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Just One Star

March 14th, 2011

Opportunities to serve my country comes in many ways, and last week I discovered that my friends Lissa Alexander, Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson and the good folks at Moda have started the Just One Star program.  An opertunity just perfect for quilters!  I’m a veteran and a quilter, so Just One Star touched me all the more deeply.  And because I love Polly, Laurie and Lissa so much… well that was gravy on top of gravy on top of a pot of gravy.  You can read all about Just One Star on Polly and Laurie’s blog here and here, and on Lissa’s blog here.

I am sooooooo crushing on Just One Star.  But like a potato chip, one is just impossible.
Just One Star
So I thought I’d make two… one in red and one in blue.
Just One Star
And it just snowballed from there.
Just One Star
I don’t even know how many I’m still working on at this point… but I’m loving every second of it.
Just One Star

I’m thinking of making the entire Minick and Simpson Flag of Valor quilt…

maybe two… and maybe one of them in a Happy Zombiesque red, white and aqua-blue twist (I figure I’m a veteran… I love red, white and aqua - surely I can’t be the only one), and then donating it to the Quilts of Valor Foundation.

For even MORE inspiration, visit Pam and Sherri - they’re Just One Star’n it too.  How ’bout you?!

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30 Responses

  1. The fabulous Susanne allegedly said:

    Thank you for telling us about this project. I’m off to dig in my stash for a pretty navy blue!

  2. The fabulous Carol allegedly said:

    I made my star for Just One Star a few days ago, adding the triangles on each side as the pattern directs to make the star on point. I notice yours don’t have that added. It was easy, fast and I am wondering about the soldier who will receive my star in their quilt. I may have to make a few more!

      I’m still working on them… though some of them are completely done (they’re shown below the ones I’m still working on). Yes, very easy and very fast! - Monica

  3. The fabulous Marsha B allegedly said:

    I discovered this project a couple of days ago. I just finished up 14 star blocks to put into the mail tomorrow. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt for a veteran but never quite had time for a whole quilt. This was perfect, I have lots of red, cream and blue scraps in my stash, so it was easy-peasy!

  4. The fabulous laurie allegedly said:

    Thank You! Thank You!!

    I think the red, white, and aqua would be grand.


  5. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    They look beautiful Monica! I saw this on Sherri’s blog & think it’s such a wonderful way to thank those who serve us! I plan on sending in a block :)

  6. The fabulous Sherri allegedly said:

    Must. Make. More! Yours are wonderful!!!

  7. The fabulous Sherrill allegedly said:

    Lissa was on our quilt cruise first part of Feb. & we were the ‘guinea pigs’ on this project. I did one on the cruise &, when I got home, presented it to my guild. I’ve made 3 more and several in my guild have done them. I’m the ‘collector & deliverer’ & will take them to Lissa. I’m excited to see how many are turned in tomorrow at guild. Will post a pix on my blog tomorrow night after guild.

  8. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    Very cool. I just had a conversation with my friend that I was feeling ‘patriotic’ this year in my crafting world for some odd reason. This would be a great way to kick it off! :)

  9. The fabulous manybooks (Linda) allegedly said:

    Yup - I’m in! Made 3, but haven’t mailed them yet thinking I might crank out a few more in the next few days. And, I didn’t know you are a veteran. A sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

  10. The fabulous Jen Eskridge allegedly said:

    What a wonderful project!

  11. The fabulous Denniele allegedly said:

    Very cool!

  12. The fabulous rachel griffith allegedly said:

    okay woah.
    i blogged about this earlier today.

    great minds think alike.
    we all love good gravy.

  13. The fabulous Jenny G. allegedly said:

    Hah, I just saw this on Rachel’s ^ blog, but I heard about it (on Flickr? somewhere else?) last week. I’d been wanting to do it, so I just whipped one up tonight! I made a red one, and now I kind of want to do a blue too!

  14. The fabulous Liz Boswell allegedly said:

    I have already pulled fabrics to make mine. We have put the links into the next issue of Nine Patch News so our readers can partipate too! I am making stars in honor of my dad and granpop, they were veterans too and now are intermed at arlington. (mauh) Liz

  15. The fabulous courtney allegedly said:

    these are great! i’m working on mine to send. quilts of valor is close to my heart after 3 tours in iraq. these quilts really mean a lot!

    ps… i like the idea of the happy zombie colors- i’m a vet and would LOVE it! :)

  16. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Thank you, Monica, for introducing us to this very important project. I absolutely will be making star blocks to donate.

    I’m sending the project information and directions to everyone in my quilt group - hope they join in too.

    Thank you, especially, for serving our Country Monica! I salute you!

  17. The fabulous Jan allegedly said:

    I have 2 blocks going into the mail this morning. My order from Suzzetts Fabric that arrived Monday included the instruction sheet for ‘Just One Star.’ I thought that was a great way to pass along the word! Thank you for your service to our country! Jan

  18. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    Wow you’re really going to town there! You’re my favorite veteran my friend. xo

  19. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    You’re a good one Zombie! We have posted this to all the major quilting sites so they will be FLOODED with stars!

  20. The fabulous Meg allegedly said:

    You’re right, they ARE like potato chips! I made a baker’s dozen and sent them off to Texas yesterday. I think it would be very cool to see it done in red, white and aqua!

  21. The fabulous auntiepami allegedly said:

    Hmm, red, white & aqua. I have some of that! I am a vet also and it would bring a smile to my face. I have an Accuquilt, so I could make my own stars too. I’m so happy Moda is doing this!

  22. The fabulous Laura H allegedly said:

    Thank you for reminding me of this!! I am so wanting to participate in this. I’m am so very thankful for the men and women in the military!!!

  23. The fabulous terry allegedly said:

    I just love the cause and the look the pattern creates.
    so now I must participate too. I just linked to the info site … thanks for the prompt

  24. The fabulous carolbrowne allegedly said:

    I love how each and every square is so perfect! I think your idea is great to make a whole flag - of course in aqua. That would be amazing.

    You’re a veteran? Who knew?

  25. The fabulous tia allegedly said:

    I made one last week, and sent it off. Such a great project isn’t it? I am a vet and married to a Soldier, so it is a very near and dear project. Aqua, red and white would be AWESOME!

  26. The fabulous Joy allegedly said:

    Love the idea… I will run over and check it out.

  27. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    You know what girl? I love you so much. Thank you for posting about this project. I’ve been in a slump and the best way to get me out of it is SERVICE!!! And you know service for our servicemembers touches my heart. Thank you thank you!!!

  28. The fabulous Kathy allegedly said:

    Thanks for posting about this project; I’m in! It’s a wonderful idea and I’m so happy to be able to contribute.

  29. The fabulous Melissa allegedly said:

    I just finished making one star block a few minutes ago, and am going to dig through my stash to find more appropriate fabrics to make some more!

  30. The fabulous Kasi allegedly said:

    This is FANTASTIC! I need to see the finished results of your pile. Do post! [Sorry for the late reponse…I’ve been asleep at the pinata, decorating and getting ready to celebrate Cinco de Coco, Lauren’s 5th birthday, FIESTA style!!!]

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