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Stripped Down Patchwork book tour & give-away!

May 24th, 2011

I’m so excited to be stop #10 on Erin Gilday’s blog tour for her new book, Stripped Down Patchwork!  Erin is a fellow Oregonian and is the author of one of my favorite blogs - Patchwork Underground, and last December we got to meet in-real-life, and needless to say I’m her super-fan!

When I first opened Erin’s book I was like a kid in a Lego store… I wanna make that… I wanna make this… I wanna make that… I wanna, I wanna, I wanna. Then I saw what my friend Gail made and showed on her day of the Stripped Down Patchwork tour - and I’m hoping she’ll let me copy her use her idea!  Strip quilting + Timbers = Awesomepancake.

Erin and I had a little Q and A for my day of the tour, so here we go!

What inspired you to write Stripped Down Patchwork?
Before I got into writing sewing patterns, I was selling patchwork clothing at street fairs. It was fun but it was a lot of work so I was always looking for a magic “trick” to make my work go faster. Seminole patchwork turned out to be the answer to my prayers. I found it in an old issue of Workbasket. In just a fraction of the time you’d think it should take, you have a finished patchwork band that looks like it took forever to make. Nobody needs to know that it only took you an hour.

What’s the trick?
The trick is, you don’ have to sew every little piece together one-by-one, you sew strips together and then cut across those strips to form strip sets. Then you re-arrange the strip sets and sew them back together. Voila! Magic patchwork.

Which project from the book is your favorite?
It’s a tie between the Toe Zone slippers and the PDX Tank dress. I have a special, inexplainable affinity for wearable patchwork.

What was your process for writing the book?
Well, it started with an idea. I got a really solid proposal together and started shopping it to publishers. I read a lot of books from the library about how to do it and just followed the advice in those books to the letter. When the “no thank yous” started rolling in – as they always do – I just kept on. When people looked at me cross-eyed about my ambition to write a book, I just kept on. That’s really the key. Just keep on with your intention. Once I got a publisher to sign on, the actual writing of the book was fun! I already knew how to write sewing patterns from my work with different sewing magazines and I already knew what projects I wanted to make so it was just a matter of getting it done. I kept all the information for each project in it’s own little folder to keep everything organized and took lots of notes so that I didn’t forget a step along the way in the instructions. You never know what your book is going to like because, as an author, you aren’t responsible for the layout and design of the book itself so that is always a fun surprise. In this case, I really loved what Leisure Arts ended up doing with it!

What are you working on now/next?
Promoting this book has been a huge task, so I’ve dedicated most of my time to that recently. I’ve been doing some small projects here and there for myself – I crocheted a top and made some palazzo pants from an old 70’s Vogue pattern – but mostly I’ve just been managing my blog tour for the book. I’m working on another book proposal right now (shh!) and I’m also considering doing my own little self-published line of specialty sewing patterns (double shh!) so we’ll see what happens. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the Twitter, too. Of course, I’m always writing ditties on my banjo and blogging about what inspires me, so that keeps me busy too. Oh yeah, somewhere in there I also adopted a chihuahua. Oops. That happened last week.

I have a copy to give-away, and I’ll throw in a charm pack of my new fabric to go along with it.  Leave a comment by noon (PST) this Saturday and I’ll have random.org draw a name.

Stripped Down Patchwork

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May 28, 2011 Edited in:
Winner, winner, Seminole dinner!  Give-away has now ended.  Thank you all for joining in on the give-away! Using random.org for comments 1-135, the winner is:

Comment #25 - Alicia of Crash Worthy

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136 Responses

  1. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    Wow it looks fantastic you clever lady, would love to win a copy, thanks for the chance.

  2. The fabulous wendy allegedly said:

    The book looks great! I love those slippers! And a charm pack of your gorgeous fabrics? Bliss! Thanks!

  3. The fabulous Allison Gougeon allegedly said:

    Looks like a great book! Would love to create some goodies with it!

  4. The fabulous Elizabeth @ Don't Call Me Betsy allegedly said:

    Thanks for sharing about this book, I hadn’t seen it before! It looks lovely!

  5. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    I did a little Seminole patchwork many years ago. It is beautiful and so quick and easy. Love the glimpses into the book. And your fabric looks yummy!

  6. The fabulous Vickie Angell allegedly said:

    What a fun way to add a bit of seminole piecing to some fun projects. I have not seen this particular book yet. Thanks for the heads up! Hugs!

  7. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Thank you, Monica, for a wonderful double give-away - Erin’s great book and your fabric too! Mochi Seminole patchwork would be an interesting combination….

  8. The fabulous mhairi allegedly said:

    I would love a copy of this book. I love the shoes.

  9. The fabulous Ursula allegedly said:

    The book looks like it has some very cool projects. This is definitely something my daughter and I would use. And some of your yummy fabric as a bonus…Wow! Enter my name please.

  10. The fabulous Wendy D. P. allegedly said:

    This book looks fantastic! Thanks for the interview!

  11. The fabulous Florence allegedly said:

    Tempting book and lovely Fabrics ….. Thank you To propose this giveaway !’

  12. The fabulous Pat in Washington allegedly said:

    I learned Seminole patchwork from my mom back in the 1980’s - what goes around comes around! Mom made some pillows and wall hangings and an apron to help illustrate a book a sewing friend was writing (Lassie Whitman - I still have an autographed copy!). This new book looks amazing and I’m interested to see how the concept has been updated. And Happy Mochi Yum Yum is SO BEAUTIFUL!

  13. The fabulous Sarita allegedly said:

    This looks like an amazing book. I love the items shown and would love the chance to peek inside!

  14. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    I love Seminole patchwork, this book looks really interesting. Plus I need to win me some Happy Moki Yum Yum!!

  15. The fabulous Penny g allegedly said:

    Great interview. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. The fabulous Adria allegedly said:

    Awesome! Love the patchwork!

  17. The fabulous Etta allegedly said:

    Those ballet flats are adorable! I’d love to receive them as a gift. :)

  18. The fabulous Shirley allegedly said:

    This book looks great. I’ve added it to my must-have list. Thanks for the chance at such a great giveaway!

  19. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love your new fabric!

  20. The fabulous Pattij allegedly said:

    What a great giveaway! I think I’m in love with the slippers!

  21. The fabulous Karen a/k/a/ TheLazyQuilter allegedly said:

    Was cleaning the house during the annual spring ant invasion and found a lucky penny and four leaf clover. maybe this IS my lucky day :)

  22. The fabulous mean sarah jean allegedly said:

    i love those shoes! what a great book to be giving away.

  23. The fabulous elsa allegedly said:

    WOw, love those shoes and backpack (plus that little dog is so so cute!).
    thanks for the chance to win a lovely book.

  24. The fabulous SewTara allegedly said:

    Ohhhh a craft book AND fabric . . . I must go recover :)

  25. The fabulous Alicia allegedly said:

    Wow, this looks like what I aspire to. Thanks for the chance!

  26. The fabulous Ruth allegedly said:

    Love those slippers, alas I have Yeti size feet, and I’m certain they wouldn’t look as cute. That wouldn’t stop me from trying though.

  27. The fabulous Adria allegedly said:

    Loving this book! Thanks :)

  28. The fabulous Shannon allegedly said:

    What a cool looking boob. I would love to win some of you new fabric. Thank you!

  29. The fabulous Shannon allegedly said:

    OH MY GOSH!! I ment BOOK not that other word I am so sorry!!

  30. The fabulous 4dreamsr allegedly said:

    would love to win a copy of book & fabs. Thanks for a chance.

  31. The fabulous Lee allegedly said:

    I love the projects on the cover of the book. I can’t tell if the model is wearing a skirt or an apron but it would be wonderful either way!

  32. The fabulous Debbi allegedly said:

    What a fun combination!

  33. The fabulous Andrea C allegedly said:


  34. The fabulous Alix allegedly said:

    What a great book idea! Looks like so many great projects!

  35. The fabulous Wendy TC allegedly said:

    that i would love this! Thx for the generous giveaway.

  36. The fabulous Kelly allegedly said:

    i wanna win!!!!!

  37. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    Love the resurgance of seminole piecing… I’m sure in the back of my closet I could come up with a pieced vest or two with this method!!

  38. The fabulous Bailey allegedly said:

    Thanks for the chance to win - looks like a wonderful book!

  39. The fabulous Charming's Mama allegedly said:

    Look like a fun book and I so want one of those charm packs. Thanks.

  40. The fabulous Erin Gilday allegedly said:

    Oh man, I wish I wasn’t disqualified because that fabric is GORGEOUS! I love the idea of Mochi Seminole patchwork, too, Diane. =) I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all you lucky commeneters. Can’t wait to see what the winner makes!

    Thanks for hosting day #10, Monica!!!

  41. The fabulous sndy1 allegedly said:

    Your new fabric is beautiful–luv those colors.

  42. The fabulous Jean Burke allegedly said:

    Wow - this looks terrific! Thanks for the chance to win it - and a charm pack of your new goodies - almost too much excitement!!! Thanks again….

  43. The fabulous simone allegedly said:

    The book looks like lots of fun and techniques to explore.
    What a lovely chance to win!

  44. The fabulous Joanna allegedly said:

    I really love her use of solids! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  45. The fabulous Mimi allegedly said:

    Very sweet!! I’d love to win this awesome giveaway!!

  46. The fabulous Hanna allegedly said:

    This book looks great with cool projects! Thank you!

  47. The fabulous Becky in Georgia allegedly said:

    It’s so interesting to see the younger quilters embracing quilted clothing. It does my heart and soul good. Happy to see so many young women obsessed with quilting!

  48. The fabulous Tami allegedly said:

    What a great inspirational book and your fabric is so much fun! Would love to win these…..thanks for the opportunity.

  49. The fabulous Dell allegedly said:

    I have added this book to my wish list to purchase if I am not lucky enough to win. Thanks.

  50. The fabulous Krista - Poppyprint allegedly said:

    Okay, that was a fun interview. Erin plays the banjo?!?! Killer. I cannot say I share her affinity for wearing patchwork (in fact, a friend and I have a pledge to decisively hit each other over the head with a shovel if we ever do show up in patchwork). Maybe Erin’s book can sway me. Slippers would be okay, I’m sure. Love seminole and a fresh take on using it in fun projects (AND with HMYY??? I’m sold). Sign me up. Thanks Monica!

  51. The fabulous LizA. allegedly said:

    What a fun looking book. Lots of neat projects I’d like to try.

  52. The fabulous Debbie allegedly said:

    Love reading about fellow Oregonian and thier websites and books.Makes for great day to spend rainy day in oregon.Would love to read your book.Good luck on you book tour!

  53. The fabulous DianeY allegedly said:

    Monica, I don’t know if you lived here at the time there was a wonderful fabric/quilt shop at Ward Warehouse called Strawberry Patches. This was probably 20-25 yrs ago. Anyway, I took a class there in Seminole patchwork used as a trim on skirts & muu-muus & I used it extensively. I had totally forgotten about it until this review! Looks like a fun book!

  54. The fabulous Lauren allegedly said:

    I would love to read your book, I love your blog!

  55. The fabulous Jill allegedly said:

    A book and a charm pack of your wonderful fabric, what a great giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance.

  56. The fabulous Gail allegedly said:

    Thanks Monica!!! Go for it on the Timbers scarves… you have my blessing ;) heee hee heee.

    I LOVE love LOVE your new fabric line too!

  57. The fabulous Eileen allegedly said:

    So glad you are home safe! A book and a charm pack? I would be so thrilled!

  58. The fabulous Maggie G allegedly said:

    Thanks for the chance to win, the book looks great and the charm pack too :)

  59. The fabulous Robyn allegedly said:

    This book looks awesome!

  60. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    I would love to make thoese fantastic slippers!!

  61. The fabulous Laura allegedly said:

    Thanks for sharing! I am always on the lookout for ways to make simple things look challenging. I would love to be entered into the drawing. Thanks!!!

  62. The fabulous MollyP allegedly said:

    What gorgeous projects! Thanks for the intro, Monica!

  63. The fabulous JOPSY allegedly said:

    woweeeee-looks great! thank youuuuuuu!

  64. The fabulous Jerri allegedly said:

    :o! I’ve been drooling over both of these!

  65. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:

    THANKS SO FOR SHARING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. The fabulous Christina allegedly said:

    WOW, two great prizes! Thanks for the interview and the chance Monica!

  67. The fabulous Kate allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness. What a cleaver idea! I need this book!! And I loved the Q and A - it is always fun to learn just a bit more about someone! Thanks for the giveaway!

    PS - your fabric is AWESOME!!! LOVE IT! :)

  68. The fabulous Glynis allegedly said:

    Thanks for the highlight! This book looks like a great find! And your fabric is yummo! Looking forward to seeing it in person!

  69. The fabulous Shannon allegedly said:

    Oh dear, I do love that fabric!

  70. The fabulous Emily allegedly said:

    Love!! Thanks for sharing!!

  71. The fabulous MelodyJ allegedly said:

    This looks like a great book. Very pretty fabric.

  72. The fabulous Carol in E TN allegedly said:

    Thank you so much for your giveaway!

  73. The fabulous Deidra allegedly said:

    The book looks great. Love the slippers.

  74. The fabulous Kari allegedly said:

    a patchwork tank dress…hmm I might like that!

  75. The fabulous Ann in NC allegedly said:

    A fun book and a charm pack of YOUR new fabric, what a winning combination!

  76. The fabulous Melissa allegedly said:

    This book looks fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  77. The fabulous Skooks allegedly said:

    What a fantastic combo!! I would love a chance to win. :)

  78. The fabulous Lisa L allegedly said:

    The book give-a-way is great, but the addition of your new fabric makes it AWESOME!!! ( smoozing!)

  79. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Great give away Monica…fabric and inspiration! Thanks!

  80. The fabulous Debbie St. Germain allegedly said:

    It looks like it has a lot of wonderful things to create and to wear.


  81. The fabulous AnnieO allegedly said:

    This is the first patchwork clothing I have seen that interested me! Love the seminole effect. Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. The fabulous Christine allegedly said:

    What a fun book - I’m thinking potential Christmas presents!! Thanks for sharing it!

  83. The fabulous Laura Tawney allegedly said:

    I love seminole patchwork and would love to make some of the items in the book. Great interview and Erin has a lot of tenacity to get her book published. Congrats to her.
    Laura T

  84. The fabulous Melody allegedly said:

    Thank you for this great give away. What a fabulous prize I’d love to win.

  85. The fabulous Kim Beinschroth allegedly said:

    Ooooooo…pick meeeeee! Thanks for a chance to win these tummies!

  86. The fabulous Marcy allegedly said:

    The book AND your new fabric? Wow!

  87. The fabulous Christine M allegedly said:

    I’d love a pair of those shoes!

  88. The fabulous sewkatiedid allegedly said:

    Love the wallet. Hope to meet up in real time the next spin through Seattle.

  89. The fabulous Tammy allegedly said:

    I need to quite my job so I am not at the bottom all the time. Great giveaway and your fabric is darling

  90. The fabulous Nancy B allegedly said:

    Thanks for the give-away. The book sounds like fun!

  91. The fabulous Teresa allegedly said:

    The book looks great and thegiveaway, too.

  92. The fabulous Jody Herbert allegedly said:

    The book looks great and the fabric is fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. The fabulous Mystica allegedly said:

    Thank you for sharing and also for the links!

  94. The fabulous patricia allegedly said:

    Amen to wearing more modern patchwork! Also, I am drooling at the thought of getting a charm pack of Happy Mochi Yum Yum.

  95. The fabulous Kathryn allegedly said:

    The book looks great! Thanks for a chance to win!

  96. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    I have really enjoyed the tour.
    Such a fun book.
    I love your new fabric line. So cute and colorful.

  97. The fabulous QBee - Mary Ann allegedly said:

    The book and the charms together!?! Double yummy!!

  98. The fabulous linda crosby allegedly said:

    One of our quild members did a class on seminole which was wonderful and I would love to win this book and charms. thank you for the chance.

  99. The fabulous Deb allegedly said:

    Thanks for the chance…what a fab giveaway…the book looks amazing, and who doesn’t love charms (I have a slight obsession with them)!

  100. The fabulous Robyn of Coffee & Cotton allegedly said:

    OoOoOooo that book is filled with wonderful ideas! Love the wallet.
    Oh I hope I will be randomly randomized :)

  101. The fabulous Jen in NY allegedly said:

    ROFL at Shannon’s comment! :-) Anyway PLEASE pick me, I’d love to win this book and your charm pack! Both are fabulous!!

  102. The fabulous Miss Genevieve allegedly said:

    Hi Monica! I am a long time reader of your blog and love love love! your fabric lines! I had gotten the day-to-day sewing calender and I forgot to change my days and looked to see your pattern! I had no idea you did a piece in the calender! Keep up your wonderful work!

  103. The fabulous Kelly allegedly said:

    What a prize pack! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Visiting your blog and checking our your pictures are always a treat, so a giveaway is a super bonus!

  104. The fabulous janine b allegedly said:

    i’m in it for the fabric!!
    … and the book would be nice too!!!

  105. The fabulous Liz Boswell allegedly said:

    love, love, love seminole patchwork. and your right, its a whole lot easier that most think! would love to win the book and charm pack! (mauh) Liz

  106. The fabulous Lee allegedly said:

    Thanks for the review and great giveaway.

  107. The fabulous Chris allegedly said:

    I love the look of this book! thanks for the giveaway too!

  108. The fabulous delia allegedly said:

    the book looks great, and your fabric is adorable!

  109. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    The book looks like it has several projects I’d like to try and OMG I am in love with your new fabric line! Great giveaway!!

  110. The fabulous brandy allegedly said:

    i almost fell out of my chair when i saw those shoes and the cover of that book! love love love!

  111. The fabulous Nurseli allegedly said:

    Fabulous! I’ve never heard of that type of patchwork, but anything that makes it go faster is cool with me!

  112. The fabulous Julia allegedly said:

    I love the wallet and slippers! The whole process is one of those “why didn’t I think of that!?” type of things.

  113. The fabulous Whitney allegedly said:

    Oooo! What fun! Thanks for all the inspiration and a fun giveaway!

  114. The fabulous Marcia W. allegedly said:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve wanted to do Seminole patchwork for a long while, yet had no recent book. Please put my name in for the drawing of Erin’s new book. Also, it is awesome that could win some of your new fabric charms!

  115. The fabulous Heirlooms by Ashton House allegedly said:

    So many fun projects! Would love to try them all.

  116. The fabulous Rhonda allegedly said:

    I love those shoes. I wonder if they are difficult to make? Worth it, regardless. Thank you for sharing, somehow I missed the whole blog hop and landed on yours first.

  117. The fabulous Marlene allegedly said:

    The pictures gave me an ah -ha moment about patchwork. I would love to win the book. This is my first day. Pat Sloan’s blog made it a click away.

  118. The fabulous Shirley in Canada allegedly said:

    What an amazing wallet! Would love this book!

  119. The fabulous Linda P. allegedly said:

    I adore the Seminole patchwork. We had lived in Florida and have an authentic seminole jacket. Of course they don’t line things, so I took it apart so it would look finished inside - I love my apron also. Such pretty work!!! Love your happy fabbies too!

  120. The fabulous Beth from Michigan allegedly said:

    The book and fabric look wonderful!

  121. The fabulous Cathy allegedly said:

    It would be a happy day if I won this superlative patchy craftwork book!

  122. The fabulous hueisei allegedly said:

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    Lovely book!!!!
    I would like to have that for myself…
    I hope I am the lucky one..^^

  123. The fabulous craftytammie allegedly said:

    what a fab giveaway - those slippers are great, and i love the new fabric line! thanks for the chance!

  124. The fabulous Dell allegedly said:

    Wonderful book, love your fabric. Thanks.

  125. The fabulous Carol allegedly said:

    I’d love both the book and the charm pack!

  126. The fabulous Monkey Butt aka Chelsea allegedly said:

    The book looks great, and your fabric? Well, yum yum really sums it up! I can’t believe we have to wait so long to get our hands on some!

  127. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:

    Fab–I would love to win this book—pretty things…

  128. The fabulous Grace~katmom allegedly said:

    OMG! Monica…you & I have the same middle name… “IWANNA”.. lol!

  129. The fabulous Kathy allegedly said:

    Looking for summer projects….love it!

  130. The fabulous Sivje allegedly said:

    Oh this book looks FUN!! And you know I love your fabrics too!
    Thank you for the chance Monica!

  131. The fabulous Mary C in WA allegedly said:

    I’m chiming in to win the book and Charm pack.. I have the perfect project ot make with it! Thanks for the fun BLOG!

  132. The fabulous Valerie Boudier allegedly said:

    Would love to win a copy - looks intriguing

  133. The fabulous ~Kathleen allegedly said:

    Great book with wonderful ideas and inspiration. Such fun projects! Thanks for the giveaway.

  134. The fabulous Sheri allegedly said:

    Hmmmm…I might have to sew clothing again instead of quilting for awhile!

  135. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    Have you considered reporting as a side job. (As if you have the time…) You asked such great questions. Can’t wait to see the book.
    Plus, I just love your fabric line.

  136. The fabulous Sandie allegedly said:

    Love the ideas I see! And who wouldn’t want the charm pack?!

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