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Lost & Profound

April 19th, 2011

One night at our guild meeting, Elizabeth generously shared some beautiful scraps from one of her projects.   I dove into the delicious pile of Echino and picked out a treasure trove of little lovelies.  Pet.  Fondle.  Pet.  The next day when when I went to re-pet my bounty of riches… I couldn’t find them.  PANIC.  I must have lost them at guild.  I even checked all the nooks and crannies in my car (well hello there, french fries).  Tears.  Tears.  Tears.  They weren’t just any scraps… they were Elizabeth’s scraps!

A few days later I was sewing with my girlfriends, and I mentioned if anyone had seen some rogue Echino scraps that I had somehow lost at guild.  Because I’m surround by the best friends ever, everyone volunteered to share some of their “E-scraps” with me.  I said no thank you, but man… I was so touched.
A few days after the sewing day, I get a package from my friend Jen.  Holy schmokes - Jen had sent me her treasured Echino booty, along with a sweet, sweet note.  I was soooo touched.  What was once lost is now found - ten fold.  When fabric is infused with the kindness and generosity of friends like Elizabeth and Jen… all the more beautiful fabric becomes.  Pieces of friendship. Joined.  Loved.  Cherished.
No pattern.  No plan.  Just pure enjoyment of the process of piecing the fabric.  Trimming the fabric.  Arranging the fabric by size and color. Plus I love the slicing sound my rotary cutter makes when it’s kissing the ruler as I trim.
I had to add some additional fabrics, and I do believe those scraps came from Mo, Violet and Irene - my little quilt just gets better and better!
I had a profound moment that no matter what my finished guilt looks like, no matter what fabric, colors or techniques I used… it’s all about what you love, who you love, what you love doing, what or who you’re making it for and what makes you happy.  And THAT is what makes a beautiful quilt. And when life gives you scraps… make scrapanade.

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64 Responses

  1. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Ahhhhhh, such a sweet post. My sewing room is full of projects and gifts from my dearest friends. Somehow I never thought of photographing them and sharing. even though i don’t blog i can put them Flickr, thanks for the push.

  2. The fabulous Gerry allegedly said:

    Really nice post, really shows what kind of generosity abounds between quilters.

  3. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    This post took a gloomy, rainy miserable day in NE Ohio and turned it into pure sunshine. Quilters rock, and so does your quilt!
    PS. I love that sound too!

  4. The fabulous Miss Genevieve allegedly said:

    This post made me smile! Having been around quilters since I was a little girl, I have witnessed pure friendship and generosity.

    I am proud to be a quilter and will never let go of this wonderful art!

  5. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    I agree 100% !! What you love doing, and who you love…..that indeed makes a beautiful cherished quilt!

  6. The fabulous LauraJ allegedly said:

    Having only been part of this quilting online community for 4 years or so and swapping for that amount of time you can bet my most treasured fabrics are the ones either gifted, sent to me or even ones I’ve won!
    You’ve got a great start on that quilt! Lovely!

  7. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    What a great post! Quilters are the best- so generous. Your quilt looks super cute!

  8. The fabulous Bridgette allegedly said:

    Oh man, good friends are what makes life worth getting up for :)

  9. The fabulous Sivje allegedly said:

    Oh that quilt is beautiful! And I love that it is made up of love from your friends. Even MORE beautiful! A truly happy quilt.

  10. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    What would we do but for the kindness of our friends? Your quilt is even more beautiful knowing it is filled with such love. :)

  11. The fabulous Ricki allegedly said:

    Quilters truly are some of the most generous people ever! I love the “go with the flow” piecing…it looks great!

  12. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    You have good friends! I love the scrappy quilty goodness :)

  13. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    Yay! So happy for you! I completely agree at how bummed you would be…but it’s so nice to know that quilting buddies are bosom buddies!

  14. The fabulous Ursula allegedly said:

    awww…that’s so sweet. Quilters make the bestest friends.

  15. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    Sweet!! xo

  16. The fabulous Bailey allegedly said:

    I’m sharing that last paragraph with my quilt group - most of us are pretty new to quilting and it’s a fabulous quote for new or seasoned quilters alike! Your quilt is lovely, what wonderful friends.

  17. The fabulous Di allegedly said:

    Beautiful post and lovely fabric. Quilting friends are so special. So glad you have a group of friends like that. The quilt looks great.

  18. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    A perfect post SW1! You’re so lucky to be surrounded by so many friends — it takes one to make one!!! You da bomb!

  19. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    Yea you said it all….I love the quilt of friend love

  20. The fabulous Debbie St. Germain allegedly said:

    I love working with scraps, sometimes my unplanned quilts are my favorites.


  21. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Quilters are the most generous people in the world and your quilting friends are the best! That quilt is so cute and filled with love - it will be a very special memory quilt for you for sure!

    It’s kind of a Pinterest of fabric, isn’t it?

  22. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    Ah, yes. You’re so right. That is what quilting is all about.

  23. The fabulous Kasi allegedly said:

    OMG, M! New project title…heck, Make a series of them and compile a book: Scrapanade! When life gives you scraps…

    OH. MY. GAAAAAAAAAAAWD! I wish I were a publishing agent. I’d be ALL OVER YOU like sugar on a lemon slice!!!

  24. The fabulous Laurie allegedly said:

    That is a wonderful story! You have great friends!!!

  25. The fabulous Leslie Schmidt allegedly said:

    Love the quilt and love the story more. It brought a smile to my face, almost as if they were my friends, too.

  26. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    I super ?? you. You show me the world is a beautiful loving place. xo

  27. The fabulous Sabine allegedly said:

    What a lovely post!!!
    Liebe Monica,
    du hast wirklich liebe Freundinnen!
    And I smiled while reading it.
    Have a wonderful day!

  28. The fabulous Deidra allegedly said:

    What great friends!!! Your quilt looks great. Love it.

  29. The fabulous kate spain allegedly said:

    aaa! i just want to give you a big giant huganade sandwich!! what a great reminder. great post. do what you love and keep doing it for no other reason than that. i’ve melted into a monica love puddle!! xo

  30. The fabulous elsa allegedly said:

    Ah, the kindness and generosity of friends ~

  31. The fabulous randi allegedly said:

    scrapanade–i love it! what a concept for life!

    love this quilt. it’s so graphic and fun!

  32. The fabulous Amanda Jean allegedly said:


  33. The fabulous Sherri allegedly said:

    Love this post title…and everything you write about…so true!

  34. The fabulous Debbie allegedly said:

    A perfect post - thanks!

  35. The fabulous Pat in Washington allegedly said:

    I love random quilts. Just disengage the brain a bit and sew, sew, sew. You are a very entertaining writer (and quilter!).

  36. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    You get what you give. You are one of the most fun and generous chickees I know. It’s why everyone loves you…you give lots of love, and we all give it back. Simple. :) I LOVE your quilt. It’s beautiful..just like all the LOVE in it. :)

  37. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    I love this quilt! A beautiful quilt resulting from beautiful friendships. Can’t get any better than that! xoxo

  38. The fabulous Carrie allegedly said:

    that is so gorgeous!!! and so extra special because you got the pieces from your friends and it means a lot to you :) that’ll be with you forever and ever. love it!

  39. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Monica…I have hunted for an email address for you today to no avail. please email me, I have a question to ask you regarding one of your patterns. Thank you!


  40. The fabulous Magoo allegedly said:

    too awesome!! great layout and what a great lesson :) that should be a little quilty childrens book or something :)

  41. The fabulous Pétra (Creative Mom) allegedly said:

    Love the quilt and what a beautiful story! I hope to see it tomorrow : )

  42. The fabulous Susanne allegedly said:

    Isn’t playing fun? My mom has teased me for years- “You fiddle with things too much.” I make very detailed cookies and desserts. I start sewing projects with no end in mind. My little boy does the same- we have to scoot projects across the dinner table to have room to eat!

  43. The fabulous Cathy A allegedly said:

    My son saw your blog up and asked, “is it about zombies or happiness?” I think your post answers the question quite nicely!

  44. The fabulous Gail allegedly said:

    This is such a sweet quilt.. it makes it extra sweet that it is stitched with so much love from/for friends!

  45. The fabulous Renee allegedly said:

    Eeeeeep! Very cute!

  46. The fabulous Eileen allegedly said:

    I only just met you, and already you are on my favorites BAR! I don’t even sew, yet. I signed up for a beginning sewing class and came looking for inspiration. Thanks for being there for me!

  47. The fabulous Denise allegedly said:

    Thanks for the inside glimpse of you and the guild. It spoke highly of who you truly are.

  48. The fabulous Emma Thomsen allegedly said:

    What a great story, thanks for that. The colours are simply fabulous and your work sets them off beautifully! Will you be serving your Scrapanade with Scraparita (with salt on the rim of your glass of course)?

  49. The fabulous Gigi Minor allegedly said:

    Wow! Wonderful friends + wonderful scraps = OBVIOUSLY A BEAUTIFUL QUILT! So gorgeous and one of a kind for sure …..weeeeeee!

  50. The fabulous SuzK allegedly said:

    What a perfect quilt - filled with fabric from friends - nothing better!

  51. The fabulous Jen Carlton Bailly allegedly said:

    I am so glad that you love them and used them. It makes me happy that you are so happy!
    Love ya!

  52. The fabulous Wrennette allegedly said:

    Dear Monica
    I hope you don’t mind my entering a question in this place….I couldn’t figure out where else to ‘email’ you. Feel free to remove this question if it doesn’t belong here. Question: I have been following your work for over two years and I have wanted to know for at least that long…did you make your lamp shade? It is off white with flowers, vines, a bird in different colors…in one of your pictures you have it on a small table next to your white chair with an ornage hassack in front..of the chair..in this particular photo your White Christmas tree is also in that spot in front of the livingroom window next to the chair and lampha ha did I give you way more information than you needed?? p.s. I live 20 minutes from Walnut Creek? Do you live there as well as Oregon?NO MORE QUESTION

      Hi Wrennette - I don’t mind you asking here in the least (my email is listed on the “about me” page - but I’m guilty for keeping it kinda hidden), plus you asked me questions I get asked a lot - so I like answering them “out loud” in case anyone else is wondering the same thing(s). I got the lampshades at IKEA, though I’ve had them for a couple of years and I don’t know if IKEA even still carries them. I’m from Walnut Creek, and even though I live in Oregon (and love it)… WC is still “home” for me because that is where I’m from and where all my family is. - Monica

  53. The fabulous Violet Craft allegedly said:

    That little quilt is so beautiful! And if it needs to grow, I know a little stash that would love to call it home. Love you, friend!

  54. The fabulous kerri allegedly said:

    I love it! I love the bright colors! It looks like a party! :)

  55. The fabulous Krista - Poppyprint allegedly said:

    Hi Monica - just wanted to pop by and say thanks for your kind comment on my recent post…I couldn’t reply b/c you’re a ‘no-reply’ blogger, but thought I’d let you know right here. BTW, sweet quilt in this post!

  56. The fabulous sandra allegedly said:

    it looks FABULOUS! what a fun way to use scraps because you know we all have a tonne hang’n around.
    at least i do ; )

  57. The fabulous Sherrill allegedly said:

    AW, that’s so sweet of your buds! And LOVE the quilt–HEY, I couldn’t find your email but I DID FINALLY see Lissa today and posted a couple of photos on my blog (one JUST for you!!). She’s so funny!!

  58. The fabulous Lynne @ lilysquilts allegedly said:

    Oooh you poor poor thing, I can’t believe you lost those precious scraps :-( This quilt you made from your friends’ scraps is so fabulously cool though - I love the colour and randomness of it - it would be a great template for an orphan block quilt. I can’t believe we weren’t contacts before on Flickr - good old Poppyprint, she always finds me nice new friends LOL.

  59. The fabulous Naomi G allegedly said:

    Lol! I love that - Make scrapanade! Such sweet friends you have.

  60. The fabulous carolbrowne allegedly said:

    I love this quilt! I need to try it! Beautiful…

  61. The fabulous Melissa allegedly said:

    Well said, sista!! ;)

  62. The fabulous Renee allegedly said:

    I LOVE this post… and that quilt! I really need to make some time for sewing.. My stash is pretty scraptastic!

  63. The fabulous Jelly Roll Fabric allegedly said:

    GASP! I love your quilt. That is an awesome use of scraps.
    Been reading through your blog - love all the pictures and the post about negativity on blogs on the net these days was right on. This seems to have been getting worse lately in MOST of the blogs I follow. I blame it on the economy!
    Thank goodness fabric is still cheap, right? Liz

  64. The fabulous Jelly Roll Fabric allegedly said:

    P.S. You crack me up!!

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