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In Hot Water

September 24th, 2008

Someone’s in hot water. Someone who was naughty. Very. Very. Very. Naughty.  Someone was jealous of a fellow staff member (Triskit, who’s this month’s Employee of the Month).  Someone else saw fit to take revenge into his own hands hand.  Good thing I have cameras monitoring the staff.

Ouch. Ouch. It’s hot, Bob. Why are you doing this to me?
Hot Water

No. Bob. Seriously… it’s getting really hot!  Say something, damn it.  Stop looking at me with Dexter-eye. Hot Water

Maybe Mother Clucker can help me escape. I wonder where she is. Mmmm. Something smells good. Almost smells like Thanksgiving.
Hot Water

Oh no! It’s all making scents sense now! Mother Clucker… get out of there. Fast!  And Bob, stop staring at me.  You look like Jimmy Kimmel’s evil twin.
Hot Water

Scoot, scoot… get out of there fast. Fast. FASTER! Fly up and rescue me, oh Mother Clucker.
Hot Water

Giddy up. Clickclickclick.
Hot Water

Time for a little estrogen justice. Payback time.
Hot Water

So Bob… how do ya like me now, eh?
Hot Water

In Hot Water was brought to you by Palmolive Liquid and Folger’s Instant Crystals. Filmed before a live studio audience.
Hot Water (behind the scenes)

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36 Responses

  1. The fabulous Lemon Tree Tami allegedly said:

    LOL … oh my that brought such a chuckle and a few giggles to my afternoon. Gotta love your live audience’s reaction. :-)

  2. The fabulous MichelleB allegedly said:

    You are too funny! Thank you for that entertaining interlude.

  3. The fabulous Harley allegedly said:

    That was too cute!! :)

  4. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    You totally crack me up!! I love Mother Clucker. Did you have to bribe the studio audience to stay put with a nice little treat? How funny!

  5. The fabulous Anyone Can Quilt allegedly said:

    I love that crazy look in Bob’s eye. He is hilarious. And I’m very impressed that he did such a wonderful acting job while still holding his burger. And Triskit riding Mother Clucker??? You can’t say that sentence without cracking up. x

  6. The fabulous Ellen Crimi-Trent allegedly said:

    okay you crazy lady, what are you up too? You crack me up on the inside where it counts! So what do you think of Mccain bailing on the debates??

    I just wish we could vote now and have his face off the t.v. and the other moron back to Alaska where she belongs!

  7. The fabulous carolbrowne allegedly said:

    HA! I love that last shot of the dog looking on very intently. He’s totally watching the Soap Operas! Hahaha! CUTE. I first thought Bob had one of those lobster claws for a hand. Why? I’m not sure. My powers of observation are not very good today.

  8. The fabulous Sandra :) allegedly said:

    Triskit told me to say Mother Clucker 10 times fast. It wasn’t pretty!!!

  9. The fabulous Natalie allegedly said:

    Puppy’s wishing there was Tivo.
    When can we tune-in for the next episode?

  10. The fabulous Ashley Ann allegedly said:

    Mother Clucker! You’re slaying me! haha

  11. The fabulous Lynnette Beattie allegedly said:

    You are too clever. I see you have included another California icon in your story telling. I love to go to Bob’s Big Boy for my birthday which is right after turkey day! Thanks for all the fun.

  12. The fabulous Renee allegedly said:

    What a great episode! Mother Clucker is my personal favorite :) Smells like Thanksgiving!

  13. The fabulous mo allegedly said:

    Mother Clucker? HILARIOUS!! You are too much!

  14. The fabulous jen duncan allegedly said:

    It’s just not fair. You sew every day, have a perfectly clean house, probably cook all your meals, AND have time to play like this! I wish I knew your secret.
    That last pic showing the Live Audience really made me laugh out loud. Too cute!! All of it. :-)

  15. The fabulous Tamy allegedly said:

    Your live doggie audience brought tears of joy and much laughter with my biggest and littlest big boys!!
    What a fabulous unfolding drama.
    Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi - I havent heard that in waaaaayy too long - thank you for uplifting me and temporarily bringing me a huge slice of home!

  16. The fabulous Brenda allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness you are way too funny!!! I love reading your blog.

  17. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    I think you have WAAAYYYYy too much time on your hands! :) tee hee Your furbaby looks so adorable. :)

  18. The fabulous anina allegedly said:

    Oh my! Drama! I love reality blogging.

  19. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Dexter eye huh? Mother Clucker?
    Good gravy.


  20. The fabulous Nanette allegedly said:

    Monica you are ingenious. That was hilarious. Not only was Triskit and the scenery so cute to look at, the writing was better than half the sit coms on tv! I have a little stove I love. Yours is darling.

  21. The fabulous Chris@catsonmyquilts allegedly said:

    You obviously have way too much time on your hands.

  22. The fabulous Jennifer from NY allegedly said:

    Ha! That was too funny! Your pup looks thoroughly interested. You must be a very entertaining owner. LOL I have that same cookbook, BTW. Never used it seeing as I’m on the East coast.

  23. The fabulous Mary Ann allegedly said:

    I must learn not to read your blogs during lunch. A mouth full of cookies in the process of being washed down by a Coke wrecks havoc on my inner nose as I try to stiffle a laugh. The alternative is to spew on my keyboard - highly frowned upon by my employer. You are the bombidy bomb bomb!

  24. The fabulous Cyndi allegedly said:

    I’d comment if I could stop laughing… :)

  25. The fabulous Nanna J allegedly said:

    Oh honey - you are TOO funny!! Great writing, great pictures, love the stove, and I want it!!! You’re not givin’ it up, are you?
    Tell us another story, please!!

  26. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    You’re hysterical! Although one must ask what recreational things are going on with you and the “characters” out there!

  27. The fabulous Kristin J allegedly said:

    girl, you are so wicked awesome.

    love the “Dexter eyes” reference.

  28. The fabulous Roseann allegedly said:

    This just makes me laugh. Out loud! You crack me up … especially the last part about the live audience.

  29. The fabulous Cathie allegedly said:

    Well, luckily I was neither eating nor drinking when I came to the part about the live audience… or my keyboard would have been in mortal danger!

    Thanks for the day-brightening laughter!!


  30. The fabulous Karen allegedly said:

    Did everyone in the studio audience go home with a gift? Did they? Huh? Huh? I want tickets to the next taping.

  31. The fabulous Doe allegedly said:

    I would love to see a running series of the show! Hmm, I wonder how Triskit is going to deal with evil genius Bob’s next revenge. Mwahahaha!

    BTW, mother clucker is my @#$% from now on. Thanks!

  32. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness! Your creative genius knows no boundaries!

  33. The fabulous Marco Solorio allegedly said:

    You take such nice pictures, seester! Even the natural lighting looks great (I’m soooo glad you never use flash). I think you need to invest in a Canon DSLR (like a used 30D, 40D or new 50D) and a 50mm f/1.4 lens (or an f/1.2 if you really want to spend the big bucks) and you’d have even AWESOMER photos!

  34. The fabulous Anne allegedly said:

    I came over for a quick break and I’m so glad I did! This post just made my day. It’s sooooo cute and creative. Just like you!

  35. The fabulous Jessie allegedly said:

    Um, you’re hysterical and brilliant. Thanks for this.

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  36. The fabulous Penni D allegedly said:

    That’s the funniest thing I have seen (scene) in awhile. Audience face says it all. The only thing missing from the audience were the crickets. Thanks for the chuckle today.

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