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The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 4

May 13th, 2012

Round 4 of the Traveling Quilts Bee has again made it’s way to my house. I now have Alissa’s quilt-in-progress with the addition’s of Elizabeth’s quilt-werks and Heather’s quilt-werks. The QIP started with Alissa’s center block, which Elizabeth built around it, Heather built on to the right side, and then I added to the top and left side (if you view the photo in Flickr, you can mouse over the photo and internetgalaticamagicly see who did what).
The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 4

Bottom right is Alissa’s “starter block”.
The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 4

I crazy love the citron-ish yellow (Art Gallery’s “Empire Yellow”) solid Alissa added to her traveling bundle, especially with all the greys.   Mad love.  I see a shopping trip to Fat Quarter Shop in my very near future.
The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 4

I turned some of the fabrics around - it’s like getting a bonus fabric. The little Echino in the center is a scrap that started at Ashley’s house, then went to Elizabeth’s house, and then came to my house… I just HAD to use it. At some point it’ll go back to Ashley house once the Alissa’s QIP makes it’s way there. I wonder if the fabric will recognize her? Mommy, Mommy… is that really you?
The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 4

I had so much fun making my addition, and each little log cabin was a different treat. Elizabeth had a great idea that I attach my lil’ loggies in the same manner as I did her QIP and Heather’s QIP.  I liked her idea, and maybe the L7 is now my new thing. The fun thing is not knowing what I’m going to do for the next person until I get that person’s QIP.
The Traveling Quilts Bee - Round 4
This bee is the ultimate in creative challenges and so much fun. Most fun I’ve ever had on a quilting project/group adventure. And speaking of fun… I’m DYING over Penny’s addition on my QIP!

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7 Responses

  1. The fabulous Mary on Lake Pulaski allegedly said:

    What a beautiful creative collaboration!

  2. The fabulous John allegedly said:

    You’re killin’ it in this bee!

  3. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    This is looking great!! You gals rock!!

  4. The fabulous nicke allegedly said:

    i agree with you… pennys addition to your quilt is amazing! i laughed and laughed! your qip obviously forgot it’s undies at home and thankfully penny obliged! xo

    your addition to this quilt is super amazing! i love all of those log cabins and the yellow in that quilt is my favorite!

  5. The fabulous Elnora allegedly said:

    Love the fresh, fun look of this! And it’s all the more special because it’s a collaboration among quilty friends, eh? BTW, as an English teacher (retired, thank goodness), I adore your writing style. You let your personality shine right through, which most people find hard to do. Bravo! Your blog is a pleasure to read.

  6. The fabulous Denise Russell allegedly said:

    Awesome quilt! I love the colors! I have seen so many beautiful things today and this one tops the list… How fast can I get out of the couch and get to the quilt room???

  7. The fabulous Joan allegedly said:

    Dan brought this to the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild meeting. It is so fabulously
    understated. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!



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