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My Winter Mo’lympics - Go Canada Go!

February 23rd, 2010

I know not everyone is as nuts about the Olympics as I am (or Laurie or Carol), so I warn you…. if 16 days of international love, peace, happiness and sports is not your thing… this is a very long post.  My sons, hubby and I are koo-koo for Olympic Cocoa Puffs.  When we learned 7 years ago that the 2010 Winter Olympics were going to be in Vancouver, BC… we said WE HAVE TO GO, whether we had event tickets or not.  Or not is how it turned out.   Seven years is not long enough for me to plan - I was too late to buy tickets.  So we just went to be there.   The world was going to be in Vancouver,  and by golly we wanted to meet the world.  Hello world.  I love you.  Vancouver 2010
Peace Arch

It was all very iffy when we were going and for how long. Lodging was one thing I was able to secure. So as it turns out, DH2’s school schedule changed. He was going, then wasn’t going… and then he was going - and that left us with leaving on Friday night and returning Saturday night. In the big picture of things, 5+ hours driving to get there is no biggie. Seriously. Live on a Hawaiian Island for six years - where a road trip means pulling out of your driveway, driving in a big circle… and ending up where you started. Roads trips like driving up to Vancouver are still very welcome - even after having left Oahu 10 years ago.
Vancouver 2010
Check Point Charlie-DudleyDoRight

Entering Canada, we were greeted with beautiful Canadian border buildings and super friendly border agents who seemed genuinely happy to have us visiting. I think I found the Nordstrom of border crossings. Beautiful British Columbia lets us know where to find Hope if we need it.
Vancouver 2010

As we get closer to Vancouver, the landscape is dotted with what’s to come… a beautiful international pot pie. Vancouver has beautiful flavor!
Vancouver 2010 Vancouver 2010

Go Canada Go on the freeway. The first one of THOUSANDS of flagged cars we’ll see.
Vancouver 2010

The freeway suddenly turns into a city street.  Poof.   Just like that.  My Californian brain can’t conceptualize that we can get anywhere without a freeway… but look… there it is, we made it to downtown Vancouver on a city STREET!   No fuss no muss… and everyone was driving so friendly.
Vancouver 2010

Along the way into downtown, I spot this condo complex. I have a thing for roof lines and pitches.  Roof-utopia.
Vancouver 2010 Vancouver 2010

Further down the street, this building reminded me of Germany.  My parents immigrated to the US from Germany via Toronto - and settled in California right before I was born.   I consider myself to be an Almost Canadian.   Go Almost Canada Go!
Vancouver 2010

Go Canada Go at the Vancouver Police Department.
Vancouver 2010

Gonad go!   Oh Canada, you’re awesome.
Vancouver 2010

Oh. All. Right.
Vancouver 2010

Vancouver’s Chinatown. OH THE COLOR!!! I cracked up at the SHARE THE ROAD signs.  I SWEAR it’s Wayne driving the ‘76 AMC Pacer and Garth riding a bike.  Hmm… Mike Meyer’s IS Canadian.  Go Wayne Go Garth Go!
Vancouver 2010

A fire station in Chinatown. I have a thing for doors too. I danno about firehouse… this screams quilt studio to me.
Vancouver 2010

This ramp ended in a road block.  But worth it.   Oh the colors colours!  Go Colour Go!
Vancouver 2010

A happy discovery… Vancouver’s Gastown District.
Vancouver 2010

Charm, pride, history… I love the Gastown District. Vancouver 2010

I think I’m going to start having a thing for awnings too.
Vancouver 2010

Million dollar (CAD and USD) view from where we parked our car. Yeeze… we could have had a picnic in our car with a view like this.
Vancouver 2010

A steam clock on Water Street.
Vancouver 2010

Crosswalk on Water Street. Go Crosswalk Go!
Vancouver 2010

In a souvenir shop, DS2 does a shout-out for our family. Oi Oi Oi Team JoJoJo and Team OmiItoMarco!
Vancouver 2010

My do-something-nice opportunity. Some thug punk a-wipe turned the flag upside down into the planter. I dusted off the dirt and replaced it properly.
Vancouver 2010

I used to collect Olympic pins.  Before they were readily available like this (or on the internet).   I used to have to buy them through a broker with this thing called an envelope and this sticky thing we used to lick called a stamp.
Vancouver 2010

Go Bus Go!
Vancouver 2010

At Canada Place. More colour, colour, colour!
Vancouver 2010

The International Broadcast Centre on the left.  BOB COSTAS & STEPHEN COLBERT… I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!
Vancouver 2010

Canada Place overlooking Coal Harbour.
Vancouver 2010

The Welcome Centre at Canada Place.   Because I love typing like a Canadian… centre, harbour, colour. Downtown was peppered with volunteers - answering questions, giving directions, saying hello and welcoming visitors. What wonderful ambassadors they were to Vancouver and Canada. Thank you volunteers for making us so welcome in your home.
Vancouver 2010

The Olympic Flame in all it’s glory.  Like Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyland… it looks much bigger on tv. Much controversy about the cauldron - it’s surrounded by fencing. The fencing was moved closer before we got there, but still bah hum bug over it. I think it looks like a captured alien being interrogated. FREE THE CAULDRON!  FREE THE CAULDRON!  Go Cauldron Go!
Vancouver 2010

One of the improvements made was to set a “viewing area” atop this balcony.  Hey, let’s go up there! BTW, that’s me in the pink hoodie.  EVERYWHERE you see EVERYONE with “iPhone arm”.
Vancouver 2010

Ha. I guess we won’t be going up to the viewing balcony. Oh sure, we can wait in the queue with 20,000 of our new best friends. I think the end of the line was at the entrance of Stanley Park. Back to the chain link fence we went. But it was fun. SOOOO many people speaking so many languages and everyone was so happy and festive.   It was an amazing experience I’ll never forget.  It really did feel like the center of the world there.  I say this EVERY Olympics… I wish the world lived in the same peace of the 16 days of glory - but doin’ it 365 days a year.
Vancouver 2010

Go Canadian Doggies Go!
Vancouver 2010

“Mom. Mom… where are you going? Mom!” - I was zombian’ over to the red and aqua container. I don’t know what it was… just that it was red and aqua and it caught my eye.  Wink. Vancouver 2010

More red. And a wish list for my yard.
Vancouver 2010

On our way back to the Gastown. The sweet smells of Germany taunted us. The line was huge. HUGE.
Vancouver 2010

As we headed back to the garage, we came upon an Old Spaghetti Factory on Water Street in Gastown.  We really wanted to go, but we decided we weren’t going to come all the way up to Canada and eat at an OSF  when we can do that in our Vancouver (Washington).  BOY do I regret it.  They had beautiful outdoor seating and a huge Euro vibe about it.  I almost wept. And the weather was 100% al fresco dining weather to boot (as you can see by my Winter Spring Olympic footwear).   It was packed, the final reason we nixed it. Look at this photo I found on flickr.  Yeah.  We passed that up - but we had a consolation… we found an all you can eat sushi place and WENT.  TO.  TOWN.  We’re going back to Vancouver and we’re having dinner at OSP on Water Street.  No ifs ands or buts.
Vancouver 2010

I don’t know how it happened, but I became a Russian athlete/coach stalker - in hopes of befriending them and they’ll hand over their adorable red and white jackets/hat. Laurie has a great post about the US athletes attire at the opening ceremony.  While I love the Ralph Lauren outfits… I gasped when the Russian team walked into the stadium with the red/white swirliques on their hats and jackets.
Vancouver 2010

I see Redwork.
Vancouver 2010

I see felt.
Vancouver 2010

Team Russia is using a German car with their red swirliques.  I take this to be a sign.  Swirliques and an Audi… this should be my car.
Vancouver 2010

Why, hello Russia.
Vancouver 2010

I go to a mall about once every 2 years.  I had no choice but to visit one in Vancouver - I had to go to The Bay if my life depended on it.  But it was fruitful and worth it.  Oh so worth it.
Vancouver 2010

Coffee and dessert the Canadian way. Go Timbits Go!
Vancouver 2010

The flip side of the Peach Arch as we head back into the US. The border agent asked us the standard crossing questions. He then asked us, “Oh please don’t tell me you drove from Oregon just to spend one day in Vancouver?”   Um.  Well.   Now my brain is thinking that clearly no matter what our answer is - is that we’re gonna look like Cocoa Puffs and the next thing you know our truck is being torn apart and inspected.  I did volunteer my apples for ag surrender.   Maybe that did the trick.  Doing the right thing is always best.  Plus the last time we crossed from Victoria I smuggled a few Cuban cigars into the US and I’ve been carrying the guilt.  In case the border patrol is reading this… I just made that up about the Cuban’s.  BTW… Dear US Government: Safety and security is job one and we’re grateful for the US Border Patrol’s service and dedication.  But have you seen how pretty Canadian’s crossing is?  Our border agents look like they’re working out of 3rd world outpost and it’s not looking too welcoming to our visitors.  I think we can still kick ass and look good at the same time - just saying.
Vancouver 2010

A sure sign we’re back in the USA. Deep fired delicacies on wheels.  We are home.  And I miss Vancouver oh so much.  At least I can watch from afar via Carol’s blog and flickr.  Go Carol Go! Vancouver 2010

Thank you, Vancouver. We heart you.

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78 Responses

  1. The fabulous chilali allegedly said:

    Loved the post, great pics! Totally great! (Go Olympians Go!)

  2. The fabulous Linda B allegedly said:

    Go Canada Go. Go USA Go!! You put me to shame. I live only 5 miles from Canada, and I’m not there. Vancouver really is an international city, and a cosmopolitan one as well. Glad you had a wonderful time. The Olympics have been awsome!!!

  3. The fabulous bake and sew allegedly said:

    Thanks so much - I feel Like I have been to Vancouver now!.
    Go Canada Go

  4. The fabulous Tracey allegedly said:

    Wow looks like you had a great trip. Thank you for spelling the English way, great to see a “u” in colour!! I can’t wait for London 2012, I’m only an hour away by train!!!!

  5. The fabulous simone allegedly said:

    COOL! How fun to see these pictures. Today will be the 10 000 m ice skating men. Our turn to watch again, since it’s in the evening and not far into midnight (O:

  6. The fabulous Lissa allegedly said:

    Hey thanks for the pics Monica! I was happy to see an aussie flag there (oi oi oi)… I’ve always wanted to go to Canada, but its a shame about the neighbours….

    *Running ducking for cover*

  7. The fabulous Piecefully, Pam allegedly said:

    Thanks for the post! ; ) I ALMOST felt like I was there…

  8. The fabulous Michele allegedly said:

    Loved all the photos! Such a beautiful place! Go athletes!

  9. The fabulous Jenny allegedly said:

    wow, what a great post, feels like i made the trip with yoU!

  10. The fabulous amy ( sew~amy) allegedly said:

    WoW, what wonderful pictures. They made me teary eyed. I too LOVE the Olympics. And I think it is just awsome that you are there…ticket or not. I too agree about the “peace”.

  11. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Ahhhh, you secured some of those highly coveted mittens! Go Zombie Go!!! And whaddya mean you danno about the firehouse??? Have I taught you nothing woman??? Have you never seen Rescue Me??? Do you not know what lurks behind those beautiful firehouse doors?????

  12. The fabulous laurie allegedly said:

    Great post!! I feel like I was there with you. Even for just a day, it was worth it. When Chicago was in the running for the Olympics (2016?) I was so happy. I was imaging me saying to the hubby - “I’ll be out today - I’m going to the Olympics!” Alas, it was not to be. Thanks for going for me.

  13. The fabulous Kaye Prince allegedly said:

    This was such a lovely post! I’m Canadian (in Toronto) and it’s really so nice to read all the wonderful things you had to say about us and Vancouver. Going to Vancouver at this time would have been amazing, but it’s a no-go for a grad student like me! Were you able to get your red Olympic mittens?

    You should have seen me freaking out last night when Virtue and Moir won gold in ice dance - you’d have known I was a proud Canadian then!

  14. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    I’m so glad you had fun. Awesomely incredible pictures. Now, I’m sure you’re working on some Vancouver Olympics quilt with swirliques all over it….I can’t wait to see! :)

  15. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    The view from the visitor center was amazing! And I am so coveting those mittens even if I do live in SoCal. Your photos are so fun, maybe now I can get DH to make a road trip, I am thinking up the coast all the way.

  16. The fabulous Bridgette allegedly said:

    You are coo coo! When they were here in my home state in 2002…we left the country!
    Your little travel log has been ever so enjoyable, glad you were able to partake.

  17. The fabulous Cara allegedly said:

    I’ve been to Vancouver, when my sister went to UBC, but it’s nice to see so many cool pics from now! I wish I could have gone out, I’m so jealous of our friends who got to go for the full 2 weeks! And scored hockey tickets!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your trip.

  18. The fabulous kern allegedly said:

    Well, I was steadily getting more envious and then you pushed me over the edge. NOT FAIR to show off the Tim Horton’s.

    Thanks for taking us with you!

  19. The fabulous wishes, true and kind allegedly said:

    I love your spirit of going even without tickets — just to be there! Canada could not have had a more enthusiastic visitor. Thanks for the very entertaining travelogue.

  20. The fabulous Robyn allegedly said:

    Monica this is soooo freekin’ awesome!! Thank you. I am living vicariously …uh… olympic-cariously through you, Seriously. I am thinking of putting on a knitted hat, mittens and a scarf while sitting at my ‘puter and reading your Mo’lympics. Beautiful pictures.
    Go Monica! Go! Eh!

  21. The fabulous Sharrieboberry allegedly said:

    So, did you find THE red mittens?
    Go RED go!

  22. The fabulous Diane allegedly said:

    Thank you, Monica, for taking us along on your trip to the Vancouver Olympics. It all looks so beautiful and your eye for colours (aqua and red) made it so much more interesting than just scenery.

    Go Canada Go! Go USA Go!

  23. The fabulous Heike allegedly said:

    Thank You for sharing these pictures.
    I remember I had a haircut in Hope at Elaine’s Haircut years ago.
    And the houses You are showing, well as a German I can say: indeed they look a little bit like german houses but it has a touch of the former GDR.
    Many greetings and enjoy.

  24. The fabulous Linda Ruthie allegedly said:

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with all of us. These are the things you don’t see by watching the Olympics on TV. I loved all of it.

  25. The fabulous Sherri allegedly said:

    Thanks so much for the Olympic/Vancouver tour…love the colors…you really captured with words and pictures how it must feel to be there! I’m an Olympic Junkie and have been ever since watching Olga Korbut in the early seventies…winter-summer…I love watching! Thanks again for the fun post!

  26. The fabulous Randi allegedly said:

    What a fabulous road trip. I’m a little home sick now that I’ve seen the Timmie’s coffee & timbits! ;-0

  27. The fabulous Andrea allegedly said:

    Okay seriously, you made me cry. I LOVE my hometown Vancouver. Can’t wait to move back…soon! And I would blog about my weekend trips down the Oregon Coast! Ha! I’m so glad you enjoyed the colours and the centres and the timbits! (you need to watch Tim Horton’s tv commercials - keep a kleenex box handy, they are truly Canadian)

    I’m so glad you had a great time there, and made the effort to go. Did you make it to English Bay and Robson Street areas too? My sister is volunteering/working at the GermanHaus flipping brats and carrying jugs of beer.

  28. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    Oh it looks so wonderful!!!

  29. The fabulous Snowcatcher allegedly said:

    Thank you for taking us along with you! I wish I could go! Even if I have no tickets…

  30. The fabulous Wrennette A. allegedly said:

    I am a long time reader…first time writer…you finally hit a nerve I had to scratch. I am an Olympic fan from way back. I plan absolutely everything around the two weeks we get for the Winter and Summer Games. Dr. appointments…grocery shopping…laundry…you name it..I’m dedicated. So…your sharing your visit was a real gift…I’m serious. I very much understand going to ‘just be there’. The people, the sounds, the smells….the happiness!! To me, you were right on!!! You were ‘making memories’. So, again, ThankYou so much for sharing and creating a true sense of experience with us.

  31. The fabulous Anita allegedly said:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures. I really love the pacific northwest! Just not sure that this California girl could survive all of the rainy days…

  32. The fabulous Mego allegedly said:

    This post is freakin’ FABULOUS! I love Vancouver so much and this was a wonderful virtual field trip! I totally agree with the US border crossing…it IS OK to look good AND kick ass! I’m thinkin’ you need to send that idea to the WH.gov website…just sayin’ BACK! THANK YOU!

  33. The fabulous Camille allegedly said:

    Wow, thats a lot of Olympics. I too love the Olympics. However, I finally deleted my Olympics DVR timer last night because I was about 40 hours behind. And lets face it, its unlikely that I will ever catch up.

    Great tour of Vancouver- but wait, no JITB?? ;-)

  34. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Beautiful photos; fabulous commentary. We saw lots of events but little of Vancouver — other than masses of people downtown. You certainly made the most of your single day. I’m so glad you went!

  35. The fabulous Bren allegedly said:

    What a fun time!. . . fun, Fun FUN! Thanks for ‘taking’ us along!
    Go Monica Go!
    xo, Bren

  36. The fabulous lauri allegedly said:

    You are hilarious!!!!

  37. The fabulous Vickie allegedly said:

    Thank you so much for sharing! The pictures are great! Makes me feel like I was there, too!

  38. The fabulous KathiD allegedly said:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! You sure know how to pack a lot into a short trip! (I want funnel cakes NOW.)

    Darn those Olympics for timing themselves right when the Farmsale was on, though.

  39. The fabulous louise allegedly said:

    sp i feel like i have been there - thank you soooooooo much for that journey. funnily enough we had a friend for dinner here last night who was over from whistler (he lives to ski) i adore the mittens too.

    back to the party prep! xxx

  40. The fabulous Jodi allegedly said:

    Awesome most M! Awesome!!! It was like reading a good book, I didn’t want it to end. Thank you for the field trip. ;o)

  41. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:

    Aww - I’m from Vancouver, living in California & I just loved your blog & photo’s. What a great job you did. Really, like being there. We just returned from Mexico where we met friends from Victoria & they brought us two pair of red Olympic Mittens.

  42. The fabulous Kate allegedly said:

    you just made me so proud, I am ridiculously glad you enjoyed my hometown and country, Canada misses you!

  43. The fabulous Jen in NY allegedly said:

    That was great–felt like I was there too! I love your eye for the cute stuff! And Go-nad-go…snicker! :-)

  44. The fabulous Erica allegedly said:

    Oh My Oh! I loved this post! I have been glued to the TV for the olympics this year and I’m so happy to read this post. It felt like I got to tag along for your journey and what a fun trip it was. The German outfits are great this year, eh? And you caught a pic of one of the cars too, how very priceless that was! I want one too!!

  45. The fabulous Pat allegedly said:

    GREAT post…what FUN to be able to go there….even if only for a day and even though not able to see any of the events. Thanks for taking us along for the ride!!!

  46. The fabulous Lorrie allegedly said:

    Here I am in Victoria and I’m not even crossing on the ferry to see the Olympics. You make me feel ashamed of myself. But I am cheering from my couch.
    Seeing all the hoopla in Vancouver has made me wish we had planned a trip just for the atmosphere - I had no idea that there would be all this entertainment and the international booths.

    Thanks for being so enthusiastic about Vancouver!

    Go Canada Go! Go USA Go!


  47. The fabulous jen duncan allegedly said:

    Go zombie familia Go!
    SUPER duper post. LOVED it. Almost as good as being there. Only question; where the heck is all the snow?

  48. The fabulous AnnieO allegedly said:

    Thanks for taking us along on your Olympic Event: Picture Taking With an I-Phone. I’d award you the gold!

  49. The fabulous Sabine allegedly said:

    Thanks for all the lovely pics!! So now I have the feeling I was there, too.
    It must be amazing to stay there in real and to watch all the people from so many countries.
    Ich wünsche dir noch einen ganz tollen Tag und liebe Grüße

  50. The fabulous Mishka allegedly said:

    Thanks for the fabulous photos of Vancouver. I really enjoyed seeing it all from your eyes.

  51. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    It’s all so gorgeous!!! Can the Murrays go next time? I promise we’ll be good, we’ll even put Rosie and the pigs on leashes so they don’t get out of hand… So glad you went and had such fun! I LOVE all of your photos, and the Russian swirls! I would totally help with the stalking…we’d come home with some swirls by golly. xoxo

  52. The fabulous Cyndi allegedly said:

    Such a fun trip Monica - I feel as if I managed to get my butt off the couch, get in the car, and be all “Olympic” like.

  53. The fabulous Sheri Zaugg allegedly said:

    I’m ready to go! Great pictures.

  54. The fabulous Rebecca Woods allegedly said:

    Thank you so much for the pics. I loved seeing pictures of home. I am originally from Vancouver but have lived in Australia for 25 years. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  55. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    Great pics Monica, loved the whole journey! We are watching the games on t.v right now. Love your enthusiasm and the excitement expressed in the post.

  56. The fabulous Sandy Bovee allegedly said:

    wait a minute, did i just get home from vancouver? whoops! no, i’m at my desk
    looking at your pictures…how wonderful. thanks for taking pictures and sharing them, its as close to being there as you can get….sandy

  57. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    Oooh I’ve only been thru Vancouver. On a bus. But it was lovely. I honestly think the canadian gov’t should be contacting you to write a picture book. Go Zombie Go!

  58. The fabulous angelina allegedly said:

    So did you find Bob Costa? I’m kind of relieved that it seems you didn’t because I was scared to ask what you planned to do with him if you did find him and then I was going to have to look him up on the internet and see him for myself…instead I just asked Philip who this “Bob Costa” is that everyone’s talking about and he looked it up because he didn’t know either because neither of us likes sports and we don’t have a TV.

    So- my father is Canadian and I wish I was. Always thought I should move up there but my father refused to sponsor me because he thought it was so much better to have a US citizenship and he failed to answer my home question: if being a US citizen is so great then why didn’t he want to become one when he was married to my mother.

    Go Canada- Go!

  59. The fabulous angelina allegedly said:

    Oh, but I think the Olympics is the only sporting event in the world that holds any allure. I love (and miss watching) Olympic figure skating on television.

  60. The fabulous Julie allegedly said:

    Awesome pictures!! Looks like a great time! I love the Russian outfits too!

  61. The fabulous Lynn Einarson allegedly said:

    Isn’t this Grand! Olympics watched daily with quilty stuff. I think our Country rocked with this Olympics!
    P.S. Hello from Manitoba

  62. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    Great post! Glad you enjoyed Vancouver! It is a wonderful city, and my home … off to see the closing ceremony in a few minutes - I’m sooo excited!

  63. The fabulous Busy Little Quilter allegedly said:

    So, you love Canada, eh?

    I, do,too! I love your photos. I’ve never been to Vancouver, but my husband lived in Grande Prarie, Alberta, Canada for several years. The kids and I had the wonderful experience of visiting there for two weeks. We drove to Jasper, the Canadian Icefields, Banff. The Canadian Rockies were absolutely gorgeous. We also went to Calgary to see where the Olympics were held there.

    I’ve been watching the Olympics, too. It has made us want to go there, too. My husband misses the people and the beautiful scenery. I love the quilt shops, too. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  64. The fabulous Jokie Solorio allegedly said:


  65. The fabulous Helen Macaronni allegedly said:

    Oh you beautiful Girl. I watched the coverage of the Olympics and saw the joy and real fun that folks seemed to have in Vancouver. It seemed like Vancouver and Vancouverites were pleased and honoured that folks came to visit. Your pictures and comments are soooo fun.
    I really love your blog. You are a real talent. Thanks for all those wonderful creations in red and aqua and your funny comments. Your fan from Nova Scotia. GO HAPPY ZOMBIE GO!

  66. The fabulous tammyCA allegedly said:

    I heart the Olympics so much…especially the Winter games…and, I always get sad when they are over - like now.
    Almost went to the Salt Lake City games, had tix and all but got the call to adopt (international) and had to sell the tix. I went to the ‘84 summer games, but that’s cuz they were in my backyard - it was neat, went to track & field. The Lillihammer, Norway games made me want to be there so much…it just had such a cool vibe & the town looked so quaint. Thanks, for sharing your trip, and your funny observations/remarks - never have been to Canada but always want to.

  67. The fabulous Shawn allegedly said:

    Love all your photos and all the red, we have relatives living on Prince Edward Island, it is a beautiful country!! Thanks for sharing.

  68. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    Next best thing to being there! Happy Zombie blog!! The last pic is funny because funnel cakes are really Pennsylvania Dutch!

  69. The fabulous Cara allegedly said:

    OMG! Thanks so much Monica for sharing such a birds eye view of the Olympic venues! I felt like I was there and one of my faves was seeing a familiar friend- TIMBITS!! I was born and raised in Canada so it was nice to see this!
    Thanks again for sharing!

  70. The fabulous Sivje Parish allegedly said:

    Monica, how did I miss this post? I LOVED it! We used to live in Bellingham and when India was a baby, and would only fall asleep if we were driving, we would drive to Vancouver late at night. We saw the Peace Arch many, many times laaaatteeee at night. I love Vancouver and we seriously considered driving up for the Olympics but now it is a days drive just to get there. But I loved the visual tour. Someday we will go again.

  71. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    Whata fun and colourful trip. Loved seeing everything. It was just like being there. Did you ever find Bob???

  72. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    Yeah!!! So glad you got to go. Riff and I spent 3 days in Vancouver a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. I to love Gastown and China town and West Vancouver and the Skytram and and and…..
    I’m an Olympics freak too, but actually glad they’re over now so that I can get some SLEEP!!

  73. The fabulous Diana C. allegedly said:

    I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your trip, I absolutely love the olympics I watched all I could dreading the ending wondering “now what will i do” I love your blog anyway but really enjoyed seeing your view. I’m glad you could go since it’s way to far for me! You always crack me up keep up the great blog!

  74. The fabulous ursula allegedly said:

    What an amazing post! You made me feel like I was there. I was grinning from ear to ear reading of your adventures. I am a Canadian and thank you for your wonderful story.

    I love your blog.

  75. The fabulous angie allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness, you are so close to my house!! Whoo hoo you made it through HOPE!!lol

  76. The fabulous Theresa allegedly said:

    Hey! Thanks for enjoying my backyard! Wasn’t it fab! For all things Canadian please check out my blog for my patchwork version of the Canadian Flag. I think you will enjoy. BTW congrats with Lecien!

  77. The fabulous Krista - Poppyprint allegedly said:

    I wish I knew you last year, Monica!! So glad that you loved Vancouver (I have many photos of those same red benches downtown!). You know the picture of the view from your parkade? Well, if you look at the highest houses up the hill from the towers at the harbour, that’s where I live in North Vancouver!!! Please come back.

  78. The fabulous Kristyne allegedly said:

    I didn’t think I could like you any more than I already do … but you posted about Timbits!!! (I eat a box of 20 banana cream filled almost every week … ’splains the size of my caboose!)

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Sew Yummy!
July August 2014
Cloud9 Fabrics

Summer 2012
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happy mochi yum yum by monica solorio-snow
Spring/Summer 2011
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Holiday Happy - The Fabric
Spring 2010
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Make happy... make stuff

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