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Market/Chapter 2 ~ Triskit Gets a Stylist

May 21st, 2008

First stop… Pam and Elizabeth at Elizabeth’s darling Late Bloomer Quilts booth. This is where I spent much of my time. Maybe it explains the look Pam has… Are you here AGAIN?
Quilt Market

And this is where I spent the other part of my time at Market. With Judy - and her new client Triskit. This is my friend Judy Hillman - aka The Mole. Judy is a stylist and most recently Judy’s amazing style talents have graced the pages of Darlene Zimmerman’s newest book Quilts from Lavender Hill Farm and Karen Snyder’s newest book Quilts From My Garden. Judy’s daughter Sarah was the photographer for both books as well. Sarah’s photos are incredible and beautiful. Jaw dropping beautiful. What a team those two make! And now Triskit is on Judy’s client list as well.
Quilt Market

This is why I love Judy - she knows how to handle a diva client! I’m totally over being mad at Judy for placing the strawberry pincushion she made - front and center in the shot (pages 45 & 50 of Karen’s book), while the strawberry I made almost out of the shot on the left. Yeah. Not a good idea to stay mad at Judy. Just saying…
Quilt Market

Darlene looks worried someone will see her holding Triskit…
Quilt Market

Triskit getting a private lesson from Darlene on how to use her newest tool - the Tall Triangle Ruler
Quilt Market

My roomie and gal pal Karen. And now I know why I saw the industrial size tweezers on our bathroom counter…
Quilt Market

At the Moda Home booth, Judy says, and I quote… “Let’s have Triskit ride the carrots”. No objection by me!
Quilt Market

More Moda Home antics with Pam, Judy, me, Triskit and the adorable Moda chicks to be posted later - but it will come with a PG17 warning. And I have a hunch I’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever get my fantasy fulfilled of being locked in the Moda warehouse, all alone… just me and 10 cute UPS drivers (in shorts of course) standing at the ready with trucks ready to be filled and headed out to Oregon. Just saying.
Quilt Market

And speaking of PamKittyMorning… Hmmm… I wonder what’s been keeping her so busy since Market ended???
Where In The World is PamKittyMorning???

Chapter 3 - Triskit’s Meet & Greet coming soon…

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37 Responses

  1. The fabulous Natalie allegedly said:

    Too much fun… well, maybe not *too* much.

  2. The fabulous Sandra :) allegedly said:

    When I grow up I want to be Trisket - I heard she gets around. A lot!

  3. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Gosh, after the boob treatment from the last post, I was starting to get worried on this post that you’ve toned it down. But, ahhh, there’s that promise of a PG17 post to come! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  4. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    Boy, that Triskit has quite the life! Lucky thing.

  5. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Wow, you and Pam REALLY ARE Cosmic Twin Sisters! She’s a trouble maker too! hee hee Were the cops cute?? I hope nobody had to have a body cavity search. Oh My, I can’t wait to see the Moda pictures. Glad to see you had so much fun, while I sit here in boring ol’ Wisconsin!!! :)

  6. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    I am really enjoying your antics at Market. I have to say Karen’s unibrow really needs more taming than just a braid, it is moving way too far up on her forehead. Other than that portion, the brow looks great! I can’t wait for the PG17 post, I’m all a twitter! F-U-N !

  7. The fabulous Shannon allegedly said:

    I looked through your quilt market photos! It looked like sooooo much fun!
    I almost fell off my chair when I saw miss Sally Bell holding Triskit!
    I have got to go to the shop now and harass her :)
    Can’t wait to see more pictures!!!!

  8. The fabulous Doe allegedly said:

    You guys are too FUNNNNNNNYYYYYY!!!! I’m worried about Judy… EEEK!!! Is she related to Hannibal Lechter? She better stay away from my dollies!

  9. The fabulous Nanette allegedly said:

    Monica! I’m laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. What a fun take on Market. Yeah I’ve been wondering about Pam . . . entertaining inmates!!??? Those pics are all darling. What a great bunch of pals to work with at Market. I didn’t know Darlene had a new book. I’ve got all of hers. And I finally got my hands on the latest Quilts and More. What a great job on the quilt. It is darling. Well I can tell you and Trisket had a good time. I can’t wait now for the NC 17? warning. hahaha

  10. The fabulous Nanna Jamma allegedly said:

    I can’t wait to see what Miss Trisket does next! So Trisket’s stylist wants to bite her head off? I think I’d be gettin’ me a new stylist!
    I know Pam is teaching the Inmate Work Crew to quilt, right? They will become her quilting slaves….
    Also, if you ever get locked in the Moda warehouse with 10 cute, short-wearing UPS drivers, call me, please!! I would gladly help in anyway I can. (Insert dirty old lady laugh here.)Woo Hoo!!!

  11. The fabulous jen duncan allegedly said:

    Great pics Monica. Looks like you all had a blast. Wish I was there, too!

  12. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    You are killing me. Seriously. So sad that we’re seperated by miles and miles of lovely green Oregon and not so green California. It took forEVER to get home. Missed my peeps here but now I miss you there.

  13. The fabulous Sonnja allegedly said:

    What a lovely photos, Monica!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
    from the Netherlands

  14. The fabulous Mary Anne allegedly said:

    Market? were you at Market? ….er, sorry, I was distracted by the thought of the 10 cute UPS guys in shorts …. then a disturbing image of 10 guys in shorts with beer guts , black socks and sandals dashed that fantasy and brought me back to reality ….. ANYHOW, you gals look like you were having WAY too much fun !!!(when are ya gonna spring PamKitty from the clink?) ….oh, and tell your pal Karen that I’ve found hedge clippers to work wonders on a stubborn unibrow!

  15. The fabulous June allegedly said:

    What terrific fun! Not only beautiful fabrics and amazing ideas abound, but everyone has such an awesome sense of humor.

  16. The fabulous beki allegedly said:

    You crack me up!

  17. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    Thank goodness Pam stayed out of trouble long enough to get us home. Apparently the state of California stretched while we were up visiting you–it took freaking FOREVER.
    It was so GREAT to see you and see the sights and eat the enchiladas and get Pig souvenirs and so on.
    Wish we could do it again next week.

  18. The fabulous Suzan allegedly said:

    “Riding the carrots” ??? !!!

  19. The fabulous Suzanne allegedly said:

    This is such an inspirational post. How I would like to go to something like that. Hope you dont mind me leaving a comment.

  20. The fabulous mo allegedly said:

    I have been trolling the blogs for market recaps and yours is by far the funniest!! You are hilarious. That photo of your pal with Triskit in her mouth is too funny. It was my first time at Market and I loved all of it but next time I hope I don’t miss the Sample Spree!

  21. The fabulous sharon allegedly said:

    Glad your back and great photos by the way!!! What did the Kitty do to get in that police truck??? LOL!!!!

  22. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    I really don’t think it’s right of you to rat out Pam like that when you were sitting on that paddywagon bench right beside her. What a pal, huh?! And next time when those UPS boys ask “What can brown do for you”, that is NOT what they mean. You are really not setting a good example for poor innocent little Trisket, young lady. What would your mother say??

  23. The fabulous Diane allegedly said:

    OK happy zombie, I’m onto you! what with you hanging out with Pam Kitty and all, what a fun time. She cracks me up too. I love the blue and red quilt on your May 9th post!

  24. The fabulous Ashley Ladd allegedly said:

    Pretty quilts. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  25. The fabulous Angelina allegedly said:

    I cannot believe what happens when I go away. All my favorite crafty quilting bloggers get together without me and make mayhem!!

    You really have no idea how much I wish I could have come to the quilt show with you guys.

  26. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Great news. I’ve been asked to become a national spokeswoman–for FACIAL NAIR! Next time you see me smiling face in print, there will be no Unibrow. The fabulous Facial Nair has taken care of that. Just as soon as the redness and blisters go away, I’ll be ready for my close-up…

  27. The fabulous kathleen allegedly said:

    Your show looked like a blast…little Trisket has a good sense of humor like someone else I know!

    I’m kicking myself for forgetting to take our camera out of Shawn’s glove box! I went all the way to New York, and all I had to capture it was iphone. Ah well! ;)

  28. The fabulous melinda allegedly said:

    I just found your blog and it is so much fun! I grew up in Rockaway and my aunt and uncle lived in Astoria for years….
    As far as clothing preference goes, we could be twins…barefoot is good, flipflops are better…
    Love your quilts and I have the BHG new issue….I will have to make your quilt…very cute! I also just made two of the little skirts..The whole issue was great I thought…I will be back to visit…Melinda

  29. The fabulous Eva Taylor/freshandvintage allegedly said:

    What a hoot! I’m dying laughing here. Thanks for the hilarious recap. You ladies look like you had a ball. ~Eva

  30. The fabulous Cheryl allegedly said:

    What fun! ROFL. Great photos and loads of fun.
    Too bad they caught up with Pam :-)!

  31. The fabulous Glenna allegedly said:

    I LOVE your Market post! Darlene and Karen are both good friends of mine so I’m sending it to them in case they haven’t seen it! I’m also adding you to my list of favorites! Thanks for the fun—Glenna

  32. The fabulous Kairle allegedly said:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time at Quilt Market. I’m still sad that I wasn’t able to make it last year when it was in SLC. :-(

    That little Trisket is a bundle of energy. How do you keep up?!

  33. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    I am cracking up over here! That Triskit gets around, for sure.

  34. The fabulous Nicole allegedly said:

    Hilarious picture of Pam in the prison work crew van. I won’t even ask how that happened. I am still wiping the tears from my eyes and blowing the Diet Coke out of my nose.

  35. The fabulous julie allegedly said:

    Triskit is a cutie! I like the picture of Pam in the prison van…they never will leave the windows down for me! hehehe!!

  36. The fabulous Anne allegedly said:

    OK so I’m a bit slow getting around to all the blogs, but yours is just the best. I’m voting you best market photos EVER and you get a ribbon to hang on your wall. What an absolute crack up! Not only best photos but best stories too. Next time I stick with you. (:

  37. The fabulous calamity kim allegedly said:

    I think I died and went to heaven on these two posts! Thank you for taking us along! Triskit can come and guest blog on my blog anytime! she is a hoot! Buy her another bottle from the minibar from me!

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