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Treat Yo Self

June 22nd, 2012

Super lucky us, Jen and I got to be beta testers for Elizabeth’s new Refrigerator Magnets Quilt Blocks Pattern. Not only am I lucky enough to be able to participate, Elizabeth even gave us each a gorgeous bundle of fabric to play with PLUS a package of printable freezer paper sheets (which is freaking brilliant and works fantastic)! I knew right away what I was going to make with the letters…
Treat Yo Self

the phrase Treat Yo Self from Parks and Rec from the episode “Pawnee Rangers” (season 4, ep 4). I LOVE Treat Yo Self. Love.

(if the embedded video fails, click here. You can also watch a deleted scene from Aziz Ansari’s tumblr here.)

Elizabeth’s patterns come in lower and upper case letters, punctuation and numbers - and in 3 different sizes. HOLY COW! Each letter, number and punctuation also comes with a “how to” assembly page. I’m so visual, so this was right up my alley. While I was making my letters, I 400%’d the pdf so I could do a quick lookie look at what as I was supposed to be doing.
Treat Yo Self

I love this block pattern pack. Crazy, madly love. And not just the patterns themselves, but I love Elizabeth’s instructions and I learned how to do Freezer Paper Applique. I had the same kind of feeling when I learned how to drive a car - something new, something liberating and something that I’m going to love doing. Another thing I like about Elizabeth’s freezer paper applique pattens, is that you can press open your seams and your blocks lay nice and flat, and with less bulk than traditional foundation piecing.
Treat Yo Self
(I have since removed the periods)

Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self: Bretzles from Costco
Treat Yo Self
(Violet & Griffin)

Treat Yo Self: Fly wine
Treat Yo Self
Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self: The Walking Quilted
Treat Yo Self
(the walking quilted)

Treat Yo Self: Serious cuteness
Treat Yo Self
(Leon Sugar and Cannon, Violet’s daughter)

Treat Yo Self: Portland summer sunshine
Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self: Babies!
Treat Yo Self
(Amber and Christina)

Treat Yo Self: Photo bombing
Treat Yo Self
(Amber, Jen and Christina)

Treat Yo Self: Baby kicks
Treat Yo Self
(Jen and Christina)

Treat Yo Self: Awkward moments
Treat Yo Self
(Amber, Jen and Christina)

Treat Yo Self: PMQG Show & Tell with rockemsockem quilt model
Treat Yo Self
(Bill, me)

Treat Yo Self: Refrigerator Magnets Quilt Blocks Pattern

Treat Yo Self: To a big, heaping spoonful of Ron Swanson sugar - coming soon on my blog! (silent squeal)

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38 Responses

  1. The fabulous LC allegedly said:

    I LOVE TOM HAVERFORD. I had to use caps because your wall hanging makes me so incredibly happy. It’s awesome!

  2. The fabulous kelly allegedly said:

    that is seriously one of my favorite moments of modern tv. FINE LEATHER GOODS!

  3. The fabulous Jenelle allegedly said:

    Treat Yo Self…Fat Bundle of fabric! Will this work on my husband? Doubtful, but one can try! ;)

  4. The fabulous Krista - Poppyprint allegedly said:

    laughing SO HARD! Aside from Treatin’ Us Selfs to a hilarious post, I just love all of the fabrics you put together for this uber fun quilt!! The photo bomb is priceless - what gorgeous bellies you have down there in Portland.

  5. The fabulous dana allegedly said:

    Ha! Love it! I bought the pdf of those letters yesterday and I have a full weekend planned for them! Love your quilt!

  6. The fabulous Jill allegedly said:

    Ron Swanson is my hero. And Dearly Beloved wine is yummy. I admittedly bought it just for the bottle, but was pleasantly surprised with the wine too!

  7. The fabulous Sivje allegedly said:

    Soooooo fun! I love that quilt and the colors are fab! And the Dearly Beloved wine, i love it too. The bottle is so cute but the wine is really good too.
    Happy Summer Monica!

  8. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    that is perfect! I love the multiple uses for your mini - so flexible :)

  9. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Great job Monica! Love all your pretty models and the man model too.

    It would be fun to make quilts for each month. Lots of phrases come to mind:
    Thanksgiving - Give Thanks
    Christmas - Holly Jolly
    August - There’s never anything good - how about Bazinga!

  10. The fabulous Johanna allegedly said:

    Goodness you have fun! Thanks for the laughs, a great way to start off my day.

  11. The fabulous pat sloan allegedly said:

    omg.. I LOVE your posts!! And I want that wine bottle.. serious… how freaking cool is that!

  12. The fabulous Sandra R allegedly said:

    I love this!! But Treat Yo Self in the video is ONE DAY A YEAR. Gee, how bout once a day, every day!! And maybe all day once a year. A Treat Yo Self holiday, superimposed on a treat yo self life!
    Try and get that one approved by Congress.

  13. The fabulous 3LittleBrds allegedly said:

    Awesome. That made me smile.

  14. The fabulous Kathy R allegedly said:

    I may just have to make that! I taped that episode because I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard as I did when he walked out in the Batman suit! Their faces were classic! Whenever I need a laugh, I pull it up on the DVR.
    Thanks for the happy post and the inspiration!

  15. The fabulous kendascrafts allegedly said:

    that. is. awesome. I LOVE Tom Haverford! Can’t wait to see what the Ron Swanson sugar is.

  16. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    OMG I love your Treat Yo Self sallute! So fantastic.

  17. The fabulous Faith allegedly said:

    Monica you are HILARIOUS!!! I was cracking up throughout your whole post. What a great quilt. I love Parks & Rec.

  18. The fabulous Brandy allegedly said:

    Love, love, love.

  19. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    I am absolutely not the type of person to squee with delight. I don’t even type when I’m actually delighted and replying to a friend who has shared fantastic news. However, I squeed out loud when I read the title and saw the quilt.

  20. The fabulous sukie allegedly said:

    L O V E I T!

  21. The fabulous Pétra allegedly said:

    Treat Yo Self one of my favorite episodes ever!! I am so bummed I missed the meeting this month looks like loads of fun. I have been meaning to try piecing with freezer paper it sounds so easy.

  22. The fabulous Violet Craft allegedly said:

    Oh Monica! You make me smile and smile and smile!!! Treat Yo Self to a friend like Monica! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  23. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Don”t know what I covet more, the quilt or the bottle of wine! Both are fabulous, I need that pattern for sure. (And I do love the freezer paper sheets, no tracing hurrah!)

  24. The fabulous Lindsey allegedly said:

    You totally sold me on the pattern. On my way to buy it now.

  25. The fabulous Juline allegedly said:

    Saw your quilt at PMQG last week and loved it. Makes me want to watch Parks & Rec! (And buy that pattern — great review.)

  26. The fabulous Jen (bettycrockerass) allegedly said:

    Love it so much!

  27. The fabulous liveacolorfullife allegedly said:

    I think you all have WAY too much fun up there in Portland!Actually, I’m just jealous…

  28. The fabulous Amber W. allegedly said:

    LOL! That is all :)

  29. The fabulous Kristin G (used to be J) allegedly said:

    I love Aziz Ansari. Have you seen his stand-up about sheet thread counts ? Coldstone sizes? cracks me up. I hope you don’t mind but I had to have that clip on my blog, too. I gave you full credit of course. I think you should design a “Treat Yo Self” button. wink wink.

  30. The fabulous Kimberly allegedly said:

    OMG! Ron Swanson for President!!!
    This was the best. post. ever.

  31. The fabulous chelsea allegedly said:

    Frickin awesome. But seriously, is dude wearing pants? Cause I kinda want to join a guild that employs pantless men as quilt holders.

  32. The fabulous Amber allegedly said:

    Hahahaha. Love the one of Christina and I being photo bombed, nice!

  33. The fabulous Pam P. allegedly said:

    For the love of all things holy. I love you.

  34. The fabulous Jacey allegedly said:

    I really can’t tell you just how much I love this. It’s a lot. And I can’t wait for some Ron Swanson-ness! Love!

  35. The fabulous Heather - Dollar Store Crafts allegedly said:

    Hilariously awesome! I love the shots of people and their treats. :)

  36. The fabulous Lee @ Freshly Pieced allegedly said:

    This. Is. Awesome.

    Will the Ron Swanson-ness include a Ron Swanson quote on a quilt? Please please pretty please? : )

  37. The fabulous Cheryl allegedly said:

    Hey Monica-
    I was so inspired by your post that I needed to Treat My Self to making a Treat Yo Self quiltlet of my own. It’s at my blog in the linky-thingie.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Cheryl “Muppin” Sleboda

  38. The fabulous Barbara M. Perez allegedly said:

    WOW! I need to make one, its a wounderful Idea, i will link your page when i make it.. thanks… Barbara in Utah

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