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Serious cuteness

February 12th, 2008

It’s so hard to write this post without saying OHMYGOSH… but seriously… OHMYGOSH did I come across THE cutest pattern ever. Ever. EVER. I said EVER.

I saw this post on Craft: about a Bob Ross embroidery and went all goo-goo-Mc-drool-drool over it (who didn’t love Bob Ross and that little chipmunk he kept in his pocket?). Thinking how much I loved this style of art/embroidery… I instantly knew it was from the Doodle Stitching author, Aimee Ray.

So that lead to a click here, a click there… and then. And then. And then… (sorry, bad Dude Where’s My Car humor - I couldn’t resist)… and then… I found Aimee’s pattern for her ADORABLE felt Matryoshka nesting dolls. OHMYGOSH are they cute. Seriously, seriously, seriously cute. I swear I heard a harp playing when I first saw the photo. [Aimee’s flickr photo used with permission]

With Aimee’s permission, I enlarged the largest doll by 175% - and this is what I made:

Don’t ya just want to squeeze it? Sorry, but I won’t allow it. You’ll just have to make your own. I put the jar there for size reference. When I go big… I go BIG.

I didn’t give my doll a mouth… mine of course is a distant cousin of Hello Kitty and Mimi… so no mouth. I think her eyes are smiling. I did give my doll a name… Natasha. I’m giving her the option of joining the staff - I’m leaving it up to her. I think if the staff gets any bigger I’m gonna have a Dunder Mifflin on my hands before I can say dwight schrute three times, really fast. I know Natasha would like to be a cozy to something… but we just can’t figure out to what yet. We tried the iron, but the iron is too big. Tried my imac/monitor… but it’s too wide. So for now, Natasha is my giant water bottle cozy. Not really workin’ for me - or Natasha. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking…

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43 Responses

  1. The fabulous Tami allegedly said:

    Oh my goodness you’re right, these are the most adorable little cuties ever! Gotta run over and get a pattern. :-)

  2. The fabulous Lissa allegedly said:

    HOLY MOLY, thats not big! its FREAKING HUMUNGOUS! that aint a finger puppet now, more like a whole body puppet for a toddler! but bloody gorgers.. forwarded the link to a friend who has a maroushka collection to be envied (a bit like your friends 30’s stash)..


  3. The fabulous robin allegedly said:

    I can’t beleive you already have Natasha finished. And she is soooooo adorable. Can’t wait to see the rest of them…

  4. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    The doll is cool and the post full of pop culture I don’t know but OHMYGOD LOOK AT THAT MUSHROOM FABRIC. What is that???? I must know. (hmm reminds me of something?)

  5. The fabulous April allegedly said:

    I also bought Aimee’s book and made my first project! Yours is darling.
    Here’s mine: suaviloquy.blogspot.com

  6. The fabulous Jessica allegedly said:

    Oh, that is TOO CUTE. Are you going to make a second one? B/c if you are, you just HAVE to embroider “dude” and “sweet” on their backs.

    What’s my tattoo say?
    Sweet! What’s mine say?
    Dude! What mine say?

    I’m almost ashamed to find that movie entertaining.

  7. The fabulous suzy allegedly said:

    Super cute and I love the colors you chose! xo, suzy

  8. The fabulous Steph allegedly said:

    That is so cute! I’m so glad she’s selling patterns now, as if the book wasn’t enough!

  9. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    Holy cow, but those are cuuuuuuuute!!

  10. The fabulous Pieces allegedly said:

    So cute!

  11. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    Love, love love it. Natasha is adorable!!!!

  12. The fabulous dorkyquilts allegedly said:

    She’s seriously adorable. And I love your colors! Can she be a coffee grinder cover? A hot water bottle cover?

    By the waaaaaayyyyyy…..guess what the postman brought me todaaaaaayyyyyyyy??? (!!!!!)

  13. The fabulous Domestic Chicky allegedly said:

    Gah!! Insane with the cute! Do you do french press coffee? I bet that would totally fit over a small french press…

  14. The fabulous sharon allegedly said:

    OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!! She is one adorable chick!!! I love her. Your so dang creative. All I do is think of things but you, you actually make them. Love Natasha!!

  15. The fabulous Vickie E allegedly said:

    They are adorable. I may have to get that pattern!

  16. The fabulous Autum allegedly said:

    Monica, she’s adorable! How about a chihuahua cozy? I have a couple that would fit nicely- one at a time that is. Why must you torture us so with the little peeks of sweetness you surround your self with? The mushroom fabric, and OMG that pink princess phone!!!

  17. The fabulous Lisa thedomesticdiva allegedly said:

    OMG…that’s too stinkin’ cute!

    With friendship,

  18. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    “before I can say dwight schrute three times, really fast”
    for a minute I thought you were makinglittle versions of the characters. that would be hilarious.
    And have you seen this post?

  19. The fabulous June allegedly said:

    She’s beautiful and I love how you made her so big! I do indeed think her eyes are smiling.

  20. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    OMG!!!! I’m drooling….Have I seen anything cuter? I think not! I’m going to have to follow in your footsteps and get that pattern. I can’t help myself…
    Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!!!!

  21. The fabulous Beth allegedly said:

    OK, you just gave me my quote of the day.
    “GOO-GOO-MC-DROOL-DROOL” I love it.
    My husband thinks I’m nuts because I name everything. Nice to know I’m not the only one. Nuts or not.

  22. The fabulous Chris@catsonmyquilts allegedly said:

    Put it over a bottle of vodka.

  23. The fabulous Nanette allegedly said:

    My fingers ran to get that pattern. I have been wanting to make a matryoshka (sp?) tea cozy. I have a picture from one of my Japanese craft magazines but no pattern. I could make one up, I suppose but I haven’t made a doll in a long time. So thank you!! Love yours. Its so darling. I will have to adapt her pattern to what I want it to look like. So fun.

  24. The fabulous Kris allegedly said:

    I luv Natasha!! But now I’m tagging you! U R IT!!

  25. The fabulous ellen crimi-trent allegedly said:

    very nice! I like things big myself, I have no use for tiny little things!! Ha Ha

    I am just coming out of my flu fog and glad to have my life back a bit!


  26. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    The only words that come to me are OH MY GOODNESS! SHE’S ADORABLE!!

    Sara still hasn’t seen this. When she does, we’ll be ordering the pattern and makin’ our own little Natasha jr.

  27. The fabulous Wendy allegedly said:

    You are too creative….she is so adorable. I love the red and aqua combination.

  28. The fabulous Doe allegedly said:

    Effing CUTE!!!! Gawd woman, you make me puky-sick with ENVY!!! That is one stinken’ adorable Natasha. I love that fabric in the background, too! Where can I get one? Can I just come shop at your house/sewing room instead?

  29. The fabulous june gibbons allegedly said:

    these are those most adorable goodies i’ve seen all week!! i want some!!

  30. The fabulous tamara allegedly said:

    So adorable and I was thinking she’d make a great Bodum cover or did someone mention that already?

  31. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    Love Natasha! I think a water bottle cozy is great! Thanks for pointing me in the way of her site, I love it. Also, thanks for adding my site to your blog list….you rock!

  32. The fabulous Catherine allegedly said:

    Your blog is really nice!!I love lots of things! I put you in my link because I would like to visit you as often as I could! Sorry for my bad english!!Can you tell me where I can get tis doll pattern? is it free or not? I didn’t understand?
    Thank you s much!!
    Kisses from south of France!!

  33. The fabulous Kairle allegedly said:

    A-DOR-A-BLE!!! Just WAY too cute!

  34. The fabulous Nanna J. allegedly said:

    What can I say? Harps were playing, the earth moved, my heart is going boom-de-boom-da-do-wop-a-looba-a-wam-bam-boo, or something like that!!! Natasha is absolutely adorable, but since it’s Valentine’s, don’t you think she needs a Boris?? You can’t expect her to go through her gorgeous life alone, can you? No indeedy!!
    Happy Valentine’s, MJM, you talented girl, you!!!

  35. The fabulous Susan Petersen allegedly said:

    What about computer speaker cozies? You could make a mate for her & they could sit all pretty on your desk covering up your computer speakers. Do you have computer speakers? I think I might make one to cover up my tissue next to my bed & have the tissue come out of the top of the head.

  36. The fabulous Ravenhill allegedly said:

    Your matryoshka is adorable! I make them TOO! Mine are just a bit different though… It is fun to see the various styles, shapes and patterns.

  37. The fabulous Tricia allegedly said:

    That is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I’ve got to share this with a Matryoshka Nesting Dolls collector I know. She’ll go nuts over it.

  38. The fabulous Pam mys allegedly said:

    Just out of curiosity-why would you need to seek permission to make something with a pattern you had already purchased? If I sought permission for every mod I ever made to a pattern…….just doesn’t make sense to me.

  39. The fabulous Patty/MODKID allegedly said:

    Adorable matryoshka! :) And… OMG I didn’t even know Dunder Mifflin had their own website… I’m seriously rolling right now.

  40. The fabulous My Art allegedly said:

    That is so cute! By the way your blog it’s nice.

  41. The fabulous Lallee allegedly said:

    Your interpretation of this doll is so adorable, and I love how you enlarged it. I’ve wanted to make one for the longest time. It’s going on the top part of my to do list!

  42. The fabulous Beata allegedly said:

    ‘Love everything about her!

  43. The fabulous Stephane in Alaska allegedly said:

    OMGosh, I think I’m going to faint, she’s SO CUTE!!! Thanks for pointing me to the pattern.

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