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Quilting Modern

June 1st, 2012

I’m so excited to be a part of Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen’s Quilting Modern book party!   Jacquie and Katie are two women who I so greatly admire and am in awe of.  Both of them in their own way have sparked a flame in me like only a few others have (like the Gee’s Bend ladies and Denyse Schmidt for example).  I shouldn’t say flame, it’s more like a torch.  When I think there’s nothing else that can be done with pieces of cut up fabric sewn back together again - Jacquie and Katie find a way to.  And they make me want to drop everything and do it, too.

When I first got a copy of Quilting Modern, my dilemma was not which project to make - but which one to start first. I want to make EVERY project in this book. And not just the projects I’m in love with, but Jacquie and Katie write in a such gentle, easy and loving way that’s such a joy to read. Especially since I rarely read words and only do pictures. Yeah, they got me to read it’s that good.

My first project I started with the Swirling Medallion Quilt. I made mine a little smaller to make it into a pillow. What I really like about this project is that it feeds the part of my soul that likes measurement, order, accuracy - and it also feeds the part of my soul that likes whimsey, improv and rebellion. This project is a perfect marriage of quilt happiness to me.
Having a sewful, blissful kind of day.

I liked the color choices from the book, so I kinda followed suit. For the yellow I used a fabric from my Happy Mochi Yum Yum collection, some Kaufman solids, and some weird-unknown-to-me cotton budget fabric (that I actually like) from JoAnn’s that looks linen but it’s not.  It’s fine Corinthian Linen.
Quilting Modern - Swirling Medallion

Bam.  Two hands.  I love my new el cheapo “quilting gloves” from Harbor Freight (hubs’ LQS).
Quilting Modern - Swirling Medallion

I quilted the top without a backing, this way the batting snuggles up to my pillow form and it keeps a nice shape. I discovered this trick on accident, and will always do my “pillow quilts” this way from now on.
Quilting Modern - Swirling Medallion

Sew on the back pieces to make it pillow and then I’m done. So fun, so fast.
Quilting Modern - Swirling Medallion

Bam. Pillow.
Quilting Modern - Swirling Medallion

Bam. Dog. My ham dog loves her photo taken and HAS to get in every shot possible.
Quilting Modern - Swirling Medallion

Bam.  My other ham. My pets are the Kardashian’s of the animal kingdom.
Quilting Modern - Swirling Medallion

I hope you’ll join in on the big Quilting Modern celebration this weekend (Queen Elizabeth isn’t the only party girl this weekend), and pop in see what the other parties goers are up. Twitter and Instagram, I’ve seen lots of us via have been making projects from the book, plus I heard [knowhatimsaying] there might be a few give-aways of Quilting Modern, so be sure to check out everyone who’s at the party.

Our hostesses:
Tall Grassprairie Studio – Jacquie Gering

Sew Katie Did - Katie Pedersen

The partiers:
A Stitch in Dye – Malka Dubrawsky

Fat Quarterly blog - Tacha Bruecher

Film in the Fridge – Ashley Newcomb

Generation Q – Jake Finch

Handmade by Alissa – Alissa Haight Carlton

Happy Zombie – Monica Solorio-Snow

i heart linen – Rashida Coleman-Hale

Oh, Fransson! – Elizabeth Hartman

One Shabby Chick – Amber Carrillo

Pink Chalk Studio – Kathy Mack

Quilting is my Therapy – Angela Waters

Red Pepper Quilts – Rita Hodge

Sew, Mama, Sew! - Kristin Link

Sew Take a Hike – Penny Layman

West Coast Crafty – Susan Beal

Whip Up – Kathreen Ricketson

Wise Craft - Blair Stocker

There’s also a Quilting Modern flickr group, and it’s so much fun to see what everyone is making from the book.  I already have my next project figured out, Tunnel Vision - because I have a tiny 3″x 6″ piece of Heather Ross mermaid fabric, and now I know how to build a quilt around it.  Thank you, Jacquie and Katie!

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53 Responses

  1. The fabulous Archie the wonder dog allegedly said:

    I love your cushion and I can’t wait to see what you do with your mermaid!

  2. The fabulous dana allegedly said:

    Fabulous cushion! I also cannot help but notice that you have BOTH Hello Kitty AND Obama stickers on your machine…
    You had me at “hello…”. Lol.

  3. The fabulous Claire Jain allegedly said:

    Wow! Your pillow turned out great. What an interesting block. Reading your rave review totally makes me want to get this book!

  4. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    I love your cushion Monica! It turned out great. This book is amazing, I need to get a copy pronto. You pets are cute, love them.

  5. The fabulous Jenelle allegedly said:

    I bought this book as soon as it came out and it has quickly become my favorite quilting book in my collection. The instructions are flawless, and I agree, also written to be pretty entertaining too. :) I love your pillow so much. I might need to make one for myself! :)

  6. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    This book is so on my list. And I do have a birthday coming up….hmmmmm…..

  7. The fabulous Kelsey allegedly said:

    That looks fabulous! Totally agree about the projects in the book– it’s very difficult to decide which to jump into first!

  8. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Very cool! And I love that trick for quilting pillow tops, zi discovered it a couple of years a go and never went back either.

  9. The fabulous Caroline allegedly said:

    Oh what little cuties - your pets!! I didn’t know you were a golden owner as well. Oh and I love the pillow and the book - gotta say i haven’t read it (i’ll go back and do that now) but i love the designs and inspiration in that book.

  10. The fabulous HillBillary allegedly said:

    Your carpets, so white and clean. You’re lying, you borrowed those animals just for the photo.

  11. The fabulous Shannon F allegedly said:

    I LOVE your el cheapo quilting gloves. My mom is a nurse— so we use the latex surgical gloves. lol

  12. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Multiple things of awesomeness: book, block and fabrics + super cute kardashian pets! I need that book, going to buy right now :D

  13. The fabulous Becky Greene allegedly said:

    Love your tip about quilting a pillow front without the backing! Thanks for a peek inside the book - looks like a winner!

  14. The fabulous wonkeybobbin allegedly said:

    I love love love that pillow! And your photo bombers are adorable :)

  15. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    Thanks for the tip about not backing your pillow front. I plan to make some cushions or Christmas.

  16. The fabulous SewLindaAnn allegedly said:

    The colors of your pillow really are quite striking together, and don’t you love when linen is in the mix. It just makes a statement, I love using it!

  17. The fabulous christina allegedly said:

    I love your pillow! And I love your comment about your pets being the Kardashians of the animal world! They are beautiful!

  18. The fabulous sewkatiedid allegedly said:

    Hope the doggie photo made it to the flickr group!

  19. The fabulous Bethany allegedly said:

    I can’t believe I haven’t gotten some quilting gloves yet, what is wrong with me? Lol. Love your pillow!
    PS Our cats are cat twins.
    PSS BAM!

  20. The fabulous marg allegedly said:

    Thats my favorite pattern too can’t wait to get started

  21. The fabulous Penny allegedly said:

    obviously, the pillow is awesome, the book is awesome, Jacquie and Katie are awesome, you are awesome. HOWEVER, the thing I’m really jonesing to get now are some quilting gloves from harbor freight. Good grief your genius.

  22. The fabulous Cradke allegedly said:

    Ack! Another book for my “I need to have it” book list. And it’s my kids who have to find their way into every - single - picture.

  23. The fabulous michelle allegedly said:

    that’s a great tip for making ‘pillow quilts’.. thanks! love the swirling medallion pattern!

  24. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    This is the first time I’ve checked out your blog and I love it!

  25. The fabulous Stephanie allegedly said:

    Love the models that are happy to pose. Your pillow cover quilt is a great “mini” of the idea from the book.

  26. The fabulous Anya allegedly said:

    Love your pillow! And thanks for the tip on quilting the pillow top with just batting. And goodness, I’ve spent the last five days FMQ a quilt and why have I not myself some gloves yet????

  27. The fabulous Vicki in MN allegedly said:

    Cute pillow! Off to check out your blog now!

  28. The fabulous Barbie K allegedly said:

    Thank you so much for the tip on not using a backing on pillow quilts! and I love the pillow, too. I can’t wait to see inside that book!

  29. The fabulous Laura allegedly said:

    Of course your babies want in the picture-they know they’re beautiful. Love your pillow and crossing my fingers that my DH gets the hint and buys it for me for my birthday next week…

  30. The fabulous elsa allegedly said:

    Love that cushion and your dog is lovely, cat too!

  31. The fabulous Emily allegedly said:

    I like the idea of making it into a pillow, fun quilting too!

  32. The fabulous jacquie allegedly said:

    thanks for being a part of this party! so wish i could be in that chair, petting your furry friends, drinking a glass of wine and resting my behind on that pillow!

  33. The fabulous Kelly O. allegedly said:

    gorgeous cushion! great book!

  34. The fabulous MarciaW allegedly said:

    Gorgeous pillow especially the colors and tip on quilting a pillow cover without backing… Thanks for inspirational peek into this great book

  35. The fabulous amorette allegedly said:

    great tip for a pillow quilt- i will try that myself next time! and try to find come fine corinthian linen…

  36. The fabulous ellen b allegedly said:

    I can’t wait to get this book…looks like fun going outside my usual box….

  37. The fabulous Diann Cornell allegedly said:

    Interesting idea to quilt without a backing. I’d never have thought of that.

  38. The fabulous Rhonda allegedly said:

    Enjoyed your post! Loved your pillow.

  39. The fabulous Mary Anne allegedly said:

    Great pillow!

  40. The fabulous Tamie allegedly said:

    Love your pillow cover. Thanks for the tip too. And thanks for being part of the celebration.

  41. The fabulous Michele allegedly said:

    Really nice. And thanks for the tip for leaving off the backing while quilting it. I’ll have to try that.

    Love your photo divas.

  42. The fabulous Katherine allegedly said:

    Wow! That block is now calling to me. :o)
    It makes a fantastic pillow. Just gorgeous.

    Thanks for the sneak peek into the book and your review of it. Definitely have to add this book to my quilting arsenal.

  43. The fabulous Monica allegedly said:

    Love the two animals! The golden….I love goldens!!!!! And the little black kitty is just like our current one, Pinch….see we stick with spice names. chili the golden, Curry the lab and Pepper the tabby are all chasing each other around up there….now we have Dash and Pinch, both black with white under sides which look like bikinis. Oh and I like the quilt block too!!!! :)

  44. The fabulous Jen (bettycrockerass) allegedly said:

    Um, how did I not know you had animals? I wanna snuggle both your son and your dog. :-)

  45. The fabulous Jodi G. allegedly said:

    WoW! Looks like an awesome book. Coming from a more traditional background I’d love to learn all the techniques. First I’d like to learn the free piecing. Then I could let myself go. hehe. I’d love to learn to step out of the box.

  46. The fabulous 3LittleBrds allegedly said:

    You had me a “hello Kitty” as well! That block is amazing! I gotta get my hands on that book too.

  47. The fabulous craftytammie allegedly said:

    this is a great book! it made me laugh that your dogs like their pics taken - my dog is so camera shy.

  48. The fabulous Beth T. allegedly said:

    This is the most wonderful book! It inspires without being intimidating, which many quilt books don’t manage.

    A non-quilting friend and I happened upon Katie’s quilts at Island Quilter up on Vashon and both of us were astounded by the beauty and craftsmanship. They were hung like art in a gallery, which was absolutely appropriate.

  49. The fabulous Jean Blythe allegedly said:

    Bam back at ya! Great review. Love the book, dogs, Hello Kitty, and cool pillow! (waving wrist with HK watch). I am so living those quilts in the book. Where to start first? Made some cross blocks!

  50. The fabulous Erin M. allegedly said:

    Fabulous pillow creation.

  51. The fabulous Bearpawquilter allegedly said:

    Love your pillow top - very dynamic! What I really love is your dog. We got our new golden Axl today - 10 weeks old. He is our fourth golden. The only kind of dog as far as we are concerned.

  52. The fabulous shelly allegedly said:

    I should have known that you would be a Hello Kitty fan, too!

  53. The fabulous Kristin G (used to be J) allegedly said:

    Fine Corinthian Linen. bwah ha ha ha. That is one of our favorite in-jokes around here.

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