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July 7th, 2013

Let me preface this post by saying that I am sorry for anyone reading this that does not have an iPhone or an iPad. (or isn’t on Instagram!)

I LOVE this new (to me) iPhone and iPad app by Rhonna Farrer of Rhonna Designs (also the app name).   I discovered it recently on Instagram, and one IG post was all I needed to see to steer me over to the app store. Sold. When I bought and opened it up I felt like I had gone to app and Instagram & ish photo editing heaven.  The Rhonna Designs App is a deal and a half at only $1.99 (really, it could be $19.99 and I’d still think it was a deal). I’m really, really sorry for the iPhone and iPad-less.

On my “sprouting yam” photo I was able to add a frame, some design elements, typed my own “treat yo self and sprout joy” wording, added some pre-made word/designs (”everyday”). I can chose from the pre-installed color palette or use the color sliders and pick my own (RGB fields would be amazing here, but slides are awesome!). Pretty much the app has 256 million colors to choose from.
Treat yo self and sprout joy

Could Ragnar be any more amazing? Why yes he can. Who knew I could make a Sons of Anarchy By The Sea screen-cap into such a cute pic! In this pic I used design elements, per-written goodies, along with transparency, strokes and drop shadows. WOW, this app does SO MUCH!
It's a good, good day to be amazing

Much like Photoshop and Ai, the app works in layers, scaling, rotations, transparencies and strokes. I was all super simple once I got the hang of it (and learned that tapping a layer brings it to the front). Not only can photos be edited, but stand-alone images can be made - which is nice for the occasion instagram post that has no photo for the message.
Be kind and be happy

I’m not selling this app or have anything to do with it, just blogging about it as a PSA because eff yeah it’s amazing!

- Rhonna Designs App
- Rhonna Designs App FAQ
- Instagram
- History Channel’s Vikings

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Hair Club For Yams

July 1st, 2013

Fact ish: if you draw happy faces on produce they will sprout hair.
Hair Club For Yams

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Treat yo-yo self

June 25th, 2013

Making yo-yo’s the old school way (via allpeoplequilt.com) while marathon’ing through True Blood.  When two addictions collide.
Treat yo-yo self

Treat yo-yo self
I’m only in season 2 of True Blood… who knows how many yo-yo’s I’ll have by the end of season 6!

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Oh hai, Bloglovin’

June 24th, 2013

Google Reader doomsday (Goopocalypse) is only a few days away, and the time to do something is now while you can still grab your subscriptions and import them into another reader. Like Bloglovin’.

At first I was despondent. What the fork - how could Google axe the beloved reader? And crap, I was finally over Bloglines and was feeling quite at home with my Google Reader boyfriend. And then I was mad. UGH, I was going to have to learn something new. I read all best articles on Gizmodo, Lifehacker, and weirdly even turning to Google for answers. UGH. Another ugh. What a pain in the ass.

I started playing around with different readers. Feeling a bit like Goldilocks, I sampled a handful of different readers. If anything, at least I got my subscriptions uploaded somewhere safe and snug. But ugh (again), not feeling the love for any of them. I hate you for breaking up with me, Google!

So today I set out with making one of these new readers my new boyfriend. No more speed-dating readers, it’s time to get serious.  The more I started playing with Bloglovin’, the more I fell in love with it. Wow, Bloglovin’, who knew you were so cute!

I discovered I like reading my feeds via the Manage page. I just like the neat and tidy way it looks. Once I got all my account squared away and my subscriptions re-categorized, I start to feel quite good about Bloglovin’. I’ve already been loving the daily email with blog post suggestions from my subscriptions, especially because I subscribe to so many blogs - it’s nice to get a sampling of posts from blogs I may not have visited in a while.

And then I discovered the Popular Posts tab. I don’t know what the criteria is for what makes something popular - but what I saw I liked. Kinda Pinterest-ishy cascade of blog posts from different categories - from blogs everywhere and not just the ones I follow. In DIY & Crafts category (oh hai, Heidi!)

Checking out the Home Decor category. Oh ooh. I fear my subscription list may grow from out-of-control to slow-down-cowgirl-or-you’ll-break-the-internet.

I love that I can see what’s blog-hot in other countries, too. Checkin’ out DIY & Crafts in Germany was especially fun because I spotted a blog post with a quilt made from Mo’s fabric!

Even though at first Bloglovin’s felt like a blind date, I have completely fallen head-over-heels in love. Bloglovin’ is my seriously cute new boyfriend.  Google Reader who?

Edited in:
I’ve gotten great feedback about The Old Reader (which is new to me) and Feedly (which I’ve already given a go and doesn’t float my kayak). Playing around with Old Reader today, I too find it be most like Google Reader. While the Old Reader is great if you need to wean off Google Reader or want to stick to what you love… I really love the Pinterest style of Bloglovin’, the fast speed of Bloglovin’, the crisp and happy look of Bloglovin’ and being introduced to new-to-me blogs and giving some freshie lovin’ to blogs I haven’t visited in a while.

Yeah, I was ticked when Google Reader broke up with me - but now I wish it had done it sooner!

my feed on Bloglovin’
– Bloglovin’ Help
The Old Reader

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The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 7

June 22nd, 2013

TTQ button for meRound 7 of the Traveling Quilts Bee was just at my house with Ashley’s beautiful QIP (quilt in progress). If anyone isn’t familiar with the Traveling Quilts Bee, be sure to check out our Traveling Quilts flickr group and be a-freaking-mazed.

When I received Ashley’s QIP, I decided I wanted to do a similar ish improve log cabin like I did on Alissa’s QIP. What make’s what I did for Ashley so different is that I used prints scraps that long ago came from Ashley. This may be close to 2 years ago - Ashely had passed some scraps on to Elizabeth, and then the scraps from the scraps were passed on to me by Elizabeth. And now they’re going back to Ashely inside her Traveling Quilt. The circle of life in a cotton and linen blend.

Log Cabin blocks

I think so far with every QIP I’ve done, my addition is in an L shape. On Ashley’s I added the left side and then around on to the top. I guess that’s more of a backwards 7. Or an E without an arm and foot. Or an F all smart-assy, “look at me, no hands”.
The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 7

Ashley’s QIP has gotten so big I had to enlist both my husband and son to hold it up. The guy in the socks and crocs… sorry ladies, he’s taken.
The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 7

- My TQ blog posts: tagged Bee Serious
- The Traveling Quilts flickr group
- Ashley: Film in the Fridge

I’m trying something new. One of my favorite things about blogging is the social aspect of it, and I’ve made many friends via commenting on blogs (both receiving and giving). Because I receive a crazy amount of S P A M, have an unruly inbox, and because I find Instagram to be a way more effective way to socialize - I’m turning off my blog comments and am encouraging anyone who wants to leave me a comment to do so on my Instagram. I love that Instagram is so social and encourages conversions with multiple people, and isn’t one sided and private like blog comments are. Click here for this post’s corresponding Instagram.

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Put on a happy face

June 19th, 2013

Everything looks so much better and happier when it’s smiling back at me. I found this new-to-me app for my iphone called Tiny Faces. And now the world looks even better when I know it’s got cute, kawaii, happy face potential.

Jet Puff Marshmallow harvest in Astoria, Oregon.
Jet Puff Harvest

There we go, that’s better.
Jet Puff Harvest

The Cloud near Hillsboro, Oregon.
The Cloud

The Cloud on happy.
The Cloud

I have no affiliation with this app - just trying to spread some happy.

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Quilt Market goodies!

May 15th, 2013

So when I posted on my Instagram my cute new buttons for Market goodies, I had no idea I’d get such a wonderful response and feedback! I may just have to have some more made!
Happy Zombie market goodies!

Packing up all the goodies is fun even if it’s really, really, REALLY last minute.
Happy Zombie market goodies!

My newest business card. No fabric collection this Spring (or company to design for [sadface]), so I had to get a little creative on the back side of my card where I normally would show my collection.
So I may have lied a little.
Happy Zombie market goodies!

The response to my buttons was so great, and I would like to share some with people aren’t going to Quilt Market. Please leave a comment and because I’m curious - please vote by telling me your one favorite button design by it’s name. I will draw six names (one for each button style) after Market is over and I’ve had a napped/recovered - which should be around noon PST on Tuesday, May 21st (Election Day!).
Happy Zombie market goodies!

If you’re going to be at Market, hope you can come to the Martingale schoolhouse for Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe at 3:10-3:40pm on Thursday May 16, 2013 in Room B110-111.  I’ll be the one who’s semi-topless and wearing a big feather headdress. Sadly I won’t be able to make it to the schoolhouse. Life just got really lifey today and I wasn’t able to get there in time.

EDITED IN 21 May 2013:

Holy smokes - thank you all for your kind words and excitement! Had I known I would have gotten this sweet response I would have made buttons years ago! I wish I had buttons for everyone! The giveaway has ended and the Random.org drawn winners are:

Original: #75 by Karen in Breezy Point
Sunday Market: #42 by Lisa W
Portland: #101 by Michelle
Team USA: #122 by lindsey s
Grizzly Berry: #17 by Dell
And because Circus came up multiple times - I added a few more winners of those:
Circus: #7 by Adrianne
Circus: #162 by vickie warburton
Circus: #65 by lorena
Circus: #62 by Debra

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Heart you, Boston

April 25th, 2013

When it feels like the world is falling apart - at the ready are quilters who lovingly want to piece it all back together. It’s what we do. Piecing love and comfort into one scrap of fabric at a time.

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and the Boston Modern Quilt Guild jumped into action and gave us all an opportunity to Do Something. I encourage anyone reading this to hop over and read their blog posts and get involved. Get involved fast, because the deadlines are soon approaching. If you’re a member of a Modern Quilt Guild, check with your guild’s blog if there’s going to be a collection at your May meeting.  To my fellow Portland Modern Quilt Guild members - there will be a collection at our May 16th meeting.

To Boston With Love RESOURCES:

Vancouver MQG: To Boston With Love
VMQG POC: Berene of Happy Sew Lucky
Portland MQG: Bring your flags to May 16th meeting
VMQG: To Boston With Love – tutorials and inspiration
VMQG: To Boston With Love – shipping info
To Boston With Love: Flickr Group

Quilts for Boston RESOURCES:
Quilts for Boston
Boston MQG: Quilts for Boston
BMQG POC: bostonmqg@gmail.com
Quilts for Boston: Flickr Group

Here is my contribution for To Boston With Love:

To Boston With Love
To Boston With Love

I followed the beautiful color palette provided by the VMQG, and because my flag was love from Oregon to Boston - the fabrics I include were from my friends and fellow Oregonians Mo Bedell, Violet Craft, Valori Wells and a few of my own fabrics as well.
To Boston With Love
To Boston With Love

I chose the FurtuaBlack BT font because that’s the font used by the Boston Police.
To Boston With Love

I used my favorite easy appliqué method and the color crayon + embroidery method for my lettering.
To Boston With Love
To Boston With Love
Color 2

I made the long unit version (all the instructions and measurements are on the VMQG blog), stitched up the sides into a pocket, pressed, trimmed off the excess (I made mine longer so I could trim and square it up), and added the binding tie.

To Boston With Love
To Boston With Love
To Boston With Love

I’ve made a little recipe for it in case anyone else wants to make one like ish or like mine.

Make one long unit
To Boston With Love
Printable heart and BOS template (be sure to set your printer to scale at 100%)
To Boston With Love
Measurements and amounts
To Boston With Love

To Boston from PDX with love
To Boston With Love
To Boston With Love

Thank you Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild, Boston Modern Quilt Guild, Berene Campbell, Amy Friend and everyone involved in giving us the gift to be able to give!

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Patchwork, Please!

April 8th, 2013

I’m so giddy over Ayumi’s new Patchwork, Please! book that I eighty-six’d all of my responsibilities and dove right into her yummy book.
Patchwork, Please! Prettified Pincushion

More about Ayumi’s book later on because I’m part of the blog tour starting in June, so I’ll save my sweet-nothings book-love until then.  For now, I hopped on the Zakka Along 2.0 Patchwork, Please! train (do it, too!) as fast as I could and made one of Ayumi’s “Prettified Pincushions”.
Patchwork, Please! Prettified Pincushion

Seriously cute.  As is everything in the book.
Patchwork, Please! Prettified Pincushion

I love all things Ayumi - I love her, I love her patterns, I love her style, I love her kindness, and I love her creativity.  And since I’ve made 9 (and counting) of Ayumi’s lunchbags… I see an s-ton more makings of the Prettified Pincushions in my future as well!
Patchwork, Please! Prettified Pincushion

Ayumi Takahashi - Pink Penguin
Buy at:  Sew,Mama,Sew! Book Shop
Buy at:  Interweave Store
Join in on the Zakka Along 2.0 Patchwork, Please! flickr group
Zakka Along 2.0 on Threadbias
Zakka Along 2.0 on Facebook

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Another giveaway of Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe!

April 4th, 2013

Martingale is giving a hardcopy book of Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe to one lucky winner!
Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

My quilt/project in the book is my Juicy quilt.  Juicy because it’s your basic HST/hourglass & flying geese blocks, making it easy to sew up while sewing with friends and being able to keep up with juicy conversations.
Juicy - my quilt in Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

Juicy - my quilt in Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

I love this book and diversity of the quilts featured. Some super modern, and some edging on traditional (like mine) - all super fun and beautiful. I have my eye on at least 3 quilts that I HAVE to make, and even if my quilt wasn’t in this book I’d want it for my library. Curious what’s inside the book - you can peek inside here.

Leave a comment below by noon-ish PST on Monday, April 8th, and I’ll draw one lucky winner for the MQBU book.

Edited in: The giveaway has now ended, and using random.org for comments 1-185, the winner is #55 by Ursula. Yay, Ursula!!

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