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Shiny Day

December 29th, 2009

I dream of the White Christmas we had last year… but for a brief moment yesterday I took a break from the day-dreaming to enjoy our rare sunshine.  I may be envious of everyone’s snow pics… but it’s hard to top shopping at the Astoria Safeway, popping my bags in the car… and then hopping on to our beloved Riverwalk for a stroll with Mr. Z in the glorious, glorious sunshine.

Astoria Riverwalk

It’s worth repeating. Glorious, glorious sunshine.  Glorious sun shiny sunshine sunny day.

Astoria Riverwalk Astoria Riverwalk

If this little red riverfront building was mine, it’d be my fantasy sewing & crafting hangout (the boat on the deck is for the pizza delivery and to bring friends).

Astoria Riverwalk

Astoria Riverwalk Astoria Riverwalk

Astoria has THE best signs in THE best places. I heart my little town of Absurdia.

Astoria Riverwalk

Rest stop where we can eyeball our next-door neighbor Washington (aka Hawai’i).

Astoria Riverwalk

Mill Pond Village.   A former toxic dump - now a jewel. These homes have magnificent views… sans the views of the bloggers who stroll the Riverwalk with cameras.

Astoria RiverwalkAstoria Riverwalk

There’s something about walking on a wooden bridge.  The sound.   The feel.  The need to peek at what’s underneath.  I was hoping to see a troll or a hidden immunity idol.

Astoria Riverwalk Astoria Riverwalk

Time to head back… and back to day-dreaming about snow.

Astoria Riverwalk

There must be someone out there dreaming of sunshine and snowless sidewalks, right? Can we swap?

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50 Responses

  1. The fabulous Laurie - Old School Acres allegedly said:

    Those beautiful, sunshiney pictures canNOT be from today!! We have so much snow!! No fair, Monica. *stomp*

  2. The fabulous Shawn allegedly said:

    Very nice photos Miss Monica, you live in a beautiful place. The blue skies, the water and the red riverfront building are just gorgeous! Happy New Year

  3. The fabulous laurie allegedly said:

    Lovely! Enjoy it while you can. Wind and rain can come back at any minute. It was icy cold here today, but bright and unusually sunny. A serious sunglasses day.

  4. The fabulous Carmen allegedly said:

    I love that Railroad crossing sign :D That would be the hew fangled underwater trains would it? ;)

    We have no snow here anymore. Just rain, rain and more rain. Add a *stomp* from me too!

  5. The fabulous Brenda Kula allegedly said:

    Beautiful scenery! I’m already tired of the cold (and last week I was in shorts) and I want my garden back!

  6. The fabulous pamkittymorning allegedly said:

    Hey I saw my bridge!!! Wish I was there. I love our gloomy weather though.

  7. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    I would paddle in that little boat all the way from here to there just to visit, sew and have a reuben with my friend! Single tear. Mmmmhmmmm. x

  8. The fabulous Andrea allegedly said:

    At this point, fog and rain appear glorious to me.
    That looks stunning… I love Oregon, always have, always will. need to drive down again. I’m glad you had such a glorious day!

  9. The fabulous nadine allegedly said:

    Okay, I am not loving the snow right now it has snowed here all day with more expected tomorrow!! (snowblower is on the fritz, and lazy teenage boy do not make for clear sidewalks and driveways!!) I don’t remember any days in December being sunny like that when I lived in Oregon! Still interested in the Spring? Lets talk soon!

  10. The fabulous jen duncan allegedly said:

    I guess we always want what we can;t have, but I’d have to say you’ve got it pretty good there girlfriend!

  11. The fabulous Bridgette allegedly said:

    Are you kidding me! It hasn’t topped the twenties in days and the snow has been falling all day.
    I’m freezing my @$% off here!
    And to make things worse, SOME people have to braggety brag about their sunshine! You’ll have knots in your thread for this.
    Oh well, here’s to an early spring and lot’s of good blog reading.

  12. The fabulous Lissa allegedly said:

    ah bless, its so lovely here today, anyone would forget its summer in australia.. we are so fortunate to have cool overcast summers day while the other half of the country is battling extreme heat and horrid bushfires!


  13. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Well, I’m not ready to swap yet. But let’s talk in February when I’ll be all over it. Your sunny pictures are divine!

  14. The fabulous KathiD allegedly said:

    That looks awfully pretty! Are you sure that isn’t Russia you see over there?

  15. The fabulous Sivje Parish allegedly said:

    Oh Monica, I must ask why you refer to Washington as Hawai’i. I have never been to Hawai’i but when I lived in Washington, it did not feel like I imagine Hawai’i would….Hm….

    I love your town so much. I want to visit it again soon. I heart Oregon too.
    They closest I may get is for my high school reunion in Eugene in July. Sigh….

    I hope you have a happy New Year.


      We used to live in Honolulu, Sivje… so we pretend the river is the Pacific and that Hawai’i is just over yonder. Have a great time when you come for your reunion. And you can pretend to see Eugene - while watching the Rose Bowl on Friday. Go Ducks!
      - Monica

  16. The fabulous Sabine allegedly said:

    Liebe Monica,
    das sind wunderschöne Bilder.
    Schnee haben wir auch keinen, aber es soll kälter werden in den nächsten Tagen.
    Hope you enjoy your sunny weather!!
    Alles Gute für das neue Jahr!
    Liebe Grüße

  17. The fabulous Kristin L allegedly said:

    I like your fake Hawai’i. I wish I could look over at Molokai and convince myself that it was the Mainland so my family would be closer. ;-)

  18. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    I love your little town just because. In snow, rain, sun, wind, WHATEVER. Plus, you’re there…bonus!! :) I’m glad you got to enjoy the sunshine and it wasn’t so cold you could just look at it from under a quilt in your favorite chair. It’s been sunny here, but cold. If it’s gonna be in the 20s, it should snow. Oh well. It can snow again here when we get more plows. :) Hey, wanna meet me in WI? I have friends that would let us stay with them. :) Or Minnesota, even.

  19. The fabulous Jill allegedly said:

    These photos are beautiful! I’d love to have a sunny day today, but the weatherman says more snow flurries. Seeing your day is enough to brighten mine. THANKS! Happy New Year!

  20. The fabulous Pookie allegedly said:

    Hm. I’d be all about sunshine and snowless walks, but I don’t think I’d ever get a “sunshine day” off from work, whereas I can totally get a “snow day”. Right, employer? A snow day? Like, on Saturday, when I really, really don’t want to work? Pleeeease? :D

    I love, love, love the railway crossing sign! And the pizza delivery boat. Heh.

  21. The fabulous Vickie E allegedly said:

    Love the pictures. We went to SC for Christmas…it was mostly sunny. Came home to Ohio and poof! 4 inches of snow that night! LOL it was 3 days late for a white Christmas.

  22. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    Hidden immunity idol, indeed. Lovely pictures, but I agree, around this time of year I’d love to have a little more gloom.

  23. The fabulous Sheri Zaugg allegedly said:

    I must agree. Astoria is on of the best places in the whole world…rain, fog…sun or? I love Astoria!

  24. The fabulous Barb allegedly said:

    Just breathtaking photos. Thanks for posting them. As for snow, I do miss it but have no chance of getting any here in Florida.

  25. The fabulous Robin allegedly said:

    We got snow yesterday…how did that miss you? Ah yes the coast never (almost never) gets the snow. Ours is gone and the rain is back…at least I know how to drive in the rain.

  26. The fabulous Chris@catsonmyquilts allegedly said:

    You may have all my NH snow you want but along with it you have to take the 8 degree temperature it is today. Deal?

  27. The fabulous Joni allegedly said:

    What wonderful photos, reminding me that we’ve had some beautiful days recently. Unfortunately I’m STUCK in my office all day, so will have to enjoy the day vicariously through your photos *sigh*

  28. The fabulous Leslie Schmidt allegedly said:

    When we get sunny winter days in MN it means that the temperature will drop! A lot! My brother lives is Corvallis, and he was rubbing it in,too, about all they could do outside while we were breaking icicles off our noses. Lucky ducks.

  29. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    There is nothing like the NW on a sunny, blue sky day! Doesn’t matter what the temp, either, it’s the sunshine that powers everyone!
    Fab photos, as usual…love seeing it all!
    Sure miss hanging out w/you 2!!
    Spring Tour 2010?? Just time to start thinkin!!!

  30. The fabulous Mom Wald allegedly said:

    It’s so frozen here in Wisconsin, that I cannot even be green with envy. Though I would if I could!

  31. The fabulous emilie allegedly said:

    beautiful pictures.
    it’s been raining non-stop since christmas over here in switzerland.
    and then, snow is on the forecast.
    so sure, i’ll swap !

  32. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    I agree Monica. I don’t always get the sunshine when I’m in Astoria, but on the sunny days I HAVE seen when I’ve been there, it is absolutely gorgeous! It has become a really cute town, too, with all the shops downtown, etc. Good thing too, now that you also have a better Costco, I’ll probably be there more often lol! It beats the Portland traffic! Karen

  33. The fabulous Cherry allegedly said:

    Beautiful pictures Monica. We live in the best part of the US even though it is really stormy today. Happy New Year!

  34. The fabulous Bren allegedly said:

    I usually bemoan the missing snow at Christmas-time. . . but this year I actually embraced the lack of freezing temps, icy roads & walks. . . & getting to go for wonderful walks like yours! Next time I’m in Portland. . . I’m definitely going to come & visit your cute little town!. Happy New Year Monica!
    xo, Bren

  35. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    It looks wonderful Monica but sorry, I wouldn’t trade that snow. I’ve waited toooo long for it. I’d share with you though. :-)

  36. The fabulous giulia allegedly said:

    Wonderful sun time, amazing place….
    It’s not as here in Italy… and my sweet home??……. has gone…
    Come and see…
    Ciao, Giulia

  37. The fabulous amandajean allegedly said:

    i’ll swap with you! or better yet, how about i come to visit and enjoy your snowfree weather with you. :)thanks for your sweet comment yesterday. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  38. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    Beautiful pictures of one of my favorite walks. Sometimes, in the summer, I drive out to Safeway on my lunch hour, by Sushi from the deli and plop myself down by the river for a little meditation time. It’s wonderful as long as I remember to look for a dog poopless spot!
    Happy New Year, my friends! Breakfast soon!

  39. The fabulous jaybird allegedly said:

    beautiful photos!! you can borrow some of the 2 feet of snow we got whenever you want!

  40. The fabulous Natalia allegedly said:

    I have to tell you thank you for your sweet comment about my quilt over at MBS. I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite some time and I feel so honored that you love my quilt, I’m Blushing, literally! :)

  41. The fabulous Kasi allegedly said:

    I heart your little town of Astoria, too. Can I come live there, too? If ony I could talk my hubby into relocating…Astoria would be top of the list (well…Cannon Beach is TOP TOP of the list, but since I don’t want to live in a cardboard box and that’s all I could afford there…). Sigh!

  42. The fabulous Karen a/k/a TheLazyQuilter allegedly said:

    Your posts always make me smile! :)
    My current mantra is a song from one of those old 60s Claymation specials “Be Happy With What You Have”. Easier said than done when one actually enjoys the snow! The NY Hudson Valley has had quite a bit already and I’m on shoveling duty this winter. >:( I’ll send lots of snowy thoughts your way until you get the real thing.

  43. The fabulous leslie allegedly said:

    oh Astoria!!! it is one of my favorite paces to visit. the riverwalk is beautiful. it is awfully snowy outside my door and cold….that sunshine and clear sidewalks looks really nice.

  44. The fabulous Sweet Cottage Dreams allegedly said:

    I LOVE Astoria! Had a boyfriend once upon a time who was from there. You lucky girl to live in such a charming town!!!!

    Becky :)

  45. The fabulous nanette allegedly said:

    Beautiful pictures. I think Oregon is my dream state.

  46. The fabulous Jenice allegedly said:

    We visited Astoria a couple years ago. It was wonderful. We climbed the column and the weather was terrific. Then we traveled down the coast it was a fun, fun trip.

  47. The fabulous Adrienne allegedly said:

    Just stopped for to catch up for a bit and when I came to this posting about Astoria I couldn’t be silent any longer! I love Astoria - we lived there for about four years when our now-grown children were very young. I didn’t want to leave but my sweetheart’s job took us on to other places. But Astoria stayed in my heart and I long to go back. We almost headed that direction this weekend but needed to change plans. Thanks for the walk - I’m coming to walk along the Riverwalk some sunny day soon! Thanks for letting me enjoy the city again. I’d love to retire there!

  48. The fabulous a fan of anything chocolate allegedly said:

    Just found your blog and enjoyed the snow free photos. Here in the northeast it has been snow, snow, snow lately. Waiting patiently for spring!

  49. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    Snow, sun, I can take them both but the OCEAN, I would die to live in a place where I could see the ocean. Sigh. Enjoy and THANK YOU for sharing. Gorgeous shots.

  50. The fabulous Heather allegedly said:

    Oh, how I miss that pretty little town. I loved living there so much and maybe someday the Coast Guard will bring us back! Thank you for sharing the beautiful, sunny winter pictures.

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