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"So Stinkin' Cute" Archive


Monday, July 28th, 2008

If happiness came in stacks, this is what it would look like.

minny muu

My special delivery from Japan. A glorious collection of Lecien’s darling Minny Muu.

minny muu

It’s as if someone crawled into my head and designed fabric just for me.

minny muu

Too cute for words, even though there are words. I’m pretty sure it says something in French.

minny muu

Wish I could show what I’m going to do with it - my secret project for Lecien! But that will have to wait until Fall. I’m pretty sure I’m going to make another Merry-Go-Round, and I’m thinkin’ I may do one out my Minny Muu’s secret project leftover fabric.

Minny Muu

If there was an awards show for Best Comments Ever (and the Oscar goes too…), hands down my blog would win. Wolfgang Puck would be catering my after-party, and all you wonderful peeps who leave me the nicest (and funniest) comments would be the guests of honor. I’m so touched by each and everyone of them and I thank you so much! Sometimes I even show my parents, and remind them that those notes they’d get about me from school when I was a kid - notes from the principal, the counselors, the teachers… that one day they’d read something good about me. Thank you for proving me right! Please forgive me if my email replies slack in the next few weeks… but I’ve got me some sewin’ (and a couple of bloggie-goodies too) to do. Whoo whoo!

Linkie-Love: My favorite online retail resources for Lecien:

Cutest cake ever. EVER!

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

I found Silvia’s etsy shop via Jenny (aka the center of the cuteness universe). Only problem with LookMamaMadeIt is that I wanted to buy EVERYTHING she made/sold! Cutest cake ever!

This cake is so cute I could weep. Packaging is also weepy cute, and even a custom card of my choice on it. And no, it’s not my birthday - those are banned.

Cutest cake ever!

Silvia is a handcrafting goddess… her beautiful and skilled stitches make me gasp (that’s nice talk for “I’m pea green with envy”). Little itty bitty perfect stitches. I don’t know how she does it. Cake comes with a lit candle that you can tuck in between the strawberries, and you can see more photos here. I’m thinkin’ I may need some cookies too!

Hand. Heart. Foot.

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Hands. Nothing is more beautiful to me - then when it’s made by hand and infused with love. There’s an old primitive image with a heart inside a hand, and it’s always been such a profound image/icon for me. It is my Nike swoosh, my Lacoste alligator, my Gucci “G’s”, and my Mercedes almost-a-peace-sign. Heart. I am blessed to be surround by friends with not just love, kindness and laughter… but some serious talent!

Pam got me all hooked up at Spring Quilt Market. I had no idea Market was going to be one big Trick-or-Treating booty-palooza. Who knew there would be so many goodies for me to come home with! Obviously Pam did, and she made me this darling Happy Zombie Going To Market tote bag, stocked with the official snack food of PamKittyMorning and Happy Zombie… Cheeze It’s. Pam made one for E and herself too, and we three were quite the fashionistas with our PamBags. Pam also had an extra special treat for Karen and me… ADORABLE little pincushions she made from vintage planters. Mine is the sailor, Karen’s is the little girl. So cute I could weep. Holy crap… Market was back in May… and it here it July and I’m just now writing about it!
CLICK HERE to see all the photos
Most of the photos were taken at Karen’s studio, and that darling vintage book has two sides… a naughty side and goody side. I found it in the previously loved section at Powell’s, all aqua and orange - screamed Karen even though I was inches from keeping it for myself! Anyhoo… Karen keeps it on the goody side, and every time I’m at the studio I flip it to the naughty side.

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy… look what she made me. How cute is that! I’ve put it in the center of my dining room table and I’ve been barking at the boy-folk not to put anything on it. I hate, hate, hate when the boy-folk in my house use the table as storage - and I’m constantly after them that the table is not a mud-room. Since putting Cindy’s appliqué on the table… not a single thing has been put on the table. Clearly it means I’m going to dress my table with Cindy’s appliqué 24/7/365!

Edited in: I pleaded with Cindy for the name and author of the pattern because the mob of blog-villagers had torches and were genlty pounding on my blog door for answers. For the greater good - Cindy says the pattern is from the Bareroots book “Down to Earth”. ~Whew… crisis averted.
CLICK HERE to see all the photos

Oh Jenny, oh Jenny, oh Jenny! Look at the most beautiful peg doll ever! I feel bad for taunting anyone with this, and would love to say they are adoptable… but Jenny has sold out in her shop. Jenny’s little Dolly Pops are so cute and I wanted them all. But being the good citizen that I am, I only bought one so that others may enjoy one too. Patting myself on the back. I was going to name my lil lemon drop dolly pop “Lemonica”. You know, Lemon… Monica… but then all I could think about was that urban legend about the firefighter with the Lemon Jello kid (leh-mahn-ja-low). She still has no name, the search continues…
CLICK HERE to see all the photos

From across the pond, then across the ditch lives my dear Sweet Peep Louise, aka Queen of the Suffolk Puffs (aka “yo-yo’s” for us commoners here in The Colonies). Louise is also mum to my darling little Kiwi-Girl. Those skilled hands and big heart of hers never end! I love my darling little burlap tote she made me. OMG… all the little Suffolk Puffs with their cute buttons… I want to just eat them! Keep an eye on LouLou’s shop… you’ll always find sweet, sweet goodies there!
CLICK HERE to see all the photos
And not just the darling tote for me, but LouLou included an issue of New Zealand House & Garden for me. Not just ANY issue… THE issue with her big “Felt so good” spread in it! I was jonesing this issue, I couldn’t wait to see Louise in the magazine! You can peek at the gorgeous photos here. Louise also has a pettern for her cute little bird, but you have to read the article to get the pattern.

Foot. Ha. Public persuasion and all that good jazz - I’ve stopped kicking myself over that adorable red table/chair. But ahhh… that’s for another post. For now I wanted to brag about my friends with skills! Mooahhhaahaa.


Monday, April 28th, 2008


Life has been so busy, nutty and hectic… Triskit’s arrival was pure sunshine! All I want to do these days is stock up on cans of pork-n-beans, podcasts of Frosty, Heidi & Frank and coffee… unplug my phone, disconnect my computer, disable my doorbell - and plant myself in front of my sewing machine. And take lots and lots of pics of Triskit.

Feeling very Ted Kazinski-ishy… but without all the creepy bomby stuff. Fabric is my ammo - that makes it ok, right? Anyone care to join me? We can make it a quilt retreat! Sigh.

Welcome to my Bed & Make Your Own Damn Breakfast

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

My subject title makes no sense, other then I’ve not made my bed in days… and have skipped breakfast for weeks. Which is really bad, because I’m one of those peeps who makes the bed as soon as I hop out of it! So here’s a little of what’s been going on…

I’m gushing and blushing - I’ve received some wonderful emails asking if I’m ok… why am I MIA… did I know that moss was growing on my blog… all wonderful and I thank you for your concern. I’m so touched!

Also in my in-box… but the big in-box that’s at the end of my driveway… some mailbox love from That silly lil’ Doe! I’m going to be very quiet. Shhh. Quiet. You’re getting very relaxed. I have a nice afternoon nappy time story for you. Shh. No talking. Just enjoy:

Shroonie Love from That silly lil' Doe
Once upon a time, that sweet lil’ Doe sent some shroonie love to Oregon.

Shroonie Love from That silly lil' Doe
A teenie tiny little shroonie tea set. The plate no bigger than a dime. Who could use such a small set?

Annie Love from That silly lil' Doe
This is who. A sweet lil’ Annie.

Annie Love from That silly lil' Doe
Annie is an Annie… but Annie is not her name. She’s been too busy settling in (with her new best friend Mimi and the adorable pineapple pincushion Auntie Karen brought back from Maui), to pick out a name for herself. I think she needs help and suggestions.

Annie Love from That silly lil' Doe
I think someone is right at home! Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever! Doe adopted my Annie for me from here. Wowie, zowie - be prepared for the second cutest Annies on earth (that’s right… you know who’s got the #1)!

But wait… there’s more:
Mailbox Love from That silly lil' Doe
Sigh. Marie Clarie Idées Love. Oh thank you Doe!!!

But wait… there’s EVEN MORE!
Recently my fabulous friend Deanna of Domestic Chicky had a contest on her other blog - The Apronista, for a DARLING apron from Marie-Madeline Studio. Out of 399 comments… mine got drawn! Get out of here! This is the cutest apron! Oh I love it so. Thank you Deanna and Marie-Madeline!

I was going to post about what I’ve been working on… but I suddenly want to nap. Part II after my nappy-nap.

Farting around with needle & thread and then blogging about it.

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