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Bread Pudding, sunshine and a drawing

January 22nd, 2008

No blah, blah, blah… I’ll get right to the point! One contest, two winners. And the winners are…
Comment #32 - Tami of Lemon Tree Tails
Comment #126 - Mindy of Mindy Said! Yeah Tami and Mindy!

So now the blah, blah, blah. Going back in time (insert wavy tv magic trick going back in time, rubbing my chin and looking up and squinting)… to lunch on a beautiful sunny day at the Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria… Karen and me yackin’ it up and having a fab, fab, fab lunch and time together.

Columbia River traffic - watching the ships go by. Well, not us. But these people are watching. We were watching the people.

The ultimate place I want to cocoon in with the T-man on a stormy weekend. The Cannery Pier Hotel.

Lunch at the Bridgewater was great - dessert was divine. I’ve been on a Bread Pudding World Tour to find the best. My journey is now over - and right here in my own backyard. Bread pudding from fresh baked bread (from scratch) with Cremé Frech, Cognac and dried cranberries. TO DIE FOR!

Karen’s dessert - Carrot Cake with candied carrots and Cardamon. Karen said it tasted like Sweden. I can honestly say we had a healthy lunch. Karen had veggies - carrots. I had fruit - cranberries. No carbs, no calories, and certainly no twisted rationalization. Sorta kinda honestly.

Even the HZ staff got to go today. Here’s the staff validating the winning comment numbers. Mimi, PA Bob, St. Joe-Joe and the newest member of the staff… Heinzelmännchen Hans-Olaf (he’s half German half Swedish, don’t ya know). I have to keep an eye on naughtly little Hans-Olaf… he’s always hiding my stuff behind his back. One time he even took the entire month of December and hid it from me. But on most days, he just likes to eff with me and hide my glasses, my keys, important receipts, my car in the Safeway parking lot, and so on. I’m really concerned about what he’s hiding back there today.

Our draw-er was Mr. Bridgewater Cafe himself… Tony Kischner. Tony’s put many a meal in front of me here, here and now here. Great guy, great sense of humor… and great food! Here Tony draws Mindy’s comment number.

Here Tony draws Tami’s comment number. Thank you Tony! BTW… Mimi’s got herself a new cause - and sporting her new bracelette… WristStrong. Go Mimi, go!

Karen signing her book as the staff watches on. Hans-Olaf reminding Karen it’s Tami with an “i” and one “m”. I have a sneaky suspicion he’s got Tami’s other “m” behind his back.

Thank you all for playing and leaving the sweet comments for Karen. [whispering] I think she really got the message to get a blog [/whispering]. ;)
And now I must nap.

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A Blogebration

January 15th, 2008

UPDATED 1/21/08, 10pm PST:
Comments are now closed. Tomorrow Karen and I will have 2 names drawn while we lunch (because this is how we roll). Our mystery drawer is being fiercely guarded. Stay tuned!


I missed my 200th post (this post marks an obscure #225). I’m too lazy to look at how many comments I have. My blogaversary is in some-other month. I’ve got nuttin. Just a really cool giveaway - complements of my sistah-friend Karen Snyder.

Hmmm… what should I celebrate. Thinking. Thinking. Oh, I know! I’ll make a big to-do-ha-ha over the fact that my flickr photo of my studio has had more views then of my photo of Karen’s studio. Monica -vs- Karen. No, no, no. I can’t do that. That would just be mean of me (moo ahh haa haa). And besides - now everyone is going to go look… and there goes Karen’s view count back up again.

This blogebration is about Karen. Not because she’s such a great friend (even though she claims that MY parents think SHE’S their favorite “long-lost” daughter). No. This blogebration is because even with all that talent of hers - she has no stinkin’ blog! I’m sorry Karen, but your newsletter is just not enough!

So here’s the deal. Leave a comment telling Karen to GET A BLOG - and win this wonderful Fat Quarter Fun book by Karen (and signed just for you)! Giveaway ends 10pm PST on January 21st, 2008 and a name will be drawn the following day.

Ok… enough about Karen. [begin Jan Brady whine] Karen, Karen, Karen! [/end Jan Brady whine]…

I have my favorite part in Bundles of Fun, and that’s on page 17 - with shots of some of my quilt labels, and one of them couldn’t thrill me more. The label is of my “Basilisa’s Garden” quilt that I named after my late paternal grandmother - the beautiful Basilisa Solorio. OHMYGOSH. My grandmother. In a book. A book I tell you… A BOOK! My dad read it and I thought he was going to cry. Hard to explain… but it means so much to me to have that label in Karen’s book… and for the whole world to see it! So because I’m feelin’ all warm and fuzzy… I’m sweetening the pot with a copy of Fat Quarter Fun from me too.

Two books = two winners! One from Karen, and one from The Favorite Daughter (that’s me, regardless of what Karen says).

Get a blog Karen. Get a blog. :)

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Eight Things

January 13th, 2008

My super-sweet, super-fun and super-awesome friend Raesha tagged me with this meme. I was reading it and thought it was so neat - I had actually planned on swiping it. But no crime was committed since I saw that she tagged me at the end. I’m not going to tag anyone, but rather make an open-tag. So if you wanna play on your blog - leave a comment saying you’re playing.

8 Passions in my life:
My family
My friends
Living a good life
Quilting - sewing - embroidery
Eating food other people cooked
Being cozy at home surrounded by family

8 Things to do before I die:
Own a huge piece of land and live in my own village with everyone in my family.
Go to Paris, London, Spain and the Iowa State Fair (really)
Go back to Germany
Build a big studio
Learn to read music and play the piano
Lower my cholesterol
Get a de-boob job
To witness and live on a planet with no war

8 things I often say:
I love you
Holy crap
Shit, no shit and oh shit
The F word (sparingly though - I hope)
I’m pretty sure I was doing 55, officer.
Where do you want to go to dinner?
I’d like 2 yards please.

8 books I’ve read recently:
Books? How ’bout what I’ve just plain read lately…
The Target ad
Instructions on the Ikea chive sauce mix (WTF??? I need 1.77 oz of butter?)
Crate & Barrel catalog
FEMA forms, contractor bids and insurance papers
Debbie McComber’s “street books” series (I’m up to #3)
The Daily Astorian
The Oregonian
My latest cholesterol results (which have improved)

8 Songs that mean something to me:
Where You Lead - Carole King
Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
Dear Mr. President - Pink
Not Ready to Make Nice - The Dixie Chicks
Candle in the Wind (the Dianna version) - Elton John
All Kinds of People - Big Mountain
Oh Bla Di Oh Bla Da - The Beatles
Hawai‘i Pono‘i - written by King David Kalakaua

8 Qualities I look for in a friend:
This is Raesha’s list… but it’s exactly what I would say.

8 TV shows I never miss:
Amazing Race
Nip / Tuck
Big Love
Entourage (oh yeah, oh yeah)
Project Runway
The Daily Show and The Colbert Report
Jimmy Kimmel

8 Radio shows I listen to:
Adam Carolla (and Teresa Strasser) - KLSX
Heidi, Frank and Frosty - KLSX
Daria and Mitch - KRSK
Fresh Air with Terry Gross - NPR
Car Talk - NPR
BBC World News - NPR
Ooops. That’s six

Thank you Rae-Rae!

Edited in:
I noticed there were SIX things on my EIGHT things list. So I added two of my own after the six from Raesha’s. Not very creative on my part - but it’s something I like to read about from everyone else.

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Fabric is my food…

January 12th, 2008

If fabric is my food, and patterns are my recipes… then why is my cholesterol so high? I know why - because I can’t cook. Recipes perplex me, food combinations bewilder me, and ideas escape me. I wish I had the same enthusiasm for creating dinner as I do my sewing and quilting projects. I should just rewrite my few recipe cards with more alluring terms:

2⅔ yd. fresh salmon
1½ x 3½” of cilantro
1” butter
3¼” wine
1 fat quarter sliced avocado
2 spools of lime juice
¼” salt and pepper to taste
Cut, sew, press. Heat on high steam setting. Embellish with avocado.

But that’s not gonna happen. So I’ll just keep focused on sewing & quilting - and continue to support my local dining establishments. And this is what I’ve been focused on for the last few days. Gawd I love this fabric! One of my all time faves. It’s one of Darlene Zimmerman’s from her Little Darlings 5 for Robert Kaufman. Not much of a shot… but it’s still a prototype.

A tease? I danno. Unlike this tease… as soon as the Better Homes & Gardens Quilts and More Spring issue hits the newsstand… it will no longer be a tease. I’m not the only tease… there’s is a nice shot of my Secret Project #1 near the back of the Q&M Winter issue on the “coming soon” page.

I’m preparing my neck with vitamins, exercise and a strict strengthening work-out - for my head is sure to snap off next week from all the added growth and weight. ESPECIALLY since my head had already stated swelling soon after I heard from Caren at HGTV.com - that she wanted to put my little “ironing center” pic in her newsletter. Oh yeah… my head’s REALLY close to snapping off after I saw this.

Aside from the fun of having my little ironing center on HGTV.com, I got to e-meet the super sweet Caren and learn that there is soooo much more then I ever imagined at HGTV.com. I know, I sound like an blogomercial… but I was really amazed to learn of all the good stuff at their site. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one on the planet who doesn’t know about cool places and stuff. One-stop click… just check out Caren’s fabo blog Design Happens - and that will lead you to all the goodies. Comment and say hello… then check out all of her HGTV links. Seriously… you could be there for hours reading. Seeing. Drooling. Absorbing. If there is just one link you click on from this post (even though I hope you click them all)… check out this photo of Caren’s. Get a towel first. You’re gonna need it to mop up your drool.

I’m on my second towel.

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All aboard the Sidetrack Express

January 6th, 2008

I have a Euro-pass aboard this train - and I just can’t seem to hop off the Sidetrack Express. Trying to catch up with everyone, write a pattern that’s due, mountains of laundry, get out of my jammies, blah, blah, blah… and up pops the greatest little toot on June’s blog. I couldn’t just try this later when I had more time. No. I had to do this now. Right now. And now the bee is flying up my butt again, as I’m already fusing fabric to cardstock in my head! Must get off the train. Must get off the train. Must get off the train. What’s really scaring me is if I go here, here and here… I know all three of those fabric-pimpettes are going to send me to another project I’ll want to start RIGHT NOW.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s on the train with me. Click if you dare.

Sweet and innocent Mr. Mochiko…
This purse strap is MINE! At least I can say my sewing is done. ~WHEW! Ha. For now at least. But I do so love to sew.

And now Mamacita Naturita has it in for me too. It’s snowing! Doesn’t she know I have a deadline???

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December 31st, 2007

Poof! Somehow it went from December 1st … to the 31st in the blink of an eye. How did this happen? Me thinks my little Heinzelmännchen from Karen had something to do it. And just what is he hiding behind his back anyway? I’m guessing it’s the days of December 2nd - 30th.

Christmas at our house was magical. My parents and brother came up and we all spent a glorious time together and it came and went much too soon. We lounged, we laughed, lounged some more, we ate, laughed some more, lounged some even more, ate some even more and then laughed some even more.

“Oscar” - From Laurie

While it would have been perfect had my oldest son and his family been here from Australia, at least we all got to take turns talking on the phone with him and I had a wonderful converstation with my granddaughter and learned that cookies are called biscuits in the Land of Oz.

The best gift for all of us was finding out that my darling granddaughter started calling our DS1 “daddy” (she’s 6 and DS1 and DDL have been married 2 years now - and DGD’s bio dad is very much a part of her life). Oh my heart swelled like I never thought possible.

From Raesha

The icing on the cake was when DS1 told me how he’s carrying on with some of our fun traditions for Christmas morning. Santa left DGD a note, “Dear J, I had a problem with my sleigh as I was flying over your house. One of your presents has fallen out of my sack and has landed in the palm tree in your backyard. Ask your daddy to get a ladder and fetch it - Love Santa”. And there at the top of the palm tree dangled a brand new pair of ice skates. I get giddy imagining it. And ha… my son hates to wrap presents as much as I do!

From Louise

Holy crap, here it is New Year’s Eve. How the eff did that happen? I’m just NOW getting used to writing “2007″. Guess I better brush up on my 8’s. No big plans for us this evening - we stay home - I don’t like being around drunks or drunk drivers. Glitzy New Year’s is just not my gig. Our epicurean extravaganza will be crafted in the kitchen from  Pizza Schmizza. We’ll be playing Monopoly with DS2 (so he can kick our butts as usual) and then we’ll be watching our delicious Tivo’d stash of 50 zillion episodes of Project Runway that I recorded when they had a marathon last week and today. GOSH I love that show and now see why everyone is so into it. OMG… even the T-man likes it (but you didn’t hear that from me). We’ve seen all of season 1 (I heart Jay - he’s so funny!) and season 3 now. Oh yeah… I’m so hooked! Me thinks Mimi wants to try out for season 5 or season 6. ;) It’s like I can almost hear Tim Gunn telling Mimi, “Mimi… make it happen”.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone in blogland. The blogland train has been waiting in the station for me for weeks now. Oh my Gorsh (shout out to Mary & Chicago), more like closer to a month now. I think my bloglines post count is going to reach 8000 here soon. I have so many blogs to visit, so much to catch up with. But I am the human slug. Soon I hope to get caught up with life so I can get my fat butt back on the blogtrain. My Christmas was filled with such goodness, creativity and kindness from my bloggy friends. It’s amazing when I look back and first started blogging… never in a million years could I have imagined the friendships I have made! I’m beyond words for the gifts I’ve been sent, the cards and emails (still waiting to be answered - please forgive me!). I’ll never stop gushing with joy over the gift of friendships I have received. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And now I must nap. And then sew - for I have a quickly approaching deadline. And then… then… OMG then… I’m jumping on the blogtrain and I’m going to hop from seat to seat, and I may even run up and down the aisle with scissors. And I’m most definitely going to be flailing my arms out the window! Happy Spoonie New Year!!!

From Mary

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This is really it… really. For real.

December 13th, 2007

Like trying to end a phone call with a dear friend - you’re just about to hang up and a new topic starts.  Ok, after this post I’m REALLY going on my repair/clean-up break.  I said to my self “Self… no more babbling about The Storm - blech, enough already!”  BUT… I thought this was just too cool… and it’s kind of a mental segway for me to go from storm mode back to quilt mode.

The forest across the street from us has to be logged because of The Storm.  I’ve never actually seen logging in action and I’m in awe of the process.   Never in a million years would I have thought a California city-girl like me would be snapping a photo like this from MY driveway. The super skilled guy operating the picker-uper thingamabob makes it all look like a magical dancing tree ballet.

When I first looked at this photo, it reminded me of the a quilt I saw at the NW Quilting Expo in Portland last Fall.  I’m guessing for the quiltmaker it was Art imitating Life.  For me it is Life imitating Art.  I really, really, really, really would love to know who the quiltmaker is!  Anyone know?

Edited in:
Thank you Tami from Lemon Tree Tales for the answer!
From Tami: I saw that same quilt at the 2006 Pacific International Quilt Festival and thought it was amazing. Luckily I took a picture of it and the information sheet. It’s by Janet Fogg of Lake Oswego, OR. It’s called Winding Road Ahead and measures 103″ x 103″.

This is her artist statement about it: “Logging trucks are a common sight for people living in the northwest states. As an artist living in the region, I have always found them to be a powerful visual image. Because I enjoy combining traditional quilt blocks with illustrations to create quilts with a concept, I decided to transport the logs by constructing a logging truck out of log cabin blocks. Hand dyed fabrics by Jeanette Viviano.”

I googled Janet Fogg and found her quilt collection. A must see!

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December 11th, 2007

I have internet again! How sweet it is to type with all fingers and not just my thumb. I think I have iPhoneinitus in my thumb, but I’m still grateful I had that little sucker for the on-again off-again excruciatingly slow dial-up internet it provided me after the storm and being able to text with Pam - whoo whoo… I love you Apple! I didn’t realize how much my life was computerized, until we went 6 days without power and 9 days without internet. We heart you Mountain Power of Idaho! We heart EVERYONE who came to help… The US Coast Guard, Oregon National Guard, OR Senator Betsy Johnson, US Senators Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith, Congressman David Wu, Astoria Mayor Willis Van Dusen, Clatsop County Sherrif Tom Bergin, Dean Perez, Pacific Power, Utah Power, Portland General Electric, Charter, Qwest, Trees Inc. and SOOOO many more. Rockstars. Heroes. Knights in shining armor.

And to the TV media in Portland, Oregon… You suck.
You suck, you suck, and you suck.
One more time… you suck!

And once our phone lines did work again… I couldn’t even call Kath or Paula - because where was the bulk of my phone numbers??? I was so happy Kath called me, and I could communicate with Paula via comments and know they were ok too. Blogging - not just for crafting! I’m so going to get me an old fashioned write-in phone book (hoping a certain someone with her fabo new job designs one soon).

We’ve been cleaning, clearing, sawing, sweeping, chopping, blah, blah, blah. And soooo much more left to do. Double the houses, double the fun. What I wouldn’t give to sit at my sewing machine and sew right now. And who knew that I’d long to wash clothes/do laundry and vacuum - certainly not me. Oh how I love you electrical appliances! I love you electricity!

That goes for spell check too (something I couldn’t do when I blogged via my iPhone). DS2 has already tackled the tree that landed behind our house. The tree above is now firewood. Our neighbors watched in horror as it went down, not knowing where it was going to land. Thank you St. Joe-Joe!

Gimme about a week on my glorious restored electricity high… and I just may light candles again. For now… I don’t want to see any flashlights or candles! My fantasy life of living like a pioneer, dressed in a Little House on The Prairie dress and Doc Martin boots is on permanent hold.

I’ve got some before & after pics:

If I haven’t put anyone to sleep with my ramblings about The Storm and you want to see more pics, I’ve got more storm pics on a flickr set here.

Even though I just got my internet back and would so love to bloghop and visit, our life is jam packed with fixing, dealing with the insurance, repairpeeps and cleaning. Not just one house… but two. Our for-sale house is now being rented to my neighbors who’s house was destroyed in The Storm - and we really want to get that house fixed/cleaned even faster now. Oh St. Joe-Joe… I KNEW you were working all along. Anyhoo… I’ll be taking a little blogging break for a few weeks, and then it’s back to fun and quilting (and some bring-me-to-tears wonderful Mailbox Love from Louise, Laurie, and Nanna Jamma that I can’t wait to show!)! I have a ton of emails to still go through and I’m getting to them soon (as well as the Jingle Jolly gallery - OMG you guys kick quilt butt!). Thank you all again for your beautiful words of comfort and caring and I hope you all in the midwest make it through your ice storm as well as we did here. I’m thinking of you all!

PS… As busy as Mother Nature was with The Storm, she still found the time and energy to leave me some raunchy good humor amidst the fallen trees and roof shingles. Mother Nature… you are Mother Naughty.

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thank you

December 7th, 2007

blogging from my iPhone… Pardon the mess. We had a monster storm (a hurricane - not kidding) in Astoria/the Oregon coast / the SW Wash. Coast and we’ve been without power since Sunday. Lots of damage, cut off, situation unknown by many and media… but we r ok! Two beatiful young guys just out of kindness came up our street and chain sawed us all out - it was one of the most beautiful acts of kindness i’v ever seen! Thank you for all the wonder emails… They have SOOOO lifted my spirits!!!(I can receive but not send) The awesome kickass rockin awesome crews from Mountain Power in Idaho are replacing power poles on my street right now … We may even have power and heat in a few days. And maybe water too.

Astoria is a disaster, but we’re the luckiest community ever with all the help that’s been sent our way (thank you idaho… WE LOVE YOU), our city/county/state government, KAST, KMUN, daily astorian, and best of all… neighbor helping neighbor!!! I LOVE YOU ASTORIA & OREGON!!!!!

It may be a long time before I can reply to emails and I thank you soooo much for your wonderful notes. Thank you all- you all r the best!!!

we now have power, heat,water! Still awhile before cable/Internet… But that is soooo ok! Very little damage to our roof, something dh can fix himself. Two mammoth trees just missed our house (thank you St. Joe-Joe!!!). We are the lucky ones in my hood. As bad as it was (20+hours in a hurricane), nothing can top the joy of living in such a wonderful and caring community!!! As crazy as this sounds right now - we live in paradise!

Thank you sooo much for your comments and emails - I heart you all for them! We (my family) really are doing great, but not so much my neighbors and coast. Please keep Astoria, the coast and Vernonia in your prayers.

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The Week After

November 30th, 2007

Thanksgiving has come and gone at El Rancheo de Zombie - and what a memorable Thanksgiving weekend is was! No fancy dinner table or foo-foo foodie food shots… this is what you get - it’s how I roll.

Our super-duper nice neighbors across the street from us invited us over for Thanksgiving. Their guest list was 55 people… what’s three more, eh! Their guests included three or four film crews filming their Thanksgiving (they are filming a new “Deadliest Catch” style show here… but with logging/loggers). The T-man had invited some of his family over, so DS and I amused ourselves all day by peeking out of our windows and watching all the action and wishing we were there. I hope it all doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor.

And then the big moment came last Saturday night… the Seaside Yuletide Parade where T was the Grand Marshall! So very exciting and I was so, so, so proud. I ran into a friend and told her the T was the GM, and some guy overheard me and started in on me about how poorly the parade was advertised. I had to be nice and polite (I was Mrs. Grand Marshall - royality after all!), but jeeze… dude I’m sooo gonna blog about you! You found it didn’t you? You’re here, right? Peasants.

The T was asked to light the city Christmas tree as well. HOLY CRAP! But as he was up there with the MC, along comes this unshaven guy in what looks like red pajammas… and upstages him and throws the switch! The nerve. Didn’t catch the guy’s full name… Something Claus. Still very exciting though as T got to be in the spotlight with the bearded Pajamma Man.

Here we all are. On the left are George & Mary… our surrogate parents. Isn’t Georgie cute! He looks like a Lebanese gnome with his hoodie on. And then there’s my super hero, me, and our wonder-kid DS2. I know, I know… I don’t look like Izzy from Grey’s Anatomy that I tell everyone that I look like. Something was wrong with the camera (again!) and freaky thing… I ended up looking like Hurley with tits. What is wrong with your cameras people! Thank you for the wonderful photo Renee… even though I think your camera is broken.

With Turkey Day over, I have officially embraced the holiday season! I’m so buhhumbug about the early start of the season… the ads, the sales, blah, blah, blah. Sans Target though - I could watch the Target holiday commercials year round. I say it every year, “this year I’m going to decorate early”! And this year I did! Though I scaled way back - there’s some 5 jumbo Rubbermaid totes still full of stuff. I like to rotate a bit (that’s code for I’m effing lazy).

Another tradition we have, and it’s not a welcomed one - is our family tree controversy. I want faux… DS2 wants real. I just don’t have the heart to cut down a living tree that provides us with clean air, keeps our hill from slipping, is a jungle gym for squirrels, owls and birdies… and is just a magnificent living gift of beauty from Mama Nature. I know… pass the granola. Right in our own back yard we have our own Christmas trees to choose from… but I just couldn’t do it. I guess I’m like the dairy farmer who drinks soy milk. If you peek through the trees, you can see Paula’s house on the hill. Hi Paula! And if you peek out of Paula’s window you can see my house! All we need is a Zip-Line. And if you squint really, really, REALLY hard… you can see The Mountain.

Two points for me… another year of the faux tree and I’m as happy as a clam on a canceled dig. Now that we have a bigger living room (The Pit as we call it), I need a bigger tree. A nice fat n chubby one - unlike our current tree, Mary Kate. After Christmas sales… I’m watching you!

My cherry on the top Christmas decoration. We had a big one of these candle twirlly things at one time. I was fascinated with it as a child… and still fascinated with is as a pseudo adult. It’s in the attic somewhere. I got this little gem a few years ago when Target had their “Alpine” collection. My stuff is all very German and Swedish, so Target did me good that year. Last year too with Tord Boontje’s yummies. My image of Heaven is being surrounded by loved ones and it’s decorated with Tord and Alpine Christmas yummies. Oh, and Moda is up there too!

I have a thing for kitchen windows. I need to find a flickr group for that. I’m sure I’m not the only kitchen-window-weirdo. I hope. I’m not a big fan of this pop-out window (it’s on the honey-do list to be changed), but it is providing some good space for my holiday crap items-o-love (and an unwanted lounge for my two naughty cats). Just need to replace my purple plant thing with some little poinsettias.

Finally I can use the little dust catcher shelf above my cabinets! Merry Kitchenmas!

And speaking of my kitchen window… the other morning I panicked - thought there was a fire in the woods across the street. Turns out THAT BALL-O-FIRE I saw from my kitchen window was a glimmer of sunshine during a foggy morning sunrise. I have more pics of it here. It blew me away!

New Year’s Resolution #1dash2008: Shorter posts.

New Year’s Resolution #1dash2008a: More posts, less words.

New Year’s Resolution #2dash2008: Tell everyone before January comes that the Mimi’s Quilt-a-Long and Jingle Jolly galleries are open! (Under “Freebies” in my sidebar).

New Year’s Resolution #3dash2008: Don’t make resolutions in November for January.

New Year’s Resolution #4dash2008: Don’t make resolutions. Period.

And now I must nap. Seriously.

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