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Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I’m tickled pink to be in another issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issue. I do so love the 100 Blocks issues - and love being a part of it.   I also love, love, love the mug Quiltmaker gave to all the contributors (we each have our block on it).   My mug + coffee mug = mugshot.  I really shouldn’t be left unsupervised with Photoshop.
Mugshot of a mug shot

My block is called Snow Happy Home (block #115). Crazy cute name, eh - Quiltmaker was the genius behind that.   I got to use my Holiday Happy fabric - and that was a  HUGE THRILL for me.  The yellow dot is from Lecien’s Color Basics collection.  So buttery, so yummy.
Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks vol. 2

Quiltmaker has all sorts of celebratory goodness goin’ on - so be sure to check out their 100 Blocks Blog Tour with all the other blockmakers.

Want a chance to win an issue? Leave me a comment on this post by 5:00 pm PST on Sunday, 14 Nov 2010. I would love to know what everyone’s all time favorite block is (because I’m Mrs. Kravitz-ishy like that).  I’ll random.org TWO winners - one person will receive an issue from Quiltmaker, and one person will receive one from me.

[Contest is now closed]

WINNERS UPDATE - Congrats to the winners! Random.org picked #83mean sarah jean” and #207 “Linda (Petey)”.

I laughed so hard I craft’d my pants

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Recently I was asked if I’d like to have a copy of/and review Amy Sedaris’ new book Simple Times - Crafting for poor people.  I jumped at the chance, JUMPED  [whispering] And it was already on my shopping list.  Score! [/end whispering].  I love, love, love Amy Sedaris and I think she is HILARIOUS.  Here’s a YouTube clip of Amy on a recent Martha visit.
Simple Times - Crafts for poor people by Amy Sedaris

As soon as Simple Times came, I thought I’d do a quick thumb through… only to have gotten sucked in and I couldn’t put it down. There’s even some recipes in the book. Not that I know how to use that big box thing in my kitchen that gets hot - but there’s no way I can resist a recipe that’s called My Plumbers Cheesecake.  Simple Times - Crafts for poor people by Amy Sedaris

I’m too chicken to show the Crafty Candle Salad recipe (a banana, a smidgen of mayo, a cherry…), but I can show the Mexican Sugar Skulls recipe - which I want to make yesterday.
Simple Times - Crafts for poor people by Amy Sedaris

The section on Safety Meeting is something I need to make myself get in tune with.
Simple Times - Crafts for poor people by Amy Sedaris

Especially after Jana’s pin incident.  The book says there may be tragic results… but Amy has yet to meet Lizzy.
Simple Times - Crafts for poor people by Amy Sedaris

This killed me: “KILLING JAR - Instructions: The easiest way to kill your butterflies is to use a killing jar. Simply soak… yada yada yada… blah blah blah… A label on the the jar make the whole thing cuter”. Yay… just like Dexter… he’s so darn cute when he follows The Code.  And then there’s the how to make a roach clip with a crab claw - it had me roaring. This is NOT your momma’s crafting book from the 80’s. Now I’m having a fantasy Carol Duval making crab claw roach clips with Gary Collins in my head. Dude. Carol. Dude. Gary. Sweet.

The Healing Power of Crafting… clearly my medicine cabinet needs restocking! Out with the OTC, in with the fat quarters and ric-rac.
Simple Times - Crafts for poor people by Amy Sedaris

The only downside to this book is that you shouldn’t read it alone - I wanted to read it out loud to my friends. Especially the chapter on, ummm… Ya. That. Again… NOT your momma’s crafting book.
Simple Times - Crafts for poor people by Amy Sedaris

OMG… so naughty and so funny. Charlie Sheen would blush.

Are you sitting?

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

gnoma claus
Sit down.
Sit down.
I don’t want to be responsible if something happens to you when you look at what I’m going to show you.  And if something does happen to you and you need medical attention… please send the bill to Jenny.  It’s all her fault.

Do not EVEN think about the holidays until you see this: inspired ideas

You are now free to craft about the country.

Quilt Market (part 1 & 2)

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Fall Quilt Market was a whirlwind speed event. My market-mate and bestie Mo and I had only one full day at market, so we had to speed through it. Speeeeeeeed through it. We got in a lot… but also missed stuff too. I was armed with my iPhone camera, and Mo was armed with my other camera… between us both I hope we got it all covered.

Off to Quilt Market… I left the house somewhere between 0′dark thirty and the butt crack of dawn - and accidentally left an hour too early for PDX.  That’s ok… it gave us time to run through McDonald’s so I could get a MacGriddle.  That takes me to four MacGriddles consumed this year.  Now I’m over my annual quota by 3.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

I soon met up with my #PDXflygirls Mo and Kristin - and as we boarded our flight… our personal DirecTV monitors greeted us with today’s top news. Yay… F-14’s ready to shoot us down.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

After we arrived, we checked into our hotel, changed, jumped on the beds and left for Fabric 2.0 - hosted by the party princess J. Caroline - along with Michael Miller Fabrics and Stash Books. Oh the fun! Everyone was there in one place at the same time. And where was my camera?

After the party, off we went for a late night dinner at Guadalajara. We were a large group and they accommodated us with ease. Great food, drinks and service… and we were there almost an hour past closing. Honestly… I could have been there 5 hours longer. How could I not… I was with the best peeps ever. I have a good memory… but I also have good margarita ordering skills. In seating order (with the help of Heather’s photos here)… Susanne, John, Charlie, Ryan and his wife Mandy, Traci, Elizabeth, Kristin, Cyndi, Brioni, Katy, Jona, Heather, Mo, Bari, Kathy, Rebecca and me.

Having had a great night’s sleep in the best beds we’ve ever slept in… Mo and I had breakfast with Cyndi - who found a gem of quick/cheap/good little cafe/cafeteria called Au Bon Pain place across from the Four Seasons - I got my milk and oatmeal… and off to Market we went.

One of the first quilts that greeted us was a darling Susan Branch quilt.  Dear, sweet Susan.  I love her!  Hi Susan!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Barbara from QuiltSoup shows us the secrets in her beautiful quilt.  What looks to be lace behind the hexagons, is actually embroidery Barbara did.  Dreamy!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

On my list of must meet peeps was Jackie (who I’ve been bloggy buddies with forever and have never met) - and while I was waiting to say hello and introduce my self to Melly of Melly & Me - low and behold the person who was photographing her was Jackie!  Fun, fun, fun!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Jenean Morrison and Mo - Love Jenean’s fabric… loved her both (and loved her… she’s SO NICE!).   The judges loved her too - Jeane’s booth won for most creative!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

I was bedazzled by Anna Maria’s fabrics and booth (and I fell i love with this heart quilt) - and we got to meet Anna Maria’s sweet mom and chit chat with her a bit.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Tula, Tula, Tula… WOW did Tula deliver.  I’ve always been in awe of the magic that flows out of her pencils and what transforms into beautiful fabric (I ♥ Parisville)… and now I’m in awe of her super talent as a stylist as well.   I can’t believe her booth didn’t get an award.  #acrimehasbeencommitedinTexas.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

One of my huge thrills was meeting Katy and Brioni - who came all the way from the UK.  LOVE THEM.  And so did everyone else.  We’ve started a campaign to have them move to Oregon.  #wishfulthinking.  Katy sports a tat of a Tula owl, so I asked if Katy and Tula would indulge me in some Theatre in The Booth.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Rockstar alert.  John aka QuiltDad indulges me in a little Stephen Colbert pose - showing us his beautiful ribbon quilt he made with Parisville for the Free Spirit Fabric booth.  John is BY FAR the coolest and nicest person and talented and funny and genuine and bigbrotherhuggable person I know.   If QuiltDad is not your Homeboy… I feel very sorry for you.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Another one of the #PDXflygirls is our own Elizabeth Hartman, aka Oh, Fransson! Elizabeth’s new book The Practical Guide to Patchwork is an AMAZING book. I have a copy (friendship has it’s privileges!) and it’s must have book for everyone. Open it up and a beginner will say, “I can do that!” - and a seasoned quilter will say, “I want to do that!”. Yes… it’s for everyone. Ev. Er. Y. One. And it’s a beautiful book. Eye candy. By the time I hit “publish” on this post, E’s book will be into the top 500 bestsellers rank on Amazon (it’s currently #644 as I type this, and E’s book is #16 in Amazon’s Home & Garden section. Ina Garten’s book is #19).
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

SQUEAL!! My sweet friend Lori has a sneak peek of her first fabric line - Sew Cherry with Riley Blake! I’m so excited for Lori! Lori’s talents and aesthetics sing to me. Plus I adore her. And I think she made Sew Cherry just for me!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

More squeals! My good friend Cyndi also has her first line with Riley Blake - Daydream! So beautiful and I’m so happy for Cyndi. CLEARLY Riley Blake is the coolest of cool, as was their booth. Loved how they had everything laid out and it was easy to see all their lines and products. It’s no surprise they won an award for best merchandising.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Part 2

ANOTHER #PDXflygirl with her goodness… Our sweet n sassy Violet has a darling purse pattern with Indygo Junction (it’s hanging under the “tion”). You can read more about Violet’s purse at here or on her blog post. I love her purse!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Kate and Mo at Kate’s booth, celebrating the release of her latest line with Moda called Central Park. I LOVE THIS LINE and I love Kate’s inspiration for it! I love Kate! Kate is THE NICEST person on the planet and I’m in such awe of her. Kate oozes kindness and talent. Kate’s booth was so cute… it was like being in a park made of fabric. I’m shocked Kate’s booth didn’t win an award. #anothercrimehasbeencommittedinTexas. Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

SWOON! Melissa’s new line of Swoon with Andover. I love it… I love her! Loved seeing Melissa and Beth at market. Always fun, always full of adventure and good times… and Melissa also came with The Letter. Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Finally it’s Mo’s turn for some show & tell! Here we are at the Blue Hill both where Mo proudly shows us her next line called Magic Garden. I LOVE THIS LINE SO MUCH. I thought Mo’s Party Dress was the bomb… and she went and outdid herself! I can’t wait for it to be printed - no doubt Mo can’t either! Kudos to Blue Hill and winning Multiple Booth, Second Place!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Penny, me and Sheree in Sheree’s Alchemy booth. I love these two and because of blogging I feel like we’re old, old friends! Check out Sheree’s blog post about market and see how beautiful her booth was. Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Pillow & Maxfield’s booth at Michael Miller. Super saturated color and bold happy prints. I wanted to lock myself in this booth. Serious mad love. I got so excited I pee’d a little. Ooops Michel Miller… you might want to rethink your iconic white carpet in the future.

Aussie. Aussie. Aussie. Oi. Oi. Oi. What a thrill to meet my Lecien fabric sister Rosalie! She may be the “me” of Melly and Me… but she’s also sistah to me. It was such a thrill for me to meet her, and bonus joy I got to meet Leanne too! Suckaroo though… I never got to see Natalie and my other Lecien sister Lynette! I’m so happy I did get to see my newest Lecien sister Sarah and her husband Damian! Love them too. I heart my Aussie peeps soooo much!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Good times at the Better Homes & Gardens booth village. I LOVE my friends at American Patchwork & Quilting and Quilts & More. I’m hamming it up with Lisa, Jody and Maria (behind Lisa). Loved seeing everyone - (missed you Stumbo and wish you were there!). Do you get the AllPeopleQuilt.com weekly newsletter? If not, you SHOULD. Seriously. It’s so good and packed with so much goodness. Plus you’ll get to see Lisa’s smiley happy sunshiny face in the top corner with each issue. To the right is my “Project Runway” quilt (made with my Holiday Happy) it’s in the upcoming Winter issue of Quilts & More.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

My newest Lecien sister Bari. I can not wait to see what she’s been cooking up for her Lecien line that’s to debut at Spring market. Bari’s booth was so cute… and loving the chair and ottoman she rocked out in her fabric. Love that we got to spend time together!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Felt sweet delights! This company was next to the Kokka booth, and I think their name was Sewfelt. SEW AMAZING! I was able to buy 3 kits and I can’t wait to get started on them! I’ll show them when I’m done. Mouthwatering cuteness. Dying over these. I wish Pam wasn’t MIA - she would have died with me. Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas
And speaking of Kokka (who’s had me at Echino)… I saw THE fabric that made me force myself to exhale. If anyone asks me what was the one thing that was most memorable or exciting to see at this market… it was THIS fabric. Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising for Kokka. I was so gobsmacked by it I didn’t even get any photos! Luckily Melissa did… and she pretty much wrote E X A C T L Y what I thought about Melody and her new fabric.

Finally, finally, I get to meet Pat IN PERSON! What a thrill. And she was even more awesome in person (which I knew she would be). And if meeting Pat wasn’t enough, I got to meet her at the same time as seeing my rockstar donut toting friend Cherri! I love these women!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Speaking of rockstars… next stop Patty’s booth. Mo, me and Patty. I could have moved in. I admire Patty so much. If anyone reading this is considering a career in fabric or garments or patterns or ANYTHING… Patty is a role model for women in business. Heck… anyone in business. Patty is one classy broad, and she makes everyone feel special and valued AND delivers kick ass cute stuff time and time again! I love Patty and I feel blessed to be her friend (I know… there’s a long line of us!).
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

M’a girls. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Traci, Violet and Mo. And see our cute badge holders? Traci made them all for us. Really sweet, really cleaver, really cool! And best part… Traci sells them (contact Traci via her shop for custom orders)! We’re at Lizzy’s world famous Cake Party. I didn’t get any photos, but I’m sure they’re around (put “lizzy cake party” in your googlereader seach). Lizzy OUTDID herself and made a cake in honor of Jana’s infamous pin incident. And speaking of love… I love Lizzy and Jana so much too!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Tear. The crazy deer heads at the Kokka booth started crying as the announcement was made that Market was closing for the day.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

Off to the airport we go (Kristin, Traci, Violet, Mo and me) - #PDXpartyplane fules up with breakfast (surprise… oatmeal and milk for me). I asked for a “small”, and the cafe-lady handed me a small bucket of oatmeal. I guess in Texas that IS a small. Also notable, the airport PA announcements repeated over and over and over about not making any inappropriate jokes. SERIOUSLY? Then why was I so taunted in the airport and on the plane?!
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas

And we’re off… Traci, Mo, Violet (and Kristin in the row behind us) on our way back home. We had a wonderful time. Saw wonderful friends. Traci and Kristen ordered wonderful fabric. We all were inspired. Back home, and tucked in and snug with our families.
Quilt Market Fall 2010 - Houston, Texas
Next stop… Salt Lake City!!

===== The I SUCK FILES =====

Is there a name for a person who has 3 cameras and fails to take photos or mention people in my rambling above? Whatever the name… that dill weed would be me. So this is like a yearbook, and the people with missing photos get a silhouette image and a big angry “ABSENT” written on the bottom. Except I’m the really crappy yearbook editor. So crappy I don’t even provide the silhouette. EDIT: I had the intention of listing all the people I didn’t take photos of or mentioned above. I got to about two dozen people listed, and I was struck with a super panic, “what if I missed someone’s name?” - so I deleted it all. Please forgive me. Everyone who I spoke with, who I hugged with, who I shook hands with (sorry for the sugar donut residue I passed on)… everyone of them was a wonderful moment for me. I love my quilty peeps so much! xoxo, m

Smells like Armadillos…

Monday, October 25th, 2010

… so it must be almost time to head to market. Radio Free PKM is cranking it up on KPKM - the place to go to find all blog posts about 2010 Fall Quilt Market in Houston, TX.  Are you going to market?  Did you make something that’s on display at market?  Check out KPKM to either to submit your permalink(s) that pertain to anything/all things market… or to go find the permalinks to visit all the market posts.  Or both!  Be sure to grab a button from Pam’s post and sport it on you blog.

I’ll be tweeting/twitpic’ing on my twitter from market instead of blogging this year, so all my posts will be instant - vs the month after it usually takes me to make a blog post. Added in: You do not have to be signed up for twitter to read my twitter or see my photos. Reason #1,808 why I ♡ twitter.
Anyone want to do me a flavor flav? Leave me a comment on this post about something you’d like me to tweet/twit-pic… and I’ll try my best to do it. Challenge me… truth or dare me even.  And did I mention the #PDXpartyplane? Little ol innocent me flying with Mo, Violet, Traci, Elizabeth, Kristin and Heather. I’m sure nothing scandalous will happen.  Nothing.

Note: I’ve gotten kind words on the armadillo (thanks!)… but I can not take credit for him (her?) - it was a copyright free stock image/clip art… I just jazzed him up a little.

Rice, Rice Baby

Friday, October 8th, 2010

When ever I go to Ikea I “flat shop” - I pick out my favorite showroom as if I’m going to live there (kinda like Mark). Last April I fell hard in love with this “flat”:
My IKEA fantasy flat (MIFF) - my MO FAUX HOme

I especially loved with the colors in the showroom and that quilt… navys, lt. blues, pinks and reds. AND WHO KNEW that at that very moment when I was playing my own little version of House Hunters International - Bari was putting her finishing touches on her now current line, Country Lane… in navys, lt. blues, pinks and reds. Bari knew, that’s who. #sobarigenius! Maybe Bari was channeling me? 

Next thing I know… there’s little Country Lane tiny treats totes birthing themselves right out of my sewing machine.
Tiny Treats

Eight fun little Country Lane tiny treat bags. My machine feels like Octomom.
Tiny Treats

Next stop Bari’s booth at Fall Market - and now Bari is #tinytoteoctomom.
Tiny Treats

I have an addiction for making bags, and an empty plastic-ishy rice bag called to me.
Rice, Rice Baby

Inside my Birkin Nishikin’ bag, I made some poochi corners to make my bag pooch.
Rice, Rice Baby

I added a fabric strap (Moda’s Chez Moi line from a few years back), folded the top edge of the bag over it (with the ends tucked under the fold), top stitched it. I then flipped the strap over the the fold and top-stitched the top edge.
Rice, Rice Baby

Love the window on the bag - and the little treasure I see hiding.
Rice, Rice Baby

How darling is my treasure! It’s a Matryoshka from Emily of Ravenhill - all the way from Norway.  Emily makes and sells her freaking adorable little Matryoshkas in her Esty shop - but she and I swapped some goodies with each other - and I got the way better end of the deal.  Way.  Better.  End.  Of.  The.  Deal.  And how darling is she in her Lecien Flower-Sugar outfit!
Rice, Rice Baby

I suppose I better get crackin’ on another bag… one for my Matryoshka baby…

So I get a call from Andy Cohen…

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

… and he asks me for an interview on his show. And then… I wake up.  And then I’m bummed for the rest of the day.  Screw you, my crazy dreams.  BUT THEN later that morning… I get an email from Pat asking me to be a guest on her Creative Talk Network radio show!  Sigh.  All is right again in my world.  Well, besides the shocking news between Pam and Alex.
Tune in tomorrow (10/04/2010) and listen to the live stream, or downland the podcast in iTunes after the show. I’ll be on at 1:30 PST/4:30 EST, or if you set your watch to the center of the world… 2030 GMT.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to sleep so Jeff Lewis can come to my house to do a reno.  I hope he brings Zoila.  Maybe she’ll make me something from Pat’s blog hop The Edge Recipes pdf!

Measured up!

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Today’s the big day… Amy, myself and Pam (AMP’d!) are, well, AMP’d for our turn on Pat Sloan’s The Edge Blog Hop!

Pat Sloan's THE EDGE Blog Hop

Turns out… Amy, Pam and I all thought the same thing - size matters.  And measuring things with Pat’s new rulers from Sullivan’s goes way beyond our cutting tables! I brag that Astoria has the biggest and the best - so with the help of Cap’Tom Crunch as my measuring device equipment operator specialist - my little town of Astoria really measures up!

This is Pam’s Bridge, aka The Astoria Megler bridge. If you live in North America you’ve probably seen it many a time on your tv in assorted car commercials.  Not just great movies are shot here… but so are many car commercials.   Currently running in North America is a Toyota Prius commercial - a nice long shot of a Prius traveling on Pam’s Bridge.
Measuring Astoria

I live over yonder.  Just follow the trail of thread.
Measuring Astoria

The Astoria Column. I tell everyone who visits Astoria to go visit it. What is it?  It doesn’t matter - just go up there and see for yourself. Plus I don’t exactly know what it is. Thank goodness it has a Wikipedia page.
Measuring Astoria

So I guess now would be really off color of me to mention my first time.   Quilting.  I’ll save that for another post. #somedaysIam12yearsold.
Measuring Astoria
Measuring Astoria

One of Astoria’s most photographed (and loved) landmarks. If you’ve never seen The Goonies… RENT IT TODAY. My favorite movie ever.
Measuring Astoria
Measuring Astoria

One of our secret crops.  Not the Botwin’s crop.  Our marshmallow crops.  THIS is where jet puffed marshmallows are grown. We ARE the marshmallow capitol. Of the world.

Measuring Astoria

Marshmallow fields, forever.  It’s almost harvest time. [super-size me] Measuring Astoria

Part of the blog hop is to post a recipe. I don’t have recipes… I have take-out menus. Rice Krispie treats are right up my baking alley… but I don’t even have a recipe for that. So instead, I’m going to give a restaurant review of the Bowpicker - home of the world’s best fish n chips.
Measuring Astoria

Open in the late spring - early fall (something like that)… the Bowpicker’s hours are from “11ish to 6ish”. No one really remembers the schedule… it’s just something well all inherently know. It’s like we all have bowpicker-dar. When the Bowpicker opens up after Winter’s end… it spreads like wildfire through Astoria (and parts beyond) that the Bowpicker is open.
Measuring Astoria
The Bowpicker is owned and operated by a super friendly mother-daughter team… and the fresh tuna they use is caught THAT MORNING by the dad. A light breading, super fresh delicious (and hearty) tuna… deep fried heaven. A huge side of steak fries makes for paradise in your mouth. Lots of condiments, plus beverages sold from ice bathed coolers are also available. A few picnic tables dot the Bowpicker’s “mooring” spot - and magnificent views of the Columbia River are free with every meal. If you come into Astoria on the east end of town via Hwy 30/Leif Erickson Drive - look for the Columbia River Maritime Museum at the edge of town - the Bowpicker is just a hair across the street from it at Duane & 17th. While the condiments are good, I prefer my own “tarter sauce” and I BYOTS. It’s similar to the white sauce on San Diego style fish tacos. My crazy dill sauce:

Dill Fish n Chip Sauce
⅔ C. Best Foods Mayo, creamed
¼ C. Apple Cider Vinegar
2 T. dill (I ♥ dill)

Holy [expletive]! I have a recipe!

Now the fun Part! Pat is giving away one huge treasure chest of her new rulers [treasure chest not included]. All you have to do is

1. Leave a comment on this post by not later than 9pm PST on Sunday, October 3rd. How ’bout you’d tell what big/fun/wonderful thing you’d measure in your town.
2. Leave a comment on each of the blog posts from the blog hoppers that have already posted (Pat, Kelly, Amy, Jackie, Julie and Amanda).
3. Leave a comment on Amy and Pam’s blog today. You WON’T want to miss their posts!!!
4. In days the days ahead - visit and comment on Carrie’s, Polly & Laurie’s, Cheryl’s and Michele’s blog hop posts.
5. Cap it all off with a re-visit to Pat’s blog - where a winner (who’s posted a comment on all the blogs and the respective posts) will be drawn for the loot-o-rulers. Watch Pat’s blog for details.
Pat Sloan's THE EDGE Blog Hop

And be sure to give Pat’s Creative Talk Radio a listen on Monday (10/4/10, good buddy). Yeah… like exactly at 1:30pm PST! If you can’t listen to the live stream, you can always podcast the episode through iTunes.

Tiny Treats

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Trick-or-Treat… smell my sewing machine feet.
Tiny Totes

Make some Tiny Treats bags from my pattern in the Fall 2010 issue of Quilts & More.   I have two projects in this issue - one is my Tiny Treats bags project, and the other is my Dressed to Impress organizer quilt project (kit available at the Fat Quarter Shop).  But there’s more… MUCH MORE. 
Quilts & More - Fall 2010

I love this Halloween fabric.  LOVE IT.  So bold, graphic and clean.
Tiny Totes

I’m hording my wee little scraps of Boo Boo Bears by RJR Fabrics left-over from the project.
Tiny Totes

No pets allowed in my sewing room… but one rare occasions I allow the villagers in and let then think they’ve snuck in (and can’t be seen).
Tiny Totes

This fabric made my heart skip a beat!  Confections by Caleb Gray for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
Tiny Totes

I had no choice but to lick the fabric.
Tiny Totes

Can’t stop.  More bags in in the works.  Instead of ribbon, I’m using 3″ strips of fabrics (double folded inward/finished at ¾” and edge stitched - same method as my Poochie Bag’s straps).

Tiny Totes

I love mixing and matching Elizabeth’s darling new Red Rose Farm line with P&B Textiles.  I’m making some Tiny Treat bags for Elizabeth’s Market booth - and since I’m not done sewing them… they’ll have to wait to be seen at Market!
Tiny Totes

My Lecien fabric-sister - Rosalie Quinlan and her newest line of Sweet Broderie.  I’m going to send these off to Lecien’s Market booth - IF I have the will power to let them go once I’m done sewing them all up.
Tiny Totes

I am so in love with this fabric! It sings to both my loves of vintage and modern fabrics. Sing-out-loud sing… like Aretha Franklin beltin’ one out.
Tiny Totes

Thinking up what goodies would be good in the Tiny Treats bags is next!

PS… Emma Thomsen is hosting a give-away on her blog - a 12 fat quarter bundle of my Holiday Happy fabric.  HURRY… her give-away ends soon!

Who arted?

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

I must be back to [ab]normal… I’m making farting puns. Or it could be because I’m still somewhat full of the gas they pumped into me when my gallbladder was removed (and it feels GREAT to have it gone!). Every time my husband farts - I give him a snarky spewing of “show off!”. Who knew I’d ever have fart-envy.

Art. Recently we were on Bainbridge Island - we met our dear friends from Seattle for lunch. Bainbridge Island is post-card pretty town just a quick ferry ride from Seattle.  A darling town, filled with galleries, killer restaurants, ice cream AND is home of Pink Chalk Studio! You can smell art in the air (and no, not my husband’s version of art). I highly recommend a visit if visiting the Pacific Northwest/Puget Sound.

I love my art dipped in humor. This happens to be a store called “Fish & Chips”.  I also like my art fried and salted. Mmmm… Lay’s chips!
Art ala Bainbridge Island

So beautiful (as my adorable little buddy Chloe points out to me). A concrete quilt - smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk.  I’m rethinking our plans of re-paving our driveway with asphalt.   Oh how I would love to turn my  driveway into a gigantic quilt.  Thought bubble over my head… can asphalt be painted?  Light-bulb. Ding sound. I wonder if my county’s public works will loan me one of those big painting machines they use to make crosswalks and other street marking???
Art ala Bainbridge Island

At lunch, there’s a chalkboard for the visitors. So I penned my name… and felt like I had contributed to art. All those people who penned before me. From places near and far. All of them with a story. My story is not being embarrassed to take a photo of a silly chalkboard while a teenager watches me snapping the photo - and gives me that “I’d be so mortified if I saw my mom taking a photo of chalkboard look”. It was moment I won’t forget. Kind of an AH-HA. That old adage of “beauty in the eye of the beholder”… IS TRUE.
Art ala Bainbridge Island

There is soooooo much art around - I’m glad I found it.
And canvases, too. Hello, driveway.

Farting around with needle & thread and then blogging about it.

Monica Solorio-Snow
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