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April 28th, 2008


Life has been so busy, nutty and hectic… Triskit’s arrival was pure sunshine! All I want to do these days is stock up on cans of pork-n-beans, podcasts of Frosty, Heidi & Frank and coffee… unplug my phone, disconnect my computer, disable my doorbell - and plant myself in front of my sewing machine. And take lots and lots of pics of Triskit.

Feeling very Ted Kazinski-ishy… but without all the creepy bomby stuff. Fabric is my ammo - that makes it ok, right? Anyone care to join me? We can make it a quilt retreat! Sigh.

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24 Responses

  1. The fabulous Susan allegedly said:

    i like the ted comment and fabric is your ammo… that is classic! i know the feeling but i am holed up here in the house cause it is still so feaking cold…bundled up to walk and get the mail, i thought it was february… of course i had zories on without socks, makes for a faster walk, cant wait to get back in the house where the heat is. criminy, its almost may and it is barely 28 outsided. spring?!!! thats what i keep hearing but it is a little slow getting here in da UP this year. but i will not whin, i will not, well, okay, just a little tiny bit. dolly is cute. i am going back upstairs to make my real life doll, grand daughter victoria, some “sun” dresses that she can wear all year long on the sunny westside of kauai……..

  2. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Girl, I’ll be RIGHT over with ammo! :) Yeah, I wish. A quilt retreat sounds so incredibly awesome. Your new arrival is cute, but the eyes kind of scare me on those dolls. tee hee Her dress is adorable, and I’m sure she’ll have more soon, since her mommy is such a sewaholic. Have fun makin’ stuff for and takin’ pics of your little chick.

  3. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Triskit has some scary eyelashes there, and she’s giving me kind of a scary look, I think she has it in for me. I’m going to have to watch my back on the visit.

    Less than a month!!!!!

  4. The fabulous Nanette allegedly said:

    I love it “fabric is my amo” Ok I’m going to be quoting you for a long time Monica. Love it.

  5. The fabulous Patty/MODKID allegedly said:

    I’d like to join you on your retreat! I am feeling the same way right now. And seeing your photos of sweet Triskit made me remember that I bought myself a fabulous Pullip last Fall… Papin… and I never gave her a proper introduction. :( I am such a bad doll mommy. I saved and saved to get her, then drooled on photos all over Flickr, then finally took the plunge and bought her, then she arrived and that was it. :( UGH! I gotta take her out and do a photoshoot… if only it wasn’t HAILING outside right now. Yes, you heard right, we have HAIL in Illinois and it’s almost May. UGH! I need an escape from this madness!!!!

  6. The fabulous Doe allegedly said:

    Effing cute!!! Gawd I want me a cracker right now, I mean Triskit! LOL!!! You’re killing me with her cuteness. I bet, you can use her to hypnotize people. I dare yah!

    Quilt retreat sounds great. Give me 6 months notice in advance ok. I gotta clear it with my boss at work and Sweetie. I’ll bring the girls.

  7. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    She’s beautiful, Monica!

  8. The fabulous Viv allegedly said:

    Ok Monica….when is the retreat?
    Triskit is sooo cute!! See you soon!

  9. The fabulous Lissa allegedly said:

    Oh I’d love a quilt retreat in your home town.. give me 6 years to save up for the airline ticket! LOL

    who likes hanging out with herself and her sewing machine a LOT..

  10. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    Welcome home baby girl!!! Your mother is AWESOME!!!!!!! And Monica - I’m packing my bag for the retreat as we speak:)

  11. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    Ted Kazinski-ish - you crack me up!

    I’d love to join you, but you’d have to come over and crack the whip! (I am so not motivated…)

  12. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Inquiring minds want to know … can Triskit sew???

  13. The fabulous Shannon allegedly said:

    I’d totally come to your quilt retreat! Count me in!!! I need to get out of town…this crazy cold weather is making me batty!!
    Speaking of quilt retreat……..
    I was at Bell Tower Quilt Works (Corvallis, MT) over the weekend (remember them?) and told them that I found your blog and that you gave them a shout out! Sally was thrilled and told me what a nice person you are! I think it was cool that you came all the way over here to Montana to do one of our local retreats!
    Hope to meet you someday :)


  14. The fabulous Tammy allegedly said:

    Count me in, Ted! Nothing I’d like better these days, than to sit around with quilting queens and the hum of busy sewing machines!!

  15. The fabulous Nanna Jamma allegedly said:

    Fabric is my ammo, too! Shall we “shoot” each other? What fun!
    Trisket is a cutie-pie, but her eyelashes are a bit much for me. She looks rather evil - bwahaha! I think she would keep us all in line, don’t you?

  16. The fabulous Mary Anne allegedly said:

    RETREAT !!! I’ll bring the martinis and cupcakes !!! Can you pick me up at the airport? I’ll be the one wearing the “I Love Lucy” pj’s and the matching blue sleep mask with the blue furry trim.

    … oh, and congrats on the arrival of Trisket !!! I’m not sure if I’m jealous or scared of the eyelashes…….

  17. The fabulous jonipossin allegedly said:

    Congrats New Mommy!! And does she look like you??

    I enjoyed your post but didn’t get the pork and beans comment. You like canned pork & beans?? Maybe you should ge some Beano too! hee, hee

  18. The fabulous knitsational allegedly said:

    Wow, I was just thinking the same thing today while I was in my room sewing little pincushions. I could just stay in here and not come out. Let them scream and beat on the door. I don’t care.

  19. The fabulous sara allegedly said:

    Right on. I’m with you, I want to disconnect fromt e world, and it is totally OK to do that sometimes, ya know? I don’t even own a Blythe yet, but I want one. Where do I start, eBay? what do you think?

  20. The fabulous Yellowgirl allegedly said:

    She is adorable…. I like the big eyes! I will be at any retreat you host. That is just what I need….Moniqua! Take care…L

  21. The fabulous Angelina allegedly said:

    I really don’t get the doll obsession but I still love you anyway. Just as I’m sure you love me even though I don’t get the doll thing, right?


  22. The fabulous VickieE allegedly said:

    Congrats! I love the name Triskit…
    In a previous message I think you and I discussed the 12 inch version…What size is Triskit? My husband is suppose to travel to Japan in June and I am hoping he will be able to find one of each a small and large Blythe…

  23. The fabulous ellen crimi-trent allegedly said:

    ahh nothing like a new arrival!! Did you see finally Bill Maher had a good show and figures it was his last until Aug! I wonder what happened, maybe the strike just screwed everything up but he better have better guests on in Aug or I am watching movies on Friday nights!!

  24. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    Trisket is adorable. So glad she brought a ray of sunshine to your world this week. I have fabric ammo and I know how to use it. I’ll be right over…

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