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It’s almost time…

October 29th, 2009

Tomorrow’s the big day! I always love seeing the H’ween costumes on the Today show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Frosty, Heidi and Frank - and seeing what clever ideas they come up with.  This is the ONE DAY it sucks for me not to have a job to go to.  I so miss the work dress-up day - so I’m gonna have a little trick or treatin’ office party on my blog tomorrow.  It may just be virtual nonsense… but I’m giving away pretend candy at my pretend party thrown by my pretend party planning committee.  And I’m not handing out that fun-size crap… I’m pretending to give full size candy bars.  And if you leave a comment that you’re dressing up too… you get TWO pretend full size candy bars.   Here’s a peek at my costume - it’s almost done.  Any guesses?
Top Secret: working on my H'ween costume for trick-treat in blogland tomorrow.

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27 Responses

  1. The fabulous Kathleen allegedly said:

    I have an idea…but I am going to wait until the grand reveal! Yippee!!

  2. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    Ding Dong…
    trick r treat…
    I’m dressed as a ghost, can you tell?

    Thanks for the candy…

    talking about jobs…and dressing up…one year the whole office decided to dress up. Well, about 2 days before Halloween we all decided NOT to dress up… BUT we forgot to tell one of the part time gals. She came dressed as a baby (it was a pediatricians office)…she never forgave us…LOL

  3. The fabulous Norma allegedly said:

    I have no idea what it is but it looks lovely!

    Knock knock

    Trick or treat! Got any full size twix?

  4. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    It definitely looks Scandinavian. Thanks for the candy. No dressing up here, because I really don’t need another candy bar!

    Michelle… NOT TO WORRY! My pretend candy is fat free and loaded with vitamins, anti-oxidants and all-natural fat burning properties. Plop. I just dropped a candy bar in you bucket. - Monica

  5. The fabulous Carolyn Parker allegedly said:

    Oh Monica, I can’t wait to see your costume. I don’t dress up, but my daughter, Oneita, who’s a costume designer, as a little girl, used to start planning her next year’s costume the day after ha’ween. Even in high school, when it wasn’t even cool, she’d wear an elaborate get-up, with wigs made out silk scrap streamers. On my FB page there’s a reel of her music videos that’s really cool. Take a look.

  6. The fabulous Kasi allegedly said:

    I KNOW! I KNOW! I know what it is-isss…neener-neener!

    But, I can’t BELIEVE you are actually MAKING IT! Now I can’t wait to see it ON YOU. HILLLLARIOUS!!!!!

  7. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    Looks like a Swiss Miss costume to me lol…or a little Dutch girl type thing, can’t wait to see it…and I have a really warm red cape that I wear for trick or treating, like a supermom in disguise…

  8. The fabulous Katie R allegedly said:

    Are you going to be a matryoshka doll!?!?!

  9. The fabulous jenny b harris allegedly said:

    Whatever it is, it looks ADORABLE!!!!

  10. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    Okay, I know this is old but here goes…
    Trick or treat,
    Smell my feet,
    give me something good to eat.

    I can see your eyes rolling back into your head, I know. But I just had to do it!! Your costume looks a little elfish?

  11. The fabulous Piecefully, Pam allegedly said:

    I got a rock…?!

  12. The fabulous Duabe allegedly said:


    Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat
    We want something good to eat!

    - Are you a Spring Christmas elf?

    Yay!! No calorie chocolate! The best treat ever!

  13. The fabulous Kim Walus allegedly said:

    It’s looking way CUTE!!! I can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

  14. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    You know what I will be….missing!!!

  15. The fabulous Kristin L allegedly said:

    I’m with Tabitha that it looks like a Swiss Miss/Dutch Girl kind of costume. I think I still have the eyelet bonnet my mom made me the year I was a dutch girl for Halloween. My dress didn’t have any fancy embroidery on it though.

  16. The fabulous Laurie Miller allegedly said:

    Looks dutch to me, hmmmmm…

  17. The fabulous Karen Snyder allegedly said:

    I know, I know! But I won’t tell, because I have an advantage. I saw the inspiration piece (and so did Kasi!) so it wouldn’t be fair.

    I’m dressing up as a quilter tomorrow. Trick or Treat. I want a trick!

  18. The fabulous Jeannie allegedly said:

    BOO! Did I scare you? I’m the crazy lady on the corner in the scary house with all the cats! Are you going to be the little girl in Mary Engelbriecht’s illustrations? Have fun and thanks for the nutricious candy - MMMMMM good!

  19. The fabulous LauraJ allegedly said:

    I didn’t dress up but I did dress up my boy. I plan on wearing a creepy mask to get him off the busafter school.

  20. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    I SHOULD dress up like a squirrel, but I didn’t get a costume or, like some people who I don’t know where they get all this creative time, make one. Oh well. I’ll think squirrely thoughts. :) hahahahaa I’m with some of the other chickees about what you’ll be, a swiss missy type of chick.

  21. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    Headed to a an afternoon meeting with stuffy, humourless engineers, wearing my costume anyway

  22. The fabulous Mary Anne Drury allegedly said:

    Trick or Treat ! BOO! I think I’ll go as a well groomed (i.e hair perfectly done, make up on, cute trendy outfit), organized (i.e. immaculate home, everybody on schedule, wonderful home cooked meals), successful career woman who is also in school (and not part time … FULLTIME mind you ) …… How SCARY is THAT !!!!????!!!! …or, maybe I’ll just be a WITCH ! (oh, I think that’s all the same thing…..

    NOW …. HAND OVER THE STINKIN’ CANDY …..please…..

    P.S. looks like a very cute costume …. sweet and innocent…..it’s so you!!!! :)

  23. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Hmm…looks Scandinavian and very cute. I can’t what for the reveal. I did a bunny costume for my granddaughter and thats as far as I got this year. I am at my desk with my old halloween/fall sweater vest on while a few ghosts, goblins and marines (oh, they were real..oops)float on by. Sticking out my hand for the BIG bars too!

  24. The fabulous amandajean allegedly said:

    you are so funny. i can’t wait to see the full costume reveal. :)

  25. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    Oh yeah, for some reason until now I didn’t get it, but looking again.. yeah, I know.

    I want a 1lb Hershey bar please. Just because.

  26. The fabulous Candace allegedly said:

    hmmm…..could that be the Happy Zombie elf? Can’t wait to see! I’m going as a box overflowing with fabric on it’s way to the Squash House! And I’ll take a gargantuan virtual Hershey Bar (please) - LOL!
    I went to work late this morning just so I could see the Today Show - they’ll never beat Al and Matt as PDiddy and what was her name??? - darn!

  27. The fabulous jen duncan allegedly said:

    CRAZY good costume, Mon. Seriously rocks! Sure hope someone somewhere gives you some tacos, ’cause you totally deserve them! :-)

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