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A bag for all reasons - Book Review & Giveaway!

October 16th, 2012

I don’t do a lot of book or product reviews, but when something comes along that I really want - I jump at the offer. When I was offered the Lisa LamA Bag for All Reasons” review opportunity, I admit that I’m SUCH A HUGE FAN OF LISA and U-Handbag that all I *saw* (ala Gary Larson) in the publisher’s email was, “aasdkfjl azdlkjzmrg’ dglkzdk LISA LAM slkdfoc we;r a’d idfoijsodj dkmlk LISA LAM sdkp[ e ald ogpwekr fkjgo LISA LAM slaoi difoijfoiam alfj’a adfkjaldkjg doijcoijoi LISA LAM” and immediately replied, “YES”, and then went back are re-read the email.
3-1 Convertible Backpack

I had seen the 3-1 Convertible Backpack on flickr and KNEW I wanted to make one, too.  My fear was that it would be too advanced of a pattern for my not-too-advanced brain. And because I often don’t read pattern instructions, I knew that since I was doing a review I would have to actually read the instructions. Oh the pressure was so strong, I almost ditched the backpack plans. But I gave it a go and read the instructions the well written instructions!  And then fear quickly turned into a fist pump in the air and a proclamation (to my dogs) that I CAN DO IT! Besides, I already had some Amy Butler Daisy Chain, a teal solid, and some poser linen (a cotton weave) already set out to make the backpack. The sperm had pretty much shook hands with the eggs at this point - and I HAD to get this backpack baby get made.
3-1 Convertible Backpack
I’m am a visual, non-reading instruction follower. Lisa’s instructions are well written and in a way that feel like she’s talking to me one-on-one giving me personal instruction.

I took my time and made my bag over the course of 3 days. One step at a time, and no speed-demon-plow-my-way-through sewing.

I traced my pattern pieces onto freezer paper, and ironed-on the pieces to my fabrics (no pinning!).

I used cotton duck (available in the “outdoor” fabric section at JoAnn’s) as my interlining. Cotton duck canvas makes for a nice, stiff form with not a lot of bulk. I learned this genius interlining trick at Oh, Fransson! - thank you Elizabeth!
3-1 Convertible Backpack

Another trick I learned from Elizabeth is using Clover’s Wonder Clips in tight, curvy, bulky spaces. These clips are a DREAM to use!
3-1 Convertible Backpack

Permission granted! I love when pattern writers “give permission” to do things your own way (something I encourage on my own patterns). I was already apprehensive enough with all the hooks, loops and snaps (the H Word… hardware) - but the grommets about had me running for the hills since I was doing this step by step and literally by-the-book for this review. In the book Lisa says, “if you have a phobia of eyelets (grommets) don’t let that stop you making this bag - in place of eyelets, make a casing for the top of the bag and thread the ties through this instead”. HOLY GROMMET HOLES, it’s as if Lisa wrote that for me. So I did, I made a casing.  I also made a little flange-ish thing (the technique name excapes me because I just learned that word only a few weeks ago) - the result when you have a little bit of the lining showing.
3-1 Convertible Backpack

I top-stitched a tube around the top with an opening at the front.
3-1 Convertible Backpack

I got one of those squeezy knoby bobs and voila.
3-1 Convertible Backpack

I could not be more happy with my backpack. I can’t put it down and I keep playing with it. I repeatedly tell my two cats and two dogs, “oh yeah, I made this”. I really couldn’t have made this without such well written instructions and Lisa’s crazy awesome designs.
3-1 Convertible Backpack

For now my backpack is a trophy bag - on display and sitting pretty.  Tomorrow we go out, and I show the world (or the 10,000 people of Astoria) my new baby.
3-1 Convertible Backpack
My only dilemma now is deciding to whether to make another backpack or one of the other fabulous projects in the book!

Edited in:
I was told that there has been a printing error with that pattern and that it should have been corrected with the latest batch of books. If anyone should get a previously printed copy, here are the instructions I recieved (that should follow step 26):

Three in one convertable (bblfr)

The bblfr needs to be stitched centrally over the bag flap (on the bag back exterior). The top edge of the bblfr needs to be placed one centimetre above the bottom edge of the bag flap (so the bottom edge of the bag flap this covered by the bblfr). PS the top edge of the bblfr will have the d-rings and grab handle pointing upwards.

U-Handbag: u-handbag.com
Digital preview: A Bag for All Reasons
Lisa’s blog: u-handbag.typepad.com

F+W Media is kindly giving away a copy of A Bag for All Reasons to one of my readers! Leave a comment and I’ll draw a lucky name this upcoming Saturday morning.

Edited in: The giveaway has now ended, and using random.org for comments 1-238, the winner is #31 by Pam of Library Gal Quilts (how awesome is it that the library gal won a book!). Yay, Pam!

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    Your new backpack is so fabulous! And what a great review! I want to buy the book this minute but I’ll wait just in case I get lucky enough to win! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. The fabulous Adrianne allegedly said:

    Your bag is very pretty. I would like to make a bag too but I am a bit daunted because I would rather look at pictures and try to work things out for myself than read instructions, and my brain works in 2D (those rotate this shape 90 degrees clockwise in your mind type questions totally stump me). That is why I quilt, rather than sew garments. But I really want to make a cute bag!

  3. The fabulous Molly allegedly said:

    Love your bag and I WANT that pattern :)

  4. The fabulous ~Michelle~ allegedly said:

    Looks fantastic! I love the front pockets :)

  5. The fabulous Sharon S allegedly said:

    The bag is fabulo-so! Now if I just had that great bike. I’m afraid if I rode it here all you’d hear would be “thump”.

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    Love the bag! And love that Far Side - blah blah blah GINGER blah blah blah! Hee hee hee.

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    wow how cute is that! love it! thanks for the chance!

  8. The fabulous Brenda allegedly said:

    Love this bag!! Your fabric looks great, too, Monica!

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    can i just say your photos always blow me over and this book on bags…great review…

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    Your backpack is amazing - so professional!! I would love to give some of these patterns a try. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. The fabulous DianeY allegedly said:

    Really cute bag-you did a great job! I’d love to win this book & you better pick me because I never win anything!

  12. The fabulous Sandra Davidson allegedly said:

    Love the backpack something I have never done so would love the book especially if the pattern is as easy to follow as you said. I really admire people who don’t have to follow patterns.

  13. The fabulous Glenda in Florida allegedly said:

    What a lovely backpack! I’d love to win this book–I’ve made lots little bags and several purses, but never a backpack. And, that little comment about being afraid of grommets–that was aimed at me too!

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    At first glance, that looks like a complicated project but you made it sound so doable. I’m up for a chance to win the pattern.

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    Love your review! Your backpack is beautiful! A backpack is on bucket list of sewing projects.

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    I am dying for Lisa’s book! I have been reading her blog for a few years and would love her book so much I pretty much screamed and jumped up to enter this giveaway (from your instagram picture of your awesome new backpack!) yay!

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    It’s gorgeous, and I am emboldened by your review! Thanks for the chance.

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    Serious awesomeness happening in Astoria! I’m on those who reads a pattern briefly and than goes about making it my own way so I love it when pattern designers give you options!

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    I love how it turned out. I have Lisa’s first book, I’d love a set so sign me up for a chance to win! Please that is. xo

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    Hi Monica,
    Congrats on the bag, I love it. And, yes I too would love to make one like it, so please enter me in your giveaway.

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    Oh wow it’s just lovely!! I’m a big fan of u-handbag too so would absolutely love to win this book to try out a pattern or two, or three.. :D Thank you for the chance to win!

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    great bag! the casing & flang-ish thing you added are fantastic. I hope the cats & dogs are duly impredded :)

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    You made it sound so easy. If it was I’d love to try it out. I’m great at reading instructions and sometimes they even make sence to me. Other times step by step photos work, depends on the project. Thanks for showing us your great backpack. ;-> Toni Anne

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    I just bought that book, and haven’t had a chance to try anything yet! So,no need to give it to me - obviously. But I am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the directions, etc. I want to make the bicycle paniers and another bag…but I was worried about the directions being tough.
    Your bad is lovely!! The beasts are surely impressed.

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    enjoy your day,


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    You are justifiably proud.

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    The one bag I made was essentially sewing up two sides then tacking a long shoulder string and velcro closure to it. I think that I’m ready to make a real bag, and appreciate the hints and this book giveaway. Thanks to your sponsor.

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    WOW! Your backpack looks amazing! I also want do sew one! Please pick me!

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    i think i’m going to have to try out those clips! and find that book!!!

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    Congrats on the bag, it’s a beaut! I have always been scared to tackle a bag like that, but seeing your success has given me hope. :)

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    I love that book and made the backpack too! Mine is black and pink and I take it with me everywhere. My husband loves it too (extra roomfor his stuff when we travel!)

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    Your bag and the book are both awesome:)

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    Your backpack is wonderful, I love it! And your review may have just convinced me that I need Lisa’s latest book every bit as much as the first one :)
    It would be great to win it, thanks for the chance.

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    Love, love, love the backpack. I’ve been eyeing this book… the bike rack bag on the cover is just what I need for my bike. Fingers crossed I’ll get picked.

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    Here’s what sucks about knowing you so well. I’m never surprised by your awesomeness cuz I just expect it. :) heehee I love your bag, and I’m sure it will get lots of Oh’s and WTFDYGTAB (where the flip did you get that awesome bag?). Now, the challenge will be finding stuff on the bottom of it since you can hold all kinds of things in there! :)

  169. The fabulous Stephanie allegedly said:

    I am more of a picture by picture process follower as well. If i make a mistake or cant make heads or tails of the pictures then i read through the instructions. Thank you for the chance to will a wonderful book! SO excited!

    BTW! Love your blog here, I’m always a little disappointed when i check and theres no new entry! :)

  170. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    I love your choice of fabrics!! So cheery and fresh!!!

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    I saw this bag on pinterest and had to come over to your site. So Stickin’ CutE!!! I love this bag and can’t wait to look through the rest of this book. I am a college student and can’t have enough bags to carry my computer and text books. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    I really enjoyed reading your review - very refreshing and sounded honest. :) I’ve been thinking to transition from a handbag to a backpack style purse for a while (incredibly sloping shoulders:) - maybe I need a copy of this book? :)


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    Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Great bag! I’ve been wanting to make a bag that’s a bit more challenging than a simple tote, but I still consider myself a beginning sewist. This might fit the bill! And I’m a grommet-phobe, too, so I’d opt for the casing.

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    Yippee skippee!

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    I think I could make a backpack. Love the casing that you made instead of grommets. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Monica…why in the world do you “ever”
    doubt yourself? I actually, daydream, about being as capable as you..I really do. I would love to be able to sit down and create such a lovely bag as your backpack. Your fabric was a perfect choice as well. (another part of my daydream….) is if I had a studio as you do..a place for everything and everything in it’s place..I would spend “all” of my free time there creating…lovely quilts, bags, etc. I currently sew in the diningroom and always have to pick things up and put out of the way. I don’t mean to be unappreciative I just know how lovely it would be to have a place of my own. Do you spend all of your free time in your studio sewing? I got slightly off the subject but that’s partly because I see you as being able to “create” anything..

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    I love Lisa’s first book and I’d love to win a copy of her second!

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    Love the backpack and the fabric!!

  227. The fabulous Abby allegedly said:

    The finished bag is fantastic - I’ve install grommets in a number of projects and it’s my least favorite step. It’s really scary cutting into a basically completely finished project - the kind of thing you probably need a shot of alcohol first to get your courage up! The casing is a nice substitute.

  228. The fabulous Deidra allegedly said:

    Your bag looks great. I love the fabric you used.

  229. The fabulous Pamela B. allegedly said:

    That bag is adorable and could be used for so many things.

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    fabulous bag. I love the pockets - I would love to stitch on those. maybe with some of the new sublime stitching floss! thanks!

  231. The fabulous Marianne allegedly said:

    Love the pattern and would love to make one. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern. Yours turned out great!

  232. The fabulous jeanne allegedly said:

    I think this pattern would make a fantastic diaper bag for my daughter in law. Yours turned out super!!! I like the idea of the casing. :-)

  233. The fabulous KerryQ allegedly said:

    Bite your tongue, Vera Bradley! Your bag is so cute. And thanks for admitting that hardware is scary, because it is.

  234. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    The bag is adorable! Maybe this is what I need to be motivated to thin my stash or maybe to buy more fabric! Hahaha!

  235. The fabulous MonicaW allegedly said:

    Well this MONICA has been influenced by you and I want a backpack too! I promise to make that project first if I win the giveaway.

  236. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    Cute bag! I would love this book. Thanks!

  237. The fabulous Ruth allegedly said:

    OMG I’m in lust with that bag…pick me, pick me!

  238. The fabulous Kelly allegedly said:

    Sold! You must be really good, because I did not merely Pin this book, but just went ahead and bought. My husband gives me such thoughtful gifts at Christmas, and this will be one. :) Great backpack. I can’t wait to have one of my own! ~Kelly

  239. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    lucky ME!!! THANKS MSS!!! I am very excited to be a winner :) and also to receive this great book (you know how I love books) and I am looking forward to bags galore!! xoxo Librarygal Pam :))

  240. The fabulous 3LittleBrds allegedly said:

    OH MY gawrsh!!!! Amazing bag. (Hoping to see you in Houston)

  241. The fabulous Nancy S allegedly said:

    Darling–all of them, but my favorite is the blue & white striped with pink roses.

  242. The fabulous Adella allegedly said:

    Love the bag and colors. Thanks for a chance to win!

  243. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    I am in the process of making the 3-in-1 backpack. I think the design is great, but I’m curious if you didn’t notice that there are some instructions missing?

    1. At/near step 26, she never tells you where/how to sew the BBLFR onto the back piece.
    2. We’re never told to sew the top loops onto the BBLFR either.

    I mailed Lisa and got a quick response from a staff member that others have pointed out these errors.

    I couldn’t find a list of errata or corrections on her site or the publisher’s site.

    Anyway, this is my long winded, hopefully respectful way of saying I didn’t find the instructions clear or well written.


      I have updated my blog post with info I received about sewing the BBLFR onto the back. I don’t know of an errata page, but I’ll post that too should one be found/created. - Monica

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