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Thursday: Sewing Day

May 7th, 2009

Every day of the week, a happy home I shall keep. Or at least try.

Even on those un-creative utilitarian sewing days that I’ve put off for 3+ months - it feels great to check-mark chore #79 as done.

Fantasy sewing.
Fantasy utilitarian sewing

Reality sewing.   Snooze.
Reality utilitarian sewing

My mind wanders when I sew.   With Mike Rowe’s voice in my head,  I’m on a boat in the middle of the sea.   A luxurious quilting boat.  Lots of friends. Lots of laughing. Lots of eating, snacking and sewing. A seafaring quilt retreat given as a Mother’s Day gift.  Our captain (Sig, of course) calls in an emergency SOS for us.  Save-Our-Sewing.  Cut to USCG helo lowering a basket on board with emergency supplies.  Bolts and bolts and bolts of fabric crammed into the basket…  and James Sawyer/LeFluer is in the basket too… and… and… and… I really need to get to the Post Office, Fred Meyer and Costco.  Oh reality, you pop into my head at the worst times!

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30 Responses

  1. The fabulous cyndi allegedly said:

    If we didn’t have a day of dull-drums, then how would we ever appreciate the really good stuff… Chores and errands seem to fill up my weekend hours these days! ARGH! But I am loving that it’s going to be SUNNY this weekend.

    Happy Mom’s Day Monica!

  2. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    Fred Meyer? You are speaking my language. I miss Fred Meyer from my Idaho days. Very Target-esh. I’ll be going back to Idaho for the month of June….hmmm….not too far from you! Aren’t you just DYING for a little trip to Idaho?? Fabulous quilt shops!!

  3. The fabulous Carol Lewis allegedly said:

    Is that your sewing machine with a sticker on it? Flowmaster, hmmm, just curious.

  4. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    What an imagination you have! I can’t believe all that came to you while “utility sewing!”

  5. The fabulous Cheryl allegedly said:

    Requesting to board captain!!! :-)!

  6. The fabulous rachel allegedly said:

    captain sig!!!
    do yall watch deadliest catch too???

    you are too funny miss missy mam.

  7. The fabulous Kelly allegedly said:

    Fabulous post. I take a Coast Guard uniform with daisy trim any day. :) ~Kelly

  8. The fabulous mo allegedly said:

    Quilting and Lefleur? Sounds great to me!

  9. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    Mike Rowe in your head too!! Gotta love him and his voice. He is one beautiful man. Love the mother’s day wishes from the Deadliest Catch crew. Not exactly your fantasy quilting cruise though! I think I might have a little trouble sewing on one of those ships.

  10. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Girl, I want to be on that boat. I’ll go get my Gumby Suit ready! :) Along with my special Fabric Depot bag full of fabric. :) And you just HAD TO mention Freddy’s. I miss the PNW!!! But, I’ll be close to a Costco soon….and Trader Joes and Ikea! woot.

  11. The fabulous Jennifer allegedly said:

    is your hubby a coastie? my ex was a coastie and i still have several of his bdu patches in my sewing box. for when he needs replacements and he thinks i’ll do it for him.

    i do still love the uscg. several friends still in and i appreciate everything they do that the general public doesn’t realize they do for us.

    and YIPPEE for deadliest catch! although i had to delete the last couple episodes so my 6-yr old doesn’t have nightmares about sinking vessels.

  12. The fabulous Candace allegedly said:

    Monica, who needs reality when you have Cap’n Sig and Sawyer (don’t you just love his dimples when he smiles??????)

  13. The fabulous Jodi allegedly said:

    you crack me up….ooxx`jodi ;o)

  14. The fabulous Mal* allegedly said:

    It’s nice to clear the static of “need to” and get back to the joy of “GET to!”

  15. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    Standing at attention while waiting for my invite for that cruising retreat…
    Well, I’ll just meet you at the docks. Don’t try to keep me off, I’m coming and thinking cruising to some warmer waters may be in order. Is there margarita’s in that supply basket?
    Now boarding the Coast Guard Cutter Stitchin’.

  16. The fabulous Dorothy allegedly said:

    Monica, your posts always make me smile. You have a wonderful writing style.

  17. The fabulous Karen Snyder allegedly said:

    Don’t you know that “mend” is a four letter word!

  18. The fabulous Diana Clark allegedly said:

    Your great always funny and making me laugh, all the way to Oklahoma. I always enjoy looking at your blog to see what your up to and I am never dissapointed keep it up!

  19. The fabulous Sharon allegedly said:

    I LOVE SIG!!!!!!!!! He’s mine all mine!!! So back off Matie!!!!! Dont make me hurt you even if it is Mother’s Day!!!

  20. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Oooh. Wait just a minute here. Who is this SIG guy??? I don’t think our hubby (and in a basket???) would be just a wee-bit upset about another man. ‘Cause you know — this plural stuff only goes one way!!!

  21. The fabulous v and co allegedly said:

    i’m always up for a partay. ;)

  22. The fabulous Julie allegedly said:

    Hmmmm, I can come too??

  23. The fabulous AnyoneCanQuilt allegedly said:

    LeFleur in a basket…That’s too funny. But listen, are you sure you should be mentioning him on your blog for all of the public to read?? We don’t want any jealous ladies stalking us and all. Girls get mean. I would love to sew with you on the Mike Rowe, Captain Sig cruiser. Hope you had fun at Fred Meyer, we now call it Frd Meyer down here though, ever since the e burnt out. xo

  24. The fabulous craftytammie allegedly said:

    every time i read your blog, i wish you were my best friend! we’d have so much fun together. but hands off sawyer, i have dibs.

  25. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Every time I read your blog, I want to get out my sewing machine and get addicted to quilting! I told myself I didn’t need to do that, my sister is already and addict. but all your pretty colors and photos make me consider changing my mind! Karen

  26. The fabulous amylouwho allegedly said:

    I think you should have put on the daisies! My husband is USMC and even though I sew, he pays someone else to put on his name tapes.

    I want on that boat. I was pretty sure I did, and then Sawyer came up and I knew I needed to be on there!

    You are funny! I can’t remember how I found your blog - it was through a I drank the koolaid button on someone else blog. And know I fold my fabric all nice and neat and I love it!!

    BTW, I love Astoria! I’ve hiked up that little tower every time I’ve been there to visit. It’s SO beautiful!

  27. The fabulous amylouwho allegedly said:

    Um I’m tired - please ignore all the typos I just saw in my comment…..

  28. The fabulous Diane ~ The Library Lady allegedly said:

    I have just discovered your blog through Sweet Cottage Dreams. I really like your blog and we seem to be a “hoot”. I just had to comment when I saw you sewing on the Coast Guard stuff and just had to laugh with the fantasy part. My son is in the Coast Guard - eight years now - he’s 28. He’s up for transfer THIS WEEK END from Oklahoma to St Marys, GA - only one hr and fifteen minutes from ME. I have a new grand that I haven’t seen and I’m so excited. Thanks for showing the Coastie sewing.

    The Library Lady

    “Take surprise and delight in the little things”

  29. The fabulous Chase allegedly said:

    Where on earth did you find that mushroom trim?! Gah, me want!

    At the Japanese store Daiso. But it was a while ago - m

  30. The fabulous Kay Snyder allegedly said:

    Hahaha! I was in the USCG back in the 90’s, good times :o)

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