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Quilting From Little Things blog tour

December 1st, 2011

Welcome to my day of Sarah Fielke’s Quilting From Little Things blog tour!  I’m so honored and excited to be included in this tour, especially since I had the privilege of making a quilt from the book long before it’s even available.  AND because I love Sarah so dang much.  Somewhere between my mailbox and the publisher’s shipping department awaits my copy of Quilting From Little Things… waiting to cradled in my arms, to be loved and to be devoured (knock, knock, delivery organization).  Like everyone else, I’ll be visiting all the blogs on the tour (list below) to peek inside Sarah’s delicious new book!

What I love so much about From Little Things is that you make little things!  Great to try new things + learn new things + instant gratification.   Sarah has a great gab about her new book with Pat Sloan on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio show.  It’s a great listen!

Since my book is still in transit and I have no book photos to post, I decided to do my own photo-shoot with the little quilt I made from the Diamond Chips pattern - and enlist the help of my Blythe doll, Melvita. She did fine… fine until I had her do some The Walking Quilted shots. She didn’t get how I didn’t want her face in the shot, and she was not happy.
little quilt

Not happy at all. In fact, Melvita broke down into a tantrum. I’m pretty sure she even gave me the finger.

Turns out Melvita just can’t handle her gin & tonics.

But that’s ok, Melvita - be that way…
little quilt

… because I have Photoshop.

Check out the past, be current and check out what Lissa is sayin’ today, and then step in to the future and enjoy the entire book tour!
28 Nov: Fat Quarterly
28 Nov: Amy Ellis
29 Nov: Thomas Knauer
30 Nov: Camp Follower Bags
30 Nov: Ryan Walsh
01 Dec: Happy Zombie
01 Dec: Moda Lissa
02 Dec: Mrs Schmenkman Quilts
02 Dec: True Up
03 Dec: Pink Chalk Fabrics
03 Dec: Pam Kitty Morning
04 Dec: Sew,Mama,Sew!
04 Dec: Pat Sloan

Sarah’s publisher has set up a deal for the Quilting from Little Things blog tour readers to get a discount of $5 off at MarthaPullen.com. Use promo code QUILTLITTLE to get your savings before the blog tour promotion expires (7/31/12).

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43 Responses

  1. The fabulous nicke allegedly said:

    it looks like melvita is a bit of a Diva!

  2. The fabulous Krista - Poppyprint allegedly said:

    My book is on it’s way - didn’t take much to convince me that this is one my library needs! Hilarious quilt pix, btw.

  3. The fabulous Xenia allegedly said:

    Love the pics! :)

  4. The fabulous Katy allegedly said:

    you’re killing me with those pictures. KILLING ME.

  5. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:

    Melvita has convinced me that I need the book (or maybe it was the adorable quilt)!!

  6. The fabulous amy dunn allegedly said:

    Melvita is obviously a lush, poor girl! Your little quilt is amazing!!!!

  7. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:


  8. The fabulous Johanna allegedly said:

    Love the post! I think Melvita needs a time out.

  9. The fabulous Cindy Sharp allegedly said:

    Poor dear. And the quilt is so perfectly coordinated with her outfit.

    Thanks for the giggle.

  10. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Poor Melvita - so tragic… Guess Walking Zombie Quilt Holder won’t be on her resume??

    So glad that Tim Gunn came to the rescue!

    Great photos of your cute Diamond Chips quilt!

  11. The fabulous Archie the wonder dog allegedly said:

    Oh, I’m laughing so hard right now that I can barely type!! Great quilts and great photos!

  12. The fabulous Vonna Johnson allegedly said:

    What a riot! Great pics and I needed a laugh. Quilt is adorable, Melvita….Santa is making a list you know.

    Quilting in Texas

  13. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Oh. Em. Gee. You crack me up! Thanks for the laugh this morning and the darling eye candy!

  14. The fabulous elsa allegedly said:

    I’ve been wanting this book ever since I saw it on Sarah’s blog ~ it has such wonderful patterns and I just like her style so much!
    At first I thought the quilt you’re showing was a big one till I realized that’s a dolls legs! teehee!

  15. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    Melvita better get it together or SHE’S OUT.
    Love your little quilt. xo.

  16. The fabulous Sasha allegedly said:

    I love your little quilt. I needed a good laugh this morning too!!! Poor Melvita. Maybe she’ll get it right next time LOL!!

  17. The fabulous AnnieO allegedly said:

    Thanks for the laugh this morning! I’m always intrigued by your flat Tim.

  18. The fabulous Pat Sloan allegedly said:

    So love you and Sarah!! I hope everyone listens to the interview!

  19. The fabulous Ricki allegedly said:

    That last one nearly made me snort coffee out of nose! Very cute little quilt!

  20. The fabulous Meg allegedly said:

    OMG, Monica, you crack me up! Melvita needs a reality check, or Tim Gunn is going to take her outside to “have a chat”, ifyouknowwhatimean… :D

  21. The fabulous KZK allegedly said:

    You seriously crack me up!!! What a great post!

  22. The fabulous Kristen@SoHappy allegedly said:

    Love the doll quilt! And Ms. M. That quilt on the front of this is delish.

  23. The fabulous Ann in NC allegedly said:

    No doubt the photos in the book are lovely, but I must admit, I really enjoyed your photo shoot! I hope this will be good advertising for your photographic skills and look forward to seeing your work (sewing, photography, and humor) in a forth coming book!

  24. The fabulous Deb Donovan allegedly said:

    Hilarious, behave yourself Melvita!!

  25. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Gin and tonic…of course, the only thing much better is just gin…I think it improves my quilting stitch. And the photo soot, one of my favs!

  26. The fabulous Ryan allegedly said:

    That’s right! Make it WORK Monica. That cheeky Melvita!! You always crack me up…

  27. The fabulous Wendy in MT allegedly said:

    Sometimes it pays to be home sick and not at work … I got to drop in on your AWESOME blog and see this way cool book … Sarah really is terrific :) … but your book model has got to be up there for scoring points too! I love your humor and thank you for sharing!! Now I’m going to have to hunt up the book when it’s available, and of course, follow your way cool hop. Thank you, thank you!!

  28. The fabulous Debbie Guhot allegedly said:

    I too have a temperamental dolly who likes to “help” me with quilt shoots. I know she cant flip me the bird. I didn’t make her any fingers,something she reminds me about every time I ask her to hold something. At the moment she’s in the naughty chair.

  29. The fabulous Mary C in WA allegedly said:

    Cute pictures. The quilt looks much bigger than the Doll. Love the guy peeking from behind too. Project runway’s fearless mentor. Too CUTE!

  30. The fabulous katharine allegedly said:

    YOU*CRACK*ME*UP!!! Thanks for the ‘laugh out loud’ tonight!! :)

  31. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    Oh, my gosh- Melvita? I love that you named your Blythe doll that! With that name she could only be a sassy dolly. The quilt is adorable and totally Tim Gunn worthy. I may have to get this book!

  32. The fabulous Doris allegedly said:

    I love this post! I love your sense of humor :) Thank you for my morning laugh. Hope Maivita recovers soon and seeks help. :))

  33. The fabulous Wrennette allegedly said:

    You totally fooled me. I thought that the woman holding the quilt up….must be really thin because her legs were really THIN…..then the next picture made me think your golden retriever must be sitting behind her…..and I thought…’well, that’s funny’. Not til the next picture did I GET IT. You are hysterical and I now have something very funny to share with people today! p.s. I have never made something so small..and I think it would be fun.

  34. The fabulous Jane S. allegedly said:

    I’m sure you made Tim Gunn very happy — he said “Make it work!” and you did just that even though Melvita was in a booze coma and wouldn’t cooperate. ;)

  35. The fabulous Lori allegedly said:

    Tim caught me off guard. I inverted snort laughed. No lie.

    I needed that.

  36. The fabulous Pétra allegedly said:

    Your posts are just the best!!

  37. The fabulous Tania - sewgirly allegedly said:

    hahahahahahahahahaha clunk! (just laughing my head off!!)

    Oh I Love It. xx

  38. The fabulous Dana allegedly said:

    HAHAHAHA! Tim Gunn made me laugh out loud! I think I just startled my quilt-warming dog!

  39. The fabulous Jil allegedly said:

    Monica, You’d better be ready to come bail me out of the funny farm when they haul me away for giggling to myself in the middle of Hastings Cafe. Love the little quilt and all the ways in which it is presented…

  40. The fabulous SuzK allegedly said:

    I’m just catching up and this was the perfect way to start my morning! I’ve heard that NONE of those Blythe girls can hold their liquor! What did Tim have to say? Love the quilt - the book sounds great! thank you for making my day.

  41. The fabulous Mare allegedly said:

    oh dear, book addict that I am I believe I better get this one too! love love love the quilt pictures!!!!

  42. The fabulous Carole Prevost-Meier allegedly said:

    I do like Melvita’s shoes! Oh… what a cute quilt! thanks for sharing. BTW, I do like your warp sense of humour! We’d get along great! Cheers!

  43. The fabulous Christine Barker allegedly said:

    Make it work!!! lol, so very cute. Your photoshopped Tim Gunn is hillarious.

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