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I’m having a caption-fart

March 15th, 2011

The other day when I was criss-crossing the aisles at my local Safeway, I kept seeing these cute old gals - and they never moved, not once. I couldn’t help but wonder if this is how I’ll be tweeting with my pals when we reach our golden years.

I was tempted to bring them each some coffee - but instead… I snuck a pic of them! I think this photo is worth a thousands captions… but I can’t think of a one.
Safeway hook-up.
Because right now we could all use a good laugh or two.

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51 Responses

  1. The fabulous ~Michelle~ allegedly said:

    Deadlock in the Safeway scooter chicken race!

  2. The fabulous Alexandra allegedly said:

    Maybe they were playing the least exciting game of chicken ever! haha Or maybe they ran out of batteries andthey’re discussing the best Ben and Jerry’s flavors while they wait for triple A! Who knows, but either way they’re adorable!

  3. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    We have to stop meeting this way!

  4. The fabulous Brittany allegedly said:

    Bumper Cars, the elderly league.

  5. The fabulous Deanne allegedly said:

    Chillin’ in the freezer aisle . . .

  6. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    Yo Mabel! Wassup Ethel? Hehehe good pic

  7. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    oh oh oh I clicked your page off and then started humming the rumble song in West side Story…..jets vs sharks the later years lol

  8. The fabulous patricia allegedly said:

    All I keep thinking about when I see that picture is Dr. Suess’ story, The Zax. Too funny!

  9. The fabulous Ila K. allegedly said:

    I was watching Larry the Cable Guy’s “Only in America” Demolition Derby segment when I pulled up your post. I lol’d.

  10. The fabulous Molly allegedly said:

    They’re so polite, not blocking the aisle, having to talk long distance over the expanse of their martcarts. Too adorable!

  11. The fabulous Jean Burke allegedly said:

    ‘This aisle just ain’t big enough for the two of us!’

  12. The fabulous Jean Burke allegedly said:

    Sorry - another one….

    ‘Do you have any eights?’ ‘Go fish’

  13. The fabulous Lori allegedly said:

    “How many aisles to the gallon do you get on that thing?”

  14. The fabulous Meri allegedly said:

    Freezer chicken, anyone?

  15. The fabulous wintu nancy allegedly said:

    I was here first…NO I was…NO NO I was…

  16. The fabulous Debbie St. Germain allegedly said:

    I can just picture two stubborn people who will not move, thinking they have the right of way. So, they are sitting there till one of them gives in;)


  17. The fabulous Jenny G. allegedly said:

    How about:
    “I told you, Eunice! If you want to play bumper cars, it has to be BEFORE I put the eggs in the basket!!!”

  18. The fabulous Traci allegedly said:

    “Mildred, get that piece of crap out of my way! I ‘m late for Ax Men!” But Mildred wasn’t budging.

  19. The fabulous Ruebarb allegedly said:

    Come on Mable, do you really think that cute stocker will look at you twice with those Depends in your cart?

  20. The fabulous Marjorie allegedly said:

    What’s that you say????

  21. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    So cute and funny.

  22. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Esther, driving the POS Safeway cart, was livid when she discovered Bessie Mae was cruising through the store behind the wheel of a late-model, top-of-the-line cart of her very own.

    Crash! “Oops, sorry Bessie Mae. Hope I didn’t dent your front end.”

  23. The fabulous louise allegedly said:

    i like how the one facing has a bit of a lean on!

  24. The fabulous Kim Walus allegedly said:

    That’s a great picture! It looks like a Stand Off at Safeway! Here’s how I see it playing out. . .

    Ethel says to Betty, “Betty. . . you go ahead and go!

    Betty being polite tells Ethell, “No No. . . you go first.”

    Ethel says, “No, it’s your turn to go!”

    Betty says, “No, I’m pretty sure it’s your turn to go first.”

    Ethel replies, “Well, we better decide who’s moving first or we could be stuck here all day.”

  25. The fabulous sewhappygeek allegedly said:

    Permanent Deadlock Looms As Both Wilma and Mabel Prevent Shoppers From Reaching the Elderflower popsicles.

  26. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Great picture Monica!

    I like Kim’s version of Ethel and Betty, but maybe they’re Mean Girls?

    Ethel: Get out of my way Betty - I saw the ravioli first!

    Betty: No Ethel - I saw it first!

    Ethel: Hurry up and move - the Senior Bus is coming!

    Betty: What?!? Can’t hear you! Zzzzz…

  27. The fabulous Kimmer allegedly said:

    Leggo my Eggo!!!!

  28. The fabulous mean sarah jean allegedly said:

    ha! they remind me of Dr. Suess’s zaxs, neither one was willing to move so the other could get by. :)

  29. The fabulous Susan allegedly said:

    “Stop! I can’t do this anymore. My wrists hurt from all this exercise.”

  30. The fabulous Karen a/k/a/ TheLazyQuilter allegedly said:

    “Goldangit Myrtle, all that standing up quilting on my LGII is causing my varicose veins to swell so bad, I have to ride in this dang Jazzy.”

    “Now Hazel - if you’d just set your machine even with the table you could quilt sitting down. I’m in here because of my acrobatic sex life. Yeehaw!”

    (Hazel parks there, stunned and embarassed, totally grossed out, but unable to tear herself away as Myrtle elaborates)


  31. The fabulous Karen a/k/a/ TheLazyQuilter allegedly said:

    PS - Can you see the package of Viva paper towels right above Myrtle’s head, just inching out to bop her one good on the noggin? Maybe she heard it crinkling and leaned out of the way!

  32. The fabulous Kristyne allegedly said:

    Hey, did you hear the one about the guy from Nantucket?

  33. The fabulous Ter'e allegedly said:

    Chillin……………..Florida Style!

  34. The fabulous julia allegedly said:

    lol…what a great shot.
    and yes, i think we all need some lighter moments…

  35. The fabulous jenny b harris allegedly said:

    Old dear #1 - “Do you know how to back up?”

    Old dear #2 - “No.”

    Old dear #1 - “Me neither.”

    Old dear #2 - “What?”

  36. The fabulous Liz Boswell allegedly said:

    OW1: Move, I have the right of way!
    OW2: no YOU move, I have the right of way!
    OW1: no dammit I have the right of way and Im not moving until you move!
    OW2: fine stay there, I have a fresh pair of Depends on and I can wait you out!

    (mauh) Liz

  37. The fabulous Jen Duncan allegedly said:

    “What the hell happened? We’re still mentally able to go get groceries but when did we stop walking?”
    Sorry to be a wet blanket, Mon. My dad ended up the same way. No medical reason for needing the scooter chair. Just after years of sitting on his ass and not walking around much, one day he found he really COULDN’T do it anymore. :-(
    Do not go gentle into that good night!

  38. The fabulous Polly allegedly said:

    GRIDLOCK!! :-)

  39. The fabulous quiltjane allegedly said:

    The crowd was silent as the geriatric duel began. No one could remember why the altercation started and someone had to wake up the participants.

  40. The fabulous Alison allegedly said:

    They looked well trollied ;-)

  41. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    I’m not moving first… you move!
    No… you move!
    No… you move!
    No… you move!
    No… you move!

  42. The fabulous Michelle B allegedly said:

    Did you ever read Dr. Seuss about the North Bound Zax and the South Bound Zax? That’s what popped in my mind LOL

  43. The fabulous Kristin J allegedly said:

    #1: sweet ride, whatcha got, 20’s on those shoes?
    #2: hells yah, how bout you, blowin’ a sweet 3/4 hp outta that bad-ass motor?
    #1: you know it, sister.
    #2: Like the red paint job.
    #1: Sponsored by Safeway, nice gig.
    #2: See you at the frozen foods tokyo drift competition?
    #1: You know it. Bringin’ the nitro. and the taquitos. got the cart. . . might as well.

  44. The fabulous Natalie Lymer allegedly said:

    omg, that is so funny. Can you really get gopher trolleys in Safeway? That’s it, we’re moving to the USA *wink*

  45. The fabulous Joy allegedly said:

    LOL.. so cute.

  46. The fabulous Pam Hunter allegedly said:

    OMGosh … did the lady in the red racer “peel a wheel” or “burn rubber”? I see tire marks!

    So funny …

  47. The fabulous Robyn of Coffee & Cotton allegedly said:

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeetch it’s not my fault yo man wants me! Look at ya with that scuzzy hat! Girl you need ta know how to work it like me!

  48. The fabulous Lesley allegedly said:

    So..is it weird to be in love with a Safeway store? No, that’s not my caption for the photo, but a profound statement from my heart. Astoria has a special place in the hearts of my husband and I (many vacations and honeymoon…coming up on 4 years and we’re not able to do our usual anniversary trip :() and I think this Safeway has the BEST view from the parking lot of any Safeway I have ever ever been too. I always think of the dark, stormy skies and a massive ship RIGHT THERE. *wimper* thanks for listening to my crazy rantings :)

  49. The fabulous Kari allegedly said:

    Frozen chicken: a recipe for disaster.

  50. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    Waiting for their air bags to deploy…

  51. The fabulous amylouwho allegedly said:

    are they in front of the frozen breakfast foods? If so,

    “Leggo my Eggo!”

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