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Shanghai Zombie

August 21st, 2010

Holy schmokes… I’ve shanghaied one of the blog posts on the Where Women Create blog!  Actually, I was asked if I would like to be featured on their Fabulous Friday feature.  It didn’t even take me a nano second to say yes.  Holy schmoly… what an honor for me!

My post is here, and naturally I ramble on as I always do.  Added way too many photos.   I even swiped (or rather, schwiped) one of their graphics and happyzombied it.  I’m feeling rather shanghai-ish at the moment.  Dare I even say schanghai-ish?

In celebration of my WWC shanghai my WWC post, I’m giving away a 25 fat quarter bundle of my Holiday Happy fabric.  That’s 6.25 yards of fabric!  Leave a comment on the WWC post, and WWC will draw/announce the winner after their Tuesday, August 24th at 12:00 Noon (MST) drawing closes.

Holiday Happy bundle

I’m so touched by all the kind comments left for more me there. I’m unable to reply to them, so please know how deeply touched I am by the kindness everyone has bestowed upon me! Thank you!!!

PS to WCC - if you have a couple thousand extra visits on your blog… that’s just me coming back over and over and over again reading all the wonderful comments!

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107 Responses

  1. The fabulous Sherri allegedly said:

    I loved the WWC post…and no, there weren’t too many pictures…loved them all!

  2. The fabulous laurie allegedly said:

    Keep blogging. Keep sewing. Keep making me laugh.

  3. The fabulous Johanna allegedly said:

    You deserve it! I was so happy today to see that you were featured :)

  4. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    So nice of you to share all your wonderful talent and toys at WCC! The post was fabulous and of course the fabric is just so luscious. XO

  5. The fabulous Ila K. allegedly said:

    I love the Shanghai Zombie graphic!!

  6. The fabulous Agnes allegedly said:

    I’ve been drooling over your Holiday happy fabric since it came out! Love the WWC post too

  7. The fabulous Betsy Lynn allegedly said:

    I would soooooo love to win this fabric!!!
    Wonderful article on WWC!
    Thanks for the chance!

  8. The fabulous jenn allegedly said:

    I loved your WWC post ~ and *had* to comment for a chance to win your super generous giveaway! ~ and I LOVE your blog! (And your comments here? “the fabulous ’so-and-so’ allegedly said…”? love.Love.LOVE it!)

    just thought I’d share the love. ;)

  9. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    What a great post! Always good for a smile!

  10. The fabulous AnnieO allegedly said:

    Great post over there on the WCC! They were right on to invite you over. Enjoy all the admiration!

  11. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    You are sooooo cool, my friend! Love ya!! xo

  12. The fabulous Mary on Lake Pulaski allegedly said:

    That was so fun Monica! You did a great job over at WWC! And winning some fabric from my idol would be amazing!

  13. The fabulous Deb allegedly said:

    Fun blog! Love the fabrics — kudos to you!

  14. The fabulous joonzeboo allegedly said:

    your holiday happy fabric always makes me happy. love the little gnomes.

  15. The fabulous terri allegedly said:

    I thought the interview was awesome!!
    Congrats Mo 2 :)

    I can;t wait to come back and visit everyone. Thanks for all the love you have shown me even though we only met this summer. I feel great friendships blossoming even though I am moving away.

    Stay Zombie.. and Happy forever Kid!

  16. The fabulous Shirley in Canada allegedly said:

    A great interview & thanks for the give-away!!

  17. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    Loved the post Monica, it reads just like I think you talk!

  18. The fabulous Nadine allegedly said:

    Loved it, you are truly the bomb!!

  19. The fabulous Elaine allegedly said:

    Hi Monica, love your fabrics to death!! I went to Where Women Create and was not able to leave a comment. Are the comments closed or I am just to Blonde to leavea a comment? Thanks Monica, and keep those fabrics rolling out!

  20. The fabulous Paige Hill allegedly said:

    My dear zombie friend I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have you on our blog:) And that icon? I just about fell out of my chair! HOW CUTE IS THAT???? I love it! Can you be more talented? I think not …. Have a GREAT weekend~Paige

    ps~I loved each and every picture, and as a fellow rambler I have to say ….KEEP IT UP:)

  21. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    Loved your WWC post … every word and picture! I’m happily following your blog and their blog now :) Love the fabric too!! You schtinkin’ rock!!

  22. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    You’re so darn funny. That’s all I can write though…I have to rush over to WWC and leave my comment so that it will look good when you send me that bundle! XOXO

  23. The fabulous kelly allegedly said:

    so, i was in my favorite local fabric store the other day, and i let out a little yelp when i saw your fabric there! (it was the cotton shop, in redondo beach, btw) i didn’t buy any, because i’m cutting myself off for the time being, so i think i need to take myself over to WWC and try to win some of it! i’m just so in love with those little gnomies.

  24. The fabulous Rebecca Woods allegedly said:

    I loved reading about you on WWC and you know how I feel about Holiday Happy :-). It’s my favourite.

  25. The fabulous Robin allegedly said:

    You do get around girl…Love your pics in the post and all of your fun ideas…

  26. The fabulous pam allegedly said:

    Awww how cute! You’re so clever. And smart.

  27. The fabulous Lori Holt allegedly said:

    Hey girl…
    that is so beyond COOL that WWC asked you to be a guest blogger!
    I loved your post and I left you some bloggy love over there…

  28. The fabulous Chris Gerke allegedly said:

    Love the randomness of your blog. Livens up sometimes staid blogs. Thanks for the pleasure. QUEENIE

  29. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    I love WWC, and you are a perfect person to feature, your studio is adorable! I am so glad I got to meet you on Thursday at the Quilt Guild meeting, it was fun :) Have a great evening!

  30. The fabulous Leslie Schmidt allegedly said:

    I loved your photo at the end. You looked so sweet! It was fun to learn a little bit more about you. And there were some photos that were new to me, so don’t even think about there being too many. Wonderful post!

  31. The fabulous Sharon Feigl allegedly said:

    Hi Monica, Loved your WWC post…I loved seeing all the ohotos too :)
    Hugs, Sharon

  32. The fabulous Sivje allegedly said:

    Yep, you were awesome. But then again, I already told you that about a million times.
    I think I am going to go look at the pictures again. Happy Saturday!

  33. The fabulous kellie allegedly said:

    beautiful fabrics. i just love the color choice

  34. The fabulous sarah costa allegedly said:

    oh wow what a great line… you are incredibly talented

  35. The fabulous Julia allegedly said:

    Hi Monica!
    I wonder if my multiple personalities will qualify to enter more than once (+ all the extra-entries)…????
    I would kill for the cute ribbon alone…well, not actually kill (blood can be very stubborn if you try to get it out of fabric…) ~ but you can tell I want to have the fqb badly ;o)
    Again - congrats for being featured. I had so much Zombie fun to read your post…loved it! You’re awesome!
    BTW, the WWC logo looks much cooler the Zombie way!
    Hugs, Julia
    P.S.: do the Heinzelmännchen do the clean up for you in your studio? If so, they’re cordially invited in my Bat Cave…eh, work room. Holy (Sch)Moley!

  36. The fabulous Dora Dis allegedly said:

    When I googled “quilt blog” some years ago your was numero uno and it has been a favorite ever since,not because yours was the first quilt blog I read but because of your witty style !

  37. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    I found you on the WWC blog and I LOVE your blog and am a new follower. I think the smiles you give me while reading will be a good addition to my days.

  38. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    Monica!! I am SOOOO excited for you!! I’m going to enter now because I need more fabric for my Summer Star Sampler I’ve been working on. :o) YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  39. The fabulous Ludy allegedly said:

    Even in holland we follew your blog. Kind regards Ludy

  40. The fabulous Beth allegedly said:

    EEEK! This line is FABULOUS! Congrats on the WWC honor!

  41. The fabulous susan allegedly said:

    GREAT interview at WWC! You are so funny and a great inspiration! And there can never be too many photos!

  42. The fabulous Erin allegedly said:

    Love your stuff! Wishing you tons and tons of success with your adorable fabrics!

  43. The fabulous willemijn allegedly said:

    Oh, how wonderful that stack looks! Congratz on making something so nice and inpirational! So many thoughts of what to make from it!

  44. The fabulous Holly allegedly said:

    Congrats on your WWC post! Your fabrics are wonderful! =D

  45. The fabulous Laura sw allegedly said:

    So nice to see a wonderful looking blog. Loved the pics. I see why WWC picked you.
    Wonderful fabrics too! Thanks.

  46. The fabulous Kathy allegedly said:

    I just discovered your site…totally in love with your fabric and humorous look at life..made my day…

  47. The fabulous Busy Little Quilter allegedly said:

    I love your post. I agree with everyone else that you deserve the honor.

    I feel truly blessed that I have been on this happy ride with you for the past 3 1/2 years.

  48. The fabulous Erin allegedly said:

    I loved your post on WWC. Happy posts and comments are so nice. I always look forward to your posts because I know that they will be quirky and clever and I will usually smile while reading!

  49. The fabulous Frankie allegedly said:

    That was a great interview Monica! I loved all the photos too. Congratulations on being featured!

  50. The fabulous simone allegedly said:

    Congratulations, Monica!!! And I love your last comment. You make me laugh so often (((o:

  51. The fabulous Nancy allegedly said:

    I check your blog daily. I love it and all your antics!

  52. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    You are such a talented chickie! I love your schwiped WWC graphic!

    I was lucky enough to schwipe me some gnome panels of yours. Okay, okay. I didn’t really schwipe - I just schwiped my cc.

  53. The fabulous jen duncan allegedly said:

    Not leaving a comment there ’cause I already bought mine and don’t want to get in the way of a deserving winner…just wanted to say I really enjoyed the post! You, your stuff and your studio (your whole home, really) are just so darned inspirational to me!! Thank you for that.

  54. The fabulous Tabitha O. allegedly said:

    So glad you were picked to add your colors to their blog!!

  55. The fabulous Jessie allegedly said:

    Loved your WWC post! All the pictures are fantastic, you can never have to many photos!

  56. The fabulous Pauline allegedly said:

    Fabulous interview and now I’m a follower of WWC……it’s another great blog. Love your Holiday Happy fabric. The colors are sure to make anyone happy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. The fabulous Karen a/k/a/ The Lazy Quilter allegedly said:

    Everytime there is a contest, the same line plays over and over in my head…

    “ooh ooh OOOH pick me, Mr. Kotter, pick me!”

    Every time.


    Love the logo, love the fabric!

  58. The fabulous Aimee allegedly said:

    I’ll have to go right over and browse. I haven’t been there in a while so I’ll go now!

  59. The fabulous quiltmom (anna) allegedly said:

    You have a lovely blog Monica- Thanks for sharing your fabric and your ideas about life and quilting. I shall return again.
    Warmest regards,

  60. The fabulous Bonnita allegedly said:

    Great interview on WWC. Thank you for sharing everything you do. I love your Happy Holiday fabric!

  61. The fabulous Diane allegedly said:

    Congratulations on the wonderful WWC blog! Loved all the pictures - they always make me so happy! (Schappy?)

    Thank you for taking us all on so many great adventures - big and small - that we readers wouldn’t have had the chance to do without you.

    Hope they pick my comment for the win on August 24th because it’s my birthday. Love the Santa Gnomes!!!

  62. The fabulous stephanie allegedly said:

    You are GOOD!! I love WWC and I especially love your new line….I must go over and comment! Congrats on your feature!

  63. The fabulous Roberta allegedly said:

    So loved your post on WWC because it introduced me to you and your blog ;) All your fabrics are so georgous and your quilts are to die for…I’m such an admirer of this art because I know that I will not attempt one myself but I sure can enjoy all those that everyone makes.
    Have a wonderful week, fondly, Roberta

  64. The fabulous sandyk allegedly said:

    The blog is great..Just love the Happy Holiday fabric it is so awesome. Thank you for the chance for someone win to a fat quarter bundle of it.

  65. The fabulous Samm allegedly said:

    The post was brilliant, but I am not surprised in the least…so congrats on the feature…blessings ms

  66. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    Oh Monica - I’m so excited for you! Your post perfectly captures everything I love about your blog!

  67. The fabulous Caron Mosey allegedly said:

    How awesome for you! Thanks for the giveaway. The fabrics all look so colorful, I’d love to win!

  68. The fabulous steph allegedly said:

    I love the colors, and I think it’s time to start those holiday projects !

  69. The fabulous Charmaine McLaughlin allegedly said:

    Monica you are such a stitch! (pun intended) Everything about your blog is so cheery and happy! Was so excited to see your post on the Friday Feature for WWC! Wish you were going! Would love to make a cute bag with your cute fabrics! How fun!

  70. The fabulous Maria allegedly said:

    I’ve just found your blog and I love it! I love your style, it makes me really happy on this dreary Monday morning: rain threatening, wind blowing… what happened to summer? - well, summer is on your blog, lovely and sunny and cheery :)

    Thanks for sharing, it’s made my day!

  71. The fabulous Karin allegedly said:

    Love the zombified graphic! You’re such a hoot! Your blog just makes me happy and I need more of that right now.

  72. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    Yay for you! It’s definitely cuz you’re so schweet! :) love ya cutie friend! :)

  73. The fabulous Ellen allegedly said:

    I love how you celebrate, with generosity! Congrats on the feature.

  74. The fabulous jenny b harris allegedly said:

    Coolness!!!!! Well done you!

  75. The fabulous Rita allegedly said:

    You’re toooooo funny! Love your blog. I miss living in Oregon because when it rained, it was always an excuse to stay inside and sew.

  76. The fabulous wishes, true and kind allegedly said:

    Congratulations! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer zombie!

  77. The fabulous Theresa allegedly said:

    Congrats! Great Job and one little tiny little request?….post more!
    Love your humour, puts a smile on my face and sometimes even a giggle.

  78. The fabulous Sally allegedly said:

    Monica, this is soooooooooooo cool. Now a whole lot more people can get to know you and Mimi and your wonderful photos, projects and fabric. And my Pennie Pocket is famous! My very own Pennie Pocket was pictured!!

    BTW, I am not happy that you don’t blog very often anymore. I miss you and your friends.

  79. The fabulous Esther allegedly said:

    Congrats on your feature! It was great to read and see all of the photos–the more the better!

  80. The fabulous Nay from Nays Place allegedly said:

    Loved it and love the fabric and would love to give it home overseas. Love the blogs no matter how often you can do them - even my 11 yr old son loves them - I’m not sure if its the name or if he is really interested but it is something we do together.

  81. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    You SO make me laugh! Great giveaway and fantastic BLOG. I’m heading to your neck of the woods tomorrow…across the Astoria bridge and down the coast to Cannon Beach for A WHOLE WEEK!!! Ahhhhh tidepools and clam chowder…

  82. The fabulous Alicia allegedly said:

    Well, dang, I got up too late to comment for the contest. At least I have my Happy Holiday fabric. The Santas are going on a wallhanging Gail Pan design - Roly Poly Santas. Are you two related.

    I also am ready to begin a few more Crayon Jacks for my new friends.

    I’m still pissed about the contest LOL but at least I have some fabric.


  83. The fabulous Kasi allegedly said:

    OH! MY! GAAAAAAWD! I go on one little vacation and POOOF! You post an AWESOME one! AND I MISSED IT!!!!

    But, I did go read it and if I COULD respond, I could comment “Oh, HappyZ! I’d follow you anywhere!!!!!”

    Your WWC entry is awesome and I loved all the photos and I feel I know you a little better now!

    (p.s. Visiting Long Beach with fam weekend of K’s big Bday!!! Come meet me for a Scrappacino!)

  84. The fabulous Kasi allegedly said:

    BTW…I totally know all those names on the Pennie Pockets! I feel so “in the know”. Like I’m knockin’ elbows with famous people, who just got MORE famous. So, coooool!

  85. The fabulous diane allegedly said:


  86. The fabulous Candace allegedly said:

    Congratulations on being featured and wow on your giveaway. I’ve followed your blog for a long time and always enjoy it.

  87. The fabulous Mary Anne Drury allegedly said:

    DANG IT !!! I’m late to the party as usual! Sorry I missed it …. but I loved your post on WWC … and you just know I worship the ground you walk on …. and the fabric you sew on!!!!

  88. The fabulous Cathy A allegedly said:

    That was such a nice giveaway!

    Also, I just noticed that you are in Astoria…how lucky for you! Such a cute little town.

  89. The fabulous Ravenhill allegedly said:

    Hoping I might not be too late??? I would absolutely swoon to win this! Your fabrics are so fantastic!

  90. The fabulous Apryl allegedly said:

    what a fabulous hijacking post.. I’m too late to leave a comment on it as they are closed but really thats too much fabric for me to win, I could never keep that much to myself I’m not that good a seamstress and really that much fabric should be spread out and shared so as many people as possibly can have some to play with and share the happiness.

    keep going and being happy and I swear I will work on a gnome/zombie doll to do an Amelie inspired swap. :o)

  91. The fabulous Bonny allegedly said:

    Wow - what a super duper giveaway!
    Your life is just speeding along the highway of happy quilters! Don’t slow down!

  92. The fabulous jamie allegedly said:

    Your fabrics are beautiful!

  93. The fabulous Robin allegedly said:

    love, love that fabric!! Pick me! Pick me!

  94. The fabulous sweet cottage dreams allegedly said:

    you are just the funniest person alive! i tried to leave a comment on jo’s blog and the comment section was closed…just like a favorite restaurant closed … you know..when your stomach is churning for that favorite dish and you’ve been dying to eat it all day…closed. bummer, dudette. bummer! but know we all LOVE..LOVE..LOVE you and all your crazy zombie goodness!

    xo and all that mooshie schtuff..

  95. The fabulous sweet cottage dreams allegedly said:

    OH! are you having a giveaway?
    shuckie darn! i was so uber excited about YOU being featured on WWC that i totally DID NOT even read about your giveaway! call me stupid and soooooooooooo menopausal! but..way to go, chickadee! would love to win a giveaway from YOU! i am putting out my very first pattern and anything from you would be deee-vine to make into something cute!

  96. The fabulous Ange allegedly said:

    Hi Monica

    I found your blog - along with many others today. I think I have enjoyed visiting yours the most. I found you thru the dragon bag pattern. Sorry, too tired to use correct terms.
    Have really enjoyed my visit - will be back again to see what new adventures you have been on.


  97. The fabulous carrie allegedly said:

    love the colors, so crisp & clean, they’d be a great anything!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. The fabulous Crystal Allen allegedly said:

    I saw you on there and was so thrilled for you! Congrats! What an honor. :)

  99. The fabulous Anna allegedly said:

    I’ve been (silently)admiring your blog for quite sometime. In fact, on our family vacation to Idaho last summer, I’ve requested my hubby to make our way back (to CA) through Astoria just to see where you live, but never had the guts to contact you because I was afraid you might think I’m weird. I went to Home Spun Quilts instead. Love your works and even more so, I adore your sense of humor. Thank you for being you.

  100. The fabulous amandajean allegedly said:

    yay for you! it was fun to read your post.

  101. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    Just love everything about this site - mind if I sleep on the sofa?

  102. The fabulous Rachel@MyPinkFlipFlops allegedly said:

    I found you via Today’s Creative Blog! Your site looks awesome. Time to browse around!

  103. The fabulous Melissa allegedly said:

    Well, I was a little bummed I didn’t win. But, I’m still finding lots of happy in my little corner of the world, thanks to you, and I ordered my own little set of pink, green and red fat quarters! So I still win! Yay, me!

  104. The fabulous Raquel allegedly said:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… I’ve arrived late…. :-(((((

    But I’m doing your “Nöel matrioska”… It’s wondeful!!!!

  105. The fabulous chiqui allegedly said:

    I was late!
    By “blogging” I discovered yours and I love your designs and especially the colors so bright!
    I add to my blogs to follow
    Sorry for my English I’m from Spain and I am using a translator lol ;)

  106. The fabulous tayamg allegedly said:

    Awesome! I love that you also shanghaied Moda Bake Shop. I cannot wait to start my Lawn Chair quilts! Congrats!

  107. The fabulous Christie Dougal allegedly said:

    I just got my stash of Happy Mochi and I can not wait to get started on my quilt! Your fabrics are just the happiest!!
    Thank you for all your inspiration!

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