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Mimi takes a vacation - Homeward Bound!

March 31st, 2007

Hello Mum!

I’m almost home, just a few minutes now. Are you ready? I’m ready!

Say… these guys are cute! Excuse me a second Mum, my nice rescuers are tying to communicate with me…

[Lunch? Do I have plans? Why, no… I have no plans or anything pressing. I’m available for lunch. Let’s go!]

Um, Mum… seems like my nice rescuers received an *emergency call* at Fort George. I’ll be home sorta soon!

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Mimi takes a vacation - Astoria Detour!

March 28th, 2007

Dear Mum… Just a quick note. I was on my way up the hill from the bus station, when ooops… OH $h1t! I’m sure I’ll be rescued very soon. In the mean time - my new friend Anderson is keeping me company while we wait for the Coast Guard to rescue us.

Special thanks to my friend Kathleen for snapping this incredible photo and allowing me to use it. If you want to see Kathleen’s other amazing photos, check our her flickr and blog. Give yourself a few hours to take in her amazing talent! Thank you Kath! - Monica

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Mimi takes a vacation - Ess Eff

March 26th, 2007

All I can say is - It’s ABOUT TIME I heard from THAT GIRL. Jetting around while I sit and wait for her. Taking a deep cleansing breath and a quick Ohmmm Shamya… there, I’m somewhat better now. Anyhoo… sounds like this is Mimi’s last stop. We shall see.

Dear Mum,

This is my last stop. I promise. For real. I mean, I really couldn’t just pass through Ess Eff without seeing La Familia now could I. I took BART into Walnut Creek and Uncle Marco picked me up at the staion. Before taking me to see Omi & Ito and Auntie Kinh… we stopped at Marco’s big shot studio. Marco said he had a big surprise for me (I was secretly hoping he was going to cast me in one of his Comcast TV commercials), and the surprise was a recording gig for my own hit song! Paula, Randy, Simon… are your paying attention? What ever… I don’t need you - I have Marco. I’m my own Amimican Idol It was fun, though it wasn’t easy to sing, especially since I can’t even talk. We had fun. We laughed, we ate Top Ramen, went out for Sushi, went racing down Ygnacio… it all went too fast. Oh, and once my song is finished in production - it’s going to hit the airwaves.

Marco took me into The City so I could catch my flight to PDX. On our way to SFO, I asked Marco if it was ok for me to take a quick spin down Lombard Street. Marco encourged me to go speedy fast, so I did! Gawd, you two are SOOOO brother and sister. Two peas in a pod. Anyhoo… Little did I know EssEffPD was waiting at the bottom, and well, lets just say I charmed my way out of ticket.

This is my last email, as I’m just about to board my flight. I do hope you’ll let me go on weekend trips once I get home. I’ve really got the travel bug and want to see more - especially Berkeley… oh how I wanted Marco to take me there, but he said “another time”.

Off to PDX!

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Mimi takes a vacation - Moooooo!

March 22nd, 2007

~Whew… I was getting worried about Mimi when she didn’t show up in California for a visit with my family. Seems she took a left turn and headed east.

Hi Mum!

I was just about to hop on BART after I landed at SFO, when I suddenly heard all this chatter about Stephen Colbet and Willie Nelson feuding about some ice cream. Being the curious little minx that I am, I HAD to learn more. Turns out Stephen and Willie have their own ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s and Stephen didn’t like Willie stealing some of his thunder. Well… I had to get in on some of that ice cream action myself, and off to Vermont I went! Easy as pie, Ben & Jerry’s lets you make your own ice cream (and a little help from PhotoShop)!

Just as I was ready to leave Vermont, one of Stephen’s peeps told me he got wind of my new Ben and Jerry’s and was not too happy about it. That night on The Colbert Report - there was Stephen yapping about ME! Me… on The Word! OMG… what have I done?!?! Not wanting anyone to be upset with me… I head down to NYC. I snuck into Comedy Central and into Stephen’s dressing room.

After the show, Stephen came into his dressing room and found me. Oh you should have seen the look on his face! “I come in peace, I come in peace” I babbled. I could barely talk. Once I explained to Stephen who I was and why I was there… he started to see the true me, that I was just this little sweet thing on my way home (via the world) to live with my new mum. We talked, I told him about my travels, what my future plans were… and no sooner we were fast friends and I got a big thumbs up from my new friend Stephen! Of course I left out the part about how cute I thought Jon Stewart is… but that’s better left unsaid. Oh - and Stephen claims he “doesn’t see color”. Well, I think it’s safe to say - I’m his new aqua friend.

PS… turns out Willie Nelson was interested in meeting me too. But he soon found out my zig-zag was a “stitch”… and well, that meet-n-greet just didn’t happen.

I’m on my way to California and then up to Oregon!

Love and stitches,

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High on the crafty crack again…

March 21st, 2007

Just when I think I’ve got a grip on my current projects coming to completion, there I go blogging and see the latest rage - Grannies. I don’t know how to crochet and couldn’t read those Einsteinishy instructions to save my life, and yarn is not my medium… but then… OMG… there, on Jenny’s blog were her grannies and I just got that crafting tingle when I saw them. There’s also a big Granny Along sweeping blogland (and OMG… you SHOULD SEE the grannies being made!).

I don’t even know if I’m making the grannies correctly - but what the heck, I’m on crafty crack! I picked my colors from my IKEA lamp and pillow. At first I was shy about using red with bright pink, but both those colors are in the lampshade/pillow - and you know, they work well together. Those Swede’s know what they are doing!

So far I’m having a lot fun with this and fun to do something out of my element, but I have to say for me I’m not hooked (pun intended, HA). I’m missing my fabric already. Dear sweet cotton love.

UPDATED: Those of you trying to resist… look away. Umm. You’re still reading this. LOOK AWAY! Ok, they’re not looking. Autum sent me a link to a GREAT tute at Crochet Cabana. THERE ARE PHOTOS and words! Looking at the instructions, I see I’ve been doing THREE things wrong, most important my error when changing colors. My new enlightenment is going to make this so much easier!

I’ve also been wanting to try that ripple stitch, and am so clueless on how to. I’ve googled tutes, but it’s been all Greek to me. Autum said she found videos on YouTube. I’m going to look for them and post them. Thank you Autum!

UPDATED, again: Here is what I found on YouTube. If anyone knows of more videos, I’ll be happy to post them here!

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Mimi takes a vacation - Where’s Mimi?

March 19th, 2007

No recent news from Mimi, though I suspect she’s going to write very soon. Maybe she senses that I’ve been really busy?  I’m guessing she’s been busy herself - or she’s workin’ on something big!

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Mimi takes a vacation - Lost

March 16th, 2007

I got a text message from Mimi this morning that she was on-board Oceanic Flight 815 headed towards LAX. Funny… because I thought she was going on a UPS fligt. Very Odd. She was to have landed hours ago, but got word the plane never arrived. Just as I’m about to go into a full blown panic attact - I get an email…

Hello Mum!

Crazy, crazy day. I’m leaving Sydney for Los Angeles, when all of a sudden I’m grabbed off the UPS truck and shoved into the trunk of a car. I immediately thought I was being kidnapped by quilty gang bangers, when all of sudden there’s a big commotion and lot of arguing. Next thing I know… I’m headed on to a plane, but not a UPS plane. I’m on a fancy plane (Oceanic Airlines), seats and all. Not in cargo either! And there’s even a movie playing. And food and snacks and drinks oh my.

BANG - POP - SNAP - KABOOM - RIP - SMASH - PLOP - SIZZLE… next thing I know - I’m on a beach. My Box all busted and torn. I don’t know what happened, but there I was. On a beach. There were other people on the beach too. Everyone looked lost and confused.

I met this nice guy named Hugo. Oh and Mum… he even had that Izro hair just like you! I just KNEW he’d take good care of me. Anyhoo… Hugo said he’d help me find my way back to you. Hugo took me for many miles through a jungle and found me a secret way to get off this island. I’m not supposed to say how I got off the island, but I’ll tell you in private when I get home to you.

I couldn’t go straight from the island to the US mainland… I had a little stop-over in Honolulu. I know you lived here for many years and wanted to spend a little time in the place you love so much. I ate at all the places you loved so much… Ted’s Bakery, Masa’s, Kam Bowl for the onolicious Oxtail soup, malasadas, fried poi-mochi, spam musubi (DB’s will be so jealous) and even went to Micky D’s and had a Sprunch. I thought I’d give my try at surfing… and look Ma - no hands! Well… since I don’t have hands, I guess it’s no big deal. I’m getting closer and closer to home. I can’t wait to be in your arms, though I’ve become so fond of traveling. Do you think when I get home you’ll let me do occasional weekend travel trips?

Aloha nui loa,

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March 16th, 2007

No words can convey what delights awaited me at Target.
Except two…

Aqua. Peeps.

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Mimi takes a vacation - G’Day Mum!

March 15th, 2007

Whoo-hooo… an email from Mimi! Now I’m really pumped - as she’s visited her brother and his family on the New South Wales coast.

G’Day Mum,

I’m now in Sydney, Australia. So much to see, so much to do, so little time. It was a long trip here and those pesky OZ customs workers had to check my Box, inside and out. Not to mention they undressed me and checked all my parts. As least one of the men had nice warm hands (and made my bobbin tingle). I know this happens to you every time you mail a package here (the inspection, not the tingle), I just didn’t think it would happen to me. Your name must be flagged on some hot-list here.

Anyhoo… I went to see my dear brother and his wonderful family. We had a great time and DB told me I was going to be in for a wild ride once I got home to you in Oregon (I hope that’s not code for “I’ll be working my popo off”). Oh, and DB wanted to know why you didn’t send any Spam Musubi in The Box with me - and says yours is the best ever!

After much laughing and hugging (and DB’s killer meatloaf), we went to the Sydney Opera House and tooted around the harbour. One guy in a sailboat asked me if I’d hop on board and help him fix his torn sail, but told him I was saving myself for you. I know, you can thank me later.

I asked if we could go to IKEA in Sydney, but on the way there… I got swept up in a huge peace piece march. It was fun, loud and very passionate. I can’t tell you how many times I got tripped over, but I’m ok… no scratches or smudges. This one nice mate said I could be Rosey Ruiz (whoever that is) and be at the front of the march. I’m just minding my own business when all of a sudden there’s trouble… police, tear gas, zip ties… and the next thing I know - I’m in the slammer.

I pretended to be starving (I have to admit, I was looking rather thin after all that marching), and asked my nice guard if I could have a meat pie. When he left to get it (and forgot to close my cell door)… I made a dash for it and skedaddled outa there, fast! Not to worry, I have no police record. I told them my name was Pipi Von Aquapüff - a German diplomat on a top secret mission by order of the German and Australian governments.

Just outside of the jail, a hot OZ UPS driver (another hot UPS guy in shorts!) scooped me up and put me back in The Box and said it was time to head east across the Pacific. Where am I heading to next??? 


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Mimi takes a vacation - Viva La France

March 14th, 2007

I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for Mimi’s correspondence. Worrying and wondering, fretting over her safety and possible STD’s. I can breathe a sigh of relief, I think.

My dear Mum,

I’m sorry I made you worry about my little sojourn in Amsterdam. You’ll be happy to know that as I was leaving the cafe with Deiter - my UPS man saw me and whisked me away to safety and back into The Box I went. The hot UPS guy (in his cute shorts no less) suggested I see another side of what the world has to offer and sent me to some lovely museums in Paris. I did go to some flea markets in Paris and seeing all the beautiful fabrics really knocked my presser foot off. Oh Mum, I wanted to buy them all for you… but there’s no room in The Box (even less room now after all the delicious food I ate in Paris). We’ll just have to come back together, k.

After my time in Paris, I needed a little sun and surf, so I headed down to the French Rivera. Here I am in Saint Tropez on a “bathing-suit optional” beach getting a little sun (and fun, moo ahh haa ha). Oh, and can you please tell Auntie E that I took her advise to get some sunscreen - thanks Auntie E… as you can see I needed it ALL OVER me (no tan lines for moi ;)!

I hope you are more relaxed about my vacation. I’m trying my best to behave! I think I’m off to a new continent next. I picked up an iBook so now I can read your blog as I travel (it gives me something to do while I’m in The Box). Can you please thank all your wonderful friends for their great comments and travel suggestions? I hope they keep the suggestions coming! Thanks!

With love,

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