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To market, to market

May 6th, 2011

I’m getting ready for Quilt Market - and I’m so excited about going. Not just because my second line of fabric is debuting (more on that in my next post)… and not just because I get to see all that is new and wonderful in the quilting and fabric world… or that I get to see a bunch of friends (and meet new ones)… I’m so exited because I’ve always always wanted to go to Salt Lake City.  And it’s not just because I’ve had a crush on Donny Osmond since I was 10 and have fantasized about running into him there.   I’m not LDS, but the temple has been on my I-want-to-visit-list since I was a kid, too.  Maybe because I thought it was a castle, and for sure my Prince Donny was in there waiting for me.
I love you too, Donny

Every Quilt Market Pam hosts an imaginary radio show on her blog.  Like a farm report - but without the farms.  And no reports - more like links.  People going to market and making blog posts about market can leave their permalinks to their posts - and people not going can easily find the posts that talks about market.
KPKM button I made for Pam
KPKM button I made for PamThere have been so many Quilt Markets I’ve attended in my jammies from home via Pam’s KPKM Quilt Market reports. I look so forward to the post whether I’m attending or not. BUT… I’m secretly hoping people will also write market posts who are from SLC and have tips and ideas of things to see and do in SLC:  Shops, restaurants, places Donny can be found, points of interest. Hopefully people will sport the KPKM button I made and lead me to Donny lead us to all the great stuff SLC has to offer!  And of course market reports, too.

Pam’s got a big huge secret she recently revealed. I told Pam when I finally got to blab, that I would shout my happiness and excitement from the rooftops.  I am now atop my roof!  I’ve been waiting for this day forever and am so thrilled and happy! Pam has a gift with fabrics and I’ve been calling her the fabric whisperer since the moment I met her, and have been wanting a line of PKM to have for myself.  And now Pam has partnered with Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Drygoods… it’s finally happening!  Oh happy day!!!!    I love 30’s repos, I love modern fabric, I love cute, I love bright… and now thanks to Pam and Holly… they’ve created a fabric love child for me!
So Sweet!
Image used with permission. SOURCE: Pam’s flickr

I think I just lost my voice from shouting, but I’m so happy to say out loud… CONGRATULATIONS PAM!!!

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44 Responses

  1. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    You loved Donny too! If I see him first, I am not sure I will share him… Looking forward to SLC myself, never been and am looking forward to seeing the sites. Oh and you and Pam too, of course. Loving what I am seeing of her line too… super excited!

  2. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Oh I am just so jealous, market, SLC and Donny too! Can’t wait for all the market reports and to see all the new finery everyone has created.

  3. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    I am LDS, never been to Salt Lake City but I can tell you to definitely go to Temple Square. My son went when he was 12 with friends of ours and he said is was, and I quote, “The BEST place ever!” It is also on my list of places I must visit.
    Isn’t Pam’s (and Holly’s) fabric fabulous? I loved it the minute I saw it. I hope that we get it at the shop where I work, along with yours. You girls are so super-duper talented. :)
    Have a great time at market!

  4. The fabulous Natalia allegedly said:

    What day are you coming?!?!?! Donny is doing a book signing tomorrow in SLC! :)

  5. The fabulous WendyMT allegedly said:

    I love the “fabric love child” … LOL … that is so fun! I snagged a copy of Pam’s radio button for my blog so I could try and keep up with all you marketers. Thank you. Have fun and fingers crossed for you running into your Prince Donny! :)

  6. The fabulous Krista - Poppyprint allegedly said:

    Fabric love child, indeed!!! Wow!
    Have the bestest time in SLC. Wish I was going, but I’ll have to console myself with a 5 day retreat at my pal’s lake house where we’ll be featherweighting ourselves into wine-induced comas of quilting overload. Bliss!

    p.s. you can have Donny. But don’t even think of getting your yammy hands on my Shaun (Cassidy).

  7. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    GET OFF THAT ROOF!!! Don’t you know it’s not safe!!! I love that you’re shouting! I love my wonderful KPKM radio,and I love you! Thanks for shouting about my fabric. xoxo

  8. The fabulous Brittany allegedly said:

    Hey Monica,
    If you have time and have a car you should go to Ruth’s Diner. It is about 30mins out of the heart of the city up Emigration Canyon. It is an interesting place that has been there for 50ish years. Anyone will be able to point you to the canyon and then just head up … it will be on your right. Have fun at quilt market, I wish I could go with you. :-)

  9. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    I seriously have the song “Puppy Love” in my head now :) Donny or no Donny - you will be sure to have a swell time in SLC! So eager about Pam & Holly’s fabric - anything 30’s repro is bliss :)

  10. The fabulous Melody allegedly said:

    Have fun! The LDS temple is really beautiful although its been years since I’ve been. I was in my 20s and remember beer being hard to come by though….

    Course thats been 100 years ago

  11. The fabulous Cherri House allegedly said:

    I too loved Donny Osmond, and I dearly wanted to marry him. I will miss not seeing you in SLC :-( but two, TWO of my daughters will be there. One is Lizzy - who you dearly love already, but the other is Ashlee, who you will come to love so MUCH; and she will love you! Be and sure and ask Ashlee where to eat & what to see, she’s lived there for years.

    Yay for your new fabric line, can’t wait to get some; and yay for our PKM ♥♥♥

  12. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    Donny was my first crush too. I had forgotten that until now. Now I too can not get that high pitched man child voice out of my head of Puppy Love.

  13. The fabulous DianeY allegedly said:

    I guess I’m a little too old to have had the Donny crush! But after seeing him on Dancing with the Stars I have one now! Hope you find him!
    Have fun & take lots of pictures for us!

  14. The fabulous Karen a/k/a/ TheLazyQuilter allegedly said:

    OMG - Donny! His stripped down remake of Puppy Love makes me swoon! lol

    Forget about the LDS castle - where is the Donny shrine? ;)

    Have a blast and can’t wait to see your photojournal.

  15. The fabulous Scott allegedly said:

    Forget Donny and his purple socks. Marie was the cute one, I had such a crush on here when I was in Jr High..I am actually REALLY hoping she is there at Market, since she does have fabric lines!! but I will have to look “cool” and all and not “gush”….sigh…

  16. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    I lived in the SLC area when I was in preschool and still remember a class trip to the studio where they filmed the Osmond show. My memory is hazy (I was only 3 or 4 years old) so I do not remember if I met Donny, but I remember seeing his dressing room door (I think with a purple star?). And for some reason I remember an ice skating rink - indoors! I thought that was so cool! Can that be right? Was there ice skating on that show? Anyhoo, thanks for bringing back that questionably-accurate memory of good times.

    On a couple visits in the last 20 years I have had fun shopping at Trolley Square, and eating at the Spaghetti Factory. I look forward to hearing about your (mis)adventures.

  17. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Woo Hoo I hear you all the way done here! I am already making room for both of your fabrics. I am thinking shrine. HA. Hey. Why not? And thanks for the super cute radio button! It’s loud and proud on my little ol blog!

  18. The fabulous Kelly allegedly said:

    SLC is a beautiful city! my husband (who’s air force) had to go to out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere, utah for 5 weeks a few years ago. i visited him for a week, and really fell in love with the city. lots of really great restaurants, and it’s just so beautiful. have fun!

  19. The fabulous Cheri C allegedly said:

    Now I understand why Nadine from Material Girls (South Jordan, UT) LOVES your lines so much. She has the biggest crush on Donny O. Maybe during your visit to SLC, you and Nadine can go and stalk him some where. Have a fun trip!!

  20. The fabulous Anne - Tesla's Mom allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness, I am so excited for you! This is the first quilt market that I will be paying attention to, and I am finding the build up intoxicating! I imagine you’ll be walking down the aisles while people shout from the side lines, “Look there’s Monica! She’s the Happy Zombie! Isn’t she yum yum? Wow she would look good with Donny.” In honor of quilt market and you I am finally going to do my Santa Gnomes! It’s a bit late or a bit early, but really it’s just the right time! Have fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  21. The fabulous kelly allegedly said:

    i am so sick with jealousy… everyone is headed to market!

    i’m not LDS either, but the temple is pretty visually spectacular. i think donnie is still there waiting for you. go get him!

  22. The fabulous Jewel allegedly said:

    Yay! Maybe I will get to meet you :)

  23. The fabulous Laura K allegedly said:

    Oh have fun in Salt Lake! We lived there for a year and I am dying to get back. I love it there, but my DH got a job back in California so we are stuck out here again until he can find something back in Utah. If you have access to a car and like ice cream I really recommend Emmet and Ethel’s on Main Street in Lehi. They have the best shakes and they are huge! Two people can share one and they both get plenty! Just beware every city has it’s own Main street so make sure you end up in Lehi! It is about 30 miles south of the city.

  24. The fabulous Allison allegedly said:

    OOh that temple is really pretty…not just saying that cause I am LDS either..its a site to see. And I did have the lucky chance to meet Donny while I worked for his nephew…I haven’t washed my “donny” hand since. (just kidding that’d be gross) see you at market!

  25. The fabulous Sabine allegedly said:

    Liebe Monica,
    although I don´t know who Donny is, I smiled while reading your post! I have to “search” him in the www, hehehehe…
    I wish you a wonderful trip and a lovely time. Can´t wait to see your new fabrics.
    Ein schönes Wochenende und ganz liebe Grüße
    Sabine xxx

  26. The fabulous Katy allegedly said:

    oh me too - Pam’s fabric is going to blow my mind. It’s freaking unreal! (and reminds me of English stuff - it looks like the 1940’s with tea dresses and twin set cardigans and lashing of ginger beer (yes, I live in an Enid Blyton book in my head)

    I may have to hug her at market. Just for being so clever. You’re getting hugs anyway. Obviously. I may just limpet myself to your side like one of those clippy toys.

  27. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Oh Monica - I’m SO HAPPY for you! I was hoping you were going to Quilt Mart too. I really hope you have a wonderful time this year - please stay well. You must be twitching with excitement to debut your new fabrics?!?!? Can’t wait to buy it!!

    I can just see you standing on your roof in your jammies announcing Pam’s good news - you’re such a good friend to her!

    Hope you meet lots of friends, make lots of new ones, see lots of pretty fabrics and eat at many new yummy places. Above all, hope your wish to meet Donny comes true!

  28. The fabulous Mary Anne Drury allegedly said:

    I’m sure if you stand in front of the Temple in that pointy hat and say “Donny Donny where fore art thou Donny?” he’ll come a runnin’ !!!!(or if not him, maybe somebody with a butterfly net …..)
    ANYWAY …. have a GREAT time at Quilt Market !!!
    P.S. YAHOO for Pam and her CUTE fabric !!!!!!!!!!(and can’t wait to see you new stuff too!)

  29. The fabulous Sherri allegedly said:

    So I guess I’m not the only one who thought she was destined to marry Donny! My mom and I went to see the Osmonds at the Hilton in Las Vegas for my birthday when I was a “tween” (although that word didn’t exist then)! Anyway…I’m excited for market…I am pretty familiar w/the downtown area…it’s really a nice downtown, and Temple Square is absolutely beautiful…but Market itself will be all new to me! Can’t wait!

  30. The fabulous mean sarah jean allegedly said:

    i have lived in Salt Lake my whole life, and never once have I seen Donny. not even when he played in the broadway show of “Joseph”. I would be happy to show you around, if you don’t mind me totting two little monsters. I am excited to meet you at market!

  31. The fabulous Jayne LaFleur allegedly said:

    Go to the Conference Center. It is across the street from the Temple. It is a really cool building, but the gardens on the roof are to die for. The east side is a mountain garden and the west side is a desert garden. Have a wonderful time at market. Jayne

  32. The fabulous Jill C allegedly said:

    Hey Lady, have a BLAST at market!!! I’m so jealous, I will be living vicariously thru KPKM, I’m so excited for you! I may hold you or someone else hostage after market to get some of your sample spree goodies - don’t underestimate me, I can power clean 118 lbs…. Most of all - Enjoy Yourself!! :)

  33. The fabulous Sandy McClay allegedly said:

    Are you kidding me??????? With my love of all childrens vintage greeting cards, and the 1930’s and 40’s I am in Nirvana! I would love to just print this out and hang it on the wall!!!!! Can’t wait to see this line!!!!!

  34. The fabulous Nadine Woodraska allegedly said:

    Okay, Monica I heart you!! I looooove Donny! I so thought I was going to marry him too!! Love Pam’s new line and I can’t wait for this week to start.
    See you in SLC!!

  35. The fabulous Eileen allegedly said:

    If you have some time, take the commuter train up to Ogden and check out 25th street. Do you like the Beatles? The City Club on 25th is decked out in Beatles memorabilia and has good food too! 25th street is a great example of old downtown mainstreet restoration. The frontrunner will get you from SLC central station to Ogden in 45 mins then just walk up 25th about a block and a half!!

  36. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    Oh gosh!! Zombie fabric AND PKM fabric?!?! Amazing!!! I know you’re going to have enough fun for all of us in blog land at market! Don’t get sick this time you hear? After all, you wouldn’t want to pass mono on to your boyfriend Donny. xoxoxomf

  37. The fabulous Erin allegedly said:

    Oh, I have a feeling that Salt Lake City is going to LOVE you, Monica! Can’t wait to meet ya! :]

  38. The fabulous Bridgette allegedly said:

    Oh Zombie, the temple grounds are gorgeous! And right around the corner on the east side is The Lion House Pantry. If you get a chance, eat there, great home cooked food, thier rolls with hoey butter…. :)
    Let’s see, The Red Iguana has great mexican food, go to Carluccis Bakery, and Elizabeths for tea!
    All the good shopping is down my way at Fashion Place mall, just give me a call, I’ll pick you up for the tour :)
    You’re gonna love Salt Lake!

  39. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    I KNOW everybody is telling you where to EAT but I gotta place TOO! Go to Lamb’s in downtown SLC…fun AND fabulous…oh and the poster that clued you into Ruth’s in Emigration Canyon? GO GO GO…SLC is gorgeous and Temple Square is spectacular. DO drive around downtown at night! AND get yourself a MAP and see how all the streets are laid out and numbered. I am GREEN with envy! Have a wonderful time!!!

  40. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    Can’t wait to see you! Hope to bump into you at school house.

  41. The fabulous amy smart allegedly said:

    Monica-Welcome to SLC, my hometown! I’m such a fan and so excited to see you and your new collection in real life.

    I echo the plugs for Ruth’s Diner up Emigration Canyon or Lamb’s Cafe downtown -they are classics. Temple Square is beautiful this time of year and the rolls at the Lion House are to die for. The Olympic Fountain at the Gateway (shopping center not far from the convention center) brings some nice warm fuzzys when they play the 2002 Olympic theme song - or, if you do go up to Emigration Canyon and you like Olympics nostalgia, stop by the Olympic cauldron and museum at the Stadium at the Univ of Utah.

    Have fun!

  42. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    I LOVE the temple/princess/Donny graphic. You are way too clever. I hope you’re having a fabulous time at Market.

  43. The fabulous dorothy allegedly said:

    sigh… a blog post about donny and fabric–two of my favorite topics! good luck on finding him–extra hugs and kisses from all his fans out here in blogland :-) and have a great time–very jealous but very happy for you too!

  44. The fabulous brigette allegedly said:

    perhaps marie will hook you up with donny in slc…. you could always get friendly with her over the years at market and then have a go at it - you never know! are you getting so many blog comments you aren’t reading us anymore? i always wonder when that happens….
    so excited for you and your new fabric, i know it’s exhausting.. but hope you have a great time in Salt Lake.
    :waves madly

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