabric used is from my stash cupboard - it must be 5+ years old and I have no idea who/what it is.
Itty Bitty Poochie Bags

Originally I was going to call them Poochie Bagettes… but my mind thinks in food - and it looked like “baguette” - and all I wanted to do was stuff the bags with feta, basil, balsamic vinegar and tomato slices.  Thanks to Jenny for helping me with the name.  Messy food crisis averted.
Itty Bitty Poochie Bags

While I was sewing my Itty Bitty’s… I had a visitor just outside my window.  This is Frank.

Frank alerted Frosty and Heidi that I was on to them.
Frosty, Heidi and Frank

Side-show over, back to sewing.  Giving the Itty Bitty’s some “pooch” is easy.  Just pin up the bottom corners - and tack with a few hidden stitches.
Itty Bitty Poochie Bags

Ready to be filled. And not just for kids! The Itty Bitty’s interior measures at about 4½” square (4″comfortably).  What to put inside… any treat filling ideas?
Itty Bitty Poochie Bags

I have a tutorial at the Moda Bakeshop for the Itty Bitty’s.  I’ve used Moda Layer Cake sheets of American Jane’s Happy Campers and fabric ribbon to make the Itty Bitty’s.  Very yummy harvesty vintageishy looking fabric - I just love it.

My favorite thing about the Itty Bitty’s… they’re the carrier for Ding-Dong-Ditch.

Edited in:
GASP! Look at Kimberly’s Itty Bitty’s! So darn cute - she’s a fabric whisperer!

Two Happy - free quilt pattern

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Baby Happy is one of two quilts from my “Two Happy” FREE pattern that I designed featuring Lecien’s  “Old New Fabric Collection 30’s” fabric collection.
Two Happy quilt pattern - freebie from meebie
One pattern. Two Quilts. One for Momma, one for Baby. This free for download pattern is available here.
Two Happy quilt pattern - freebie from meebie

Farting around with needle & thread and then blogging about it.

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