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Market/Chapter 5 ~ The Peep Show continues…

June 9th, 2008

Help. I’ve fallen off the planet and I can’t get up. Spring Market is way over, and I still have a lot of catching up to do. Pam and Elizabeth are way past me on their posts… and I haven’t even gotten to their trip to my digs yet! Long overdue peep show, and then I still have my Booty Call (otherwise known as How I Spent My Time Trick-or-Treating At Quilt Market) and My Most Excellent Adventure With Pam & Elizabeth to post. At my rate, I should have it all wrapped up by Fall Market.

Because I’m so lazy striving to be efficient… I had a light bulb moment and thought I’d give the ol Pimp My Mosaic route a twirl. Mosaic is clickable and will lead to all the photos. And if you are a flickr user, you of course can see the photos in all their supersize-me glory.

Moda, Moda, Moda. How I love Moda. Moda fabric, Moda Home… I love it all. What I didn’t know was how much I was going to love the peeps behind the fabric and goods. My new best friends (ok, not really… but I want them to be) - Whitney who is the director of the Moda Home division, Jen who is the one and only Tula Pink, and Holly who is half of the Urban Chicks. I love these girls! Ok, the bordering on creepy McModa Baby not so much (Triskit’s PG-13 moment). McModa Baby was soooo upset that Triskit was the center of attention. Poutie, schmickpoutie McModa baby (even though her darling outfit was made from Swell). Anyhoo, back to my new best friends (regardless if they deny it). Whitney is in black, Jen in the denim jacket and Holly is in white/green. Are they not too cute! So my two all time favorite fabric designers are Tula Pink and Urban Chicks (both of which I have used for Quilts & More projects), so triple bonus thrill for me to meet them. I could have spent all day hanging out with the Moda girls, but why risk a restraining order.
My Most Modalicious Adventure

Paddling up to the Lakehouse, I finally get to meet Holly (top photos). Many an email has zinged between us, and finally we get to meet in real life. Holly is an amazingly talented woman and her booth did not disappoint! All these photos I’ve seen of her previous booths, and wanting to hole up inside… and her Portland booth was no different. I’m sure if I looked up “happy” in the dictionary, there’d be a reference to Holly’s booth. Holly’s been such a great cheerleader for me and she makes me gush with her many kinds words for me. I was especially excited to have some projects with Holly’s delicious fabrics showcased in her booth… two of my Jingle Jolly runners and two Jingle Jolly Pillow Talk pillows I designed just for Holly’s booth in her ever so adorable new BOB (Boy Oh Boy) fabric. The pillows were just a slick move on my part so I’d have a soft place to rest my head when I snuck into her booth to at night to sleep.

Also fun to meet at Lakehouse was Penny. It’s just so wrong to call Penny The Bag Lady, but the woman is seriously talented with her purse designs! And ever so cute are her purses in Holly’s fabric. Penny having some fun with Triskit, putting her “into the vault” (bottom left).

The Peep Show continues in a bit. For now… it’s Intermission. BRB.

Roxie and Joe Wood from Thimble Creek. Nicest and friendliest couple ever, and I love their store. Sure Pam and Anne like to blog about them, but I was born across the street from TC. Was Pam? Was Anne? Noooo. Ok, so I was born before it was Thimble Creek. And Thimble Creek has since moved. But still. I look at it as my birthright. Anyhoo… TC is one of my fave quilt shops ever, and I’m hoping Roxie and Joe will let me have a slumber party in their shop. Just wishing out loud.
Quilt Market Quilt Market

Jennifer and Tanya. Do I really need to mention their last names? Who doesn’t know these two design darlings. These two wonderful ladies force us to wear bibs to keep ourselves from drooling all over their cotton goodness. From set-up day to near the end of market, I kept running into Jennifer. <— That’s code for I was stalking her. Ya know how when you were a kid, and you’d go on a class field trip, and your teacher would group you up with one of the helper moms, and you’d be chanting for that one really special and nice mom… Let me be in her group. Let me be in her group. PLEASE let me be in her group. Jennifer is like that mom. Everyone wants to be her presence and have her attention… and she so sweetly gave it. The woman just oozes love, joy, warmth and happiness. And I think her goodness is infused in her beautiful and happy fabrics. The biggest buzz I heard at Market was not about what… but about who. And that was Jennifer.
Quilt Market Quilt Market
I didn’t get a shot of Tanya’s booth - because when no one was looking I was taking a nap in the scrumptious bed in her magically delicious booth. Tanya was so sweet (she’s just so stinkin’ nice), especially over my confusion over her name badge and who she was. Yes it’s Tanya. No, it’s not Tanya. Yes it IS Tanya. Yes I am a weirdo. Which is pretty funny since I had two badges… each one with a different last name. Did I mention I’m in love with Tanya’s fabrics? I especially love her new Ava Rose in the pinks and aquas. And of course I heart Tanya too!

My fun friend Keri Duke from Maui and Liz Lois of Nearly Insane. Keri and I keep running into each other over here on the mainland. What I really want to do is run into her on Maui! I met Keri at an Artist’s Way “camp” about two years ago, and during one of the speeches - Keri and I swapped doodles. No, not code. We really doodled in our notebooks and then swapped. I soooo got the better end the deal. Keri can hold a pencil and the paper magically turns into a work of art, and then it turns into a breathtaking Hawaiian quilt.
Quilt Market Quilt Market
Liz has taken Dear Jane to a higher level. OHMYHECK… It’s Dear Jane on The Juice! Breathe. Breathe. I was having a Dear Jane-iac attack! Liz’s quilt stopped me dead in my tracks. Judy’s too. My photo doesn’t do it justice. Judy and I each bought one of her two books, and we vowed to each other we were going to make it. WHAT WAS I ON? Ok, so now it’s a life goal. And for the record… Liz had THE best treats/goodies at Market.

Judy introduced me to her friend Bonnie Sullivan, and little did I know that I already knew Bonnie. Well, not know know her… but in the past I’ve bought some of Bonnie’s All Through The Night patterns AND some of her Maywood Studios fabric. I love Bonnie’s style. Just the right amount of cuteness and folk art, and kind of Euro in a way to me. Exatly my style, and Bonnie’s designs fuel my inner autumn.
Quilt Market Quilt Market
Triskit got word Santa was going to be making a visit, and she hid in the fireplace to wait for him. Judy got her out thankfully, and briefed her on proper Santa etiquette.

Cindy Taylor Oats filling in for Judy as her stylist and Colleen Blackwood and her sister of Laughing Lizzie’s Patterns. Fun girls, as you can see! Cindy’s booth was pinklicious and her cupcakes the sweetest I’ve ever seen. And how cute are they in Holly’s fabric! And Cindy’s apron in Sandi’s fabric. Pure eyecandy. Cindy’s little cupcake stands were genius too - she made them the repurposed way (I’m hoping she blogs about how she made them… way too clever).
Quilt Market Quilt Market

Jean and Gerri hanging out at Casa de Bloomio. These two were a hoot, but I did keep on eye on Gerri while she was in E’s booth. Just saying. Triskit’s sitting on sweet Lori Smith’s shoulder - who is one of my favorite quilt designers of all time. Love, love, LOVE her patterns. I wish I could make them all! I had a field day in Lori’s booth (and I bet Wendy would have had snippets of fun too). Mmmmmm…. I love the smell of wholesale prices in the morning!
Quilt Market Quilt Market

This is Davide from Aurifil. Not because Aurifil is the best thread on the planet. Not because Aurifil is my favorite thread and is all I will use. Not because I got the VERY LAST 4-pack free sample. Not because the colors of the threads had me dazzled. No. Because Davide was sooooooo stinkin’ cute and his Northern Italian accent was like sweet, sweet music.
Quilt Market Quilt Market

Santa, “Now you be good, Triskit.”
Quilt Market

Hard to say this right below Santa’s photo, but… Booty Call is next up to bat. And now my name is in Santa’s Naughty Book.

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12 Responses

  1. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    The Moda girls are used to having slightly older ladies gush all over them. I know for a fact that was a problem last Market…and while we’re TOLD that the missing Urban Chik had a wedding or something going on, I’m not entirely convinced.
    Does Triskit have a headache from having her braids tugged on so much? I may have pulled down her drawers, but I left her hair alone.

  2. The fabulous Whitney allegedly said:

    Of course we are your friends (I mean the restraining order is only up to 250 feet) and we can still see you and wave and shout from there…As for the “moda baby”, although scary as she may be, she was violated by a “Miss Trisket”, and this cannot be tolerated!! Moda Baby had to pull out her baby doll in front of her therapist and point to where Trisket violated her…so long story short you will be hearing from our lawyers! I mean what’s one restraining order and lawsuit among friends??? Right?

  3. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    I had so much fun I can hardly stand myself back at home. xo

  4. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    At least you go to meet your best friends. Debbie Mumm and I are bestest friends forever, but she has never, not once, called me to have coffee or anything. I’m not bitter, tho. I have you! :) I love the Lakehouse stuff. And your friends look like awesomely fun chicks. :)

  5. The fabulous Doe allegedly said:

    Good gawd, woman! What is Triskit doing to that poor Moda doll? Is she now a certified OB/Gyn specialist? LOLOL!!!! I could say more but I won’t!!!! Bwahahahaha!!! Must get rid of dirty thoughts!

    I’m soooo jealous of your new friends and your current cool friends. Wish I was there…

  6. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Wow! You guys had too much fun. And Triskit…I’m beginning to think she’s a shameless lil’ hussy — you better be careful!

  7. The fabulous Tula Pink allegedly said:

    Not only are we best friends I am also planning on sleeping on your couch for a while, raiding your fridge and borrowing your clothes without asking. I mean, that’s what friends do right?

  8. The fabulous Angelina allegedly said:

    That baby/Triskit picture really creeps me out… but as for the rest-what a lot of fun! Where is the fall market going to be?

  9. The fabulous Nanette allegedly said:

    Seriously no one is as funny as you Monica! Loved the pics (even the kookie one) and seeing the gals. I just think the women involved in creating things for the rest of us just keep getting better and better.

  10. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    Dang! Y’all got around! I’m really green with envy. It looks like a blast and so many wonderful, talented people!

  11. The fabulous Kristin J allegedly said:

    What a ride! Good for Trisket, exploring all sides of her little personality. Years later she can say she was “quiltcurious,” or explain her behavior with the line, “yes, but only once, at quilt market”

    Thanks for sharing the adventure that we pajama-clad semi-serious fabraholics can only dream about.

    btw, speaking of addiction, I too am an Aurafil addict. I have strayed to other brands, but after a guilty confession and some therapy, I go back to where I belong.

    second btw, LOVE the Bloomios box you did for Elizabeth!! how do you do it?

  12. The fabulous Jen allegedly said:

    Awesome take on quilt market. Your writing is just hysterical! Thanks for the laughs. Yours is the funnest quilting blog I’ve ever seen, if you can believe it. :o) Great pics too.

    Jen, novice quilter

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