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Sew On

February 1st, 2011

A funny thing happened on my way to Portland Modern Quilt Guild at PNCA last summer - I met THE most amazing, talented, friendly, fun and enthusiastic women ever.  One of those incredible PMQG women happens to be Cherri - and this last Saturday Cherri held an open house to celebrate her new studio with all her friends and PMQG members.   The night before, I was excited like a kid who couldn’t sleep in anticipation for the big field trip the next day, and I almost put a dress out… and shiny shoes… and stockings… and then I remembered I hadn’t shaved my legs.  Hello blue-jeans.

Cherri’s studio space is in the old Columbia Sportswear building in the Cathedral Hill area of the St. Johns neighborhood in Portland.
put a footprint on it

My first time to St. Johns - what a darling/artsy/quirky neighborhood.  I fell in love.  It was my first time across the St. Johns Bridge too (I’ve traveled under it, just never on it).  As we enter the building, we can’t help but be in awe of the views, light, beams and space. Retreat fantasies begin.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

A peek of what’s inside the Sew On studio.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Something Crafty inside peeking at us.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Violet and her girls (one of which belongs to the pink boots, both of which belong to the peek’sters above).
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Mingle, mingle.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

If you spotted Kristin (in the tan coat) - she’s one of the a winners of the Project Modern Challenge 1!! Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Ice cold milk.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Cookies cookies, cookies!
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Traci demos the party favors - adorable little color pencils.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

One of Cherri’s WIPs.  GENIUS use of fabrics.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Beautiful finished quilt.  Stunning.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

WIP Wall.  These blocks make me want to dance they’re so beautiful.  Cherri has an eye for color and makes each piece sing to my eyes. Eye music.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Sew On Royal Security Force
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

I love when art happens… the coats, the quilts… all the colors go so beautifuly together.  Planned?  Spontaneous?  Or maybe it just happened because someone put a bird on it.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

A gorgeous quilted and embroidered prezzie for Cherri made by Jen.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Another prezzie for Cherri - Marcia made the cutest little bag (a mod’d mini version of Alicia Paulson’s Jane Market Bag - with birds on it and goodies inside, and it even matched what Marcia was wearing. Art happens yet again. Birds.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

IRL tutorial… Jen shows us nifty tricks on putting in a zipper and making a clutch bag - which she gave to Tamara (after Jen finished it in only a handful of minutes).  I worked hard at trying to convince Jen she needed to re-do the demo - about 8 more times.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Traci tutes her daughter - Social Media 101.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Cherri lets us all have a turn trying out her new Handiquilter long arm machine.  Rachel so kindly gave everyone a quick lesson and lots of supportive guidance (thank you, Rachel!).   Joan, Jill and Traci take a whirl.  It’s so much fun, and dang it… now I want one, too.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

In the queue to be quilted.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Cherri’s inspiration board - it’s a like 3D version of PinterestI’d like to repin some of that FMF right onto my board.
Cherri's get your Sew On open house

Cherri tells us what’s the haps are on her inspiration wall - hopefully we’ve convinced her to do a tute on her blog to make that cool knot block. Cherri has a gift - she’s got insights and ideas and she knows how to convey them and share them. Cherri could find a way to make the phonebook into a work of art - and she’d be able to teach you how to do it, too. Even without a bird. I’ve learned some of the neatest things from Cherri - from how I look at things to how I do things. And she’s a kick in the pants and a kind soul on top of it. Everyone needs a Cherri in their life - and we’re so lucky she’s in ours!
Cherri's get your Sew On open house
Joan and Jen have also blogged about our amazing day, and have more to tell + have beautiful photos to see.

And speaking of a funny thing that happened on our way to Portland Modern Quilt Guild at PNCA… we found the Mug Rugs’ birth mother.
Yam on
L to R: Traci, me, Violet, Joan and Elizabeth.

Edited in: Cherri’s quilt that hangs by her entrance is her version of “Starry Night” - from the Better Homes & Gardens bookazine “Antique Quilts: Classic Favorites & Modern Remakes”.

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24 Responses

  1. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Thank you for the fabulous tour! I do wish there was a lovely guild like PMQG nearby me. LA is 40 mi away through fierce traffic. But I do have all my online friends to show me whats going on!

  2. The fabulous Linzee allegedly said:

    Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous quilts. Looks like a fantastic day. And I especially appreciated the clip from Portlandia—hadn’t yet seen it, but I can tell why you like it!

  3. The fabulous Theresa allegedly said:

    Great photos, friend & quilts. Okay, Monica, I have to ask what the H, E, double hockey sticks are you shaking in the last photo? Maracas? Shake n’ bake chicken?
    mixologist extraordinaire of an alcoholic Happy Zombie drink?

  4. The fabulous Bridgette allegedly said:

    Are you wearing red shoes? !!!!!

  5. The fabulous Traci allegedly said:

    That was such a fun day!! And we had just as much fun on our fieldtrip to FD!

  6. The fabulous Cathy A allegedly said:

    You ladies seem to have so much fun!! What a neat place!

  7. The fabulous Ruth aka Cherri's sister allegedly said:

    Fabulous pictures Monica. So wish I could have been there to meet all of you and join in the fun. Cherri is such an artist in all she does.

  8. The fabulous Violet Craft allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness! My little peeksters! I love that picture so much. Thank you for such a fantastic recap of our adventures. What a wonderful day with friends and family. Friends that ARE family!

  9. The fabulous Norma allegedly said:

    that video was too funny! I agree though, everything looks better with a bird on it.

    My goodness I love that space, it is amazing and so big!

  10. The fabulous Karen a/k/a/ The Lazy Quilter allegedly said:

    Thanks for something fun to look at on this icy day in NY. The kids are home… again… I will not quilt today. But I will live to quilt another day! :)

  11. The fabulous DianeP allegedly said:

    Thank you, Monica, for taking us on another wonderful field trip! I love, love, love it when you take your Zombiettes with you on one of your amazing journeys. It was so nice to meet your friends and see another whole world of quilting and art possibilities.

    Thank you, too, for the introduction to Portlandia - definitely will have to watch that one.

  12. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    What fun! It looks like you had a wonderful time — You. Look. MAHvelous!!!

  13. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    That looks like a creative blast you had there…thanks for sharing

  14. The fabulous pat sloan allegedly said:

    wow…. double wow!! i tell you the world of quilting can’t get any better.. and her studio is amazing.. plus a new blog for me to follow!

  15. The fabulous wishes, true and kind allegedly said:

    How fun would it be if you DID get a long arm! You looked WAY professional (and a little dangerous) behind the wheel of that thing! Stay sweet and yam on!

  16. The fabulous Jean Carpenter allegedly said:

    Ok, that is a fantastic space. I would love to have just 1/10th of that design wall. Thanks for the great pics on a wet icy day!

  17. The fabulous Charming's Mama allegedly said:

    You so crack me up, that video is too funny, so glad you shared and the studio tour . . fabulous!

  18. The fabulous Nicole allegedly said:

    Lovely! But especially the quilt that’s on the outside of their door (orange/grey/white) on the yellow wall.

    Does it have a name, a pattern, a general how-to?

    More details please!

  19. The fabulous Sabine allegedly said:

    Liebe Monica,
    thank you for showing us all these
    genius ladies and their quilts. Adorable and worth to look at them for hours. I wish I could see them in real. They look absolutely beautiful.
    Ich wünsche dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende und sende dir ganz liebe Grüße
    Sabine xxx

  20. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    You guys are so cute!

  21. The fabulous lynn allegedly said:

    9 am this morning read your blog
    by 11 pm I have become completely hooked on Portlandia, not sure whether to thank you or not.

  22. The fabulous Julia allegedly said:

    oooo…serious…hmmm…location envy here! :)
    monica, thanks for sharing. it’s a bit as if we all have been there…so much fun!
    hugs, julia
    p.s. isn’t the ‘knot’ block a pattern by margot of the pattern basket? at least, she has released a pattern like this recently…

  23. The fabulous Pamela allegedly said:

    What a wonderful studio. It looked like an amazing day!

  24. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    Holy wow. Looks like SO much fun! I loved the tour, it’s like I got to be there too! The video was a HUGE hit at my house. The girls heard me laughing and then they had to watch it 100 times too. “Did you notice this tote bag before? I didn’t…” xoxo

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