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Seeing Red (and white)

April 7th, 2011

Never ever have I wanted to go so badly to an exhibit more than I’ve wanted to go to the “Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts” exhibit (the Quilts of Gee’s Bend at the de Young came a super, super, super close second). I heart red & white quilts. There’s something so magical about something in only one color on white, and making solid fabric dance to where it takes on the life of a printed fabric.  Thank goodness there’s been a lot of media and blogging about the show and I could travel to the exhibit via Internetlandia Airlines.   Here are a few great starting points if you haven’t heard about it:

- The American Folk Art Museum’s Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts exhibit
- NY Times article about Joanna S. Rose, her quilts and the exhibit
- Martha Stewart’s visit and video
- Kate Spain’s beautiful blog post
- Cherri House’s wonderful surprise (ask her about The Video!)
- Pat Sloan’s exhibit visit and a motherload of links of other exhibit goers

I don’t have 651 red and white quilts like Joanna Rose has… but I love mine just the same.  And mine aren’t in some amazing exhibit in NYC - but I am in talks with dear hubbs and negotiating some ceiling hanging quilt rods.

My beloved Roly Poly Circus quilt.  I loved making it, I love how it looks, and I love the story behind the woman (Ruby Short McKim) who designed the drawings.
Roly Poly Circus

My embroidery and hand quilting - this took me months to do, and I loved every second of every stitch.Roly Poly Circus

A blown up version I did of Wee Wonderful’s Elf Stitchette. I hung it up one Christmas - and I’ve yet to take it down.
Elf Stitchette

One year we got invited to be guests on a cruise up the Columbia River on the US Coast Guard Cutter Steadfest to Rose Festival in Portland. Not only did I commemorate the trip with making an embroidery… I stitched it while on board.  Take that search & rescue.  I didn’t make it in solids, but it’s still red & white.
Rose Festival 2003 in Redwork

My schoolhouse quilt. One of my favorite quilts. Another quilt I hung up one Christmas and never took down. At least I’ve taken my Christmas lights down.
My dining/living room

A peek inside my hutch - I love seeing people’s goodies, so here’s mine (love my zombie gum from Joan!). My other love besides red & white is salt & pepper. Black, gray, white… from one end of the value to the other.
My dining/living room - goodies in my hutch

Because I can’t make a post without going off topic… my horrid panel wall that we inherited from the original owner of our house. As soon as it warms up, it’s getting painted. I’m still trying to decide what gray. Who knew there would be so many to choose from!  And to make matters worse - these pins make it all harder to choose from!
My dining/living room - paint color auditions

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38 Responses

  1. The fabulous Di allegedly said:

    I wanted to desperately go to that exhibition as well. It was on for such a short time and yet it looked stunning. I’m travelling to the USA including NY in May so at first I got excited, thinking it would still be on…sadly no. Red and white quilts are the best!

  2. The fabulous WendyMT allegedly said:

    Gorgeous pins … good luck with painting the paneling :) That’ll be hard. But knowing you through your blog, I bet it’ll be fun! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    I too have been so wanting to hop a jet plane and see the show. But have the book to look forward too and just maybe the traveling show will head my way!

  4. The fabulous Natalia allegedly said:

    I wish I could have gone to that show too! I am so glad so may posted about it! :)

  5. The fabulous Molly allegedly said:

    Those grays look blue… Are you sure you don’t really need a pale aqua room to show off all the wonderful reds you have? The redwork is beautiful.

  6. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    I know I agree about the red and white, it is magical….I have to wrestle the quilt I made away from my almost 13yo that she will not release even though it is a crib quilt. I wanted to see that exhibit and the one on the Japanese fashion in NY I think it was/is….one day, one day I will travel!

  7. The fabulous Natalie VV allegedly said:

    Your quilts are gorgeous, and charming, and just obviously really great… but how did you manage to convince me that gray is gorgeous too? Your collection of gray images just knocked me over! You may be the most persuasive color inspire-er ever!

  8. The fabulous Natalie VV allegedly said:

    Okay… had to look at those pics again. I will grant you: the grays look good, but I think my house would look good in almost any color if I could get my rooms as clean as the ones in the pictures! lol

  9. The fabulous Shai allegedly said:

    I love this post! I agree with you about red and white. I will start on a quilt this summer! Your’s are gorgeous, thank you for sharing with us!
    And your Coast Guard Cutter is WONDERFUL! My husband’s best friend is in the Coast Guard. I’ll be sure to share this post with his wife. Is that all your drawing? I’m jealous!

  10. The fabulous Shai allegedly said:

    One last thing, (always forgetting something in posts and emails!) Pat Sloan was my introduction to the quilt world! Love her! :)

  11. The fabulous Terri- allegedly said:

    Monica I just went through that, in fact I had the same samples to :) Good taste :)

    Anyway I could never find a true gray.. Until I found the Paint and primer brand by Behr, they have a color called Burnished Clay. Go check it out it’s beautiful. I have it covering my studio now and it’s GORGEOUS!!

    Good luck :)

  12. The fabulous Jen Duncan allegedly said:

    I love your red and white quilts! Much more approachable than 651 quilts. ;-)

  13. The fabulous Stefanie allegedly said:

    Hi Monica!

    I am also a RED kind of a girl! Bold, you know, like us :0)

    I Hope all is well with you and as always….your stuff R-O-C-K-S!


  14. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Hi Monica - your red and white quilts are all beautiful! I love the embroidery, especially the circus and the elf stichettes, oh and the Rose Festival too!

    A nearby quilt shop featured red work kits several years ago and I got the one with flowers and birds. When I finished the embroidery and couldn’t figure our how to use them. Finally put them in the center of log cabin blocks and just need to finish quilting it after all these years. Once again - you’ve inspired me to work on another project!! Thank you!!

    P.S. Pat Sloan’s pictures of the red and white quilt show were absolutely gorgeous!

  15. The fabulous Debbie St. Germain allegedly said:

    Love your red work, beautiful peices.
    Those grays look blue to me, lol.


  16. The fabulous Bridgette allegedly said:

    What I would give to see that display! Red and white is my alltime fave, I have 1 of my own:)

  17. The fabulous Kate allegedly said:

    Love all your red and white embroidery! And you are too funny with your stuff you hung for Christmas and never took down… I can totally understand that, I didn’t take down our handmade decorations until late February or maybe march this year.

  18. The fabulous Leila allegedly said:

    I love red and white too. A drunkards path in red and white is on my “To Make” list. I just have to say that I kinda like the wood paneling.

  19. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    I was so taken with all of Rose’s quilts that I am setting out to make my own. I love all of yours. :) Especially the schoolhouse quilt. (No, I won’t be making one.) Also, I need to figure out a way to get that salt and white pepper kitchen into my house. Maybe if I close my eyes real tight…….

  20. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    I always love your quilt show. Now, I need new living room shots because your chair has been moved.And you have a new tv stand.

  21. The fabulous Kristen allegedly said:

    Read an white soo classic. I adore your Roly Poly quilt. I am really in love with that schoolhouse quilt too!! Thanks for the link candy!

    Ruby’s stuff is awesome!

  22. The fabulous Lori allegedly said:

    Growing up in Portland, I understand the beauty of grey.

    I think I like Sparkling Spring the best… though River Rock pulls me in. Although, currently renting, I’m lustful for any painting of a room, so my opinion may be skewed.
    I have to say, though, if you’re planning on painting directly onto the paneling, the texture of the wood may give you little itty bitty shadows and a dark color may appear darker than you expect.

    …i miss the smell of latex paint.

    And while I’m busy writing a comment instead of doing my dishes, I may as well talk about the red and white. BEAUTIFUL. Is the Rose Festival skyline from a pattern? I LOVE it. Love. Seriously.
    There’s something so crisp and clean about red and white. That’s how I feel about grey, white and yellow. Clean, but not sterile.

  23. The fabulous amandajean allegedly said:

    you have some lovely red and white quilts! I’d love to go to that show, as well.

  24. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Oh my little ZombieSW. I so feel your pain — I reeeeealllyy wanted to go to that show too. Rumor has it that there might be a traveling version, so maybe we’ll get lucky. Your R&Ws look wonderful!

  25. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    I love your “gifty shoppy” house. I miss being in it. I love all your stuff you hang up and never take down. I hope you get those ceiling quilt rods up very soon! :) loves!!!

  26. The fabulous Denise allegedly said:

    It was boo-hooing the fact that I was unable to go to the red and white quilt show and a very good friend sent me your blog…..Thank you for the links,it made my day! No I do not quilt but, I have a great appreciation for those that do. I’m particularly in love with the old and hand quilted…….such a work of love

  27. The fabulous Myra Harder allegedly said:

    Oh, THANK YOU for posting about the Red & White exhibit in NYC. It looked stunning! I wish that I was right there beside you, drooling on the floor. I have 2 red and white quilts in my collection, and they are very precious to me. And now, after getting a glimps of the display, I am thinking of adding a few more. It is just a shame that the display was only up for a week, it needs to be a permanent exhibit.

  28. The fabulous Emma Thomsen allegedly said:

    Wow Monica, I love your red and white work! I recently saw some ‘coloured sashiko’ (in particular red with a white background) in Cotton Time and remember thinking why had I not thought of that, rather than the traditional white on indigo. I love red and white too, it’s so fresh and crisp - really pleasing to the eye! Hope you are keeping well!

  29. The fabulous Lemon Tree Tami allegedly said:

    That Rose Festival quilt is still my favorite of your redwork quilts. It’s so pretty!

    Yes, I wish that I had been able to visit NYC to see the Red n White quilt show. The pictures are just staggering. Although I was lucky to see the Gee’s Bend exhibit at the de Young years ago. So I guess that it balances out. :-)

  30. The fabulous pat sloan allegedly said:

    your red and whites are amazing!!! the roly poly and houses and elves… and… well they are ALL my favs!!

    glad you like my ‘mother lode’.. it was great to find all the links… and some still coming in.

    ps… i still have snowmen and holly up… seriously bad taste on my part

  31. The fabulous Kasi allegedly said:

    The more you guys show me these red worked quilts the MORE I want to make one! I heart red/white quilts too! I heart you for making them! I heart the circus! I heart the inspiration I feel just reading this blog! I heart my babies! But, I don’t heart the time they take away from me living my red working dreams! sigh! I will live cybervicariously through you, my heart friend!!!!

  32. The fabulous Christina allegedly said:

    This is why we get along so famously! I LOVE red and white quilts! I too really wanted to see that exhibit. I am constantly designing quilts in red and white and have to make myself use other colors. :)

  33. The fabulous kerri allegedly said:

    I have always wanted to take that cruise! It must be magical to look at all the lights of the city from the water, especially during Rose Festival. The quilt is beautiful.

  34. The fabulous Naomi allegedly said:

    I love your Circus redwork quilt! That is something I don’t think I’d have the patience to do but looks beautiful! I too am loving gray lately. Lori thanks for the suggestions on colors, I’m loving River Rock!

  35. The fabulous Betsy allegedly said:

    I too love a two color quilt, especially reds and whites (or creams)! Have you seen the free App from the American Folk Art Museum that has all those spectacular red and white quilts? It is unprecedented IMHO in it’s beauty! You can zoom and scroll and move around the quilts just like you are there among them. Yum. [sigh]
    And isn’t it time yet for your fabrics to come out? I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!

  36. The fabulous Tracy allegedly said:

    I love Red and White quilts and I especially love your Schoolhouse Quilt, can I ask if it’s your pattern for the block?

      The block was in an an old book that belonged to a friend of mine, and wish I could remember the book’s name. If I think of the name I’ll let you know. - Monica

  37. The fabulous Brenda T allegedly said:

    I love the red and white quilts too, and that display would have been amazing to see in person. You inspired me to dig up my patterns from Ruby Short McKim and start a new project. I have the Rhymeland patterns that were printed in the Ft. Worth Star paper. I think around 1935. I think they are actual copies of the original newspaper patterns that were handed down to a friend by her mother. I’ve had them for ages and it just makes me want to get them out and finally do it!An amazing lady who blazed the trail to make quilting so much fun today. I will always be a traditional quilter at heart.

  38. The fabulous Alyssa allegedly said:

    Im in the same wood panel crazy. Like the colors you’re thinking about. I think the hubs and I are planning on something similar. Good luck!

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