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inspired ideas - it’s so freaking cute you’ll squeeze your internet!

February 9th, 2011

Once upon a time there was this girl. This girl loved to play with fabric, floss and felt. La la dee, la la daaa… just stitching way while playing with her friends in Internetlandia. Then one day, a prince showed up on a white horse and sporting a trumpet and some parchment. Tooot too taa toooo… his trumpet blared, and he then announced - “Here ye, here ye, The Queen of All Things Cute and Inspiring requests your presence at her table…”

So it really went more like this:
Amy Powers: Would you like to be in the next issue of inspired ideas?
Me: Thump (me falling out of my chair).  Splat (me falling into my puddle of pee).

Fast forward and a freshly mopped floor - here’s the project I made for the issue: A little purse that’s actually a needlebook/sewing kit. The inside opens up to reveal little places to store your little scissors, floss, thread, emergency chocolate, punch-cards… perfect to grab for some sewing on the go.
Purse needlebook / sewing kit
To celebrate the release of issue, I’m throwing myself an OMG-I-can’t-believe-I’m-in-inspired ideas party and I’m going to give-away one of these needlebooks.  Winner can pick either the Flower Sugar or the Flea Market Fancy one.  Leave me a comment (with your choice if you’d like) by midnight (PST) Feb 14th and I’ll draw a winner.
Pocketbook needlebook

Here’s all the OMG about the issue:
- More than 170 pages of over 20 projects!
- Beautiful, beautiful inspiring pages!
- Amazing artists!
- Fabulous content!
- A sneak peek here and here!
- No ads!
- It’s so freaking cute you’ll squeeze your internet!
There’s a small charge of $3.30 for this issue and you can get a copy here.

O M G… I still can’t believe I’m in inspired ideas!  And O-M-freaking-G… the who’s who of artists I’m sharing pages with.  Me… with all those SUPER-DUPER-SUPERSTARS.  Gonna need that mop again.

Edited in:
The give-away is now over and I have a winner. TWO WINNERS, actually! Winner, winner - Colin the chicken dinner!!! I decided to give both purses away - twice as much fun for me! Plus I love surprises and I get to feel like Oprah for a split nano second.
1st winner: Comment #210 - Grace from Katmom4 (she picked Flea Market Fancy)
2nd winner: Comment #49 - Megan from Monkey Beans (she picked Flower Sugar)

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244 Responses

  1. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    I would give either a fabulous home! They are lovely!

  2. The fabulous Gale allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness!!! How thrilling to be included in this book and your little purse is sooo cute! I’d love the Flower Sugar one!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Happy Stitching!

    p.s. On my sewing schedule tomorrow is your 6 pocket tote bag! So cute and smart! I can’t wait to make it!

  3. The fabulous Allisa allegedly said:

    You’re so awesome Monica! That little purse is just about the cutest darned thing I’ve laid eyes, I would happily give either one a very loving home ;)

    Congrats to you, superstar!

  4. The fabulous Elaine McDermott allegedly said:

    Brilliant idea with the purse! Please enter me into the contest. Thank you so much….Elaine ;)

  5. The fabulous Norma allegedly said:

    aggh Monica, those are so cute. Really how do you come up with all this stuff? (ps I like the FMF one)

  6. The fabulous Kristen allegedly said:

    Super cute. That’s a needle book with style!!

  7. The fabulous Jane allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness, How proud you must feel. They are thinking the same thing about being in a book with you! that is so cute, i just cannot stand it! congrats!!

  8. The fabulous kristine hanson allegedly said:

    so stinking cute, I would love the flower sugar one, both are darling though!

  9. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    So, am I the queen of all things cute and inspiring? I had no idea. So is it tacky for me to enter your contest? Maybe I’m the queen of all things cute, inspiring and slightly tacky. :)

  10. The fabulous Lynne allegedly said:

    Yay for you! The mag is adorable-as always. Glad to see you/your project in it. Too cute…pick me :D
    -was that rude???

  11. The fabulous Donnell allegedly said:


    I’d totally like the flea market fancy one. Please?

  12. The fabulous Mary ann allegedly said:

    It all started with Flea Market Fancy (ok thats not really true but dang it sounds good!)

  13. The fabulous Crystal Stanworth allegedly said:

    Super cute! And, you definitely have earned your place with the “crafting greats” - I love all the eye candy cuties you create!

  14. The fabulous sharon allegedly said:

    ME ME ME!!!!!!!! Pick me. How freakin adorable is that!!!!! Well it’s really freakin cute!! Congrats to you too for being picked to be in the mag.
    Im off to buy a copy.
    Did I say PICK ME???

  15. The fabulous Laura K allegedly said:

    I would love the Flower Sugar one. I love them they are so cute! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  16. The fabulous Kelly allegedly said:


  17. The fabulous aztel2000 allegedly said:

    The purse IS stinkin’ cute!!! I love the Flower Sugar-adorable!!!!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  18. The fabulous Juli allegedly said:

    Yes, Puhhhhlease!
    So stinkin’ cute!

  19. The fabulous Jessie allegedly said:

    That FMF needlebook is way beyond cute!! The rest of the projects look like they would be super cute too!

  20. The fabulous Lori G. allegedly said:

    Oh, my gosh, I think I just broke my screen hugging it. Those are SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!

  21. The fabulous Tiffany allegedly said:

    Congrats on getting in the book, although I don’t see why you are so surprised by that!!

  22. The fabulous Vickie E allegedly said:

    A-dorable! love them and congrats to you :)

  23. The fabulous Tiffany allegedly said:

    Congratulations! I’d love to give the Flea Market Fancy needlebook a home. :)

  24. The fabulous The Chocolate Cat allegedly said:

    Congratulations!!! I’d love one of these little needlebooks especially if I could hide some emergency chocolate in there as well!!!

  25. The fabulous Tara allegedly said:

    *Gasp!* I love, love, love needlebooks! Congrats to you and thanks for the contest. They are both just adorable!

  26. The fabulous Deborah allegedly said:

    Oh how sweet! I like the yellow one with the pink roses.


  27. The fabulous Kristie allegedly said:

    I am loving the Flower Sugar book! Thanks for the giveaway and for bringing our attention to the book, so excited!!

  28. The fabulous Natalie allegedly said:

    the Flea Market Fancy one for me for sure! Too cute!!!!!

  29. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    Oh mememememe!! These are so freakin’ cute. And plus if I win one I don’t have to make the one I started cutting out yesterday from your pattern!! :)) flower sugar please…….

  30. The fabulous Sue Sweeney allegedly said:


    Congrats, not only are you awesome, but those little purses are posilutely adorable!

  31. The fabulous Lixa allegedly said:

    Congratulations! And happy celebrating! :)

    I like the flea market purse.

  32. The fabulous Nedra- Cactus Needle allegedly said:

    Of course they asked you. None of us are a bit surprised.
    Those purses are the cutest things ever! Count me in!

  33. The fabulous Thearica Burroughs allegedly said:

    Now these are just too darn cute!! Would love to win!!


  34. The fabulous Kelli allegedly said:

    The flea market fancy one is so cute and what a wonderful idea!

  35. The fabulous Emilie allegedly said:

    Love the Flea Market Fancy one! So cute and what a great idea!

  36. The fabulous Linda allegedly said:


  37. The fabulous Sylvie allegedly said:

    This is so darling! You get the most brilliant ideas. I would love the yellow one!

  38. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    I love this!!! The yellow one is my fav :). Guess who will be ordering this ezine? This girl right here

  39. The fabulous Susanne allegedly said:

    So cute! I love both of them.
    Can’t wait to see your blockapalooza idea tomorrow!

  40. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    How SWEET!! Flower Sugar Please! Congratulations on having this very cute project published.

  41. The fabulous Jen in NY allegedly said:

    Oh how lovely! Monica you make the cutest little lovelies. I love them both but if forced to choose I’d pick Flower Sugar. Congrats on being in this book!!

  42. The fabulous Nathalie Thompson allegedly said:

    Both are ADORABLE and so clever. But if I had a choice- it would be the cabbage roses. How generous of you to this. Thanks! (and pick me!)

  43. The fabulous gay denesse allegedly said:

    I love these. They are too cute for words. I especially like the yellow with pink roses.

  44. The fabulous kern allegedly said:

    It has room for chocolate????

  45. The fabulous Jen allegedly said:

    I think I need that. Thanks for sharing!

  46. The fabulous Deece allegedly said:

    How cute are those?!?!
    Love them!
    The magazine looks great as well. Thanks for sharing.

  47. The fabulous Leila allegedly said:

    Whichever one you want to send me.

  48. The fabulous birdie blue allegedly said:

    well done, you! thank you for the chance to enter your lovely give-away. i’m crossing my fingers. (the yellow polka dots are calling my name)…


  49. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    OMGOMGOMG!!!! These are so freakin’ fantastic. That flower sugar one better be coming to live with me!

  50. The fabulous Mhairi allegedly said:

    These are lovely. I am hooked on needlebooks at the moment and yours are soooo cute. Congrats on getting included.

  51. The fabulous Mary on Lake Pulaski allegedly said:

    You are right where you deserve to be Monica - with the super stars!

  52. The fabulous Katie allegedly said:

    I downloaded the template to make my own but winning one would be a heck of a lot quicker!

  53. The fabulous Lemon Tree Tami allegedly said:

    That’s amazing Miss Zombie! Sounds like you’re mixing it up with the right crowd and your project is adorable. No surprise there at all. :-) I do like the little yellow/white polka dots and that crystal button. Too cute!!!

  54. The fabulous Libby allegedly said:

    Darling, darling idea! SO creative :)

  55. The fabulous Lori Holt allegedly said:

    i know all of the other artists are freaking out because they are in there with YOU!!!
    do you even have to ask which one i want???
    the one right up front and center in your photo!…the flower sugar with polky dots:)…send it to me… pretty please with a cherry on top?
    this is an awesome project you have designed…love it love it!

  56. The fabulous Cindi T allegedly said:

    So darn cute!!! I would love the flower sugar one.

  57. The fabulous Meri allegedly said:

    Fabulous, as always! I’d love to win one…thanks for the chance!

  58. The fabulous Trish allegedly said:

    These are both super cute!! I love your designs and your blog!!

  59. The fabulous Jill D allegedly said:


  60. The fabulous Mika allegedly said:

    really I need one of these - I’d rehome the Flea Market Fancy one if you like….

  61. The fabulous Annette allegedly said:

    Congratulations…you totally deserve to be in that magazine. Your needle purses are sooooo sweet!!

  62. The fabulous Gale allegedly said:

    I would love either one. Both as cute as can be.

  63. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    Sheessh, another corner on that cute market!!! Overload.but love, love it! xo

  64. The fabulous Piper allegedly said:

    woo hoo!! Thanks for hosting a give away! And thanks for your fab contribution to that wondeful magazine!

  65. The fabulous Kathleen Grace allegedly said:

    The flower sugar one has me by the heart! If I don’t win it I’m going to have to get some of that fabric (I might have to anyway!) and try one for myself:>) Congrats on being included in the e-zine!

  66. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    OMG! I am so following your blog! I LOOOO–OOOVE Inspired! I made the little yo yo christmas trees over the holidays, and they were SO stinkin’ cute!
    I’m a Blockapalooza gal, and cannot wait for your block!

  67. The fabulous Cathy allegedly said:

    Too. stinking. cute. {high five} And because I stalk anything FMF, that’s my first choice, but either one would be loved.

  68. The fabulous Marsha B allegedly said:

    Congratulations! Wow, how great is that? ! ! ! I love them both, either one would be great with me!

  69. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    wow lovely purse.Great idea.

  70. The fabulous Laura H allegedly said:

    How can you stand making something so CUTE!?!?!?! I’d have already peed just from making one of those. I love the flower sugar one.

    Congratulations to you!!!

  71. The fabulous Sandi allegedly said:

    Congrats! Would love the flower sugar

  72. The fabulous Chris allegedly said:

    These are the cutest things ever!
    Please pick me and send the Flower Sugar one my way!

  73. The fabulous Mary Sue allegedly said:

    How cute these are!Especially the flower sugar one!

  74. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    Adorable & handy!

  75. The fabulous Rhonda Laws allegedly said:

    You might be surprised but few of us are. I love the bags and especially the flea market one.

  76. The fabulous Natalie VV allegedly said:

    I am delighted for you… of course I can’t imagine “Inspired Ideas” without You… it’s a natural union.
    Those kits, those mini-go bags, they are totally inspired.

  77. The fabulous Brenda allegedly said:

    Love the yellow one!! Soooooooooo cute!!

  78. The fabulous Tabitha allegedly said:

    I subscribed…all the projects are so cute!!!! And I do love your needlebook idea, especially with the little pockets inside. Flower Sugar is my favorite version. Thanks!

  79. The fabulous taliana allegedly said:

    How exciting!! Congrats! Both are super cute!

  80. The fabulous Kate allegedly said:

    Oh, so cute. Love, love love them. I’m going to subscribe.

  81. The fabulous Nichole allegedly said:

    Congratulations! That is amazing and you totally belong there with the big-whigs. Love the needlebook. Thanks for the chance to win - they are both gorgeous!

  82. The fabulous Sherrill allegedly said:

    Those ARE DANG cute!! LOL Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. The fabulous Bev Ver Steegh allegedly said:

    such a cute idea, will have to suscribe so I can see what else is in the book. I would love the flea market one.

  84. The fabulous Robyn of Coffee & Cotton allegedly said:

    Ooooo I am more than O-M-Geed! I am Gobsmacked! Your idea is soooo cute! But then, I am not shocked because you rock. Gobsmacked I say! Gobsmacked!

  85. The fabulous Kaye Prince allegedly said:

    So very cool Monica - congrats! I’d definitely love the FMF one!

  86. The fabulous Billie K allegedly said:

    I’ll share my home…grin. Thanks for the giveaway. Cute purse

  87. The fabulous Peggy allegedly said:

    Congratulations on being published. I love both of the needle cases so if I win either one of them would be awesome.

  88. The fabulous Nanci allegedly said:

    OMG I can’t wait to get a copy and if I could win I’d take either one, but my favorite is the FMF. Thanks for being so sweet.

  89. The fabulous Susie allegedly said:

    OMG Monica congrats!
    so freaking cool….you got to be in on all this fun! I want you know that you make me pee my pants every time I read your posts , so here’s a big Hello & thank u from California !

  90. The fabulous Tracy J allegedly said:

    Looks like a great issue! Congrats on being in it…the needle book is darling! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  91. The fabulous Aimee allegedly said:

    Hilarious post and congrats on being included in the book!!! I can’t imagine the feeling… I love both of them, but when I win, since I can’t have them both, I think flower sugar is my favorite. Good for you!

  92. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    OMG! Congratulations!!! So happy for you!
    And so thankful that you’re offering us that cute little needle-purse!
    Oh, and if it’s me, i’ll take whichever one you send me! They’re both SO adorable!


  93. The fabulous patricia allegedly said:

    Congratulations! You so belong with the rest of the super talent of Inspired Ideas. Your needle book sewing case is just precious (and practical). It would be hard to pick one, but if I had to choose… the Flea Market Fancy one.

  94. The fabulous Mary Winegar allegedly said:

    WOW! What a wonderful project. It is inspiring. Congratulations. I love the flower sugar. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  95. The fabulous Judith allegedly said:

    Congrats! I love the Flea Market Fancy!

  96. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    Super cute and NO WONDER you’re included in the book - you deserve it!

    Both patterns are just adorable & I’d be happy (and proud) of either!

  97. The fabulous LindaSonia allegedly said:

    A.DOR.ABLE!!!! I am in love with both but my first choice would be the Flower Sugar!! Thanks for having this giveaway. :)

  98. The fabulous Kimberly allegedly said:

    My oh my.

    ’nuff said?

  99. The fabulous MoniCue allegedly said:

    From one Monica to another: that needle holder made me “clutch” my heart in admiration!

  100. The fabulous Sherry allegedly said:

    Congrats to you! You deserve to be published in Inspired Ideas. Your little purse is beyond adorable! And OMG, be still my heart Flower Sugar…love it!

  101. The fabulous pat sloan allegedly said:

    How very fun!! I’ve read Amy’s blog since I started reading blogs… and she lives right near me.. I go to the shop where she has a booth.. but i never seem to be there when she is in!

  102. The fabulous pat S allegedly said:

    Inspired Ideas is inspiring! How fun! I love your Flower Sugar purse!

  103. The fabulous Rosemary allegedly said:

    Oh. My. Cuteness! I scream for the Flower Sugar purse!

  104. The fabulous Janet allegedly said:

    I am thrilled for you! And would love to have either of your creations. Thanks for the opportunity!

  105. The fabulous Lee Ann L. allegedly said:

    I’m sorry. But, your post made both my husband and me laugh! Too funny.

    By the way, congrats on making it inside an Inspired issue!

  106. The fabulous Beth S. allegedly said:

    Wow - that is absolutely the cutest needlebook ever! Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. The fabulous Lori Olson allegedly said:

    How cute! Especially love the yellow. Reminds me of a tablecloth of my Grandma’s. AND, you are published. Congratulations.

  108. The fabulous Robyn allegedly said:

    You are by far one of my favorite blogs to see everyday. You are cracking me up right now. I would consider it a privilege to win.

  109. The fabulous mandy allegedly said:

    Congrats! love to win the cute yellow one! thanks

  110. The fabulous Linda Ruthie allegedly said:

    I don’t enter many give-aways, but I can’t resist this one. That is the most adorable needle book I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe you thought to make a place for emergency chocolate! If I happen to be lucky enough to win, I LOVE the Flower Sugar purse.

  111. The fabulous Debbie St. Germain allegedly said:

    Those purse needle books are so cute, love it.
    The book looks like it has a lot of fun projects in it.


  112. The fabulous Beth T. allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness. Little red roses for me, please. And you’re right–they are cute, cute, cute.

  113. The fabulous Ally Frey allegedly said:

    Congrats! That is so exciting, you deserve it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    These are awesome, I love her magazines I seriously have some freaky love for her lol

  115. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    Congratulations! I’ll bet there are people featured in that issue that are saying, OMFG, I can’t believe I’m in this issue with Monica! In case you didn’t know, you’re a super duper superstar, too!

  116. The fabulous Jennifer H allegedly said:

    Both are so lovely!!

  117. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    So…does your brain just have a spout that’s full of cuteness and never shuts off? :o) Good gravy girl! You’ve always got it goin on! MY HERO!! I love them both but REALLY love the Flower Sugar. So…give me some sugar! I mean that in the nicest of ways. :o) And thank you for the giveaway, you little bundle of creative fun you! :o)

  118. The fabulous Sivje allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness!!! How darling and wonderful and exciting!!! I am so excited for you.
    But, my dear, YOU are the Queen of Cuteness!

    I hope I win!!

  119. The fabulous Marcy allegedly said:

    Those are the MOST adorable little goodies I have ever seen. I am on for the magazine and you are a perfect person to be part of it. Congratsss!!!

  120. The fabulous marie allegedly said:

    How exciting to be in Inspired Ideas! I bought my own issue yesterday and I’m having a blast going through it. Your sweet little needle purses are adorable. I love the flea market fancy one the best!

    Thanks for the chance to win it.

  121. The fabulous Carole allegedly said:

    OMG! 119 comments, I’m never going to win! OMG they’re both so gorgeous!
    Your OMG’s are so infectious! LOL
    :) fingers crossed,
    Carole :)

  122. The fabulous Jenny allegedly said:

    Congrats! Love the little purses! I would use and love either one, surprise me.

  123. The fabulous H2Ogirl allegedly said:

    For sure you are an inspiration. Good job.

  124. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Oh MSS! You crazy happy zombie! Please tell us where you downloaded your cuteness app. Your mother perhaps? I would be so heartfelt happy to win the flea market fancy because we all need a little needle purse! Xox Pam in Chico

  125. The fabulous Heidi Woodruff allegedly said:

    Both are delightful! If I win (your wonderful giveway!) I would pick the “Flower Sugar” needlebook! I’m loving the Spring issue Amy put out!
    Hugs, Heidi

  126. The fabulous Christine M allegedly said:

    How cute is that tiny rabbit in the basket on the cover! Congratulations.

  127. The fabulous Ann in NC allegedly said:

    The needle cases are “so stinkin’ CUTE”!!! Congrats on another publication! I need to check it out!

  128. The fabulous Anne allegedly said:

    It’s funny, you are the super star! Last week when I got an email from you after I commented, I ran over to my husband and said Honey honey the Happy Zombie emailed me. It was pretty exciting!
    Either purse would be lovely.
    Congrats on getting into the magazine. It’s lovely.

  129. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you. The only thing wrong with this picture is that your precious purse should be on the cover.

    I’d like the lime green one please! Flea market fancy?!

  130. The fabulous Bridgette allegedly said:

    I’ll take which ever the other lucky winner doesn’t choose!

    P.S. Glad you had a mop handy:)

  131. The fabulous Daisy allegedly said:

    OMG Monica - you are soooo funny - and congrats on the project it is very freakin cute as well - I’m with Bridgette - whichever one the other lucky winner doesn’t choose - I’m off to purchase this now - just after I said no more purchases this week :)

  132. The fabulous Leslie Schmidt allegedly said:

    Talk about freakin’ cute! I love the little purse needle case-sewing kit-decoration-inspiration-spring herald-fantasy accessory. Are you sure it isn’t big enough to carry my necessities while out and about? It would be too hard to choose. I’ve already bought my copy. Thanks for turning me on to it last year.

  133. The fabulous Vicki allegedly said:

    I would love the Flea Market Fancy please and congrats on having this gorgeous pattern in the Inspired Ideas book. Well done :)

  134. The fabulous Hayley allegedly said:

    I’d love either one!

  135. The fabulous eliazabeth allegedly said:

    oh, these ArRE adorable! I would LOVE to win the Flowere Sugar! Thanks!

  136. The fabulous Diana allegedly said:

    They are both lovely! If I had to choose it would be Flower Sugar!
    Thanks D

  137. The fabulous Dana allegedly said:

    flower sugar is lovely Id love to win!

  138. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Monica - you continue to amaze your Zombiettes with your creativity and imagination! So cute!

    I’d choose the Flea Market purse, if I had the opportunity to select one of your fabulous designs. Thank you.

  139. The fabulous Wendy D. P. allegedly said:

    Congrats! They are adorable! I love the flea market fancy one :)

  140. The fabulous Beth allegedly said:

    Congrats on being one of the superstars! I would adore either purse!

  141. The fabulous barb allegedly said:

    sooo sweet - they are too cute, how can I choose one? You choose :)

  142. The fabulous Sharrieboberry allegedly said:

    Green’s my favorite color - but…I really like the yellow. But the earlier pee-comment has me a little concerned about choosing the yellow one. Just kidding! :D

  143. The fabulous spontaneousthreads allegedly said:

    I love either and would be please if you would pick. Thanks and keep up all the creative ideas.

  144. The fabulous Michelle allegedly said:

    loving the green one!

  145. The fabulous Sue allegedly said:

    Congratulations! I’d love either purse.

  146. The fabulous Pattij allegedly said:

    How very cute! I love the Flower Sugar!

  147. The fabulous wintu nancy allegedly said:

    What a cute pattern, I really like the green one. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  148. The fabulous NancyJL allegedly said:

    Tooooooo cute! Would love the Flower Sugar purse to come to my house.

  149. The fabulous Deidra allegedly said:

    So Cute!!!! I love the yellow and white one.

  150. The fabulous Michele allegedly said:

    You are so stinkin’ clever!

  151. The fabulous simone allegedly said:

    OMG, these are so you and so cute!!! Such happiness.

  152. The fabulous Shirley allegedly said:

    Your little purses are adorable! I would love the Flower Sugar version. Thanks for a chance at such a sweet giveaway.

  153. The fabulous jennifer allegedly said:

    well, they ARE cute. how big are they? they seem miniscule in this picture, but then they couldn’t fit scissors!

  154. The fabulous Penny Peberdy allegedly said:

    So pretty and unusual - and I L O V E needlecases!

  155. The fabulous Regena allegedly said:

    How great about the book. cool
    the needle books are way too cute.
    Thanks for the chance to win
    hope you have a great day.

  156. The fabulous TheaM allegedly said:

    Hey Monica! Your little purse is calling to me! That little green one…. come to granny! Sooooo stinkin cute it squeaks!

  157. The fabulous Molly Pearce allegedly said:

    Wow! Too cute!! Would love to store my needles and pins in one of these!
    ~Molly P

  158. The fabulous TheaM allegedly said:

    OMG - with Mary Englebreit no less!!!!

    too awesome for words… I’m fainting…

  159. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    You and Amy and PamG who I love and Carolyn.. well tons of my famous blog online people who I adore all in one place. It was destiny. I don’t need to win as I’m already a winner, I have a sweet little version of this from your last visit !!! I super ♥ you and your creative ways. xo

  160. The fabulous Charming's Mama allegedly said:

    I’d take whatever you want to give me. Thanks

  161. The fabulous Beth C. allegedly said:

    Congratulations on being featured in Inspired Finds! My favorite needlebook would be the Flower Sugar.

    Beth in AL

  162. The fabulous jessica allegedly said:

    I love the flea market bag! and the book looks like its full of great ideas…

  163. The fabulous Syd allegedly said:

    These are just so CUTE!!! What a great gift for quilter’s quild!!!!! Congrats for being in book.

  164. The fabulous dawn allegedly said:

    Wow! and Congratulations! That is the cutest little needle book I have seen. Thanks for a chance!

  165. The fabulous Melinda allegedly said:

    Totally in love with this! Beautiful and so much more wonderful than the giant museum reusable tote I’ve been hauling my sewing in.

  166. The fabulous valerie allegedly said:

    I just love them all, if I were lucky enough to win I would pick the yellow with white dots pattern. Valerie

  167. The fabulous Angie H. allegedly said:

    Cute, cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. The fabulous Rita Burhans allegedly said:

    wow! that rich butter cream yellow needle book in the flower sugar fabric is the perfect one for me. please count me in! thank you!

  169. The fabulous paula allegedly said:

    Would love to give ANY of them a new home, both are sooo lovely!
    Tks fr the chance! xoxo

  170. The fabulous sharon from farm and fru fru allegedly said:

    how happy am i to find your blog! and your project in the mag is so….inspiring! i would WELCOME either of these cuties to keep at my stitching side at all times! thanks for the chance and i can’t wait to read this blog in full!

  171. The fabulous Chris allegedly said:

    Congrats you famously creative woman! I adore Flea Market Fancy. Very cute idea.

  172. The fabulous Denise allegedly said:

    That little Flower Sugar bag would certainly be the envy of next month’s quilt guild. And I would feel instantly cheery each time I used it! Thank you for sharing.

  173. The fabulous Patti allegedly said:

    I love both of the purses and would be very happy to win either one!!!!

    TFS Patti

  174. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    I love how you fell in your pee!!! Of course I musn’t enter this giveway, because my sweet friend just so happened to send me one of these very needle cases. And I am in love with it and use it allthetime. It carries all of my hand stitching goodies perfectly!! You my friend, are truly inspiring! kmaxoxo

  175. The fabulous Amber S allegedly said:

    You’re every bit as popular, famous, creative! You definitely deserve a spot in that mag! Congrats. I’d love the green needle case! SO cute!

  176. The fabulous Debbie B allegedly said:

    Those are TOO cute! Would love to have either one! Am enjoying peeking in on your blog too!

  177. The fabulous Tonya allegedly said:

    Too freakin’ cute,Monica! Love, love, love both of them, but I think the Flower Sugar is my absolute favorite. Can’t wait to get my issue.

  178. The fabulous DianeH allegedly said:

    Thanks so much for a chance. So adorable.

  179. The fabulous Jodi allegedly said:

    I bought Inspired Ideas as soon as I could and yours was one of my favorite projects. These are just too sweet.

  180. The fabulous Kristin J allegedly said:

    As cute as the workday is long!! Thanks for being sooooo generous!! Love them both.

  181. The fabulous Sunnybec allegedly said:

    Not sure if this is open to International, but I am entering just in case! I love the needlebook, especially in Flower Sugar.

  182. The fabulous GeeGee allegedly said:

    Congratulations! They are so cute and since I collect needlebooks, what a thrill to add this one to my collection. They are both lovely but green is my favorite.

  183. The fabulous Tina Eggert allegedly said:

    Mahalo(& congrats…by-the-who…)for sharing about “inspired ideas” you & your blog has been an inspiration to me ever since on found you! The needle books are just too cute! any would be an honor to own!

  184. The fabulous Carol in E TN allegedly said:

    Wow, I immediately went and bought my Inspired Ideas. Can’t wait to make your needle case purse. It is just too cute! Should I win the giveaway, I would choose the needle case purse made with Flower Sugar. Just love those fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway.

  185. The fabulous Val Young allegedly said:

    Love the purse - they are soooo cute! Glad I checked out your blog - First time have seen this mag - LOVE IT!

  186. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    Oh, I have to see inside those little purses! I especially love the Flower Sugar one, but they are both sweet. Congratulations!

  187. The fabulous db allegedly said:

    Love them all - soooooooooo cute! would be ecstatic to win any one of them! Thanks

  188. The fabulous amy in Texas allegedly said:

    Too cute! I’d take either one.

  189. The fabulous cindy novick allegedly said:

    Those needle purses are g*e*n*i*u*s!!! I especially adore the flower sugar retro purse…Thanks for the chance!

  190. The fabulous Janelle allegedly said:

    I love your purses… they are so cute! I would love to win the yellow one.

  191. The fabulous ros allegedly said:

    I am loving Amy’s latest issue and one of my favorite projects is yours - very fun.

  192. The fabulous Aneta allegedly said:

    WOW ! The little purse is so cute ! Why have something plain when you can have a cute purse with your supplies? Wish I could quit my day job and have fun making something cute ! Love it !

  193. The fabulous Judy J allegedly said:

    The little purses are so cute! I love them both.

  194. The fabulous Anita allegedly said:

    Congrats. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you fell off your chair. :) I adore the Flower Sugar kit. So durn adorable!

  195. The fabulous Liz allegedly said:

    I just love your purses, if I am the lucky one surprise me. Enjoyed your comments great way to end the day with a chuckle. will be back

  196. The fabulous Marcia W. allegedly said:

    Flea Market Fancy is a cute keeper. It is stinkin’ cute isn’t it!

  197. The fabulous WendyMT allegedly said:

    OH Big Time Congratulations!!! How exciting and that bag is so ultra cute I’m going to have to get the pattern!! Though, if I one either one, I’d be super thrilled so thank you for the chance. Yay you!!

  198. The fabulous Amy allegedly said:

    Congrats!!! Those purses are sooooooo cute! I absolutely

  199. The fabulous Judith Blinkenberg allegedly said:

    I love this and look forward to the magazine! This would be so great to carry to both of my granddaughters’ homes. Thank you.

  200. The fabulous veronica allegedly said:

    GREAT!! thanks for this chance :-)

  201. The fabulous Monica Fullerton allegedly said:

    I would love to have either one of these!! Tooooo cute! I subscribed immediately to Amy’s mag when it was available, and was not disappointed. Your cute project was one of the ones I printed out to try. Thanks for sharing your talents… they are both adorable and I would have a hard time choosing!

  202. The fabulous PaulaK allegedly said:

    These are so sweet! Congratulations!

  203. The fabulous Doreen allegedly said:

    I love them!!! Would love to win the yellow one. Congrats on being in Amy’s magazine!

  204. The fabulous nurse payne allegedly said:

    OMG I think thats the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!! I think you’ve out done yourself this time!! O f course I would be most grateful if you’d include me in your drawing……they’re both beautiful but I believe I’m more of a rose gal. Thank you sooooo much!!! Nurse Payne

  205. The fabulous Terry Schwandt allegedly said:

    Oh, I would love to win a little purse - made by The Happy Zombie
    Thanks for the chance.

  206. The fabulous Jillian allegedly said:

    Congrats on being featured in the mini mag!
    Love the FMF!

  207. The fabulous NanE allegedly said:

    Oh my gosh, congratulations! What a great honor. Your little purses are so cute. I really like the yellow one with the roses. I’m your newest follower too! :) Nan

  208. The fabulous Jansie allegedly said:

    Congrats!! So cool to see you so happy. You definitely deserve to be included!! I would love the Flower Sugar. This is such a cute project. Thanks for sharing.

  209. The fabulous Catherine allegedly said:

    Oh my these are the cutest sewing kits! And such pretty fabrics,love!

  210. The fabulous grace aka katmom allegedly said:

    Flea Market Fancy would be such a delight to win…but I feel like a winner everytime I peek into your blog!

  211. The fabulous Connie allegedly said:

    Soo cute! Love your ideas.

  212. The fabulous janine b allegedly said:



    congrats - what a cute project.

  213. The fabulous Elena @ Breakfast for Dinner allegedly said:

    omg, so freaking cute! And I desperately need a needle book, as I just started embroidery and cross-stitch and have lots of needles with several thread colors floating around in my project bag.

  214. The fabulous Ter'e allegedly said:

    You had me at “Internetlandia”……….what an imagination you have. Makes me proud to even be reading your blog!!!!!

    Put me down for the Flea Market Fancy needlebook. I am a hooker and stitcher……and it goes to show…….hookers need pretty things too!

    Way to go on your “Stardom”!!!!!!!

  215. The fabulous Rene' allegedly said:

    They are both so sweet! It would be hard to choose. Thank you for the giveaway.

  216. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    So so cute! I’d love to win either one. Thanks for the giveaway–and congrats!

  217. The fabulous Janelle allegedly said:

    These are so adorable I’m squeezing my internet right now! Please enter me and thank you!

  218. The fabulous amber allegedly said:

    Congratulations. It looks like a fantastic book and your needlebooks are so cute!!! I would LOVE to win one so pick me, pick me!

  219. The fabulous Ariane allegedly said:

    These are just amazing!!! I would love to win the Flower sugar one. Love it!!!

  220. The fabulous Dee allegedly said:

    That is sooo cute! I want one!

  221. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    Cutesy, I would love either one. Thanks

  222. The fabulous Lisa L allegedly said:

    Quick!! Get me the mop!! Your little sewing purses are piddle worthy! :} I hope I’m a winner!


  223. The fabulous Marie allegedly said:

    What an absolutley adorable needlebook. They are both lovely, but I’m going for the Flower Sugar one. Thank you.

  224. The fabulous Sheri allegedly said:

    Wow! Super creative. I love the idea.

  225. The fabulous Susan I allegedly said:

    That flower sugar needlecase purse is so bright and happy looking - a little bit of sunshine when you pull out your stitching.I love these.

  226. The fabulous Maeve allegedly said:

    I just discovered your blog and I love it! And I would very much like to win one of the needle purses. I think I like the yellow one with the crystal button (is this the Flower Sugar one?). Thanks for the great giveaway.

  227. The fabulous Malia allegedly said:

    I just discovered your blog - wow, you are really creative!

  228. The fabulous steviewren allegedly said:

    Love them both!

    I just hopped over from Inspired Ideas to check out your blog for more inspiration.

  229. The fabulous brenda allegedly said:

    These are amazing, love the colors, especially the flower sugar one! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  230. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    What a cute grab and go bag! I would love the green one if I am lucky enough to be one of your winners. Congrats on the magazine!

  231. The fabulous Carla allegedly said:

    Very cute! I’d like the green one if I happen to win! Thanks! :)

  232. The fabulous Holly allegedly said:

    I can’t believe how creative you are! Those are so adorable, i would love to have either one.

  233. The fabulous Abby allegedly said:

    OMG. That is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Love the colors in the Flea Market Fancy print! :)

  234. The fabulous kathy wetherell allegedly said:

    Flea Market Fancy(heart) your creation are so full of wimsy. Love everything

  235. The fabulous Liz L allegedly said:

    You are so talented and funny! I am drooling over that little yellow one!

  236. The fabulous Pat V. allegedly said:

    You are SO right — just too stinkin’ cute (esp. the flower sugar, hint, hint). Way to go - definitely inspired!

  237. The fabulous Michelle allegedly said:

    You make me laugh so much when I read your blogs, you always brighten my day, and having one of your gorgeous creations would also make me smile every time I used it. (thats right after I mopped up my pee - whoops!!)

  238. The fabulous Lisa Arndt allegedly said:

    If I won one of these…. I too would pass out and pee!! HAHA

  239. The fabulous Katie allegedly said:

    Doris Floris Gorgeous (ugh, yes… I have kids!) Love it!!

  240. The fabulous grace aka katmom allegedly said:

    I Won! how coolomondo is that!
    Especially since today has been a crappy internet day…getting bad reception due to snow & rain…..uugghhh! but the “Sun” came out in the form of a sweet lil zombie named Monica!
    Thank you soooo…in mean ’sew’ much!

  241. The fabulous Ina allegedly said:

    Monica! I need your help! I purchased the Inspired magazine so I could make your adorable little purse needlecase.

    It has the directions but I can’t find a pattern for the purse. Step #3 says to trace purse template but I can’t find the template?? There doesn’t seem to be a ‘help’ feature with the magazine. ;0

    Can you tell me where to find the template? Thanks in advance. Ina

  242. The fabulous Susi Brox Nilsen allegedly said:

    OMG can’t beleive I missed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ANyhow, Hello u Beauuutiful, colourful, wonderful Blog!! let me make myself a cup of tea and browse more, u got stuff I really like here :))

    x x x Susi

  243. The fabulous LaVerne allegedly said:

    So very cute !!

  244. The fabulous Toony allegedly said:

    Dang! I discovered you too late for this contest! What can I trade you for a copy of this pattern? First born child is available….

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