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Dear Towel. I love you.

September 7th, 2012

Dear Towel,
I love you.  Yes, love.  Little hearts circled around atop my head when I first spotted you at IKEA.  On the drive home, I glanced a few times to the back seat to see how you were doing.  With every glance I sighed and professed my love.  I love you, Towelie.
Towel love

Oh Towelie, I know you’re supposed to be a bathmat - but it breaks my heart to just toss you on the cold, cold floor.
Towel love

There you go, Towelie - now I can see you every time I enter the bathroom.  I smile every time I see you.  All the more eager I am now to finish painting the not-my-taste green to the beautiful Clay Bisque on the other wall.
Towel love

I love you so much Towelie that I could pee. Good thing I’m sitting in just the right spot.
Towel love

And now, Towelie… it’s time for you to make some babies!
Towel love

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37 Responses

  1. The fabulous Janice allegedly said:

    I’m so excited to be moving back near an Ikea!! I love that towel and I can’t wait to see the beautiful babies you make together.

  2. The fabulous NicciP allegedly said:

    Woman- you are crazy funny. Thanks for the giggles!

  3. The fabulous Yana allegedly said:

    this is really cool towel:))

  4. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    Sew funny! I love Towelie too. Off to Ikea I go…

  5. The fabulous Michele allegedly said:

    Heheheh. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

    Unfortunately I suffer….no IKEA near me at all.

  6. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Good to see you’re back! Love your nightie.

    How cool that the rug matches your pretty quilt. Even your bathroom is cute!

  7. The fabulous Johanna allegedly said:

    If I say that I have never been to IKEA, and there is one in my state an hour or so away, am I band from reading your blog? Shame on me. Love that towel! I can see that it went to a loving home!

  8. The fabulous Lauren aka Giddy99 allegedly said:

    That’s hilarious! My hackles were raised at that last bit, with the image of the rotary cutter after all those professions of love. Kinda scary. :)

  9. The fabulous katie allegedly said:

    This makes me happy, and sad. There is no IKEA where I live!

  10. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Seriously, you are so much fun! xoxo

  11. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Too funny, except for the coffee all over the keyboard! Love the little quilt too especially the quilting. Happy birthing Monica!

  12. The fabulous Cindy Sharp allegedly said:

    Lol. Thanks for the giggle.

  13. The fabulous Allison allegedly said:

    hahaha! can’t wait to see what Towelie has for babies :)

  14. The fabulous elsa allegedly said:

    Teehee ~ towelie will have beautiful babies (but doesn’t towelie need a mate?)!
    I love Ikea too ~ got 2 great big red dressers for fabric (and yarn) storage ~ at an incredible price!

  15. The fabulous nicke allegedly said:

    i can’t wait to see towelies babies! i love him…her too!

  16. The fabulous Kristen allegedly said:

    Omg, you are so darn funny. What a grand post that gave me a giggle and a big grin.

    Now to find out how to get Ikea to come to my town. Lol….

  17. The fabulous Archie the wonder dog allegedly said:

    I got a bit panicked when I saw the rotary cutter on the beautiful towel but then I scrolled down and saw the colour chart - phew!
    P.S. Glad it’s not just me who gets ridiculously excited by stripy bath mats!!

  18. The fabulous Julie allegedly said:

    Oh Monica, how I LOVE your humor. Thank you SO much for the laughs. I needed it. ;-)

  19. The fabulous Brittany allegedly said:

    Oh you make me laugh! Just made my morning! I can’t wait to meet towlies babies! :-)

  20. The fabulous Maryvonne allegedly said:

    You make me laugh big time!!! And I soooooo want to see the babies!

  21. The fabulous Sherri allegedly said:

    Hey…love that towel…and I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one who hangs quilts in the bathroom!!! I’m in good company for sure!

  22. The fabulous Keri in CA allegedly said:

    Ooo! I can see why you luv towlie. Maybe we chould throw you a “baby” shower - since we already know your colors and pattern! LOL. Ikea IS seriously addiciting. Thx for the post Monica!

  23. The fabulous Chris allegedly said:

    Can you believe that there is not an IKEA in NH? Oh, the inhumanity if it! The closest one is hours away in Taxachusetts, I mean Massachusetts.

  24. The fabulous Susanne allegedly said:

    You are such a silly head.

  25. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Totally dig it! Need me a quilt in my bath too. :)

  26. The fabulous Sybil allegedly said:

    I love your point of view while sitting in the potty. You’ve inspired me to make a quilt for my 1950’s pink bathroom. :)

  27. The fabulous dana allegedly said:

    oh my gawd, you’re hysterical! Those damn swedes really know how to perk up a gal, don’t they?

  28. The fabulous Sandra R allegedly said:

    I love this blog. It is so much fun to realize I am not alone in my insane (as it seems to the visually bland) response to fabric/color/patterns. Love Towellette, hope her pregnancy is quick. (Something tells me she will have multiples, a litter most likely)
    I scarfed a dozen or so washcloths from B,B,&B because they were woven in this cool pattern and colors. They are in a box labelled “for inspiration”.

  29. The fabulous Kate Brown allegedly said:

    LOL hope the babies are cute!

  30. The fabulous Jenelle allegedly said:

    Oh IKEA! Your towelie will produce some very good looking babies I’m sure. :) I can’t wait for the big reveal!

  31. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    Haha. Love you so much I could pee. I have a kitchen towel (supposed to be a bathroom towel) from Ikea that I have similar feelings for.

  32. The fabulous liveacolorfullife allegedly said:

    So funny. Love the towel. But I had a hard time tearing my eyes away from the granny squares…

  33. The fabulous Brandy allegedly said:

    Now that’s frickin funny stuff right there. You made my day.

  34. The fabulous KatiKatie allegedly said:

    Oh gosh! Gasp! Soooo funny. Makes me want to run out to Ikea right now! :-)

  35. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Thanks again, Monica, for your inspiration! Went to Home Goods and bought a towel! No colorful stripes like yours. This one is pale gray and has soft, chiffon flowers at the bottom border. So pretty. Now who would have thought you would inspire someone to buy a towel??

  36. The fabulous Ivy allegedly said:

    You are so freakin’ funny, Monica! And I just love your granny square wall hanging with its lovely hand quilting :)

  37. The fabulous Jen S allegedly said:

    Haaa.What a hoot. I nearly picked up this exact bath mat at IKEA yet instead went for the pastel version of light turquoise and greens. Curious to see what “towel babies” turn into.

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