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The Ron Swanson Along - Day 12 + snapshots

August 15th, 2012

The Ron Swanson AlongToday is the Ron Swanson Along - Day 12. The last day. The final day. No, Ron, no! Some will be glad I’m finally done, and some will be sad. So anyone who is sad, I say keep STAY TUNED as RonQuilt has more stops he’s making on his Tour O’ Hollywood. And just for good measure, at that end of RonQuilt’s vacation he’s coming home with goodies to share. So stay tuned for a give-away soon! If you’ve landed on this Day of the Ron Swanson Along by mistake… flip a u’ie and go directly to Day 1.

RonQuilt has been gettin’ around while visiting Aunt Dana, and he even made an appearance at the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild. RonQuilt has a pretty cray-cray itinerary and is scheduled to go to some really special places - but he also has some down time and need suggestions. Leave a comment if there’s some fantasy place you’d like to see RonQuilt go. Today Aunt Dana captures shots of RonQuilt exploring the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Hills, the Hollywood Bowl, Warner Brothers and then topped off the day with some bacon and a shake at the iconic Burbank Bob’s Big Boy.

Griffith Observatory - RonQuilt gets a little help from some Danish tourists
Ron Swanson quilt along - Griffith Observatory

Hollywood Hills
Ron Swanson quilt along - Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills and the Los Angeles skyline (cough)
Ron Swanson quilt along - Hollywood Hills

Duke Silver at the Hollywood Bowl
Ron Swanson quilt along -

Ron Swanson quilt along - playing Frogger at Warner Bros.

Traffic stopper
Ron Swanson quilt along - Traffic stopper

Bob’s Big Boy
Ron Swanson quilt along - Bob's Big Boy in Burbank

Time for some bacon and shakes - bac’ n shake
Ron Swanson quilt along -

Back to quiltmaking.  Finally… Day 12.  The final Day in the Ron Swanson Along! In addition to the final block and facemap, there’s also an illustration for row assembly and the final quilt top. If you’re pressing your seams open, ignore the arrows. If you’re a side-presser like I am - enjoy those happy little direction arrows.

The Ron Swanson Along - Day 11

The Ron Swanson Along - Day 11

The Ron Swanson Along - Day 12

The Ron Swanson Along - Day 12

The Ron Swanson Along
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24 Responses

  1. The fabulous Sharon S allegedly said:

    Ahhh, another smile for my day!

  2. The fabulous Lemon Tree Tami allegedly said:

    Wow, that Ron Swanson quilt has been around quite a bit, hasn’t he? I used to live around the corner from the Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank over 10 years ago. As I recall there’s a booth that was used in a scene from the De Niro/Pacino movie “Heat”. Great burgers too; plus once a month on a Friday night they have a classic car gathering in the drive in restaurant part. Fond memories. :-)

  3. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    I have to say this has been so fantastic! You’re a clever girl my friend. xo

  4. The fabulous Carrie allegedly said:

    This is awesome. My husband went as Ron Swanson for Halloween last year! I may have to make one of these. Thanks for the pics!


  5. The fabulous Angela allegedly said:

    I love this so much! Seeing Ron in action is the best. Someone needs to show this to him in real life.

  6. The fabulous Christina allegedly said:

    Monica, this is exactly what I needed to see today! You put two of my favorite things into the world: quilts and laughter!!! What a fabulous public service.

  7. The fabulous Cat allegedly said:

    I nearly spat my tea all over the screen when I saw the Ron-as-Frogger pic!! Ohhhh, my favourite pic!

    I have been Ronning-Along today - row 3 is chained pieced and ready to roll. Madrona Road makes an appearance, cos Violet is your friend, not cos Ron is thinking about donkeys. Going to plug along and hope to get Ron all pieced and sewn by the end of next week.

    Is Ron in LA still - what about Ron at Disneyland, or looking bemused in American Girl? He would look so awesome roller-blading at Santa Monica too …

    thanks for the travelling Ron pics, love them a lot. Cat.

  8. The fabulous Michelle allegedly said:

    While I haven’t participated in the a-long, I have absolutely loved reading these posts. Nice work! And way to go, making me laugh so hard!

  9. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Ron could go to Door County Wisconsin and Lake Michigan if I get him in the next couple days, not nearly as classy as Hollywood. This quilt needs a pic with real Ron ;)

  10. The fabulous elsa allegedly said:

    Ron Swanson is fabulous ~ even tho I don’t know who he is (I’ve never watched the show). I’ll be interested to see all the other Ron’s out there on flicker!

  11. The fabulous Aunt Spicy allegedly said:

    I love it! you are making me homesick! More please!

  12. The fabulous Kimberly allegedly said:

    I have LOVED this series. Thanks so much for the pics! I agree with the others…you should be granted a direct call in to Ron for a snapshot of him standing next to your quilt!

  13. The fabulous Angie H. allegedly said:

    I think this is just fantastic! I hope the actor gets wind of this….I might be late on this…I’ve been very busy and out of the blog world. This is all so needed in the world rigt now.

  14. The fabulous Kelly allegedly said:

    i have a confession - i have no clue who ron swanson is (don’t hate me! we can still be Bravo buddies!), but those pictures are seriously making me miss LA!

  15. The fabulous Holly allegedly said:

    Send Ron on up to Canada!

  16. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    I think Ron needs a ride on the Balboa Car Ferry and then a little meal at Rubys on the balboa pier!!!

  17. The fabulous Alie allegedly said:

    WOW! This is so incredibly funny… and awesome!!! I love Ron! I’m a bit late, but I might have to at least make a mini of him. His face is stenciled around on things in my city. He just shows up all of a sudden. It’s great. Love your idea to do a quilt along with him :D

  18. The fabulous Wens allegedly said:

    This is literally the best quilt I have ever seen :)

  19. The fabulous charlotte allegedly said:

    so, so awesome!

  20. The fabulous Carolyn allegedly said:

    I couldn’t keep the secret from my husband that this quilt in progress is 1. for him and 2. a quilt of Ron. I can’t wait to get it finished. I just started a few days ago and I’m on Row 2, block 2. I’m giddy in anticipation of the awesomeness of this quilt.
    You are a genius quilt designer. Thank you.

  21. The fabulous jenny holiday allegedly said:

    yeahhh I cannnn’t even take the awesomeness here!!!! HAHAHA!!! LOOOOVE you!


  22. The fabulous Miss Prudence allegedly said:

    Oh I cannot find the words! That quilt could only be better if it were bound with bacon! I would love that to be in my world!!! Ron MUST see this!!!

  23. The fabulous Rochelle New allegedly said:

    I just found your blog via Sukie and the Wrap Along, and I just had to tell you that this is the most flippin’ amazing thing I’ve ever seen. This makes me want to start quilting. So. Awesome.

  24. The fabulous Jessica allegedly said:

    Hi there, this quilt along has been amazing! I’m very close to finishing my quilt top - working on block 12 today and assembling the lot tomorrow. I’m just curious to know what you did for the backing of your quilt? I can’t seem to find any pics and I’m looking for some much needed inspiration!


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