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It’s Sew Yummy Day at Fabric Depot!

July 9th, 2014

It’s Sew Yummy Day at Fabric Depot in Portland this coming Monday!! (I wonder if I’ll get a key to Fabric Depot?)

Come hang out from noon to 2:00 on 18 July 2014, at Fabric Depot in Portland for a little meet-n-greet with Michelle Engel Bencsko (Cloud9 Fabric’s Creative Director) and me! We’ll be chatting, talking about fabric, and sewing, and showing my new Sew Yummy collection and saying hello. Won’t you come?  I’ll have a few Sew Yummy goodies, too!  Read all about our visit on the Fabric Depot blog post.

Sew Yummy

Oh, and did I mention that Sew Yummy will be available for purchase the first time ever in the history of the world at Fabric Depot on Monday?!!  Yup, Sew Yummy is getting it’s cherry popped at Fabric Depot!  Hope to see you there!

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Needle a little joy

June 22nd, 2014

The last time I was at Modern Domestic I picked up some Clover embroidery needles to try out. I’ve been using Peacemaker embroidery needles for over a decade now, but I’ve gotten so tried of their lack of availability. So I gave the Clover Gold Eye needles a try on the binding of my #fancyfoxquilt block potholders. Oh boy, am I glad I did!

The Clover needles poke through the fabric like soft butter. So dreamy. I’m using the No. 9 for binding and it’s perfect! Functions like a straw or milliners needle, but has the muscle of an embroidery needle. Who knew a tiny little needle could bring so my joy!

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Painting rig

June 6th, 2014

Painting rig

My clever son MacGyver’d a "painting rig" and it’s mad awesome. My crusty old white bike basket is now Sea Glass green (from Krylon). Everyone needs to make a painting rig.

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Mexican Loteria

May 29th, 2014

I’m so digging my new Mexican Loteria stitchery from Sublime Stitching!
Mexican Loteria

And I’m especially diggin’ the “all you need” drawings of the hoop, needles, scissors, floss and “something to stitch”. I think I’ll embroider those, too! Love, love, love!
Mexican Loteria

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iPhone holder/necklace

May 28th, 2014

I made an iPhone/iPod holder “necklace” to wear so I can listen to podcasts and music while I sew/FMQ, vacuum, cook (read take-out menus), etc. I often, ok, always, put my phone in my bra. I’m trying to break that habit, at least while I’m sewing. I made an iPhone “necklace” holder complete with pockets for iPhone accessories and for credit cards, cash, keys and punch cards for on the go.
iPhone Necklace

My pattern can be found in the Summer 2014 issue of Better Home’s and Gardens Quilts & More.

NOTE: My pattern was reworked in the magazine article for the iPhone/iPad holder to be more like a “clutch” bag, but my original instructions as a “necklace” were written into a “Ask The Designer” blurb at the end of the article (just look for my mug).
iPhone Necklace

I made one iPhone holder in Violet Craft’s gorgeous Waterfront Park and one in Mo Bedell’s beautiful Full Moon Lagoon.  I made these projects a very long time ago, so Google is another option for searching for these beautiful OOP collections.
iPhone Necklace

The back is loaded with pockets.
iPhone Necklace

Big center pocket for the phone or iPod.
iPhone Necklace

Lots of awesome projects (and their designers!) in this issue of Quilts & More!

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May The 4th Be With You

May 4th, 2014

May The 4th Be With You, originally uploaded by Happy Zombie.

Auditions for colors happening right now.  Madly adorable pattern by Mollie Johanson at wildolive.blogspot.com

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Sew Yummy is sew gonna be here soon!

May 2nd, 2014

Sew Yummy
I’m beyond excited to be sharing more about my Sew Yummy collection with Cloud9 Fabrics. Crazy excited. Beyond belief excited. Squee all over myself excited. And my hope is that lots of people will be using it to sew and quilt some really fun stuff! Sew Yummy is just about here, getting itself ready for it’s big debut at Spring International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh.
Sew Yummy

Quilt Market is kinda like a farmer’s market - where everything is fresh and just picked, but also juicy and ripe. Because fabrics are so fresh, there’s a hurry up and wait urgency to get projects made and finished in time for market. This can mean being ready to go while waiting for the UPS truck to back up in the drive way. It’s a crazy, hectic and sleepless rush to get things done - but I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world!
Ready, set, sew!

One of the projects I’ll be making that will be in the Cloud9 booth is my Yo, Stitch! pattern. It’ll be available free at Cloud9’s MAKE IT SEW PROJECTS section of their website. There will be some other projects to show, too, a little bit later on. For now, I hope everyone who’ll be attending Quilt Market will visit the Cloud9 booth (1713). Maybe hang out and browse all the beautiful delights Cloud9 has to offer.
Sew Yummy

In the coming future I’ll have more pics to share. For now, here’s a sweet little peek at the entire Sew Yummy collection.  Stay tuned!


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ID / Badge Holders!

April 7th, 2014

A ways back I made a little iPhone bag slash ID & badge holder for the 2011 Summer issue of Quilts & More. I’ve since revised my pattern and it’s now available in my shop.  A superfly little badge holder & wallet PDF sewing pattern for fashionable neckwear.

The BADGE HOLDER is for everyone and great for retreats, guild meetings, kids’ field trips, trade shows, work ID’s and people who like having their chest looked at. The front of the badge holder has a clear vinyl window pocket, and the back has a fabric pocket. Business in the front, party in the back. Vinyl ID window is sourced from a clear vinyl show curtain (available for under $4 USD at stores like IKEA, Target and Fred Meyer).
Badge Holder PDF sewing pattern

Big, roomy center for all kinds of little goodies like business cards, hotel key cards, transit passes, credit cards, candy, gum, keys, lipstick, stickers, coffee punch-cards, love notes, coupons, ear buds, tissues, mints, iPhone/cell charger cable, mad money, happy money, drivers license, blood donor card, “I voted” sticker, ICE - in case of emergency card, hair barrettes, rogue gummi bears, work ID card, movie tickets, etc.
Badge Holder PDF sewing pattern

Super yummy in all kinds of fabrics, especially fabrics from Cloud9 Fabrics.
Badge Holder PDF sewing pattern

My BADGE HOLDER PDF patten now available in my shop!
ID /Badge Holder PDF sewing pattern

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Mobile Sewing Center

March 6th, 2014

Last October I brought Walt home and into my life - my little white (celery) 1964 Singer 221K Featherweight.
Since that time, I’ve been trying all kinds of storage and travel solutions for him. Plastic bins with handles. An Ikea cooler. Even a Trader Joe’s bag. Sigh, nothing was working as I wanted it to. I was like Goldilocks in search of finding Just The Right storage for old Walt. While my Featherweight fit in all those containers, there still wasn’t enough room for my tools, fabric and other accoutrements. Because just like that, I had become my grandmother (not a bad thing) with all her many totes and bags. Four, five, six bags… all for only a few hours away from the house.  No.  I need to lug ONE thing only.

Me with my shopping cart hauling ass down an aisle in Home Depot… I spotted It… Walt’s cherry new ride.  I Fred Flinstone’d my cart’s breaks, backed up, stood in front of It, and then I cried a little. A muffled whimper of glee.  I FOUND IT! By accident I discovered the Stanley-3-in-1-Rolling-Workshop. This has got to be too good to be true. For certain Walt was going to be a smidge too big to fit. I figured I could always take it back if it didn’t fit.
Mobile Sewing Center

Not too tall, just tall enough. Two cats high, to be exact.
Mobile Sewing Center

Nice big wheels on the side so no tipping over. Instead of a telescoping handle it’s got squeezy release action handle. LOVE that.  Best part, is when I have my handle down and the top is nice and flush/flat - I can put my pressing board right on top and I’ve got myself an awesome little pressing station.
Mobile Sewing Center

Oh hi, happy face.
Mobile Sewing Center

Not too many compartments, just comparmenty enough. Three perfect compartments meant for sewing.
Mobile Sewing Center

Bottom unit for Walt, small cutting mat, rulers.
Mobile Sewing Center

Middle unit for my tools.
Mobile Sewing Center

Top unit for my iron, water, Flatter, fabric, etc.
Mobile Sewing Center

Actually, my Featherweight fits in either the top or the bottom case. This is just so dreamy. All that’s left now is to decorate my mobile sewing center and make it cute. The wheels are turning. Literally.

On a side note, I devised a way to keep my thread spool from flying around while my machine is tripping the lights fantasic across the west coast - I pop the spool in a small yogurt container…
Spool cozy for traveling

… snap on the lid that has a small hole I cut in it and then jam the spool holder thing into it.
Spool cozy for traveling

The container kind of rests on top and pretty much stays put depending how close the lid of my storage is to it. But even should it fall, at least the spool is safe and not getting tangled on everything.  My spool cozy for traveling.
Spool cozy for traveling

Damn I love to sew.

- Amazon.com: info

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The Traveling Quilts Bee: Another 2 rounds

February 26th, 2014

TTQ button for meAnother round of the Traveling Quilts Bee was just at my house, not once but TWICE with both Faith’s and Jacquie’s beautiful quilt-in-progress quilts. If anyone isn’t familiar with our Traveling Quilts Bee, be sure to check out our Traveling Quilts Bee flickr group.

I started with Jacquie’s, and it took me a few days of looking at it to figure out what I was going to do. It was not unlit I looked at the quilt through my iphone that I saw the big “t” in the quilt. Again, my iphone is one of my favorite quilting tools. Thanks, Apple! I took that “t” and ran with it, and I added a row of t’s to the top. My favorite one is the “one of these t’s is not like the others” t. I think it’s the one constant in almost all my additions to everyone TQ’s - is I make one or two of block grouping in kind of reverse. A little zig amongst the zag.
My addition (on the top of the quilt) to @jacquietps quilt in our bee. I took my cue from the diagonal

On Faith’s, it was a bit more challenging, but in a good way because there was the quilt-in-progress plus a handful of block made by others. I could either do something with all the blocks or I could add to the QIP. I chose the latter because I LOVE MAKING STARS.
Traveling Quilts - Faith's Quilt

I made 12 little star blocks, a few that were zigged instead of zagged.
Traveling Quilts - Faith's Quilt

I made two rows of six blocks. Twilight colors in one row, sunrise colors for the bottom row. I heart seams.
Traveling Quilts - Faith's Quilt
Traveling Quilts - Faith's Quilt

Get ready Daniel, I’m sending Jacquie’s and Faith’s TQs off to you today!

- My Traveling Quilts Bee blog posts: tagged Bee Serious
- The Traveling Quilts Bee flickr group

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