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"Quilty n Crafty" Archive

Happy Tat

Monday, October 8th, 2007

I love Redwork and embroidery.
I love tats.
I love watching LA Ink (and LOVE their theme song from Nouvelle Vague).

If Redwork had a scandelous trist with a tatoo… this is what it’d look like.

I haven’t found such a great combo since french fries & mayo. I learned about this M’broi-d’tat (my new word - so very Stephen Colbert-esque of me, eh) from Floresita, and you can get your own Santa Muerte tat here - for free. Love her work… and I’m especially fond of her Zombie Girl.

If you’re from Astoria, you’ll get a kick out of this.  The place the cruise ship visitors flock to en masse.

On pins & needles

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Or more appropriately… On pins and needles - jammed in my foot  (and I know I’m not the only who kicks off a shoe to sew).  I use a lot of pins and needles ’round here.  And they don’t always end up tucked snugly back into their emery cushions and sharpen while I sleep.  My cat Mochi has a pin fetish, so I must keep my straight pins secured.  My safety pins on the other hand get raked into a jar.  I do most of my basting with these killer and incredible anodized basting pins from EZ Quilting by Wrights.  Oh but what a pain to open, close, open, close, open and close those little suckers all the time.  I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be that way, and now I keep my pins permanently open.  Oh yes… what a time-saver this is.  Not to mention sooo much easier on my pudgy appendages.

What looks to be a jumbled mess of side-show salad… all you need to do is GRAB - LIFT - DROP.

And this is what you get.  It’s magic.  If only I had a fast trick for my other most used tool… my seam-ripper.


Friday, September 28th, 2007

That was me yesterday, just like this Happy Girl. Well… I’m always pretty happy, but mix me up with my friends and some fabric… I feel like I float with joy. Sappy… but true.

Yesterday my friends and I went to the NW Quilting Expo in Portland. A little fabric, a little lunch, a little side trip… and a whole lotta laughing. The photo above I named “Happy Girl”. I do not know what the quilt’s name is or who made it, but was my favorite quilt at the expo. As with all the quilts I will show from the expo I regrettably didn’t note the makers’ names or the quilt names and I’d be happy to share the info if anyone knows.

The Expo is kind of a giant shop hop rolled into one location. Shops and vendors from all over the west come and taunt you with their delicious delights. The expo also hosts the Hoffman Challenge and a quilt show. This was my third year attending, and I’m always amazed at what quilters can do with the world’s butt ugliest most challenging fabric. Amazing.

Below are a few of my faves (even if I’m not a fan of the fabrics), and you can see more of my faves on my Flickr here. Not many of the fabrics uses are what would be my choice, but I did see past some of the fabrics and saw gorgeous, gorgeous quilts!

Super mini small (see the safety pin and/or straight pin in relation to size?).

Incredible quilting. You MUST click on photo to see it.

Looks like a vintage board game. Bold, graphic and stunning.

Gotta love a well hung label. REALLY… couldn’t the person in charge of hanging the labels and ribbon have picked a better spot to hang it?

Fabric & Eggs
Fabric & Eggs
I’d like my eggs over-easy with a side of fabric, please. After the expo we went to Country Manor Fabrics in Battleground, WA. Or as I like to now call it… Fabric & Eggs. For years I’ve heard of this mysterious place - a quilt shop in someone’s basement out in the country. Though no longer in a basement, the shop is now in a pole barn. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of bolts everywhere. Agility is a must. Lots and lots of older collections one can’t find elsewhere anymore, and complete lines at that (so it seemed). I saw stuff I hadn’t seen in years or had never seen. If I’m ever on the hunt for That One Fabric… this is where I’ll come. Especially now that I know it’s top secret location. Which BTW, is on NE 179th just off the I-5 just north of the Clark County Fairgrounds. But you didn’t hear that from me.

St. Joe-Joe a Go-Go

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

I told myself, “Self… not one more post about moving, selling my house or setting up my new house. None of it”. Of course, being the self that I am - I don’t listen. Ever. Okay, okay… this is actually crafty. Sort of.

I first heard about St. Joseph from Kathleen, how burring a St. Joseph statue upside-down in your front yard will help you sell your house. It worked for Kathleen, who passed her St. Joe on to Paula… and he worked his charm on Paula too (and you should see her adorable new house!). WOW. I’m so totally sold! Now, I am not a religious person… though I’m very spiritual. I don’t subscribe to any organized religion, but I do like aspects from all kinds of different religions. I guess I’m a Smorgisbordian. And if I ever had my own commune, we’d live in a little village like in the movie The Village, and we’d all dress in Little House on the Prairie dresses - but with big clunky Doc Martin boots, and bake bread & pies, and do crafts, and play quarters, and have TIVO…

So first order of business was to get my hands on a St. Joseph statue. Paula offered to pass her St. Joe on to me, but I didn’t want to jinx things for her by digging him up too early. Not easy to find a St. Joe on the OR or WA coast, lemme tell you! So I decided to make my own. I did a lot of research on the internet and just kind of winged it from a bucket-load of images I found. And not only did I find images, I read a lot of interesting stories of Joseph that warmed my heart.

And since I was at with St. Joe… I also said a prayer to St. Anthony. Oh yeah… St. Anthony has always come through for me! “Dear St. Anthony, something’s lost and must be found… please find us a buyer soon”. Well… Not that I’m not grateful, but I realized I had to be uber specific with St. Anthony - as the very next day our new neighbors were eyeing our travel trailer and we told them we’re selling it… and they bought it! So now my prayer to St. Anthony is more specific!

So back to St. Joseph. I read from various blogs/websites that St. Joseph needed to be buried upside down so that he is uncomfortable, thus working all the harder to get you that buyer. And when the sale of the house is complete, the St. Joseph should be displayed in a place of honor in your new home. So I made him, and that evening after dinner I had planned to bury him. Just before heading out, our realtor called to let us know a couple looked at our house and was so interested - they came back for a second look. This told me to bury St. Joe fast! Surely they would make an offer after St. Joe was tucked snugly into the ground. The following day - still no word. It was nagging at me the whole negative reinforcement aspect of putting St. Joe upside down, and had considered digging him up. I was at the old house on the hill watering the yard in deep thought about my little Joe-Joe upside down and suffocating in his baggie… when SWOOSH… I slipped and fell and landed on my bum - upside down and in the mud. Stuff me in a Zip-Loc and call me St. Joe!

As fast as I could hose myself off… up came St. Joseph from out of the ground. So now my little Joe-Joe is dug up and home with me and in a place of honor (my sewing room of course!). I may not get that sale as fast as I had hoped… but I believe the sale I will get will be worth the wait!  And that second-look couple… the wifey wanted to buy it, the hubby said it was “too big” (to which I’m guessing their current abode must certainly be a cave).

If you want your own St. Joe a Go-Go… feel free to D/L my PDF pattern.

Edited in: I see I’m not the only one… check out Be*mused’s post about St. Joe! And CNN as well!

Knotts Landing

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

I’m full of secrets and up to all sorts of juicy stuff. At least it’s juicy to me, ha. So if you’re thinking I had a secret rendezvous with George Clooney, um… ok, please continue to think that (just don’t tell Jon Stewart, k).

So many secret projects I’m working on. Some are for me, some are for a certain someone’s next book (and you KNOW I’m going to be gushing out-loud when her book hits the market, oh yeah). I feel like I’ve neglected my blog for so long (I love you blog honey, really, I do). I actually have so much blog-food, but have not had the time to feed it. As well, my blog needs a bib when fed. Oi’vay… such a mess it makes.

Aside from me feeding the blog, I’ve had little time to be fed by all your blogs. Unfortunately… I haven’t lost a pound. Chubby is in, right? I feel like there’s a party going on in the next building over, and I’m in the basement of my building… with no windows… a single blinking fluorescent bulb… and the occasional Cheez-it’s for nourishment. Not complaining in the least about my projects, I’m feeling so blessed about em. BUT… I do miss all that blog action from you guys! A beautiful book has been published, hints of gianormous cottonlike proportions, aprons have been accepted to be published! I’m crazy happy thrilled!

My Secret Project #1 is being made with the Urban Chicks Blossom line from Moda. OMG… this fabric is so stinkin’ yummy I could eat it. I don’t know if it’s out in the stores yet. If it is… snag it up quick because I think it’s gonna go fast. I really wanted to capture this delicious fabric in pixels, but I sorely lack in the photography department. I wish I could capture it like the Purl Bee does. OMG… Purl’s stack-o-fabric photos are works of art. Quilter’s porn. Yup… those photos are the blond chick with big boobs donned in leather knee high boots of the fabric world. So anyhoo… this is how I live. No neat and tidy opening of a box, no perfect lighting, no neat little stacks. This is my world. A ripped open box and its contents piled on to the table.

Secret Project #2 is all finished and ready for the post office. I wish I could show more, but in time it will be seen. ;o) The fabrics I used are from Lisa Quan’s and Joanna Figueroa’s Fig Tree Quilts Allspice Tapestry by Moda. Another fabric that is so yummy I could eat it! Seriously, seriously yummy. It’s hearty and soft at the same time.

And that is my current episode of Knotts Landing! If you’re in the Pacific Northwest region in a few weeks… my dear friend Cindy will be visiting and we’re planning a quiltycraftyblogapalooza luncheon at McMenamin’s Kennedy School in Portland. Hope you can make it and go to Cindy’s blog and comment your rizavip!

Jelly Roll Trix

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

With an Easy Angle and Companion Angle you really can seem to make the Jelly Rolls grow. There are so many great patterns and ideas for Jelly Rolls, and here is a way to make your 2½” strip width “grow” to make a 2⅞” half-square and a 5¼” quarter-square.

Easy Angle: For a 2⅞” square, cut a 2½” x 3¼” rectangle and use the Easy Angle and cut into two half-square triangles.

Your final result:

Companion Angle: For a 5¼” square, cut a 2½” x 13½” rectangle and cut into four “quarter-square” triangles. Discard the ends - or save them for another project.

Your final result:

An extra added bonus is half of your dog-ears are magically trimmed. I use the rulers for dog-ear trimming on other projects too. I also find it hard to cut into a piece of fabric to make say a 5¼” square when I have plenty of 2½” strips or I only have a 2½” strip. Using the Companion Angle I can avoid cutting a big square. I love these rulers and think if you’re someone who’s addicted to Jelly Rolls (and who isn’t!), these two tools will add big bang to your jelly roll bucks.

Amazing Women!

Friday, May 18th, 2007

I’m lucky to be surround by such great women in my life. Amazing. Talented. Giving. Inspiring.

A huge shout-out and whoooooooo - whoooo goes to my wonder twin Pam! Yeah, see that quilt… the quilt of a million pieces of fabric expertly sewn into a beautiful quilt? Click on the image to see a larger photo. Yup… that’s our Pam who made that quilt for Alex’s newest book. Alex you know, doesn’t just ask ANYONE to make a quilt! When you want the best, you want PamKittyMorning! I’m so proud of you Pam!!!! I bow before thee oh Great One.

And speaking of Pam… when Pam and Elizabeth went to Market (you HAVE to go to their blogs to go on “a tour of Spring Market” to read and see all about it!), Pam brought me home a little goodie. Ok, not little… it was a really big deal to me… Pam got for me the latest book by Darlene Zimmerman AND had Darlene sign it. HOW SWEET to be thinking of me (while I was home scrubbing the floors while all my friends were at the ball in Salt Lake City)!

QUILTING - THE COMPLETE GUIDE  by Darlene Zimmerman is a book that should be on every quilters bookshelf! From beginner to expert… it’s a must have! Nicely spiral bound for easy reading and following along. Beautifully worded and beautiful illustrations by Darlene’s daughter Rachel. Aside from the fact that it’s packed with helpful info and tutorials… it’s so darn cute!

My talented and dear friend Robin made these ADORABLE 4-patches for Mimi and I can’t wait to make them into a small doll quilt (and then put it in Calamity Kim’s new Doll Quilt CrAzY flickr pool). Or will it be Mimi who makes it? All are vintage fabrics and sewn into tiny little 2” four-patches. I was giddy with joy when Robin gave them to me. Robin, who is blogless (and shouldn’t be) is a fabulous quilter and one of the sweetest kindest people I know. Chances are if you’ve learned to quilt or hand quilt and live in SW Washington or NW Oregon… Robin has taught you!

A pioneer of women in business and designing is Ruby Short McKim. Ruby truly blazed the trail for women in publishing and design. She’s worth reading about if you’re unfamiliar with her. I think Ruby’s biggest fan is my dear friend Melinda. Melinda not only made me this darling celery crisper, but I think she made close to 30 more of these! Melinda just finished her term as our guild president (she was awesome) and she thanked so many members with a darling celery or lettuce crisper she made us from a vintage Ruby McKim pattern. Can you imagine! I’d be pooped after making just one (and formulating a new plan to make something faster). WOW and how BEAUTIFUL!

I don’t have a photo, but if you have a copy of The Mag in your hot little hands, you can see the stunning and beautiful machine quilting my dear sister-friend Karen did on my cherry quilt (and you can also see in the issue on the Make Your Point quilt pattern that Karen is offering a kit for sale - how cool to share pages with her!). I don’t know how she does it. Designing new fabric, writing books, running a successful quilt shop (as seen in BH&G’s Quilt Sampler Fall 2006 edition), volunteering, teaching classes, cook her Bob dinner, traveling (I’m exhausted just thinking about her busy life)… she has time to do something so nice and so beautiful for me.

Amazing women!

Clean-up time at Casa de Zombie

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

It’s official… I’ve crapped my pants and my head’s exploded from mass expansion. My little cherry quilt made the cover!  Not to mention getting published by my favorite publisher isn’t cool enough as it is!

Mimi goes shopping

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

As promised, I took Mimi to Redwork Club and some shopping fun at Anna Lena’s. She had fun!!! Maybe it was a bit too much fun, as she got a bit cranky when it was time leave. I don’t know if it was all the sugar she consumed, or if it was a fabric high she was on. Anyhoo, I’ll let Mimi tell her story…

Going to Redwork Club was a blast! I got so much attention at Show & Tell time - I was a rock star! I got to meet Mum’s talented and creative friends and got to see all the pretty things they’ve made. What a fun group of ladies they are! A special treat… I got to meet my Great Auntie E and I can see why my mum loves her so much. Great Auntie E is mum to my cousin Mimi Mae. That’s right… she is mum to my cousin! I was hoping to meet Mimi Mae, but that will have to be another day.

Great Auntie Happy (yes… that’s really her name - how cool is that!) brought along her little baby and she and I became fast friends. She’s not really a little baby as she’s about 50 years old. I guess we really DO shrink as we get older! I was disappointed that Happy’s BFF Mary wasn’t there, as I wanted to meet her and her new baby Mimi Lou too (OMG… I have yet ANOTHER cousin!). WOW… what a week. Not only do I have two new cousins here on the coast, but my sister Sophie made her debut AND I found out I have a kiwi cousin Blossom down under!

Time to go shopping! How handy to have shopping carts in the store! I’m guessing Aunt Karen had them especially for my visit. Though it was kind of dangerous as I was not strapped in. I must admit, I was a little dizzy from the sheer bliss and excitement of seeing so much yummy fabric, especially all the 30’s! Wow… it’s 30’s heaven here! Ok, NOW I understand why Mum wears $3 t-shirts and $15 jeans… so she can spend all her money here instead! And wow… look at that bundle of Moda Cherries Jubilee I scored. Ahem… Mum scored. Say… that fabric looks familiar. Where have I seen it before??? ;)

Toys and toys and toys and toys! And books! And stamps! And more toys, oh my. I’m so curious, ha!

Oh SEW pretty! I got to snuggle up with Darlene’s new fabric line!

And then I got to bask in the glow in some of Auntie Karen’s creations!

All this shopping… I’m starting to get hungry. OMG… Peas & Carrots. Oh so, so, so, soooooooooooo yummy! I want to feast on these!

I have a sweet tooth now. Holy crap, there’s not only fabric… but there’s fudge here too! I wonder if anyone will notice if I slip behind the fudge counter and take a little nibble…

And now I must nap.

Napping in the splendor of Auntie Karen’s Wash Tub Prints. Sigh. Bliss. Um… this fabric feels kinda warm. Oooops. Mum forgot that I need Pampers at nap-time.

Hearts and Crafts,

Mimi Kicks Stash - Part IV (Fin)

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Blocks done? Setting joined? Now all that’s left are the borders. Compleatly optional of course. It’s all up to you.

This is just my personal preference, and it always depends on the quilt itself… but in most cases I like a skinny inner border and a chubby outer border. In keeping with many traditional quilts from the 1930’s, I like to throw in a solid fabric somewhere in my quilt.

Many times I use a solid for the skinny inner border, for to me it makes the quilt snap, crackle and pop - and seperates the quilt center from the outer border. This is just personal preference, and you may want to do it differently. Individuality is always encourged!

Did you make a Little Quilt? Did you make a Table Runner? Below are setting and border instructions for both, and as well… what’s needed for your backing, batting and binding for each option. If you rather… I have made the pattern into a PDF. It’s kind of a chunky download (6.1 MB’s) so it make take a minute or two to D/L. My gift to you. Please reciprocate and do not reproduce, copy, distribute or sell this pattern. This pattern is intended for your sole personal use or as a get-together project with your quilty and crafty friends. Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart! And Mimi’s too of course. :)

26” x 32” Finished

Red Inner Border
cut 2) 24½” x 1½”
cut 2) 20½” x 1½”

Pink Print Outer Border
cut 4) 26½” x 3½”

1) Arrange blocks into a 3 x 4 grid. Twist and turn blocks for desired “pattern”.
2) Sew together blocks in each row. Alternate pressing direction for each row.
3) Sew together rows to make quilt center. Quilt center should measure at 18½” x 24½”.
4) INNER BORDERS: Sew long (red) inner border strips to the quilt center’s long sides. Sew
short (red) inner border strips to remaining edges (top and bottom). Press all seams toward border.
5) OUTER BORDERS: Sew long (pink print) outer border strips to the quilt’s long sides. Sew
short (pink print) outer border strips to remaining edges (top and bottom). Press all seams toward outer border.

20” x 44” Finished

Red Inner Border
cut 2) 36½” x 1½”
cut 2) 14½” x 1½”

Pink Print Outer Border
cut 2) 38½” x 3½”
cut 2) 20½” x 3½”

1) Arrange blocks into a 2 x 6 grid. Twist and turn blocks for desired “pattern”.
2) Sew together blocks in each row. Alternate pressing direction for each row.
3) Sew together rows to make quilt center. Quilt center should measure at 12½” x 36½”.
4) INNER BORDERS: Sew long (red) inner border strips to the quilt center’s long sides. Sew short (red) inner border strips to remaining edges (top and bottom). Press all seams toward border.
5) OUTER BORDERS: Sew long (pink print) outer border strips to the quilt’s long sides. Sew short (pink print) outer border strips to remaining edges (top and bottom). Press all seams toward outer border.

Finishing your Little Quilt or Table Runner
Layer your quilt top, batting and backing. Batting and backing sizes should extend at least 2” beyond the edge of your quilt top.
Little Quilt: 30” x 36” batting & backing
Table Runner: 24” x 48” batting & backing
2) Baste or pin layers. Quilt as desired.
3) Bind using a coordinating fabric with your favorite binding method.
Little Quilt: 3) 2½” strips for binding (40-44” WOF)
Table Runner: 4) 2½” strips for binding (40-44” WOF)

I have decided my Table Runner was going to be a wall hanging. I have a long narrow empty space about between my ironing counter and and my cupboards. I’ve added cherries to my big white spaces by fusing (with Heat & Bond Lite) and hand enbroidered button hole stitched them in place and the stems I embroidered.

I have put my cherry illustration on the PDF version of this pattern if you’d like to use it too.

The quality is not that good in this layout photo. It was cloudy when I snapped it, and no ammount of tweaking in PhotoShop was going to help this puppy.

And now I must nap. Oh wait. There’s a note on the fridge from Mimi (she’s learned quick that I’m at the fridge a lot)…

Dear Mum,

NOW will you let me get some new fabrics??? Blah, blah, blah… Anna Lena Schmana Lena… blah, blah, blah. All you ever talk about. As far as I’m concerned - you could have made this place up. After your nap, and if I promise to behave… will you take me there?

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