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Oh hai, Bloglovin’

June 24th, 2013

Google Reader doomsday (Goopocalypse) is only a few days away, and the time to do something is now while you can still grab your subscriptions and import them into another reader. Like Bloglovin’.

At first I was despondent. What the fork - how could Google axe the beloved reader? And crap, I was finally over Bloglines and was feeling quite at home with my Google Reader boyfriend. And then I was mad. UGH, I was going to have to learn something new. I read all best articles on Gizmodo, Lifehacker, and weirdly even turning to Google for answers. UGH. Another ugh. What a pain in the ass.

I started playing around with different readers. Feeling a bit like Goldilocks, I sampled a handful of different readers. If anything, at least I got my subscriptions uploaded somewhere safe and snug. But ugh (again), not feeling the love for any of them. I hate you for breaking up with me, Google!

So today I set out with making one of these new readers my new boyfriend. No more speed-dating readers, it’s time to get serious.  The more I started playing with Bloglovin’, the more I fell in love with it. Wow, Bloglovin’, who knew you were so cute!

I discovered I like reading my feeds via the Manage page. I just like the neat and tidy way it looks. Once I got all my account squared away and my subscriptions re-categorized, I start to feel quite good about Bloglovin’. I’ve already been loving the daily email with blog post suggestions from my subscriptions, especially because I subscribe to so many blogs - it’s nice to get a sampling of posts from blogs I may not have visited in a while.

And then I discovered the Popular Posts tab. I don’t know what the criteria is for what makes something popular - but what I saw I liked. Kinda Pinterest-ishy cascade of blog posts from different categories - from blogs everywhere and not just the ones I follow. In DIY & Crafts category (oh hai, Heidi!)

Checking out the Home Decor category. Oh ooh. I fear my subscription list may grow from out-of-control to slow-down-cowgirl-or-you’ll-break-the-internet.

I love that I can see what’s blog-hot in other countries, too. Checkin’ out DIY & Crafts in Germany was especially fun because I spotted a blog post with a quilt made from Mo’s fabric!

Even though at first Bloglovin’s felt like a blind date, I have completely fallen head-over-heels in love. Bloglovin’ is my seriously cute new boyfriend.  Google Reader who?

Edited in:
I’ve gotten great feedback about The Old Reader (which is new to me) and Feedly (which I’ve already given a go and doesn’t float my kayak). Playing around with Old Reader today, I too find it be most like Google Reader. While the Old Reader is great if you need to wean off Google Reader or want to stick to what you love… I really love the Pinterest style of Bloglovin’, the fast speed of Bloglovin’, the crisp and happy look of Bloglovin’ and being introduced to new-to-me blogs and giving some freshie lovin’ to blogs I haven’t visited in a while.

Yeah, I was ticked when Google Reader broke up with me - but now I wish it had done it sooner!

my feed on Bloglovin’
– Bloglovin’ Help
The Old Reader

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15 Responses

  1. The fabulous Dan allegedly said:

    But it’s such a bad name. There is no way I;m going to click on that name several times a day.

  2. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    Maybe I will give bloglovin another look. I tried it but settled on feedly. Only part thrilled with that. Maybe I didn’t look at the right view. Hmm. You always have the best scoop.

  3. The fabulous Julie allegedly said:

    Thank you for this post. I too have been denying reality. Tried Bloglovin and wasn’t feeling any lovin’ But alas I must. Your post motivated me to try again, like I have a choice…

  4. The fabulous Lisa allegedly said:

    I like Feedly better. It’s quicker and I love the magazine layout. I find Bloglovin’ is slow. Bloglovin’ probably has better suggestions and the popular posts section is good, but it’s too slow for me.

  5. The fabulous Lee @ Freshly Pieced allegedly said:

    Goopocalypse. LOL. : )

  6. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    Maybe I am just using it wrong, but I hate that bloglovin forces me to actually go to every.single.blog. Ain’t nobody got no time for that. I am using the The Old Reader, which actually does aggragate (which is the point, lookin at you bloglovin.)

  7. The fabulous Anita allegedly said:

    This is a great post. I’ve been on Bloglovin’ for about a month and downloaded the app to my phone but haven’t really explored outside of my (kind of huge) list of blogs that I follow. Thank you! Love this: “I hate you for breaking up with me, Google!” LOL! And “Goopocalypse” (had to scroll up to see how to spell that!) is hilarious and drew me in to read the whole post.

  8. The fabulous jenj allegedly said:

    friend pointed me to Old Reader, which is basically a clone of Google Reader. Hooray for clones!

  9. The fabulous Sandi allegedly said:

    I’m a Feedly follower. I’ll admit, I didn’t get very far on Bloglovin’ simply because I HATED that it was going to force me to send that “Follow me on Bloglovin’” post. Promote it before I know what it is? I think not.

  10. The fabulous TheBargainBabe allegedly said:

    Google Doomsday. haha! Hey the NatGeo show Doomsday Preppers did *not* cover this!!

    Like you, I joined the Blog Lovin bandwagon. I’m mega impressed so far! My feed is easy to read and I -think- people are doing okay following me.

  11. The fabulous usairdoll allegedly said:

    I’m also loving BlogLovin. I have their app on my phone and love it! I can’t even remember how I started with BlogLovin but it worked for me from the beginning so have not tried the other sites, Feedly etc. Great post Monica!

  12. The fabulous Cori allegedly said:

    Will have to give this a try. I am so not happy with GR leaving us either. I tried something called ustart and it works pretty well too. I don’t like learning new things and will just have to try this and old reader appeals to me. Thanks!

  13. The fabulous Miss Jean allegedly said:

    I may be behind in the times, in fact, I’m sure I am. What impact is this going to have on me and my blog which is blogspot. Help!!! What should I do?

  14. The fabulous maggie allegedly said:

    Any experience with the Bloglovin mobile app for Android?

  15. The fabulous gale allegedly said:

    I’ve been using bloglovin but it’s just okay. I like to browse blogs with the older/newer button in a regular full size window and there are glitches-especially when commenting. I have not yet found how I can read in a reader (like when I’m way behind) and see the entire blog post. I’m going to try out The Old Reader when I get caught up-they have a way to use a “next” bookmarklet like Google Reader used to have.

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