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Stalker Alert!

December 5th, 2006

Am I a stalker if I visit someone’s blog day after day, waking up each morning and wondering what new delights await me there? Ok, maybe not a stalker… but a fan for sure! I’m a huge fan of Jenny/Allsorts and her current delightful yummy is her little advent pouches (envelopes). So I took a little stab at it myself. So far I’m up to day 4. How many more to go??? Are these just not too cute! OMG, I think I have a blog-crush on Allsorts.

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14 Responses

  1. The fabulous Anonymous allegedly said:

    Those are really cute, but what goes in them? (I assume you open one up every day until Christmas and there’s some little goodie in them?)

  2. The fabulous wende allegedly said:

    Oh! I adore Allsorts. :) If that makes you a stalker, then I’m guilty too!

    And you little envelopes are sweet. I’m considering making them up for next year, but with red felt (less grimy than white as I have a boy. hee)

  3. The fabulous Bitterbetty allegedly said:

    I just re-found Allsorts today.. Her projectsa are all totally crushable..
    I am tempted.. but out of time to take on this goodie.

  4. The fabulous The Chicken Lady allegedly said:

    I’m your stalker..Hope you don’t mind! :) I check out your site every day, wishin’ I could be visiting you on your back patio, sipping lemonade, planning a trip to Fabric Depot and IKEA (in the summer)! :) Oh well, I’ll keep dreaming. And I enjoy Allsorts too (you’ve gotten me hooked on a bunch of the cool ladies out there) and I love those little pouches. Maybe if I get snowed in, I’ll make some too. Just have too many projects going on right now.

  5. The fabulous PamKittyMorning allegedly said:

    Oh yeah, I’ve been envying Allsorts for my whole blogging career. Yeah, makes me want to light a match under this spot. Way to go on the little pouches.

  6. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    Very cute, you stalker, you! What is inside those adorable little pouches??

  7. The fabulous Ashley allegedly said:

    I’m a stalker there too, she’s amazing. Thanks for comment, comment, commenting on my blog. I have these people on there from VERY near me and they NEVER comment…who are they, should I be worried? It bugs me. Byeeee!

  8. The fabulous connie allegedly said:

    Another stocker, here! Those are adorable little pockets and what else could we use them for…ummm!!
    Too bad that I don’t have more time to dwell!

  9. The fabulous jenny b harrishttp://www.allsorts.typepad.com allegedly said:

    How fun! I laughed out loud when I saw you’s made some pouches! (Envelopes? I still don’t know what to call them… lol). Yours are SO much better made than mine!

    And I am truly flattered that you like my blog! Gosh, I’m blushing!

  10. The fabulous tammyhttp://www.polkadotmittens.com/journal allegedly said:

    I know, aren’t those just cute as anything? Would that I had time to make them. I might just make one big one for some spiked eggnog and pour a little out every day.

  11. The fabulous Anonymous allegedly said:

    If you are, then I am! I totally check Posie Gets Cozy everyday. She is my little daily treat!

  12. The fabulous lindiepindiehttp://www.craftapple.wordpress.com allegedly said:

    Those are so cute! What are you going to put in them?

    I had high hopes of doing an advent calendar this year, but had to give it up, sadly.

  13. The fabulous Lauriehttp://oldschoolacres.typepad.com allegedly said:

    I have those on my to-do list for next year! Yours look great!

  14. The fabulous jenny holidayhttp://journals.aol.com/jennyeveryday/everyday-is-a-holiday/ allegedly said:

    Right there with you!!

    Fun stuff!!!

    I am working on a happy holidays banner using her fab freebie letters she posted in October!!

    Loving her!

    xoxo Jenny

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