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Winterkist: Market, Goodies and a Giveaway

May 15th, 2012

I’m ready to go to Market - all my Winterkist samples sewn, all my photos taken, all my lovely email answered, all my clothes packed and all my hairs dyed.   I even managed to get my freebie pattern ready for the printer on the day of the deadline and not after.  The earth just tilted on it’s axes a little bit.  All that’s left now is to pick up Mo, and off to Kansas City we go for our Mo & Mo Go To MO adventure!

My free Peek-a-boo Gnoma pattern for Winterkist is availble here.  Whew, I got it done just in the nick of time.  The Universe was smiling on me, it even provided a sunny day for photos.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

This shot is solely to brag on our sunshine - but it’s not really bragging since I live in the greyest city in the United States (fact. for real). Confession: I did not baste or pin my layers before I machine quilted this. Fact 1: I’m nuts. Fact 2: I’m lazy. Fact 3: Flattest/no lump quilt I ever made. I KNOW, how crazy is that. Fact 4: I will never, ever baste again.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

There really must be gnomes in my woods - who else could have chopped this nice stack of wood. Actually, my nice neighbor across the street…
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

…but it’s more fun to pretend it’s Gnoma’s ancestors… Heinzelmännchen.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

Some more goodies for the Lecien booth.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

This is a sample for Elizabeth’s schoolhouse - for the debut of her freaking-awesome-beyond-words new book Modern Patchwork. All of the quilt patterns in Elizabeth’s book also have a mini version of each quilt, and the one I made is from her Metropolis pattern. I had so much fun making this mini-quilt, and I plan to make each mini-quilt in the book. I’m going to lazy-ass Julie-Julia my way through Modern Patchwork. I have a copy Modern Patchwork (no, I’m not giving it away - oh hell no!), and it is incredibly, jaw dropping beautiful, clever and fun, and I each projects leaves me marveling how Elizabeth thinks those designs up.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

I went a little bag crazy.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

Anna’s 241 Tote pattern. I FREAKING LOVE THIS PATTERN. And I love seeing all the different ones that are being made. I see many, many more of the 241’s in my future.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

My Better Homes & Gardens Six Pocket Purse pattern and Ayumi’s Lunch Bag purse pattern. I can’t stop making the “Ayumi bag” either.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

My newest baddiction (bag addiction) is Jeni’s Drawstring bag pattern. So cute and so fast, and also fun to see the different ones being made. LOTS more of these are going to be in my future, too.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

A little give-away of Winterkist. It doesn’t hit the stores until this summer (you can put yourself on the Winterkist email notification at Fat Quarter Shop), so this is a chance if your not going to Sample Spree at Market (or going to Market) - to get a little sampling of your own.  I’ve got two little 6″ charm-pack bundles (each with a Gnoma of each size in the bundle).  Leave a comment and when I get back from Market I’ll draw two winners on Sunday, May 20th.  For kicks, if you want… you can tell me your favorite color at the moment. And because I love knowing what colors people are diggin’ these days. Editing in: drawing winners on Monday, May 21.
Winterkist debute - Kansas City, MO

Peek-a-boo Gnoma Quilt pattern
by Monica Solorio-Snow

Six Pocket Purse pattern
from Better Homes & Gardens publications by Monica Solorio-Snow

Metropolis Quilt (mini version)
from the C&T book Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman

Lunch Bag (purse) pattern
from Pink Penguin tutorials by Ayumi Mills

241 Tote pattern
from Noodlehead Patterns by Anna Graham

Lined Drawstring Bag pattern
from In Color Order tutorials by Jeni Baker

PS, if you want to see Winterkist at your favorite LQS or fabric store, gently bombard your favorite proprietors with a Winterkist wish and Winterkist kisses. Or send them a link to the Winterkist book and ask them to visit the Lecien booth 1124, 25, 26 in Kansas City this weekend!

PS2, I can’t thank everyone enough for all the kind and heartwarming emails and comments I’ve gotten recently and haven’t been able to answer. I hope maybe I can have a little in-box amnesty and please know how much I cherish your kindness and sweet words, and plan on responding soon. Ish.

Edited in: The giveaway has now ended. Using random.org for comments 1-254, the winners are #14 by Jenelle and #67 by Heather!

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254 Responses

  1. The fabulous SachitaBean allegedly said:

    Squee! I am a poor little piggie who doesn’t get to go to Market, and is currently loving that cerulean blue color. :) PS. LOVE the gnomies on that sample quilt!

  2. The fabulous Melinda allegedly said:

    I love Winterkist - especially the lime green Gnoma

  3. The fabulous Andrea C L allegedly said:

    so so cute… i love the range of colors!

  4. The fabulous Johanna allegedly said:

    Orange and a nice bright happy pink are my favorite!

  5. The fabulous Lori allegedly said:

    frick and frack… I can’t wait to get my hands on that fabric.

  6. The fabulous Allegory allegedly said:

    So many bags! It’s like a lil’ army. I love lime green right now. And aqua. Absolutely can not wait for this line to come out.

  7. The fabulous Heidi allegedly said:

    What a fun fabric line!!!! Great job on that first quilt too - fits the fabric perfectly!

  8. The fabulous melissa allegedly said:

    I would love love love to win! It’s awful nice of you to do this giveaway.

  9. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    Blue. And I LOVE your new line and would be ecstatic to win some!

  10. The fabulous mean sarah jean allegedly said:

    i love all the colors you use, but i especially like that you’ve mixed in some black for this winter line :)
    have fun at market … maybe i’ll see you there …

  11. The fabulous Rebecca allegedly said:

    I absolutely LOVE the freebie quilt pattern. The gnomes peeking out are to DIE for.

    Have a fabulous time at Market. I am so sad to be missing it!

    The orange colorway is out of this world!

  12. The fabulous Mary Grace McNamara allegedly said:

    Such wonderfully cheerful projects in these pictures! Winterkist is so much fun! I sure wish I were going to Market, but maybe someday! Thanks for the chance to win some of this fabulous fabric!


  13. The fabulous Allison allegedly said:

    love the Peek-a-boo Gnoma Quilt! thanks for the great pattern, as soon as I can get my hands on some Winterkist I hope to stitch one up :) my favorite color of the moment is orange

  14. The fabulous Jenelle allegedly said:

    Oh I really hope I win this because I am just in love with this collection and your little winterkist gnomas! Even if I don’t, this is going to be my family’s official Christmas quilt. :) I especially love the orange. :) Have a great time at Market!

  15. The fabulous Kelly allegedly said:

    my fave color is green. love it! and i just love those little gnomas. have fun at market! i went to fall market, and it was a blast. of course, i was just a moocher, and didn’t have any fabric or patterns or books or anything coming out - but i still had fun. :)

  16. The fabulous Christie allegedly said:

    Lovely! Have fun at quilt market! My long-standing favorite color is purple :)

  17. The fabulous Carla G allegedly said:

    What fabulous fabric! And your quilt & bags are great! My favorite color right now is Turquoise! Thanks for a chance to win! Enjoy Quilt Market! :)

  18. The fabulous Cherie allegedly said:

    I love little Mr. Blue :) Have a great time at market!

  19. The fabulous amy allegedly said:

    I’m loving Mr. Green. Also loving Miss Pink. Luv your blog.

  20. The fabulous Jody allegedly said:

    I am currently loving lime.
    I adore your fabrics! Fingers crossed.

  21. The fabulous Ashley G. allegedly said:

    I’m loving yellow right now- cant get enough of it!

  22. The fabulous Hueisei allegedly said:

    Orange, green and pink! :)
    Have a pleasant trip!

  23. The fabulous Linda at Roscoe's Ma allegedly said:

    I love the green you used in Winterkist. It’s sort of a springy, limey shade. Perfect! Thanks for the chance to win some of your lovely fabric!

  24. The fabulous Ursula allegedly said:

    Love love love your Winterkist fabric and the freebie pattern looks amazing ! And the bags are so darned cute! My favorite color has always been red but lime is coming in close second. Have a great time at Market!

  25. The fabulous Sharon S allegedly said:

    Orange is the hands down favorite at my house right now. Loving all the bags you made. You can never have too many!

  26. The fabulous Patti allegedly said:

    Winterkist looks so fabulous! Can hardly wait for it to come out. Thanks for giving us a sample of it! AT the moment, I am loving lime green and grey.

  27. The fabulous candice allegedly said:

    Oh, please oh please me!!! I can’t wait for the stores to get it :)!! My favorite color is and always will be pink- but the bright happy rainbow colors combined are perfectly dreamy to me!!!

  28. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    My fav? Hard to pick but always love purple. I am all about orange lately too :)

    Looove the bagdiction

  29. The fabulous Debbie allegedly said:

    Wow what great fabrics! I already have a quilt in mind and I think Pink is me!

  30. The fabulous Four dogs and one quilter allegedly said:

    I seriously need a heinzelmannchen of my own. Have fun at Market. I love the pink.

  31. The fabulous Lauren JH allegedly said:

    Love your blue. Thanks for the giveaway! Hope you have a great time at Market!!!

  32. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    LOVE your new fabric line and would love to win the giveaway :-). My color of the moment is teal!

  33. The fabulous Angie C allegedly said:

    Cute fabric and all your bags are adorable!! I love grey and black they are my favorite colors :)

  34. The fabulous Pat V. allegedly said:

    Oh, I just can’t get enough of these gnomes! You rock!

    Favorite color of the moment is orange.

  35. The fabulous Meghan Romeo allegedly said:

    I can not wait for this line to come out! I absolutely LOVE gnomes. The color that I’m loving right now is green.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. The fabulous Jayme C allegedly said:

    Oh please oh please oh please…. I’m really super into orange right now. I don’t know why! It’s so cheery!!! Thanks! And I can wait to get my hands on those gnomes!!!!

  37. The fabulous Chanda allegedly said:

    Oh I just love those adorable little Gnomas!! I can’t wait to get my hands on these fabrics! Right now, I am going through a lime green and purple phase…I love lime green and purple. But lately, aqua and tangerine have been creeping into my favorite color combinations.

    Have a great time at market! I can’t wait to read all about it and live vicariously through all of you who get to go…

  38. The fabulous Bobbie BentNeedle allegedly said:

    I love the way the colors all play so nice together - especially with that icey blue ;0} Have fun at Market!

  39. The fabulous Brenda allegedly said:

    Red! Always red! Love your new fabrics! Thanks for sharing with two lucky ones.

  40. The fabulous Catherine allegedly said:

    I am so impatiently waiting for Winterkist to hit the Shops - August seems so far away! My favourite colour at the moment is Coral - not orange, not pink, but a perfect mix of both. Have a great time at Market - I’d love to get over there one of these days XO

  41. The fabulous Miranda Evans allegedly said:

    Love love love you gnomes! My favorite lately is grey.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. The fabulous Elizabeth j allegedly said:

    Purple! It’s my absolute favorite right now!

  43. The fabulous Kathy allegedly said:

    Fun fabrics!

    My favorite color right now is orange - I’m seeing it all over the place!

    Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  44. The fabulous Sandra :) allegedly said:

    My favourite colour (ATM!) is pink - but orange is fun too - and pink and orange is even better, lol! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway - my fingers are crossed!

  45. The fabulous Angela Greenwald allegedly said:

    Who doesn’t love winter gnomes…gotta git me some of this fabric!

  46. The fabulous Katie allegedly said:

    *sigh* market…..maybe I’ll get to go when it comes to P-Town next year! So fave colour? Erm…purple? pink? orange?

  47. The fabulous DianeY allegedly said:

    I’m a Lime green kind of gal!

  48. The fabulous Mary on Lake Pulaski allegedly said:

    The Orange Gnoma is my idol!

  49. The fabulous Lisa @ Loving Our Life allegedly said:

    I would LOVE to win some of this charming fabric! My current fav color is YELLOW!

  50. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    Have a fantastic time at Market - can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. I simply MUST get some orange gnomes for Bailey. She will pee her little Hello Kitty panties.

  51. The fabulous Lisa H allegedly said:

    ORANGE is the best. I live in the KC area and get to go to market with Marmalade Fabrics. Hope to catch a glimps of you.

  52. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    Winterkist me and leave frosty lip marks! I’d love to snuggle with the Tangerine Gnoma…

  53. The fabulous lynaeve allegedly said:

    thanks for the giveaway!

  54. The fabulous Tiffany allegedly said:

    I just can’t get over how awesome those gnomes are! My favorite color is always green - right now it is bright sunny day freshly mowed grass kind of green.

  55. The fabulous janine b allegedly said:

    this little piggy lives down-under and won’t be going to market … loving aqua at the moment.

  56. The fabulous Christy allegedly said:

    Love everything you made in this post and love Winterkist! Orange is always at the top of my list - so excited it is part of the collection :)

  57. The fabulous Angie allegedly said:

    There’s no “at the moment” for my favorite color. It’s always been purple. PURPLE! :)

  58. The fabulous darlene allegedly said:

    i’m thinking, at this moooment, i’m lovin’ yellow — a soft buttercup yellow …. love your fabric; you’ve outdone yourself ….


  59. The fabulous MoeWest allegedly said:

    I’m loving Winterkist! And your bags with the cute Gnoma on them are to die for. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m liking orange lately.

  60. The fabulous Melissa allegedly said:

    I LOVE this!! I cannot wait for the new line!!

  61. The fabulous Britt allegedly said:

    Loving Winterkist. I need more Gnomes in my life. I hope you have a Gnometastic time at Market. :) I’m going to say Peacock Blue for my color this week. It’s very present in a quilt block I’m working on right now.

  62. The fabulous Vicky allegedly said:

    Pink, no blue, maybe lime green … all of the colors are so flavorful that I cannot pick just one!

  63. The fabulous MC allegedly said:

    After seeing that black & white bag, there’s no way I can resist buying some Winterkist. Love the large scale! Would be great to win some advance samples! My favourite colour to sew with is currently yellow.

  64. The fabulous Christine M allegedly said:

    I love your quilt. The colours of the fabrics are just so bright and happy. Thanks for the chance.

  65. The fabulous Andrea allegedly said:

    I just love the quilt you did a great job. The gnomes are adorable. I just can’t get enough of them. Thanks for the chance to win some. My current favorite color is probably gray. I know sort of boring but it really looks great with everything. ;)

  66. The fabulous Erica allegedly said:

    Usually, I like the blue colorways the best, but I love the gray. It’s very striking and seems like it has both the Christmas and winter flare depending on what it is paired with!

  67. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    I’m loving all the Navy Blue that I’ve been seeing combined with other colors. Love the Gnomas peeking around on you quilt!

  68. The fabulous dana allegedly said:

    oh my gosh, I didn’t realize that some of the gnomes were so GIANT! That is even cooler than I thought, and I love the bags you made with the gnome on them!
    I seem to be sewing with yellow and grey all the time lately…but my favorite desert island color is still blue…glorious blue!

  69. The fabulous Maria do Carmo Pezzuto allegedly said:

    Boa viagem e sucesso no mercado.Eu estou viciada em AQUA e VERMELHO.Obrigada por chance.Boa Sorte.

  70. The fabulous Pétra allegedly said:

    Have a blast! I love your quilt for Elizabeth and all your bags!!

  71. The fabulous nicke allegedly said:

    xoxo! have a super fun time at market friend! xo

  72. The fabulous Yana allegedly said:

    I love turquoise, ALWAYS!)

    Your Gnomas so cute:))

  73. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    loved the fabric- I loved the way ALL the colors just popped against each other

  74. The fabulous Bettina allegedly said:

    I am so glad I found your blog and fabric:) My favourite colour is actually a colour combination- orange and aqua x
    Have a wonderful time at market!

  75. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    Enjoy your time at the market!

  76. The fabulous Annie allegedly said:

    Love the pink and green colors, but with all the other colors it looks a lot better.

    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely fabrics:)

    Have a nice marked:)

  77. The fabulous Archie the wonder dog allegedly said:

    My favourite colour (at the moment, it might change after breakfast!) is teal. Have a wonderful time at Market!
    P.S. I love all the bags!

  78. The fabulous Lyn allegedly said:

    They all look super lovely! My fave colour at the moment is… pink!

  79. The fabulous Quiltjane allegedly said:

    I love it all, I want to roll in it all and make beautiful quilts. Thank you for the giveaway. Have fun at the market.

  80. The fabulous sam allegedly said:

    I absolutely love the black/grey/white gnome bag. The design of the bag is brilliant but it’s the pattern/fabric that really make it for me. Well done. Sam xx

  81. The fabulous Debbie B Sam allegedly said:

    Goodness what great pictures to wake up to :) I am so craving some Winterkist…need it, I hated gnomes till this line honest.

    Have fun at market…jealous!

  82. The fabulous Sally Nicol allegedly said:

    Cant decide between lime green and orange - both would provide welcome burst of fun in cold rainy Scotland. Have fun at market

  83. The fabulous Andrea_R allegedly said:

    Fave color right now? ;D I know exactly what you mean. Gotta be aqua, can’t get enough of it lately.

  84. The fabulous SuzK allegedly said:

    Have a wonderful time at Market. I love your new line and can’t wait to get it. My favorite color right now? RED!

  85. The fabulous Caz allegedly said:

    Hi Monica
    Absolutely fabulous fabric, lovely colours, I wont be able to make it to market… will have to admire from a distance !! PS I am loving the bright orange !!

  86. The fabulous Deb allegedly said:

    I’d love to be included…I’ve always loved purple, but lately when I see anything orange I just have to have it!

  87. The fabulous Laura allegedly said:

    What cute projects - love the little gnomes peeking from the quilt. I may have to try that no basting trick. I love the aqua. Have fun at quilt market!

  88. The fabulous Michele allegedly said:

    Wow. Loads of great items. I love all the color. Bright and cheery. Have a great time at market. I wish I was going. My favorite color is always Periwinkle and luckily my daughter loves purple too.

  89. The fabulous Antje allegedly said:

    I love all your fabrics.
    They are so cute and bright.


  90. The fabulous Jenny allegedly said:

    have fun at market…orange is my fav for the moment

  91. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Yea Monica! Hope you have a WONDERFUL time at Quilt Market!!!

    Maybe you can hook up with your friends Pam Kitty, Pat Sloan and Natlie Lymer(is she there?)!!

    My favorite color is the teal, no… the lime, no… really it’s the teal, I think.

  92. The fabulous Carolyn allegedly said:

    This fabric is so cute! I hope you have a great time at the Quilt Market. My favorite color is the lime green, now wait, the black. Oh no, maybe it’s the blue…..

  93. The fabulous Marjorie allegedly said:

    What fun it would be to win! My obsession with lime seems to be getting worse with time.

  94. The fabulous Mhairi allegedly said:

    I would love some of this fabric. It is fantastic but as I am on the other side of the world to Quilt Market I guess I will have to cross my fingers, toes and eyes and hope to win some.
    I love the bags they are great. And the quilts are gorgeous. Have an awesome time at QM and I hope that you get lots of love from everyone visiting!!

  95. The fabulous Molly allegedly said:

    Love orange. Grey is a close second.

  96. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    Oh my all so very lovely! I finished my first 241 last night in Lizzy House’s REd Letter Days and I LOVE IT, my fav colour at the moment is orange. Would love some gnomes for my sewing store! thanks and have a fantastic market.

  97. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    These fabrics are so cute!
    My fav color is still turquoise.

  98. The fabulous Rachel allegedly said:

    Wow those are soo cute. I love the color choice and how well they go together. I can’t wait to see this pattern in stores.

  99. The fabulous AnneBeange allegedly said:

    Loving lime at the moment. have a great time at market…

  100. The fabulous Sarah P allegedly said:

    Love the fabrics. I love how you used the gnomes in ways I would not have thought of. My favorite color of the moment is red. It will change in about 15 minutes. Right now, it’s red.

  101. The fabulous amy allegedly said:

    I love the lime green!!thanks for a chance to win

  102. The fabulous elsa allegedly said:

    Have a great time at market Monica!
    My favorite color is yellow ~ at the moment anyway.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. The fabulous Ashley allegedly said:

    OH how I would love to get my hands on some of your fabrics. Favorite color at the moment and always- green.

  104. The fabulous Tina D allegedly said:

    Love the new line, can’t wait until Winterkist comes out! I’m with you on the bags, you can never make/have too many :)

  105. The fabulous Jessie allegedly said:

    I love your sample quilt! Those little gnomes on there are just too cute! I think I am going to have to get that 241 pattern too, I love your black bag, well I love all your bags but the black one is my fav! Oh and my current favorite color would be lime green or tealy blue.

  106. The fabulous erin allegedly said:

    Love your new collection- so cute! Also, favorite color right now is green.

  107. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    I love the blue and the red, please don’t make me pick a favorite! That gnome quilt is freakin’ adorable! Love the little gnomes peaking out. : )

  108. The fabulous Carol Wilkie allegedly said:

    I love the gnomes! I am surprising myself by saying I am leaning towards grey colours just now. I love the grey bag. Have fun at Market

  109. The fabulous Dianne allegedly said:

    I’m still loving aqua…can’t get over that one…but also digging coral. SO pretty and fresh.

  110. The fabulous rainjerette allegedly said:

    Orange, today. Possibly lime green next week. Hope you have a lovely time in MO with Mo.

  111. The fabulous Laura Pearce allegedly said:

    I’m loving lime, orange and hot pink lately, especially when they are all together in a project :)

  112. The fabulous Caitlin allegedly said:

    Your freebie quilt is freakin’ adorable!! Love gnomes! Hmm, favorite color is a toughie…aqua? perhaps, lime? I’m on the fence!

  113. The fabulous Sue S allegedly said:

    Those gnomes make me swoon, and that tangerine color?? Dying! Abso-tively perfection!

    Have fun at market!

  114. The fabulous Laura K allegedly said:

    Oh I hope you have a blast in Kansas City! I am sure there will be plenty of people rushing your booth to get a peek at those adorable gnomes. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  115. The fabulous AnnieO allegedly said:

    NO basting–seriously fabulous! I adore all the Gnoma peeking out in different poses in your quilt. And on the bags, whee! Loving the green best, as always, but have lots left over for the orange. Followed closely by yellow, red, black and pink. Have a fabulous MO trip!

  116. The fabulous wendy allegedly said:

    I am now going to be stalking the Lecien free patterns page until they put up your quilt pattern. As a new quilter, it’d be perfect for me!

    I LOVE the bags you made, the gnomes really make them. Gorgeous. Have a fab time at Quilt Market. I’m pretty much green with jealousy. But no, green isnt’ my favourite colour, that would be blue.

  117. The fabulous Rebecca allegedly said:

    Winterkist is absolutely awesome. Orange is my current favorite color :) ‘Can’t seem to get enough orange fabric!

  118. The fabulous Miz Karen allegedly said:

    Love it all, but right now, red and aqua are my favorites. Really cute. Would love to win.

  119. The fabulous Jennie T. allegedly said:

    I don’t know what it is about summer, but I go a little bag crazy myself. And yours are exceptionally cute.
    My favorite color really never changes. Yellow. Lots and lots of yellow. Comes from living on the Southern Oregon coast and then in Seattle. I crave sunshine I guess.

  120. The fabulous Brittany allegedly said:

    Monica, Monica, Monica you know all of those bright colors make my heart very happy, plus the gnomes … hows a girl to choose. However, if I must I would have to say the little orange gnoma … but like our lovely Oregon weather give me 5 minutes and my opinion will change again.

  121. The fabulous kern allegedly said:

    My favorite color in this collection? Definitely the grey. Not enough grey in the world. My second runner up is, of course, orange! Which is my favorite color in general.

  122. The fabulous Dianne Mitzel allegedly said:

    I think Winterkist is the brightest, most fun Christmas line to come out in years! Love all the colorways, if I don’t win, I will surely have to buy…for sure!!! have a great market.

  123. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    Have fun at Market!!
    I love all your cutie pie projects!!!
    My favorite colors right now seem to be blue and orange :-)

  124. The fabulous Vicki allegedly said:

    I love all the colors, but I have to admit, my skips a beat when I see the lovely blue.

    Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful prize. :)

  125. The fabulous Barbara allegedly said:

    I am a blue lady, but in the last time I like a lot bright colors too. Thank you for the chance to win. Barbara from Italy

  126. The fabulous Flavia M.-W. allegedly said:

    Wow! What a lovely work you did! I love the drawstring bag, a great pattern anyway!
    Please pick me!

  127. The fabulous MollyP allegedly said:

    Adorableness is your middle name! My current fav color is eye-searing lime green. I just finished a quilt using Kona Chartreuse and I’m fairly certain you could see it from outer space. I so wish my LQS would stock Lecien.

  128. The fabulous Meghan allegedly said:

    Have fun at quilt market! I’m liking orange right now, and I’ve never really been drawn to it before, but I’m going with it!

  129. The fabulous Jennie allegedly said:

    I love orange at the moment! Beautiful fabrics!

  130. The fabulous Tiffany allegedly said:

    favorite color is pink - thanks for the chance! :D

  131. The fabulous Nichole allegedly said:

    I am having a fetish for lime green and orange these days. Can’t wait until this line is available. Your quilt is fabulous. I can’t believe you didn’t baste. Wow!

  132. The fabulous kelly o! allegedly said:

    I’m loving the yellow/gray combo right now, but lime green is *really* high on my favorite-single-color list.

    The quilt is gorgeous — love how the colors play so well together.

    Thanks for a terrific giveaway!

  133. The fabulous Michelle H. allegedly said:

    No basting? BRAVO!!! It looks fantabulous. I’m adoring Winterkist…it’s awesome. My favorite color right now is yellow…a citrus quilt is in the works right now and I’m going to have a hard time parting with it (it’s a gift for a friend having surgery this summer).

  134. The fabulous Jennyroo allegedly said:

    Wowza! A chance to have my hands on your sweet little bundle of Gnomas before they hit the stores? Amazing giveaway! I am loving bright turquoise at the moment, but all springy colours are getting my creative juices flowing!

  135. The fabulous Elnora allegedly said:

    Love your purse-making spree! My favorite of the incredible Winterkist is the red!

  136. The fabulous carrie allegedly said:

    My fav color is lime green right now!

  137. The fabulous Gill allegedly said:

    I love green and orange!

  138. The fabulous lindsey s. allegedly said:

    i always love red but right now i am loving rainbows…..

  139. The fabulous Vicki allegedly said:

    LOOOOOVE those Gnomas! I’m in serious love with Aqua & Red too! Thanks!

  140. The fabulous Joelle Lambert allegedly said:

    I adore blue, but for reasons that excape me I have almost no blue fabric. I may have to try your no basting/pinning method, but it terrifies me, however I am lazy too so I think I should try it.

  141. The fabulous Meghan allegedly said:

    Black and white.

  142. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    I love blue/turquoise/aquamarine/teal (you get the idea). Thanks for the chance to win!


  143. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:


  144. The fabulous Krista - Poppyprint allegedly said:

    I just love your peeking Gnomes in your free pattern - adorable!! I’ve seen on twitter that you have already landed and are probably knee deep in Caesars at the Yamarriot. Have a blast!!! As for fav colour, you know me, I love anything that’s not brown.

  145. The fabulous Lisbeth allegedly said:

    O.M.G!!!! I am perennially in love with orange, and I love, love, love the idea of a winter/X-mas-y quilt with bright oranges and blues and greens and grays and greens! Thanks for the chance to win some of this amazing fabric!

  146. The fabulous Rita allegedly said:

    i love each and every color you have, but RED has always been my favorite since i was in elementary school! thanks for this opportunity!

  147. The fabulous superstitches allegedly said:

    Love the bags you made. Right now my favorite colors are turquoise and red.

  148. The fabulous Michele T allegedly said:

    Awwww shucks! I am unable to go to the market :-(
    Thanks for the chance to win this bright and happy fabric!!

  149. The fabulous Hilary C allegedly said:

    This fabric line is adorable. Today my favorite color is the orange. The lime green is a very close second.

  150. The fabulous Aurora N. allegedly said:

    OMG! Monica, you’ve done it again! I love all the little baggies in this range! Soooo gorgeous! I’m sitting at work here, salivating, wishing I could be at home, “pedal to the metal” on my little sewing machine! You are a constant inspiration to me. Aurora xoxoxo

  151. The fabulous Kari M. allegedly said:

    TOO. MUCH. CUTE. Can’t look away…

    I’m loving any and all things green right now, but then I typically do :)

  152. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    Love your line and all the projects! My favorite color of the season is tangerine :) pair it with a little lime green and whee!

  153. The fabulous Becky in Georgia allegedly said:

    I’ve really been hooked on aqua the past couple of months. Have a wonderful time at Market!

  154. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    I hope you have the best time at market! I’m pretty sure you will. Oh, the color?! Make that raspberry, please. It just makes me think of summer. :)

  155. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:

    Interesting question because I find my taste is changing from purples to reds…. have fun!

  156. The fabulous Sandra Davidson allegedly said:

    I am loving lime green and orange these days. I always love your fabric because it just makes me smile and so happy. Have a great time at market. Blessings Sandra

  157. The fabulous Nikki allegedly said:

    Oh, your peek a boo pattern is toooo cute!
    I don’t really have a favorite color, which makes my 4-year old very frustrated. :P I did notice that I have many more yellow-green colored selvedges than any other color, so maybe that’s my favorite and I didn’t know it. :P
    Enjoy your time at market!

  158. The fabulous Michelle allegedly said:

    You are adorable! We will miss you at guild this week but I know you will be having a great time without us. My favorite color today is girl scout green. Go figure.

  159. The fabulous Christie allegedly said:

    I’m stuck on pink! Pink with lime green, pink with yellow, pink with just about anything!

  160. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    What a cute pattern, I love all the gnomes popping up hither an’ yon across the colorways! I love lots of colors but when all is said and done I always go for the blues. I especially love dark rich blues which you hardly ever see anymore but was anything ever as cute as pink and navy? have fun at market, looks like a blast to me!

  161. The fabulous Jane S. allegedly said:

    Oooh, cannot WAIT until that fabric hits the stores!! All those cute little gnomes. Right now I am really digging green. Now that may change tomorrow, but you did want to know which color we’re liking right now. :)

  162. The fabulous CJ allegedly said:

    Great projects! I like that 241 Tote too! I’ve made 3 of them and plan on more (one for ME maybe??).
    Right now I am digging coral and seafoam.
    Have fun at Market watching everyone drool over your new line!!

  163. The fabulous Norma B allegedly said:

    Aqua and red combos are my current favorites. I absolutely love your new line and the gnomes.

  164. The fabulous KimR allegedly said:

    I gnome I would be soo happy to win some of this fabulous fabric! LOVE the designs. I really like your quilt/patter also!

    My lastest color obsession is apple green! I can’t get enough of it in clothes, scrapbook papers, measuring cups–literally anything I see in that color makes me smile!

  165. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Love love LOVE the bags. Have a fabulous time at Market.

    My favorite color is Sally Green. :-)

  166. The fabulous Diana allegedly said:

    Have fun at Market. LOVE the fabric, especially all of it, any color is great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  167. The fabulous sandra pipitone allegedly said:

    LOVE them ALL but the TEAL, sets my heart affutter NOW!

  168. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    Blue is always my favorite color — that fabric is so darling and I’ll just have to get some soon as I can. Thanks!!

  169. The fabulous christina allegedly said:

    WOW! Everything is gorgeous and I adore those gnomes!! My fav color right now seems to be gray, I’m always into pink!

  170. The fabulous Karen Snyder allegedly said:

    Super-duper-fabulousis!!! Have a great time in KC.

  171. The fabulous Jude allegedly said:

    I always love red! But oh Monica! I love the bright clear blue in your new line! Scrumptious! Wish I could hide in one of your bags!

  172. The fabulous Elisabet allegedly said:

    Ah! Colours that make you happy and little bearded men that are almost too cute!

  173. The fabulous Olivia allegedly said:

    Your fabric line is just adorable!! Just had a baby girl so I’m loving pink at the moment!! :)

  174. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    So cute. I love the bright colors. You know me and the bright colors. :) And I love your sunshine. Even tho I don’t mind the rain…especially at the coast. :)

  175. The fabulous Holly u allegedly said:

    Green is my fave. Other colors come and go in combination with it, but the green stays on top! Thanks fir this chance!

  176. The fabulous Nancy W allegedly said:

    I love all the bags you are showing here! The black & white gnome really caught my eye. Maybe I will need to make an “Ayumi” lunch bag with black & white! That would work out really great if I only had some time to sew! Hope you had fun at market!

  177. The fabulous Sue Bone allegedly said:

    I’m still loving aqua

  178. The fabulous Cloud Mom allegedly said:

    Love your new line! I am really into teal with yellow right now.

  179. The fabulous Jacklynn Grimm allegedly said:

    I love your new line of fabric! I would have to say I love the blue - it’s a frosty, wintery blue - perfect! Thanks for the give away!

  180. The fabulous Nicole allegedly said:

    Love those cute gnomes, especially my favorite lime green!

  181. The fabulous Randi allegedly said:

    Love your new line! And I think picking a favorite color is way too limiting an activity plus, I could pick orange but then pink would be upset and I could pick green but then yellow would get mad…it’s endless sort of like this sentence…

  182. The fabulous Susanne allegedly said:

    Oh all these projects look lovely :)

  183. The fabulous Margaret M allegedly said:

    I’m feelin’ the pink! Love the Winterkist post.

  184. The fabulous Christie H. allegedly said:

    Today I love the pink. Yesterday I loved the blue. No telling what color I’ll love tomorrow! They’re all fabulous!

  185. The fabulous Kristi allegedly said:

    Loving Orange right now…and totally loving this new line of yours! Fab-u-lous!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win some before it hits the rest of the happy world!

  186. The fabulous VickiT allegedly said:

    I really love your newest fabric with all those awesome gnomes. Too cute. My favorite color is always purple. I LOVE purple. BUT, lately I’ve really been in love with lime green and pink as a combo after seeing a quilt last week that I can’t stop thinking about. And now you have one in this post using those same colors. Awesome combo.

    Good luck at Market and see if you can have a little bit of fun too while there. :)

  187. The fabulous Leslie allegedly said:

    I LOVE Winterkist! and am anticipating (not very patiently) its appearance.

  188. The fabulous Grapes and hearts allegedly said:

    Monica, I LOVE your gnomas! And the green ones are my favourites! Have fun in Kansas :o) And thanks for the giveaway!!!

  189. The fabulous Kandarae allegedly said:

    I’m really loving blue/aqua/teal right now. Thanks for the chance to win!

  190. The fabulous Carol T allegedly said:

    I just love your new line and everything you have made with it.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to do a little blog post about not basting?

  191. The fabulous Susanne allegedly said:

    Have a great trip!
    I’m still loving pink, orange, yellow and red.

  192. The fabulous Sinta Renee allegedly said:

    I hope you and the girls are having a great time in Kansas City! I have to go check out that book… but wanted to tell you I love the bags and the Gnome purse with the Noodlehead pattern is so clever and cute! My favorite color is that yellow kinda orangeish color… ya know?

  193. The fabulous Joan B, allegedly said:

    Red. I got to have some Gnomas!!!!! I have lots of little kids in the family that would positively loved a stuffed Gnoma at Chirstmas time!!!!! Pick me!!!! Please!

  194. The fabulous Diann Cornell allegedly said:

    It’s dark sky blue-or maybe it’s lime green-heck, it’s any thing bright.

  195. The fabulous Patty allegedly said:

    wish I was in KC at Market!! My favorite colors are aqua and red. I have the fabrics but can’t decide on what pattern to use. I need suggestions.

  196. The fabulous MarciaW allegedly said:

    Those Gonomas are too cute! My favorite color is Blue - like the blue Gonoma that is on the backing of the woodpile quilt. Thanks for a chance! Best wishes for a grand Market trip.

  197. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    I would love a sample of your awesome new line!!! I am loving orange right now and my always love goes to pink, not pastely junior league pink, but PINK, lol. Cant wait to read all about your trip to market!

  198. The fabulous Karen a/k/a The Lazy Quilter allegedly said:

    Just finished a big wedding quilt and am thinking of getting out my pink/yellow/orange Mochi fabric to play with.

    I have already put myself on a fabric buying moratorium to save up $$$ because when Winterkist comes out I’m buying it all up! Full price, for real!!!

  199. The fabulous Janie allegedly said:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I love yellow, orange and green. Hope you had a fabulous time at Quilt Market.

  200. The fabulous Cradke allegedly said:

    Totally wish I could be at market, squealing away… Hm, I seem to be drawn to gold and lime-like colors lately strangely enough. Have a blast!

  201. The fabulous Jamie allegedly said:

    I am so EXCITED about these prints, they are fabulous! I love the colors you picked. Right now I am digging marigold yellow. Bright, no apologies, in your face. Have fun at Market!!!

  202. The fabulous JGB allegedly said:

    I am loving orange and aqua! Thanks for the chance and good luck at market!

  203. The fabulous Ann in NC allegedly said:

    You have been busy! Have a great time at market! Favorite colors… can’t go wrong with lime and fuschia.

  204. The fabulous Liane allegedly said:

    Thanks for the sneak peak! My favorite color right now is yellow/ shades of yellow.

  205. The fabulous Carmen Wyant allegedly said:

    I just love the 241 tote done up in this-so I’d have to say that the black/gray combo is my fav right now. Followed closely by blue, red, pink, green & then orange.

  206. The fabulous Deidra allegedly said:

    Wow! Such happy colors. Love it!

  207. The fabulous Crystal (chaoticlilshadow) allegedly said:

    Goodness, all those projects are just adorable! What bright and cheery gnomes!! We are totally loving pink over here! :)

  208. The fabulous Pattij allegedly said:

    Whoa, would love to win! Loving tangerine right now!

  209. The fabulous Barbara allegedly said:

    Love the Gnomas! And the lime green is beautiful, especially paired with the pink and orange.

  210. The fabulous Malinda allegedly said:

    What fun fabrics and projects. As always, my favorite color is blue, although pink, cream, yellow, green, orange, purple come in close seconds…

  211. The fabulous Lee allegedly said:

    I love the gnomes- have fun at market! I love the color purple!

  212. The fabulous montse allegedly said:

    Ohhh I’d love to win some Winterkist, specially som of those dark gnomas. Love them!

  213. The fabulous Melissa Draper allegedly said:

    I am in love with your gnomas! My favorite color at the moment is orange. No- it’s lime green. No, it’s probably hot pink. Whatever it is, it’s summery!

  214. The fabulous ina allegedly said:

    THE CHARCOAL!!!! ooops, I didn’t mean to shout but I love the charcoal!! ;p

  215. The fabulous Paula K allegedly said:

    Favorite color is everything in the red family, so the pink is great! I’m also digging the turquoise, as it goes with the pink so well and it is my birthstone color. Hope I win!

  216. The fabulous Kay allegedly said:

    What a fab giveaway, I just love those gnomes. My favourite colour is duck egg blue.

  217. The fabulous Kelsey allegedly said:

    I am loving Kelly Green!!

  218. The fabulous Joan allegedly said:

    Loving the green/blue or pink/orange. I would love them all.

  219. The fabulous Karrie Smith allegedly said:

    I love Winterkist. There was another website that asked us what we would want to see from Market, and that’s what I picked without realizing who it was from (sorry, I’m new to this world). I saw the bags on the other website and can’t wait until I have them in my hands. My favorite color is blue and I like all shades, from teal and turquoise to almost gray-blues. Thanks for the chance to win, and I hope you have a great time at Market.

  220. The fabulous Wanda allegedly said:

    Thank you, Thank you and one more.. thank you for more gnomas! So much fun. Love the pink!

  221. The fabulous Kellie allegedly said:

    OK, I must admit I don’t remember much past…I didn’t baste or pin my layers before I machine quilted this…incredible! And oh so brave!

    Favorite color? Aqua. Always.

    Thanks gory this great giveaway!

  222. The fabulous Judy allegedly said:

    I love the gnomes! All the colors are singing to me.

  223. The fabulous Barb in MI allegedly said:

    No market for me, but how about orange as my favorite color at the moment. And Heinzelmaennchen: lov’em! Thanks for a chance and have fun at market!

  224. The fabulous Lisa E allegedly said:

    Green is my favorite color with purple a close second. However, quilt-wise, I’m drawn to red and aqua.

  225. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Blue has always been my favorite color and always will be. Love the fabric line, wonderful fresh colors.

  226. The fabulous Maria allegedly said:

    There are just too many beautiful colors out there these days for me to pick only one! However, I have noticed a couple of trends in my sewing — or rather, they were pointed out to me by my very favorite four-year-old. Her comment to her mother: “Maria likes yellow a lot.” Out of the mouths of babes!

  227. The fabulous Fran allegedly said:

    Love all of your bags - so much fabulous-ness(!?). I’m loving all things Citrine at the moment - the colour itself, the word & also the gemstone. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  228. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    I love these fabric so much. My favourite colours at the moment are Gery and Lime Green. Thank you for all the fun. :-)

  229. The fabulous paula allegedly said:

    I’m totally loving orange these days…which is a little crazy for me because I have so few orange prints in my extensive stash! But it makes it fun to start collecting some new fabrics….starting with your adorable new line! And I LOVE your quilt pattern…a charm pack would be a great start to making this fun quilt! Thanks for a chance to win!

  230. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    Yellow!!! Although I am totally digging the green gnomas…. I think some are going to come live with me. :D

  231. The fabulous debbie allegedly said:

    AQUA………….Im spray painting everything I own AQUA!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. The fabulous Bonnie allegedly said:

    I keep checking for when Winterkist is going to be out! I’m bouncing up and down going “is it out yet? Is it out yet? Is it out yet?” Can’t wait!

  233. The fabulous Jennifer Gail allegedly said:

    Aqua and pink have been calling my name.

  234. The fabulous Mary Margaret allegedly said:

    I wish I was at Market…maybe someday. This quilt is so fabulous I can barely stand it.

    And Pink, pink, pink.

  235. The fabulous Donna allegedly said:

    I’m into blues and greens these days. Nice bright and cheery blues and greens and your gnomes are so cute!

  236. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    My sister and I have been working a lot with a lime-ish green and pink lately - and I am totally digging it. I can’t wait to get my hands on your “Winterkist” line in those colors to surprise my sister with a sweet bag for her birthday, on Christmas Day! (shhh!)

  237. The fabulous Flaun allegedly said:

    Lately, I’m all about orange and grey. Hope you had a fabulous time at Market!

  238. The fabulous Sandy Norman allegedly said:

    I love hot pink and lime…

    Have fun at the market… Heaps of Australian designers are going this year..


  239. The fabulous Jefner allegedly said:

    I like that you’ve a black colorway for this and especially like the variable circles print. I’m liking a color that’s a bit green, a bit mustard a bit pukey but bright. My nephew says, “This is the color ogre.” I agree.

  240. The fabulous Monica allegedly said:

    I am still laughing about the toilet seat cover photos!!! You are one fun and crazy lady! My fav color of all time and forever is YELLOW!!! Have loved it since I was a youngun…..

  241. The fabulous Lori Ann allegedly said:

    Reminds me of my Scandinavian heritage. Red or blue are my colors. Loving them!

  242. The fabulous bethany allegedly said:

    I love the gnomes! Especially, the lime green.

  243. The fabulous Julie allegedly said:

    I hope I’m not too late to enter! Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right? I am in love with Winterkist! The colors, the gnomes, everything, what a great collection. My favorite color has always been blue but I am loving greens at the moment. I hope you had a great time at market!

  244. The fabulous Karen M allegedly said:

    I just love all the cute projects you have done. My favorite color is blue, all shades!

  245. The fabulous nurse payne allegedly said:

    Monica, Congrats on everything! The colors all work so well together…..kinda drawn to that limey green! LOL!! Hope you’re having a great time at market! Nurse Payne

  246. The fabulous nurse payne allegedly said:

    Monica, Congrats on everything! The colors all work so well together…..kinda drawn to that limey green! LOL!! Hope you’re having a great time at market! Nurse Payne Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  247. The fabulous Deb allegedly said:

    Oh my! I hope you had a blast at market…how could you not? I LOVE Winterkist and would love a smidge to pet and admire. Lime green has been my fave color for a few years now…I just love how happy it is! Thanks for the chance.

  248. The fabulous Laura allegedly said:

    I hope it’s not too late to enter - super cute fabrics! Sweet!

  249. The fabulous Kelly Rodgers allegedly said:

    I’ve got a thing for Green at the moment. I am really drawn to it

  250. The fabulous Ali M allegedly said:

    I hope it’s not too late too, I read this post yesterday but forgot to actually get around to entering!
    My favorite color line is teal, I have a few fabrics of that hue I’m loving and trying to figure out a quilt to make which centers on that. Thank you for the giveaway!

  251. The fabulous Bianca allegedly said:

    OH MY WORD!!! :) So good to meet you at Market this weekend…I missed taking a pic with you!!! Right now, I’m digging purple for some very odd reason. :)

  252. The fabulous Kristin allegedly said:

    Hello! And… Yellow!

  253. The fabulous Anne Rita allegedly said:

    I love Winterkist! If I have to pick a favourite, it must be the sunshine orange. Welcome summer!

  254. The fabulous Sydney allegedly said:

    I love how it’s Christmas-y without being all Santa-puked-reindeer-and-mistletoe-everywhere. Very nice job :)

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