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Surrounded by talent

November 9th, 2007

My life is blessed with talented women in it!

My wondertwin Pam. Have you ever seen a more darling bag?!? I know the answer is no. Mix one part PamKittyMorning and one part Elizabeth/Late Bloomer Quilts = one killer pattern! Super powers activated! Connie and I are crashing the Anna Lena quilt retreat this weekend… I’m so making one of Pam’s bags while I’m there.

Liquid Sky Love. My friend Kathleen of Liquid Sky Arts is an uber talented artist. Paper, jewelry, photography… talent just oozes out of her pores. And to top off all that talent… she’s the super sweetest person ever. I ordered my holiday cards from Kath… soooo stinkin’ cute. I loved seeing her name on the back of the cards. Too effing cool! If you want to see the front… you can take a look here.

I can’t guarantee Kathleen will hand deliver your order like she did mine, or include a kick ass gift for Mimi… but you will love, love, love what ever you order from her!

That sweet Sharon of Red Geranium Cottage. Not just a talented quilter, but if you’re a regular reader of hers you’ll know she’s the Super Shopper of All Things Cool & Cute! I was supposed to be all “shhhhh” about the little baggie she was sending me. I said I’d keep mum, but I lied. Liar, liar - my pants are on fire. And why did she send me the darling little bag? Because I made my own contest on her blog! I highly recommend starting a contest on someone else’s blog. And just look what all she sent! I think I said “oh my goodness” like 57 times as I opened her package! And speaking of contests… I’ll be having one of my own soon! Hmmm… what could it be.
And not only did Sharon send me one bag… BUT TWO. And look at the rest of the goodies too! As you can see I “opened” one of the bags… I just had to see the inner workings of such a neat little bag. And that cookie… Sharon thinks I’m going to eat it, but I’m not. Cute trumps sugar. At least for a week anyhow. We’ll see how my willpower holds out.

I have my annual mammogram next week… I’ll be using Sharon’s Moda Quilt Pink tote bag for what ever I’m working on while I’m waiting. I actually like getting my mammogram. Not the turning my boobs into Swedish pancakes part, but the feeling of doing something good for myself is quite wonderful. Plus… I get mine done at OHSU at the Center for Women’s Health and it’s almost like a spa day up there.

From bags to boobs… and now I must nap.

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22 Responses

  1. The fabulous Natalie allegedly said:

    So much to sample in this variety post. I am looking forward to visiting the links. And I salute you and your awesome Mamma-tude… I hope your spa day is uplifting and good!

  2. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Thanks for the props wonder twin!! And looks like you scored some awesome loot!

  3. The fabulous Deanna (domestic chicky) allegedly said:

    You are indeed a lucky lady…

  4. The fabulous Connie W allegedly said:

    Love visiting your blog, you have way too much energy! Send some over my way please! Love all the goodies, they’re so cool. My mamm is next week too. Like you, gotta do it.

  5. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    Fabulous goodies! I love Pam’s bag….I may need to find that pattern. Good luck on the boobie squishing…treat yourself to something special afterwards.

  6. The fabulous Berglind allegedly said:

    Wow, lucky you, all these goodies! I loved the cookie and I admire your willpower… I’m not sure I would have willpower enough to take the picture, I think the cute cookie would have “disappear” before the shooting :)
    Have a nice quilting weekend everyone, greetings from Iceland,

  7. The fabulous LauraJ allegedly said:

    Bags and boobs…too funny!

  8. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    Great Loot, my friend! I have some of those awesome Kathleen cards coming myself. You just reminded me that I need to email her back~
    Hope your lovely boob squishing goes well!

  9. The fabulous Darlene allegedly said:

    Great loot! Sharon makes adorable bags!


  10. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    My Goodness! You are a lucky chick! But, ya know, if you are a sweet chick, other sweet chicks will want to be around you. And, you my friend, are one of the sweetest, most generous chickees around! :)

  11. The fabulous kathleen allegedly said:

    Ooh, what a treasure trove of goodies you scored. You lucky thing!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful post & kudos… you’re the sweetest. It was such a treat to see your new space last weekend, your view of the forest is absolutely enchanting! :)

  12. The fabulous Thimbleanna allegedly said:

    Man, that little Sharon is amazing, isn’t she?

  13. The fabulous VickieE allegedly said:

    There are so many good things to say about Sharon and Pam…you summed it them up well. And such lovely goodies you scored this week.

  14. The fabulous sharon allegedly said:

    WOW what goodies you received. OH wait they were from ME!!! LMAO!!!! Well they are good. Good luck on the mammy I’m sure all will go well. Show your pink bag proud!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed everything. OH and feel free to start your own contest anytime. I’ll join right in and award you with a prize!!

  15. The fabulous Lissa allegedly said:

    Oh my! I LOVE your idea of starting a contest on someone elses blog??? will it work for me here??? LOL.. I love your blog, and I LOVE the stuffs you won, so me actually..I am a 30’s fabricologist (recovering actually, DH put his foot down about buying fabric twice as fast as using it, what a party pooper).. but I’ll be sure to check out your blog again real soon…

    take care


  16. The fabulous Doe allegedly said:

    Eye candy galore! Love all your loot. That Pamkitty/Late Bloomer bag is sooo adorable.

    I hope your “squish-squash and mush” the boob appointment goes well!

  17. The fabulous Nicole allegedly said:

    All those gorgeous colors make me want to raid my stash and whip up something red and pink and polkadotty.

  18. The fabulous Moog allegedly said:

    I am such a junkie of your blog. You take me to people and places I’ve never before heard of, and the circle increases with every entry. Before I know it, my lunch hour is gone and I must come back to reality - pooh.

  19. The fabulous Angela (Cottage Magpie) allegedly said:

    HANG on, missy. You’re going to be going to OHSU??? Explain why we can’t have lunch on that day, hmmmm?
    ~Angela :-)
    P.S. Love all the adorable stuff!

  20. The fabulous Angela allegedly said:

    Aren’t PamKitty’s bags fun? I had a blast making one this week — woo hoo!

  21. The fabulous Nan allegedly said:

    I’m in love with that pattern created by your wondertwin/Late Bloomer! It is soooooo cute! The goodies you received from Sharon are wonderful, but everything Sharon does it wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  22. The fabulous Florence Kensek allegedly said:

    Just learned about blogs a few days ago from one of my great quilting friends — and having a great time!! Don’t know if this is how to do this — but — Karen, get a blog!!!

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