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Feelin’ girly

November 13th, 2011

Sometimes it’s ok to play with drugs.
Morning workout

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16 Responses

  1. The fabulous Sharon S allegedly said:

    Do you have too much time on your hands today? Creative minds never sleep!

  2. The fabulous Cheryl allegedly said:

    LOL….you crack me up :-)! Seriously, crack me up!!

  3. The fabulous Tina in Boston allegedly said:

    You are crazy!!

  4. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    Love love love your outlook on life!!
    Too funny…..

  5. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    OMG! Maybe you need some stuff to do? I could help as I may have some quilty things you can help me with…the list in my head is a tad longer than I like for holiday gifts to make.

    Oh I get it - ideas for a new fabric line maybe? That’d be kinda cool really….pill shaped beings :)

  6. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    nice boobs. :)

  7. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Oh I just love the idea…I am off to try with my stash. very big laugh too!

  8. The fabulous Karen a/k/a The Lazy Quilter allegedly said:

    I don’t often REALLY lol, but I am right now. Heartily. You are a riot! So needed the laugh today. Thx! :)

  9. The fabulous Karen a/k/a The Lazy Quilter allegedly said:

    P.S. - I wish MY boobs were still that perky ahahahaha lol

  10. The fabulous Lori allegedly said:

    I’ve heard of ‘happy pills’…

  11. The fabulous Kristyne allegedly said:

    Hmmm, I’m having trouble deciding what gender it is … “Androgynous Pill” perhaps? I’ve seen guys with bigger boobs than those. ;) tee hee

  12. The fabulous Hollie allegedly said:

    That’s awesome! Thanks for that! I needed a laugh today!

  13. The fabulous nicke allegedly said:

    lol! LOL!

  14. The fabulous nicke allegedly said:

    lol! LOL!

  15. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    I needed that! I have one heck of a cold right now and this made me LOL. I will look at my cold meds is a whole new light.


  16. The fabulous Jil allegedly said:

    Monica, you do realize you’ve now sparked a trend of us all playing with our meds and supplements to see what we can come up with. (: Me? so far not much sucess, I wonder though if I changed brands….. (pondering)… How do you explain to the pharmacist that you just want to see the shape of the pills? ;)

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